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Fnipernackle wrote:
I want this! Can we get a link to the product please?

It hadn't been activated by Paizo when I posted that, and we can't provide links to off-site, which is why it had no link.

But I see that it's been activated now! So....

Here you go! The Five Families: Criminal Organizations for Every Campaign World.

Adamant Entertainment, the first Pathfinder support publisher, presents a system for creating criminal organizations in Pathfinder, as well as five sample organizations ready for use in any campaign.

From Original Sin to The Oldest Profession, people have been ignoring the moral constraints placed upon them since there have been people. For some it’s a conscious choice to display their freedom and individuality, while for others it springs from a moment of passion; still for others, it’s simply a means of survival. Some make flaunting the rules a habit and become very, very good at it, whether it’s murder, theft, blackmail, or providing banned substances. Even primitive cultures can deal with individuals like this, often resorting to shunning or banishing the offenders. But as societies become more complex and sophisticated, so do the criminals, many of whom see banding together as the best way to ensure their long-term survival.

Criminal organizations in a fantasy world can be especially tricky. Not only do they have access to spells and devices to aid them in disguise, stealth, and escape, but some are also able to call upon deadly magics and truly powerful otherworldly beings.

The Five Families presents a system for creating criminal organizations in a way that they can be treated just like a character -- with ability scores, skills, feats, and hit points -- ranging in scope from a back-alley gang found in a single city, to a secret society spanning the entire world.

In addition, five sample organizations are presented:

  • The House of Nath: A crime family that controls all criminal activity within the capital city, and has outposts in most of the major towns in the kingdom. Woe to the outsider rogue who starts thieving without the House's blessing...

  • The Carnival of the Air: A magical troupe of confidence tricksters and swindlers who operate out of a travelling carnival run by the mysterious Lord of Misrule.

  • The Daughters of Repose: A devout sisterhood, devoted servants of the Goddess of Fate and Death, for whom assassination is the ultimate act of religious duty.

  • The Minders: A cabal of scholars and agents who gather intelligence on behalf of those who can pay, or to extort money from wealthy victims.

  • The Skrinn: When the city was built on top of the warrens of the ratfolk, they stayed -- and now offer their own particular brand of alchemy to the citizens of the surface world, trading in poisons and illicit drugs.

Each sample organization is detailed with fully-statted example personnel and NPCs, magic items, strongholds and adventure seeds.

Wow -- holy thread necromancy!

Just as an update to this nearly 4-year old thread: We're actually considering pursuing this. It would not be a generic rules set, but rather a branded setting, as I stated.

The setting (working title: "Void Lords") would be a mix of late-70s/early-80s classic space opera feel with Spelljammer-esque "fantasy in space" races and such -- making it more applicable to Pathfinder players.

It would not be as gonzo "giant-hamsters and sailing-vessels in space" as Spelljammer, but neither would it be "Grimdark Chaos Elves vs Quasi-Fascist Space Paladins" like Warhammer 40K.

The setting would be an homage to space fantasies of my childhood and adolescence in the 70s/80s , but with Pathfinder races as alien species, and magic (treated in this setting as something akin to The Force ).

When I start working on a project, I use Pinterest to assemble a collection of visual inspirations -- if you're curious you can check out the Void Lords Pinterest board here:

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
I bought this today, and so far my first impressions are not great. This is 67 pages long, and if you're trying to make combat more narrative based that's entirely too long.

Well, to be fair, when the standard combat system for Pathfinder literally has thousands of pages devoted to it, getting an entirely new system down to under 100 pages IS pretty simplified. :)

"Damn," muttered the player. "How many of those things are there, anyway?"

"It looks like forty demons of various sorts, plus another 1000 orcs." The Game Master gazed glumly at the large map.

Groans echoed around the table. One of the players shook her head. "This is going to take all night!"

It Doesn't Have To.

