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J-Spee Lovecraft wrote:

This Bestiary is pretty awesome. A lot of great creatures. Almost every creature is cool and interesting in one way or another. I love all the different aliens and cryptids that made it in, all of the oozes, all of the new vermin, and all of the new animals are fantastic. The taxidermied template is my new favorite. And even though Megaprimatus could've been beefier, I love the art and its mangling ability.

Having said that, these are my least favorite monsters (in no particular order):

1. Aeons: Meh. Three-fingered, multi-limbed dudes from another dimension just aren't interesting to me. Sorry. Although one of them looks like a doughnut, so that's kinda fun I guess.
2. Astomoi: Faceless, mouthless, shadow people? *fart noise*
3. Azata, Gancanagh: Probably my least favorite creature. Just a foppish elf who can't handle his smoke. It's probably from some myth or tall tale or something, but I don't care.
4. Caligni: I feel like shadow people have potential to be cool...yet, none of them are.
5. Esoteric Dragons: Sometimes, ya just want more out of your dragons, aesthetically-speaking.
6. Drakes: ^^^
7. Duppy: Just a ghost that summons ghost dogs.
8. Egregore: Despite being a monster composed of a buncha brains and a giant eye, the egregore still manages to be generally uncool.
9. Aether Elementals: *yawn*
10. Etiainen: Sad-looking mist monster is sad.
11. Ghoran: I usually love plant creatures, but ghorans are just not vegetable enough for me.
12. Moon Dog: Despite being a Christopher Lee dog, I really hate its design.
13. Scitalis: You would think a neon snake would be cool. You'd be wrong.
14. Seilenos: Just a fat satyr.
15. Shadow Collector: UGH.
16. Syricta: Snake with abs. Not as cool or sexy as one might expect.
17. Tulpa: "A gray-skinned humanoid with oddly unremarkable features floats ponderously in the air." Unremarkable indeed.
18. Turul: A giant magic bird with killer magic feathers only sounds cool...

Admit it! You hate Gancanagh because he's my namesake! :-p

Anyway, I kinda agree, the best parts of the Gancanagh is that it has addictive sweat, women (and men) that touch the Gancanagh become addicted to it (like one would be addicted to drugs) and if it leave them with a broken heart they end up in suicide.

The women that it makes addicted will always fight for him and rip each other into shreds as they become extremely protective and jealous.

I think its because its a boring good creature that this isn't possible anymore, because good creatures are always about butterflies, little ponies, pretty people and boringness, with few exceptions.

I agree with the rest of your list, but Scitalis is one of my favorites, I really love the artwork. Duppy and the Aeons are cool too.

I'm disappointed with the Shadow Collector, it looks like that famous Gnome/Halfling from Paizo, with the Snow Leopard but with red hair instead of green, very boring, would have liked them a little more evil and shady, not this friendly. I think its a bad-art case though, the actual idea of the creature is probably better, hope to see this fixed in a Pawn. I recognize this creature from Castlevania, at least the idea is also in a boss from one of that parts, with a vain looking man with a giant wolf shadow.

Just a little present before tomorrow, the Gancanagh Azata! My namesake!

Maybe it gives you sweet dreams, so sleeping is easier :-p

Azouth wrote:
Nox Aeterna wrote:
Im not exactly sure what are the rules for the book since it isnt out yet , but assuming it isnt against any rule , can someone give me a yes/no to if there are new azatas in this book?

yes, in fact two.

Gancanagh cr 4 (they are the anti-succubi/incubi)

Raelis cr 10 (Are spell casters)

Too bad the Succubus is CR 7, and i'm only CR 4, no chance in hell I can ever beat a Succubus this way. ;-)

Nox Aeterna wrote:
Im not exactly sure what are the rules for the book since it isnt out yet , but assuming it isnt against any rule , can someone give me a yes/no to if there are new azatas in this book?

Yes, and i'm one of them... (see username) lol

Yeah right, someone who applaud gay-abuse and supports criminals is truly a good winner...

Please no medium humanoid undead in the bestiary! If there is a new mummy monster please make it a monsterous version!

No list of the creatures inside this time?

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Ashinaga & tenaga are two awesome and strange yokai from Japanese Mythology.

The Ashinaga have very long legs (20 feet or so) and the Tenaga have even longer arms. Ashinaga have very short arms tho and the Tenaga have small legs so they need eachother to fight at maximum.

