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Never mind, these are from 2016, not 2017. I havn't seen any of these artworks so I was confused.

Yeah! These are the blogs I really wanna see more often again, beautiful art, cool stories and awesome reviews!

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That awesome Aurumvorax ripping through that robot should be my background from now on. Love that picture.

And, bye robots, welcome giants.

Sorry for creating this topic, you can delete it when you're done with my request.

Can you please look at the bestiary 5 wish topic and read my last post there with the bold request? It's in a hurry really as i'm kinda scared after somebody warned me about something I really didn't thought about and even knew about.

link to topic

Sorry for this, but I really want it gone from my wish post and I can't edit it myself. And I think this is the fastest way to get it done.

THanks (and again, don't delete my entire post, only the last part)

One thing of Paizo’s Pathfinder (Among many awesome things) I really am in love with is Pathfinders artwork, both their action poster, portraits and standalone monster/hero/NPC/item artwork are most of the time awesome and stunning in looks.
First of all I want to thank All artists of Paizo for doing such a fine job all these years! I hope to see much more artwork from you guys in the future!

Now for the Topic, here you can wish for artwork you like to see in future Pathfinder products, if you like you can name the artists you like to see it draw and the book you like to see it in too.

You can wish for:

- New Poster Art = The awesome action posters of Paizo, is it about stunning landscapes, heroes fighting monsters or evil NPC’s.

- New Portraits Art = The heads of your favorite heroes or NPC’s? Wish for it here.

- New standalone artwork = The artwork of monsters, NPC’s or heroes without any background attached to it.

- Art you like to see redone = Don’t like a particular piece of artwork or would you like to see some monsters/NPC’s done better?

- New art = Do you want to see art done by your favorite artist that has never been done before? Wish for it here too.

If you like to talk about existing artwork you can do it here too, or maybe if you like to thank a artist for all their work.

Hi ya'll

How do you remove the black background around the pictures you take from the Paizo PDF files?

For example if you copy a picture from the PDF and you place it in word/photoshop you get this irritating black-background on it that doesn't show up on the normal picture in the book.

How do you remove that black background from the picture?? You can't erase it with one tool that turns large black areas on pictures into white ones as that destroys the pictures too and i'm too lazy to erase ALL black stuff from all monster pictures as that takes ages and i'm sure there is a better solution.

Can anybody help me?