SAGA gives Game Masters an entirely new combat system -- one that moves away from the tactical skirmish-level miniatures game forms the basis of Pathfinder combat. This new system can be used with the existing feats and abilities, and can be used in combination with the traditional rules -- each system governing combats with different emphasis.

In fiction, combat serves to highlight and resolve conflict. The scene shows us something important about the world, the characters, and their relationships with one another. Combat also acts as a symbol for danger, sharpening the tension in a scene by giving us a visceral sense the characters might die.

In a role-playing game, though, combat occurs so often it blends into the background. The scene tells us little about the characters or the world. Instead it serves as a way to work with numbers and explore various tactical options. We play a game of combat in which random chance, character building choices, and tactical savvy stand dominant over narrative concerns.

With SAGA we try to combine narrative flow and the game elements of RPG combat. The players make meaningful choices and face obstacles worthy of heroes in the pursuit of goals that mean something. Meanwhile, the game elements provide both play options and the dramatic tension associated with the possibility of failure.

This supplement contains:

  • An overview of Story-based Combat
  • A detailed new narrative combat system for Pathfinder.
  • A guide to the tools needed to design and manage encounters under this system.
  • A chapter of example encounter templates.
  • Feats and abilities from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Advanced Race Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Bestiary and Bestiary 2 translated into the new system--and guidelines for how to translate new feats and abilities from any other Pathfinder-compatible products.

Kiss the 5-foot square good-bye!


SAGA has been uploaded to Paizo, RPGNow, DriveThru, and the d20pfsrd store.

Rather than go into a point-for-point addressing of your suggestion, I will instead say this:

It appears that you have misunderstood the concept of Grace. Your suggestions automatically bestow Grace on characters based on their experience level, which is not the intent of these rules.

As stated on page 8, Grace is the favour and blessing a character currently bears from their god, and is awarded every time a PC performs a Duty (the Duties of the PC's faith, as determined by the player and GM at character creation). Grace is ONLY accumulated by actions -- by performing the necessary Duties (between 1 and 5 points per Duty, depending on the importance of the action, as described on that page).

The "guideline" that you reference is actually not a guideline, but purely optional (in fact, it is labeled as an Option), for those GMs who want to keep the potential power of divine servants capped.

So, to reiterate: Grace is awarded by the performance of a divine servant's Duties, and the base assumption is that there is no cap limit, although one can be instituted by the GM.

If you are concerned, as per the example you cite, that a character is being penalized, the solution is simply to have the character enact their Duties, and award them Grace accordingly.

I hope that clears things up.

Thank you! We're glad to be back.

SeeleyOne wrote:
I do have some questions, observations, and/or other comments. Should I post them here? Or should I send them in a message? In short, I felt that it was missing at least one page. :D

Whichever you prefer.

SeeleyOne wrote:

Thanks for the reply, and good, I am glad that you are revisiting old products and updating them to Pathfinder. New stuff is also good. I had purchased quite a bit of the Adamant library, and I am not opposed to doing so again.

Thank you for saying so!

I'm very excited about the new stuff. (But I've learned my lesson -- I won't be announcing anything until it's almost ready to release!)

SeeleyOne wrote:

So this is an update to the Pathfinder rules, and probably revised in some way.

I will read the old version, but can you give me any ideas as to what might be new (beyond just saying it is for Pathfinder).

Yes, this is a new version of the old d20 supplement we did 8 years ago. The benchmarks (for example, what Benedictions reflect what divine class features) have been revised to match the Pathfinder core rules, rather than the old d20 SRD.

We're going to be releasing new editions of a few other older titles, revised for use with Pathfinder, in addition to releasing new Pathfinder products as well.

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Adamant Entertainment, the very first Pathfinder support publisher, returns to the field with this optional addition to your Pathfinder campaign: Miracles & Wonders.

For over thirty years now, Divine Magic in RPGs has been treated as little more than a poor man's version of Arcane magic -- different in spell lists, but treated as essentially identical. Still based on a certain number of spells per day, with predefined effects, etc.