The long arms and legs of these creatures are often full of sharp knives and other weapons/decorations to aid them in battle.

They love to eat magical fish monsters above all, especially when the fish are good natured and intelligent.

I hope this book will come out in like 10 years or so, but when it comes I hope to see all the underused races/monsters in it.

OMG!!!! Even the Mini lines have a Kikimora! And Pathfinder Bestiaries still haven't :-(


Awesome mini too!

I know it would probably kill you, but I would die for a collection of your pawns of ALL 4 bestiaries combined :-p

That would be SOOOOO unbelievable awesome, spectacular, insane and even more awesome :-p

I've bought a couple of your work (I think, if you did the ones from Serpent AP bestiary) and I loved them. Some poses (like the Impundulu and the Fleshdreg Swarm) were even cooler than the artwork in the real bestiary :-p

Are you only doing this for Iron Gods or also for other AP's and Bestiaries?

I love the Ammit-looking creature in the bestiary and the set pet, but I wish the Ammit-looking psychopomp was higher CR, 3 is kinda low for one of the most powerful creatures in all mythology.

I hope Ammit will make an appearance as well.

Not a huge fan of the adventure itself this time, i'm not a fan of humanoid undead, and the adventure is loaded with those, and not ones I like, but more like Wights and Ghasts which I really don't like.

Looking forward to part 3 tho!

Catfolk in arcadia makes sense tho as the native americans had the puma-like Ewah


Looks like an interesting white Minotaur-variant and i'm sure they can be cool in many stories.

Searching for brave souls that can end their punishment, or just feeding on cowards. All while being constantly tortured and humilated by little impish demons! (Sounds familiar? Check the 1986 classic movie Labyrinth)

Overal THIS site is home to many interesting creatures and cool pictures, you should check it out!

Wes, what do you think about the Native American monster named Uktena?

The giant serpent with antlers and a gem on its forehead which it uses to take away the will of its victims.

If there ever came a Arcadia/Native American based AP (and I really hope it will be soon after IRon Gods) then I hope to see the following Native American/Inuit/South American creatures in the bestiaries/Product:

Acheri / Agloolik / Ahkiyyini / Aipalookvik / Alicanto / Amhuluk / Amikuk / Aniwye / Argopelter / Atosis / Bakru / Binaye-Ahani / Cactus Cat / Cadejo / Cherufe / Djieien / El Cuero / Encantado / Ewah / Gaasyendietha / Haakapainzi / Haeitlik / Hidebehind / Lechusa (would have been so much better as Owl-Folk) / Mahaha / Mapinguari / Minhacao / Nalusa Falaya / Piasa / Pua Tu Tahi / Paiyuk / Siguanaba / Splinter Cat / Tsemaus / Uktena / Yeitso

Both are in bestiary 1

Why bestiarys must always come out in the end of the year? Why not early 2015,? I for one fear that 2015 wil get the normal boring npc codex and 2016 december will be bestiary 5...

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Many people on the internet do this thing with A through Z and then put on their favorite monster?

Well I have my own for Paizo's Bestiary 5 Wishlist:

Amhuluk - The corrupting and ever evolving lake horror.

Batibat - The horrid fat dryad hags that punish anyone that harms their forests by giving them suffocating nightmares.

Cherufe - The living will, locomotion and voice of a volcano.

Djieien - The lich solifugid that burries its own heart to become immortal.

Empusa - The man-hating and eating Mantis demoness.

Fear Liath - The big gray beast from the mountains covered in mysteries and mist.

Gancanagh - The addictive fey Adonis that hates ugly creatures.

Haietlik - The Sharp headed blue sea serpents of cracking lightning.

Ichneumon - The insect/mammal hybrid and expert dragon slayers.

Jack-in-Irons - The fey giants covered in horrid chains.

Kamaitachi - The super fast and sharp weasel horrors.

Lavellan - The most poisonous monster alive.

Mahaha - The encrazed winter demon with long nails and a bad sense of humor.

Namazu - The lazy quake catfish the size of an elephant.

Odontotyrannus - The tyrannosaurus rex from hell.

Piasa - The deadly cousin to the Manticore, but 100 times worse.

Questing Beast - The beast that even gave King Arthur a headache.

Ratatoskr - The small squirrel horrors that spread lies like poison.

Shellycoat - The beach boogeymen that use shells as armor and weapons and steal your voice.

Tsemaus - The sharp-finned sand sharks.

Uktena - The rattlesnake horror with antlers and a gem that can brainwash anyone who looks at it.

Vila - The beautiful blue nymphs that are chaotic like the storms they can summon.

Wizard's Shackle - The magic-eating leech horrors that release a magic nova attack when you feed them too much magic.

Xing Tian - The headless horrors with their eyes and huge maws located in their chests.

Yara-Ma-Yha-Who - The little red tree boogeyman with sucker fingers that turns bad children into new brood.

Zaratan - The huge landscape turtles that are often mistaken for small islands.

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Don't forget about Bloody Mary, the Candyman and the creatures from Mirrors.

Are you also gonna post your full list of creatures in this topic? Myth + Movie in this topic?

Not really TV/Movie and Modern monsters but maybe this list of all the monsters from myths/fantasy/ect I know and from my own little project will help you in your own list.

Huge List of All Myth/Fantasy creatures I know off:
***Normal Enemies***

- A Bao A Qu (ooze/dragon)(pride)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Aatxe (undead/ghost)(fire)(wrath)(horseman of war minion)(Spanish Myth)
- Abaasy (demon)(metal)(sloth)(horseman of war minion)(Sakha Myth)
- Ababil (magical beast)(fire)(horseman of war minion)(Arabian Myth)
- Abaia (magical beast)(water)(sloth)(wrath)(greed)(Melanesian Myth)
- Acheri (undead)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Native American Myth)
- Adaro (centauric)(storm)(Oceanic Myth)
- Adze (vermin/vampire)(fire)(African Myth)
- Aerico (demon/shapeshifter)(envy)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Greek Myth)
- Afanc (chimerae)(Welch Myth)
- Agloolik (magical beast/shapeshifter)(ice)(sloth)(Inuit Myth)
- Agrios (magical beast)(metal)(horseman of war minion)(Greek Myth)
- Ahkiyyini (undead)(fire)(ice)(earth)(storm)(water)(sound)(horseman of war minion)(Inuit Myth)
- Ahuizotl (chimerae)(sound)(Aztec Myth)
- Aipalookvik (elemental)(water)(wrath)(Inuit Myth)
- Aitvaras (dragon/shapeshifter)(fire)(Lithuanian Myth)
- Ajatar (demon)(poison)(Finnish Myth)
- Akaname (aberration)(poison)(metal)(gluttony)(Japanese Myth)
- Akhlut (chimerae/shapeshifter)(ice)(Inuit Myth)
- Ala (demon/elemental)(storm)(horseman of famine minion)(Serbian Myth)
- Alicanto (magical beast)(metal)(greed)(horseman of war minion)(Chilean Myth)
- Almiraj (magical beast)(Arabian Myth)
- Alp Luachra (ooze/fae)(poison)(gluttony)(sloth)(horseman of famine minion)(Irish Myth)
- Alraune (plant)(lust)(Germanic Myth)
- Amanojaku (demon/djinn)(shadow)(greed)(lust)(Japanese Myth)
- Amhuluk (aberration/shapeshifter)(water)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Native American Myth)
- A-Mi-Kuk (aberration)(ice)(Inuit Myth)
- Ammit (chimerae)(gluttony)(horseman of death minion)(Egyptian Myth)
- Amphisbaena (magical beast)(poison)(envy)(greed)(Greek Myth)
- Aniwye (magical beast)(poison)(horseman of famine minion)(Native American Myth)
- Ankou (undead/fae)(shadow)(greed)(horseman of death generals)(French Myth)
- Ao Ao (aberration/shapeshifter)(African Myth)
- Arachne (vermin)(poison)(Greek Myth)
- Argopelter (magical beast)(Fearsome Critter Myth)
- Asanbosam (humanoid/vampire)(metal)(African Myth)
- Asag (demon/elemental)(earth)(sloth)(Sumerian Myth)
- Asdeev (dragon/shapeshifter)(ice)(greed)(Persian Myth)
- Aswang (undead/demon)(Phillipine Myth)
- Automaton (construct)(metal)(Greek Myth)
- Awd Goggie (vermin)(poison)(greed)(horseman of famine minion)(English Myth)