Likewise, playing a cleric, druid or paladin often ignored the things that make those classes more than just a different kind of magic-user, or a fighter who can heal wounds and turn undead.

All of that ends now.

Miracles & Wonders gives Pathfinder GMs and players a completely new system for handling divine magic. Divine miracle-workers call upon their deity directly, asking for a miracle at the moment it is needed, and the GM, roleplaying the Power in question, dictates the exact result based upon the character's accumulated reserve of divine Grace, their success at Invocation (and subsequent Humility), the Hubris they have incurred and scope of the miracle sought.

Using this system, miracles of biblical scope can be played out within the game setting, returning the quality of wonder, might and world-shaking importance that accompanies miracles throughout mythology.

Included in this 32-page PDF supplement are:

  • Doctrines of Service, which help determine the character's accumulation of Grace and Hubris.
  • Benedictions (ongoing or permanent abilities)
  • The seven basic types of Miracles: Creation, Dominion, Health & Healing, Insight, Protection & Warding, Smiting, and Summoning & Banishing...all ranged in scope from subtle to mythic.
  • The loss of powers: Rebukes and Execration
  • Recovery of powers through Atonement.
  • notes on Roleplaying deities, adventure hooks and more!

Miracles and Wonders gives the flavor and power of myth and legend to your Pathfinder campaign.

Coming soon to the Paizo Store, available now elsewhere.

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Liz Courts wrote:
my number one piece of advice is to Release Consistently.




My company, Adamant Entertainment, came out of the gate as the first-available 3PP. Our first release, Tome of Secrets was released the first day that 3PP were permitted, and we were the only publisher who had compatible product available at the GenCon where Pathfinder debuted.

But we didn't keep striking while the iron was hot. Our releases were inconsistent. Too much time between releases, too many missed release dates, until today -- when we haven't released anything new in two years.

We completely squandered any momentum and advantage we had.

So yeah, definitely -- Release Consistently.

(and as for Adamant? Keep an eye out. We're coming back, soon.)

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Color me extremely curious!

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Yrtalien wrote:

does that mean you can use them at will instead of the listed number of time per day? Or is that just flavor text...

Since they were trying to create a PF version of the Warlock I think it may mean @will and since most of the School abilities are kind of weak I'm not sure if that would a be a problem....

Is anyone here my familiar with the writings of Adamant publishing? I can't seem to find a forum for them, to ask on (very bare bones sort of company)...

Thanks for the question! I'm the owner and creative director of Adamant -- and yes, we're pretty small: just me, and various freelance writers and artists.

To answer your question: The TOS Warlock uses the school abilities at will, as written. It was not intended as just flavor text.

Wolfthulhu wrote:
And three weeks later, a post which seemingly contradicts the 'getting to layout' post.[

Contradicts it, unless you happen to read what I wrote. Where I say:

"I've had another freelancer (who was handling layout) drop out, and return corrupted files, which is the straw that broke the camel's back."


Handling LAYOUT.


Which means that it needs to be done again, from scratch.

I've now got somebody who is taking up that effort, and I've also got Lizard (the writer of our d20 MARS setting, among other things) taking the opportunity to tune up some of the things that I had written myself that I'm not 100% happy with.

So yes, things have been delayed. And if by "forthright" you mean "layed out every detail of my business, behind the scenes", then yes -- I suppose I haven't been "forthright." If that's your expectation, however, you're going to be disappointed.

I *have* done, however, what is in my power to do -- fix the problems, and offer to refund anybody who feels that the delay is inexcusable.

Except you, Wolfthulhu -- you prefer to hold a grudge, snark and gripe about your evident dissatisfaction -- not just with the project, but with me, personally -- and bizarrely REFUSE A REFUND.

I leave it to others to determine for themselves if that is reasonable behavior.