- Bakekujira (undead)(sound)(wrath)(horseman of death minion)(Japanese Myth)
- Bakru (humanoid/construct)(Surinam Myth)
- Baku (chimerae)(Japanese Myth)
- Banshee (undead/ghost)(sound)(envy)(wrath)(horseman of death minion)(Irish Myth)
- Barbegazi (fae/gnome)(ice)(Swizz Myth)
- Barghest (magical beast)(shadow)(sound)(horseman of death minion)(English Myth)
- Barometz (plant)(French Myth)
- Basan (magical beast)(fire)(Japanese Myth)
- Basilisk (chimerae)(poison)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Batibat (fae/giant)(gluttony)(wrath)(Phillipine Myth)
- Bauk (fae/bogeyman)(shadow)(Serbian Myth)
- Baykok (undead)(horseman of death minion)(Native American Myth)
- Berbalang (undead)(Phillipine Myth)
- Berserker (humanoid/shapeshifter)(wrath)(horseman of war minion)(Norse Myth)
- Binaye-Ahani (demon/construct)(storm)(Native American Myth)
- Black Annis (fae/hag)(envy)(English Myth)
- Blemmyes (aberration)(gluttony)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Bloody Bones (fae/bogeyman)(poison)(English Myth)
- Bocanach (undead)(horseman of death minion)(Irish Myth)
- Bodach (fae/bogeyman)(fire)(Scottish Myth)
- Boggart (humanoid)(earth)(Irish Myth)
- Bonnacon (magical beast)(fire)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Boobrie (magical beast)(Scottish Myth)
- Brollachan (elemental/shapeshifter)(storm)(Scottish Myth)
- Brucha (magical beast)(horseman of famine minion)(English Myth)
- Buggane (fae/giant)(earth)(Manx Myth)
- Bunyip (chimerae)(Australian Myth)
- Butatsch-Ah-Ilgs (aberration)(fire)(Swizz Myth)

- Cactus Cat (plant)(Fearsome Critter Myth)
- Cacus (giant/elemental)(fire)(greed)(Roman Myth)
- Cadejo (undead/magical beast)(shadow)(Mexican Myth)
- Calopus (chimerae)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Camulatz (magical beast)(Mayan Myth)
- Carbuncle (aberration)(earth)(envy)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Cerastes (magical beast)(earth)(poison)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Chamrosh (chimerae)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Chan (aberration)(Chinese Myth)
- Charybdis (aberration)(water)(gluttony)(sloth)(Greek Myth)
- Cherufe (elemental)(fire)(earth)(sloth)(Mapuche Myth)
- Chon Chon (undead)(sound)(Mapuche Myth)
- Chupacabra (aberration)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Mexican Cryptid)
- Con Rit (vermin)(poison)(Oceanic Cryptid)
- Crocotta (chimerae)(sound)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Cuco (plant)(Spanish Myth)
- Cu Sith (plant/fae)(poison)(Scottish Myth)
- Cyclops (giant)(metal)(Greek Myth)

- Death Worm (vermin)(storm)(poison)(Mongolian Cryptid)
- Delgeth (demon)(fire)(Native American Myth)
- Djieien (undead/vermin)(poison)(Native American Myth)
- Dobhar-Chu (magical beast)(water)(Irish Myth)
- Draugr (undead)(storm)(water)(wrath)(greed)(Norse Myth)
- Drop Bear (magical beast)(Australian Myth)
- Dullahan (undead/fae)(greed)(horseman of death minion)(Irish Myth)
- Dvergr (humanoid/dwarf)(metal)(envy)(greed)(Norse Myth)

- Echeneis (magical beast)(metal)(Medieval Bestiary)
- El Cuero (aberration)(poison)(Brazilian Cryptid)
- Empusa (demon/vermin)(wrath)(lust)(Greek Myth)
- Encantado (magical beast/shapeshifter)(water)(sound)(Brazilian Myth)
- Enenra (demon/elemental)(fire)(storm)(Japanese Myth)
- Erlking (fae/elf)(Germanic Myth)
- Ewah (humanoid/shapeshifter)(Native American Myth)

- Fachen (aberration/fae)(envy)(Scottish Myth)
- Faun (fae)(lust)(Greek Myth)
- Fear Gorta (plant)(gluttony)(horseman of famine minion)(Irish Myth)
- Fetch (demon/shapeshifter)(pride)(Irish Myth)
- Fext (undead)(wrath)(horseman of war minion)(Slavic Myth)
- Fossegrim (fae/nymph)(water)(sound)(lust)(Norwegian Myth)

- Gaasyendietha (dragon/aberration)(fire)(earth)(Native American Myth)
- Ga-Gorib (dragon)(earth)(pride)(sloth)(African Myth)
- Gaki (undead/construct)(metal)(greed)(Japanese Myth)
- Gallu (demon)(Sumerian Myth)
- Gancanagh (fae)(pride)(lust)(Irish Myth)
- Gargoyle (construct/demon)(earth)(sloth)(French Myth)
- Garmr (demon/magical beast)(fire)(horseman of death minion)(Norse Myth)
- Gashadokuro (undead/giant)(horseman of famine minion)(Japanese Myth)
- Gaueko (demon/shapeshifter)(shadow)(pride)(wrath)(Basque Myth)
- Ghul (undead/djinn)(earth)(wrath)(Arabian Myth)
- Girtablilu (centauric)(poison)(Babylonian Myth)
- Globster (ooze/elemental)(water)(gluttony)(Oceanic Cryptid)
- Gloson (magical beast)(Finnish Myth)
- Goat Raider (humanoid)(sloth)(greed)(Dutch Myth)
- Goblin (humanoid)(envy)(English Myth)
- Gold-Digging Ant (vermin)(poison)(metal)(envy)(greed)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Gorgon (centauric)(earth)(poison)(pride)(envy)(Greek Myth)
- Gray (aberration)(American Cryptid)
- Gremlin (demon/fae)(metal)(English Myth)
- Grindylow (aberration)(water)(English Myth)
- Gulon (chimerae)(gluttony)(horseman of famine minion)(Germanic Myth)

- Haakapainzi (vermin)(sound)(horseman of famine minion)(Native American Myth)
- Haietlik (sea serpent)(storm)(horseman of war minion)(Native American Myth)
- Harionago (undead)(wrath)(lust)(Japanese Myth)
- Harpy (centauric)(sound)(lust)(Greek Myth)
- Heikegani (aberration)(horseman of war minion)(Japanese Myth)
- Hekantoncheires (titan)(horseman of war minion)(Greek Myth)
- Hidebehind (aberration)(shadow)(Fearsome Critter Myth)
- Horerczy (demon)(shadow)(sloth)(Germanic Myth)
- Hraesvelgr (giant/shapeshifter)(storm)(pride)(Norse Myth)
- Hsigo (chimerae)(sound)(Chinese Myth)
- Hyakume (aberration/giant)(sloth)(greed)(Japanese Myth)
- Hydra (magical beast)(poison)(Greek Myth)
- Hypnalis (magical beast)(poison)(sloth)(Egyptian Myth)

- Ichneumon (vermin)(poison)(Egyptian Myth)
- Ifrit (demon/djinn)(fire)(Arabian Myth)
- Ikuchi (sea serpent)(shadow)(water)(Japanese Myth)
- Iku-Turso (aberration)(poison)(horseman of pestilence minion)
- Imp (demon)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Impundulu (magical beast/shapeshifter)(storm)(water)(African Myth)
- Incubus (demon/shapeshifter)(lust)(Christian Myth)
- Intulo (humanoid)(African Myth)
- Isitoq (undead)(ice)(Inuit Myth)
- Ittan-Momen (construct)(Japanese Myth)
- Itzpapalotl (undead/vermin)(pride)(horseman of death minion)(Aztec Myth)

- Jack-in-Irons (fae/giant)(metal)(English Myth)
- Jenglot (construct)(wrath)(Indonesian Myth)
- Jidra (plant)(horseman of famine minion)(Arabian Myth)
- Jinmenju (plant)(sloth)(Japanese Myth)
- Jorogumo (vermin)(poison)(sloth)(lust)(Japanese Myth)
- Jotunn (giant)(ice)(Norse Myth)
- Jubokko (plant/vampire)(sloth)(Japanese Myth)

- Kafre (humanoid)(sloth)(envy)(greed)(Phillipine Myth)
- Kamaitachi (magical beast)(storm)(Japanese Myth)
- Kamikiri (aberration/vermin)(Japanese Myth)
- Kappa (chimerae)(water)(Japanese Myth)
- Kapre (plant/giant)(Phillipine Myth)
- Karkadann (magical beast/unicorn)(greed)(Persian Myth)
- Karkinos (vermin)(Greek Myth)
- Kaw Kaw (aberration/bogeyman)(poison)(gluttony)(Maltese Myth)
- Kelpie (plant/fae)(water)(Scottish Myth)
- Keukegen (aberration)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Japanese Myth)
- Kijimuna (fae)(fire)(Japanese Myth)
- Kikimora (fae/housespirit)(Slavic Myth)
- Kobold (fae/elemental)(earth)(greed)(Germanic Myth)
- Kokogiak (magical beast)(ice)(Inuit Myth)
- Kongamato (dragon)(sound)(African Myth)
- Kraken (aberration)(water)(Norse Myth)
- Kumiho (magical beast)(envy)(Korean Myth)
- Kurage (aberration/vermin)(fire)(poison)(Japanese Myth)