I won't be back on this forum. I have work to do. To those who have been reasonable, and even pleasant, I apologize -- but I shouldn't have to put up with this kind of negativity from someone to whom I've already offered a refund. Since he apparently refuses to stop, and *still* refuses a refund, the only solution is to remove myself from the equation.

Rite Publishing wrote:

Except unlike other publsihers, Gareth has communicated with customers, and he has offered dissatisfied customers a full refund.

Thank you, Steve.

Now folks, I like a good internet drama dust-up as much as the next guy, but let's keep one thing in mind: I contacted the pre-order customers (the only ones who have "skin in the game", so to speak) and asked them if they were willing to wait, or if they wanted an immediate refund.

Almost unanimously, they gave me the vote of confidence, and said that they're willing to wait.

One person asked for a refund (but said they'd still probably buy when it's released).

...and Wolfthulhu, bizarrely, refused to answer the email at all (in his own words:

Wolfthulhu wrote:
I have chosen not to reply to said email because, despite my misgivings, this is a project I really would like to see make it to print.

...which is really odd, considering I was asking him if he wanted to wait for print, or be refunded. But he's taken this as a license to snark and criticize, and refuse a refund, despite obvious dissatisfaction.

Wolfthulhu wrote:
I assume he's still, 'getting it through layout'...[/sarcasm]

Why haven't you contacted me for a refund yet, as I requested? It's more than obvious that you're dissatisfied, so I'd like to refund you, thereby removing the requirement for further complaint.

dm4hire wrote:
Woot! Got the email that this is full steam ahead.

Yup! So far only one person has requested a refund. So we're moving ahead on this, and I'd like to thank you for sticking with us!

On Monday I'm doing a conference with the freelancers who have come aboard, and putting them to work on finishing this up.

dm4hire wrote:
Given the success of Far West kickstart I'm wondering if doing one for this would help get writers so you're not over whelmed with having to finish the writing yourself?

I won't be doing a Kickstarter for this (don't want to go to that well too many times) -- but the success of the FAR WEST project has been so overwhelming, so much more than we could have even guessed at, that it is making it possible for us to funnel much much more of our regular sales income into our PATHFINDER efforts (since we can use the FW money to fund our day-to-day operation).

The upshot of all of this? A helluva lot more PATHFINDER stuff from us, on a much more regular schedule.

We're very excited....

Wolfthulhu wrote:
I'm not sure how you would determine that, other than by making huge and incorrect assumptions about my email address based on my forum names here.

My mistake, then.

Wolfthulhu wrote:
I have chosen not to reply to said email because, despite my misgivings, this is a project I really would like to see make it to print.

That doesn't make sense -- the email specifically ASKS if you want to see it cancelled, or are willing to wait a bit longer... and you didn't answer because you want to see it make it to print?


Honestly, at this point, I think you should contact me, and I'll refund you.

john owen wrote:

Bit of a chip on your shoulder there man.

Seriously, perhaps you should ask for a refund of the per-order regardless of what the consensus is.

I would happily refund his pre-order... except....

According to my records, he's not a pre-order customer -- and so far the unanimous decision of our actual customers has been to press ahead.

I'll be crossposting this here and at RPGNow.

WOTA has had a great many things going wrong -- including multiple freelancers dropping off the project, leaving work incomplete. Adamant's recent cash crunch (as a result of the Border's bankruptcy and my failed "app-pricing" experiment) meant that we weren't able to hire replacements, so I've been trying to get everything done myself, and bluntly, I've been overwhelmed. In the past month, I've had another freelancer (who was handling layout) drop out, and return corrupted files, which is the straw that broke the camel's back.

I'm going to be contacting the pre-order customers and asking if they would like refunds (in which case, if a majority say yes, I give up and just cancel the project), or if they're willing to wait a bit longer (I have an offer from a trusted freelancer to come in and pick up the slack).

I'll keep you updated.

Urizen wrote:
Curious question, but is Walt still even tied to the project?