- Ladon (dragon/plant)(poison)(Greek Myth)
- Laestrygon (giant)(envy)(Greek Myth)
- Lamia (centauric)(Greek Myth)
- Lampade (fae/nymph)(shadow)(Greek Myth)
- Lavellan (aberration)(poison)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Scottish Myth)
- Lemure (demon)(Roman Myth)
- Leshy (plant/fae)(poison)(Slavic Myth)
- Lou Carcolh (aberration/vermin)(French Myth)

- Maenad (humanoid/shapeshifter)(wrath)(lust)(Greek Myth)
- Mahaha (demon)(ice)(sound)(Inuit Myth)
- Makhai (demon)(horseman of war minion)(Greek Myth)
- Mamlambo (magical beast)(African Myth)
- Mandragora (plant)(Germanic Myth)
- Manticore (chimerae)(sound)(Persian Myth)
- Mapinguari (magical beast)(gluttony)(sloth)(Brazilian Myth)
- Melusine (dragon/fae)(shadow)(greed)(lust)(Germanic Myth)
- Merrow (giant/fae)(water)(English Myth)
- Minhacao (dragon/vermin)(earth)(Brazilian Myth)
- Minotaur (humanoid)(Greek Myth)
- Mngwa (magical beast/shapeshifter)(poison)(shadow)(African Myth)
- Mokele-Mbembe (magical beast)(water)(African Myth)
- Mokoi (undead)(wrath)(Australian Myth)
- Mothman (aberration)(shadow)(American Cryptid)
- Mummy (undead)(earth)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Egyptian Myth)
- Myrmecoleon (vermin)(earth)(Medieval Bestiary)

- Namazu (magical beast)(earth)(water)(sloth)(Japanese Myth)
- Nargun (elemental)(earth)(water)(Australian Myth)
- Nekomata (demon/shapeshifter)(Japanese Myth)
- Nemean Lion (magical beast)(pride)(Greek Myth)
- Nidhogg (dragon)(fire)(greed)(Norse Myth)
- Nuckelavee (fae/aberration)(poison)(water)(horseman of pestilence minion)
- Nue (chimerae/shapeshifter)(poison)(shadow)(Japanese Myth)
- Nuppeppo (ooze)(gluttony)(Japanese Myth)
- Nycar (dragon)(Beowulf Myth)

- Obambo (undead/elemental)(earth)(water)(envy)(African Myth)
- Odontotyrannus (demon/magical beast)(sound)(Greek Myth)
- Olitrau (magical beast)(sound)(African Myth)
- Omukade (demon/vermin)(poison)(horseman of war minion)(Japanese Myth)
- Oni (demon/giant)(wrath)(greed)(Japanese Myth)
- Ovinnik (fae/housespirit)(fire)(Slavic Myth)

- Peluda (dragon)(French Myth)
- Peryton (chimerae)(shadow)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Phooka (fae/magical beast)(shadow)(Irish Myth)
- Piasa (dragon/chimerae)(pride)(Native American Myth)
- Planetnik (elemental/fae)(storm)(water)(Slavic Myth)
- Polong (vampire/elemental)(water)(Malay Myth)
- Poltergeist (undead/ghost)(sound)(envy)(wrath)(Germanic Myth)
- Popobawa (demon/shapeshifter)(shadow)(lust)(African Myth)
- Pukwudgie (fae/hag)(poison)(sloth)(horseman of death minion)(Native American Myth)
- Pyrausta (dragon/vermin)(poison)(Greek Myth)

- Qalupalik (fae/hag)(ice)(water)(sloth)(envy)(Inuit Myth)
- Qliphoth (ooze/demon)(Arabian Myth)

- Raiju (elemental/shapeshifter)(storm)(Japanese Myth)
- Rakshasa (demon/shapeshifter)(pride)(envy)(greed)(Hindu Myth)
- Raktavija (demon)(greed)(Hindu Myth)
- Rarog (elemental/shapeshifter)(fire)(storm)(Slavic Myth)
- Rat King (aberration)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Germanic Myth)
- Ratatoskr (magical beast)(sound)(horseman of war minion)(Norse Myth)
- Redcap (fae)(metal)
- Revenant (undead/construct)(metal)(wrath)(horseman of war minion)(English Myth)
- Rokurokubi (aberration/hag)(Japanese Myth)
- Rompo (magical beast)(African Myth)
- Rusalka (undead/fae)(water)(envy)(wrath)(lust)(Slavic Myth)

- Sagari (aberration)(sound)(Japanese Myth)
- Salamander (magical beast/elemental)(fire)(ice)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Sandwalker (vermin)(poison)(Arabian Myth)
- Sazae-Oni (demon/aberration)(poison)(water)(lust)(Japanese Myth)
- Scarab Swarm (vermin)(Egyptian Myth)
- Scorpios (vermin)(poison)(Greek Myth)
- Scylla (aberration)(water)(Greek Myth)
- Sewer Alligator (magical beast)(American Cryptid)
- Shellycoat (fae/bogeyman)(sound)(envy)(greed)(Scottish Myth)
- Sianach (magical beast)(Irish Myth)
- Sigbin (aberration)(shadow)(Phillipine Myth)
- Siyokoy (centauric)(water)(Phillipine Myth)
- Skinwalker (humanoid/shapeshifter)(Native American Myth)
- Sphinx (chimerae)(sound)(pride)(Greek & Egyptian Myth)
- Splinter Cat (magical beast)(Fearsome Critter Myth)
- Springheel Jack (fae)(shadow)(pride)(English Myth)
- Strigoi (undead/vampire/shapeshifter)(Roman Myth)
- Succubus (demon/shapeshifter)(lust)(Christian Myth)
- Svaltarfar (fae/elf)(poison)(shadow)(greed)(Norse Myth)
- Svara (dragon)(poison)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Hindu Myth)

- Tanuki (humanoid/shapeshifter)(greed)(Japanese Myth)
- Taotie (construct)(earth)(gluttony)(Chinese Myth)
- Tarasque (dragon/chimerae)(French Myth)
- Tenome (aberration)(Japanese Myth)
- Tera-Tsutsuki (magical beast)(wrath)(Japanese Myth)
- Terra-Cotta Warrior (construct)(earth)(horseman of war minion)(Chinese Myth)
- Tesso (demon)(metal)(greed)(Japanese Myth)
- Teumessian Fox (magical beast)(Greek Myth)
- Thriae (centauric)(poison)(Greek Myth)
- Tiddalik (magical beast)(water)(gluttony)(horseman of famine minion)(Australian Myth)
- Tikbalang (fae)(shadow)(Phillipine Myth)
- Tiyanak (demon)(sound)(Phillipine Myth)
- Tooth Fairy (fae/pixie)(European Fairytale)
- Troll (elemental/giant)(earth)(gluttony)(Norse Myth)
- Tsemaus (magical beast)(earth)(Native American Myth)
- Tsuchigumo (demon/vermin)(earth)(Japanese Myth)

- Uktena (dragon)(earth)(poison)(pride)(greed)(Native American Myth)

- Valkyrie (angel)(storm)(horseman of death minion)(horseman of war minion)(Norse Myth)
- Valravn (magical beast/shapeshifter)(shadow)(horseman of death minion)(Danish Myth)
- Vetala (undead/vampire)(Hindu Myth)
- Vish Kanya (humanoid)(poison)(wrath)(horseman of pestilence minion)(Hindu Myth)
- Vodyanoi (fae/shapeshifter)(water)(wrath)(greed)(horseman of famine minion)(Slavic Myth)
- Vouivre (dragon)(poison)(lust)(French Myth)

- Wanyudo (undead/construct)(fire)(wrath)(Japanese Myth)
- Water Leaper (dragon/chimerae)(water)(Irish Myth)
- Wendigo (undead/fae)(ice)(storm)(sound)(gluttony)(horseman of famine minion)(Native American Myth)
- Will O Wisp (undead/elemental)(storm)(English Myth)
- Wizard's Shackle (vermin)(water)(Scottish Myth)
- Wolpertinger (chimerae)(Germanic Myth)
- Wulgaru (construct)(Australian Myth)