Yes, he is -- his material was finished a long while ago. I'm not in a position to ask him to fill in for other freelancers' missing work, because in the meantime he was hired as the VICTORIANA line developer for Cubicle 7, so he's just too busy now.

dafaddu wrote:

Will the preorder for the print also be possible on Paizo?

No, we only do the print pre-order through our own site.

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Cool, hopefully all your problems are behind you.

Thank you. We certainly hope so.

In related news, we're just waiting for the Paizo Uploader to be finished with maintenance, so that I can upload the PDF for sale here.

In the meantime, it's currently available here:

Hey there folks--

To avoid the problem with delays and such that have plagued our other efforts, we've decided to hold off on pre-orders of new releases until they've gone to press.

THE DREAD CODEX: GOBLINS is now on the way to the printer, and so we've opened a short-term pre-order for the book, which gets you an *immediate* copy of the PDF sent to you, and the book sent from the printer in September.

Pre-order can be found here:

Information about the book:

RELEASE DATE: September 2011
Game Line: Pathfinder
Category: Rules Supplement
Size: 96 pages, softcover, 8.5″ x 11″
Authors:Jason Stoffa and Rick Hershey
Stock Code and ISBN: CB75016 978-0-85744-108-9
“Because where one can find a single goblin… one can find a thousand more.”

Every adventurer, setting out on their first quest, has encountered the goblin. Depicted as cruel and simple creatures, they are often slain effortlessly by any competent player. So how long before your players become bored with these little pests, or too strong to even consider them a threat?

The Dread Codex: Goblins has all the answers you need! Provided are many ideas, suggestions, and game material for you to use in your PATHFINDER play sessions, including:

• Goblins as a Player Race
• 9 Playable Sub-races
• Goblin specific base classes
• Goblin feats
• Goblin weapons and equipment
• New magical items
• New Monsters

….and tons of pre-made stat blocks ready for encounters!

A complete re-thinking of the Goblin, from the ground up, and all lavishly illustrated in full color!

The Dread Codex: Goblins is currently at the printer, and will ship to stores in September. This Pre-Order of The Dread Codex: Goblins is available for $24.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. Pre-order customers will receive a copy of the supplement when it ships from the printer, and will also receive a complimentary PDF copy immediately upon receipt of their order!

Urizen wrote:
Last thing I read was early this morning when Gareth posted on Adamant's Facebook page in response to another individual asking the same question where he hopes to have it knocked out in time before he leaves for GenCon. Please don't take this as the definitive answer, though.

You can take it as definitive.

Here's the short version: Project is cursed.:)

Slightly longer version: I'm busting my ass -- pretty much solo -- to get this done before I head out for GenCon. I'm still dumb enough to be hopeful. :)

If I don't make that deadline, it'll be definite for August, either way.

The upload has been completed, now only waiting for Paizo to approve it.

Coltaine wrote:
A big chunk of "event 1" appears to be missing from the pdf i purchased, not sure if its an issue for the print product.

Sadly, it is -- we've added an errata download to our website, which can be found here:

...and I'm uploading a corrected PDF to the Paizo store right now.

I should've caught it, and I didn't. Sorry about this.

CrazyGoblinoid wrote:
The preorder bundle isn't showing on your (Adamant Entertainment) store, has it expired?

Yes, we removed it a while ago.

The book will be sent to pre-order customers at the end of the month.

It'll be hitting stores in August.

Cheapy wrote:

This is just crazy enough that I'm interested.

Can we get a quick run down / summary on the prestige classes? After seeing the announcement a few weeks ago, I was thinking about changing my assassin character into an assassin chef.

Adamantine Chef: an elite (and questionably sane) group of culinary artists for whom the mundane is simply passé. Whereas other chefs place orders or make do with what is on hand,

adamantine chefs actively seek out the most exotic and unusual ingredients.

Synergistic Chef: Possessed of the secret knowledge of combining ingredients to produce miraculous results, from fighting off poisons and disease to healing wounds in record time.

Toxicant: Masters of undetectable poisons.

...So I'm guessing that your Assassin would make a great Toxicant!

Rick Hershey wrote:
Book is finished and has been handed over to Gareth for pdf release. Expect it on sale this week.


Gamer culture meets Foodie culture! COOKING WITH CLASS is now available!

Cheapy wrote:
I remember reading that the Tome of Secrets was released the same day that the Core Rulebook was released. Take from that what you will, but I wasn't too happy with that purchase.

Drop me a line ( ), and I'll figure out some way to refund your purchase price.

Sorry that you didn't find anything in the multiple topics covered (races, classes, chase rules, stunts, etc.) that you could use.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
The ruins of Lost Vegas you mean! Yeah baby! Mutant iguana Elvis impersonators, rogue laser-equipped slot machines and squads of Playboy Bunny Ninja assassinbots!

You've been using the Orbital Mind Control Satellites to look into my head as I finish the work on this thing, haven't you?


Seriously, though -- you've got a choice: I can answer questions on this forum, or I can get this sucker through layout and get it out there. I don't really have time to do both.

The opinions we've gotten (here and on FB) have been strong -- but the old cover has a slight lead.

So, we're going to go with that one -- HOWEVER, we're going to use the other image as the back cover image. It's too good not to use.

Kthulhu wrote:
Although I fear at this late stage, the new cover is almost certainly definitively going to be THE cover.

Not necessarily. I can make the change, if I feel the change is worth making.

So please, sound off in this thread (If it was any other thread software, I could post a poll, but alas....).

Do you prefer the earlier cover? Or the new design?

We're also taking opinions on our Facebook page.

Kruelaid wrote:
Is there any way I can find out who carries your stuff in Vancouver?

Our product is carried by all distributors world-wide through our print partners at Cubicle 7.

Just go to your local game store, and they should be able to order any of our products.

You may not be aware, but we give complimentary PDF copies of our products to anyone who purchases a print version.

That's always been our policy.

Details here:

Joey Virtue wrote:
So can we still preorder?

No, sorry, the pre-order has closed.

Brutorz Bill wrote:

I would like an updated release date on this please. My Pathfinder group is ready for a change and this would shake things up nicely. Is it gonna be much longer on a release?


Yes, we were trying our best for May, but the realities of the workload dictated that it will be June.

Unfortunately, this will mean that we won't have copies at the booth we're sharing with Cubicle Seven at Origins at the end of the month (since the main stock won't be at the warehouse in time) -- but Pre-Order Customers will have their PDFs by then.

Here's another preview, though: The new cover by Rick Hershey!

Adamant Entertainment art director Rick Hershey has posted a preview of our forthcoming book, DREAD CODEX: GOBLINS, which will be available in print and PDF -- shipping to stores in September.

Click here for a look at the front cover.

You can check out the preview post (with links to art samples) here at our website. I'll repeat the information below:

The Dread Codex: Goblins is a full color, 96 page, creature supplement written by Jason Stoffa with art & design by Rick Hershey.

The Design:
The Dread Codex: Goblins
is a full color book filled with character portraits, detailed maps, full illustrations, and various goblin graffiti throughout. The background pages are done in parchment with decorative twine binding at the seems, giving the book a weathered and rustic look. . . like a heavily used field guide.

Space is not wasted, there are no random spots in the book not filled with an illustration, sidebar, or even funny graffiti. The body text is a standard 8.5 font, in line with Pathfinder.

The Content:

The first chapter is the only part of the book you might classify as a true ecology section. We introduce the basic goblin and discuss and expand on the information most of you know. Details on relationships, clan hierarchy, pregnancy and children, dwellings, and the standard goblin as a player race.

In addition, you’ll find goblin motivations, favored classes, racial traits, and a physical description chart. (not to mention sidebars including: goblin songs, popular books about goblins, new diseases, and more.)

Chapter 2 we begin to get into the fun stuff, goblin variant races, all of which are playable and full of options. You’ll find: Aquatic Goblin, Arctic Goblin, Desert Goblin, Grim Goblin, Jungle Goblin, Magma Goblin, Stone Goblin, Urban Goblin, House Goblin, Sewer Goblin, Trash Goblin, and the Abyssal Goblin.

In Chapter 3 we present 3 new classes for the goblin. The Wolfsworn Class, the Striker class, and the Pyromancer class. We also include New Favored Class Abilities for each, Alternative Class features, and New Class Archetypes. Giving you the most versatility for the three classes as possible.

As we move into Chapter 4, we get see a collection of new feats, new spells (for the Pyromancer) and new goblin skills.

Chapter 5 is all about weapons and equipment. Here you’ll find favored weapons by race, new weapons for the standard goblin, explosives, tools, magic items and more. Each item depicted with a full color illustration.

In Chapter 6 we do all the work for a tired Game Master. You’ll find detailed NPC’s of various goblins, stat blocks for generic goblins and all the goblins presented in this book. Right and ready to drop into your game.

Chapter 7 is a bestiary, filled with goblin inspired and related creatures, including more horrific offshoots of the race, details on various mounts, and a few surprises.

The Last Chapter of the book is all for the Game Master. Chapter 8 includes a compilation of all the charts in the book, including those found in sidebars, maps of various goblin lairs, and random charts for creating goblin adventures and encounters.

Over the next few months, we’ll be previewing sections of the book and discussing the content, both on the Adamant and Empty Room Studios sites, as well as here in the forums.

Adamant Entertainment's licensed Freeport adventure for Pathfinder, PERIL IN FREEPORT, has been sent to the printer, so we've released the PDF version today: It's now available here on the Paizo site!

Something evil lurks in the waters off Freeport!

A tidal wave and the ravings of a shipwrecked halfling lead your heroes to discover a conspiracy to sink ships headed in and out of Freeport, a black market in stolen cargo, a slaver’s hideout, a Great Hunt called by the Captain’s Council, and a final showdown against a horrific plan to release an abyss-spawned sea monster from its centuries-old prison!

Peril In Freeport is a Pathfinder adventure for a party of 6th to 8th-level characters, set in one of the most beloved fantasy cities in gaming: Green Ronin’s Freeport, City of Adventure!

As promised, another preview:

It's nothing but mountains of rust and decay, a place where the old ones tossed their worn out relics. The only good part is that someplace so useless won't attract anyone who would fight to defend it. Then there's a shifting in the metal and the sudden appearance of a dozen or more armed creatures, not entirely human, who roar in rage and attack, proving you wrong.

Scrapheaper CR 2 (600 xp)
NE medium humanoid
Init +2; Senses low-light vision (30'); Perception +3
AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13; (+3 armor, +2 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 30 (4d8+12);
Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +3
Defensive Abilities terrain use; DR 5/- (see below); Immune disease, poison;
Spd 30 ft.,
Melee improvised weapon +5 (1d8+3), or slam +5 (1d3+2)
Special Attacks swarming
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD 17
Feats Dodge, Skill Focus (Stealth)
Skills Craft +3, Perception +3, Stealth +6, Survival +6
Languages Common, junk call
SQ junkyard agility
Combat Gear scrap armor, scrap weapon;
Environment junkyards and rubble fields
Organization scout patrol (2-4), defenders (5-10), community (25-50)
Treasure standard
Special Abilities
Junk Armor (EX) Scrapheapers are skilled at fitting together any random bits of metal and hide into useful armor. Their special constuctions give them DR 5/-, with the DR dropping by 1 each time they're hit. They do not lose their +3 armor bonus, however.
Junk Call (EX) Scrapheapers can communicate in a language of hoots, grunts, and sounds made by hammering metals which no outsider can understand. These messages can travel at least 250 feet, and allow scrapheapers to set up ambushes or be warned of invaders, without anyone else even knowing a message has been sent.
Junk Mobility (EX) Scrapheapers can move over rubble, junk piles, and rusting metal with no penalties.
Swarming (EX) Scrapheapers fight together. If two scrapheapers are adjacent to the same creature, they are considered to be flanking that creature, no matter their position. If two scrapheapers are positioned so as to flank the creature normally, they gain +4 to their attack rolls and do +1d6 damage. The bonus damage does not apply to creatures immune to sneak attacks.

The ancient junkyards and scrapheaps left behind when the world ended hold more than mutant rants. Some humans took refuge there, perhaps hoping no one would try to claim these areas and that they wouldn't have to fight too hard. Over time, the toxic chemicals and hard life has mutated them somewhat, making them lean, lanky, virtually immune to any disease or poison, and a bit feral and animalistic. They have an incredible skill, almost an instinct, for turning bits and pieces of scavenged metal and plastic into tools and armor.

Scrapheapers tend to be hostile to any invaders in their territory, but can sometimes be bargained with. They respond well to being treated with respect by people who have power, and respond with hostility to disrespect or to those whom they see as weak and easy prey. They know their lands well, so if there's a particular item you need from within the junkyards, getting them to help locate it is a good idea, but be cautious, as they sometimes will lead outsiders into traps or ambushes.

psionichamster wrote:

As an aside, have you thought of adventure support for this new ruleset?

It seems like that'd be high-priority for getting folks active with the new game.

We have, yes.

Initially, the adventure releases will be in PDF, until we can gauge if the audience is big enough to merit print releases.

Joey Virtue wrote:

Its tomorrow

Yeah -- Thunderstorm took out our internet. I'll post the preview when I'm back at work on Monday.

Actually the initial delay was because of a couple of writers flaking out on us, which meant that I needed to jump in and do those sections myself -- and unfortunately, I'm not as fast as I'd like to be, because I have to juggle running the business along with any writing duties.

But yes, I'm taking the extra time while Rick finishes up the art to have the manuscript gone over by a few more sets of eyes.

I'll post another preview tomorrow. Promise.

Our latest PDF is now available here on the Paizo store: 30 Character Motivations.

Character Motivations are strong personality traits or passions which represent beliefs or ideals that shape a character’s actions and behavior. Motivations find their way into almost every aspect of a character’s life and can occasionally be difficult to control.

In some ways, Character Motivations are similar to Character Traits. In fact, Traits and Motivations can be used in tandem to create well realized character backgrounds. One important distinction between Traits and Character Motivations, however, is that Character Motivations tend to be a much more integral part of the character than Traits normally are, and subsequently convey considerably larger benefits. Character Motivations can easily dominate most facets of a character’s personality and typically require a heavier role-playing commitment from the player.

This PDF features 15 pairs of opposed Motivations, and full rules for their use in your Pathfinder campaigns.

Written by Marc Radle
Interior Art by Rick Hershey
Cover Art by Joe Calkins, design by Gareth-Michael Skarka

Fnipernackle wrote:
Has there been any news on if this book has come out/will come out soon? Really hope it comes out soon.

We're still on schedule for our early May release for pre-order customers, and a full retail release in June.

Brian E. Harris wrote:

I've given Adamant multiple chances, even with your attitude, and it always bit me in the ass.

If you've been dissatisfied, contact me and I'll happily refund your purchase.

Rite Publishing wrote:

Rite Publishing is also my full-time job, it is also not a hobby business. I have admitted to and apologized for the errors I have made, I am am also trying to make this right.

I will ad your answers to Pathways #3

I appreciate your effort to make things right, and I'm sorry things got off on the bad foot through miscommunication.

I apologize if you felt my comment about "hobby business" was a slap at Rite -- it wasn't (as I explain in the above post, just a comment about how any time I spend on non-essential stuff affects my ability to pay bills, etc.). More miscommunication. Yay. (/sarcasm)

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