- Yara-Ma-Yha-Who (aberration/bogeyman)(poison)(Australian Myth)
- Ya-Te-Veo (plant/aberration)(African Myth)
- Yehwe Zogbanu (aberration/giant)(African Myth)
- Yeitso (dragon/humanoid)(pride)(Native American Myth)
- Yowie (magical beast/humanoid)(poison)(horseman of famine minion)(Australian Myth)
- Ypotryll (chimerae)(gluttony)(horseman of war minion)(Medieval Myth)
- Yuki-Onna (undead/ghost)(ice)(pride)(envy)(wrath)(lust)(Japanese Myth)

- Zaratan (magical beast)(earth)(sloth)(Medieval Bestiary)
- Zmey (dragon/shapeshifter)(fire)(pride)(envy)(greed)(lust)(Slavic Myth)
- Zombie (undead)(gluttony)(African Myth)

***Special Enemies***
Special enemies that have a 1% chance of appearing instead of the common monster.
The names in the ( ) are the special enemies and they can replace the monsters mentioned behind them.
These special uncommon enemies are more powerful than the common monster they replace and have other abilities.
In some cases they have the same Game-Sprite but with different colors, weapons or with other things added like wings or bigger sizes, but some of them take a very different form or even switch genders.

(Tsenahale) - Ababil = Frost versions of the Ababil the Tsenahale drops frozen death upon its enemies instead of fire.
(Inkanyamba) - Abaia = The Inkanyamba has more and brighter colors than the Abaia who uses its colors more for camouflage, Inkanyama have stronger abilities over the weather and even stronger ties with their lakes and "children", their heads are more horse-like shaped than the moray eel-like heads of the Abaia.
(Drekavac) - Acheri = Male version of the Acheri, more horrid appearance and less human.
(Samebito) - Adaro = Bigger sharkmen with hammerhead features.
(Otso) - Agrios = White spirit-bear version with golden armor instead of iron armor, also has better golden claw-weapons over its own claws, Agrios fights with its own claws.
(Ugjuknarpak) - Ahuizotl = Ice version with white fur with grey stripes, the claw on the end of the tail is sharper and bigger, in the sprite the Ugjuknarpak hides under a turned small boat.
(Umibozu) - Aipalookvik = Undead version that is made from black water and dead souls, Aipalookvik is made from normal sea water.
(Anemoi) - Ala = Anemoi are bigger, have better wind abilities and hold two scimitars instead of just one, the twister lowerbody becomes a hurricane lower body with small weapons inside it to slash creatures caught in it, size increase.
(Stymphalidies) - Alicanto = While the Alicanto is made from silver and gold, the Stymphalidies is made from adamantium.
(Ouroboros) - Amphisbaena = Ouroboros is the dragon version of the Amphisbaena and becomes bigger and black in color, it also gains powerful regenerative abilities.
(Manananggal) - Aswang = Gains bat wings and becomes female, tentacles from split bodyparts are longer and freakier.
(Aoandon) - Banshee = Blue instead of purple and with eerie lantern, different wail abilities.
(Adjule) - Barghest = Monstrous mouth like in Resident Evil and red eyes instead of blue.
(Einherjar) - Berserker = Becomes undead spirit version, Einherjars can also appear if you kill Berserkers while Valkyries are around.
(Xing Tian) - Blemmyes = Becomes horrifying undead version.
(Ballybog) - Boggart = Covered in mud, the Ballybog are fatter and more powerful versions of the simple frogfolk, in their Game-Sprite they sit on a throne that is carried around by four normal Boggarts.
(Khalkotauroi - Bonnacon = Part flesh and part metal the Khalkotauroi is an upgraded Bonnacon, probably the work of the evil Dvergr or Dactyl, it gains the Construct subtype.
(Peuchen) - Chupacabra = Gains wings to become aerial stalkers.
(Padfoot) - Cu Sith = Bigger green dogs which footprints spawn animated vines, more powerful aura's that affect other plant and fae creatures that fight beside them.
(Fomorian) - Cyclops = Deformed and horrifying mutant Cyclops offshoots, more magical abilities, single giant eye gains two pupils and deadly ray abilities.
(Haugbui) - Draugr = The captains of the Draugr, command Ghost Ships, more powers over the weather.
(Dactyl) - Dvergr = Replaced most of their bodyparts with living iron and steel, gaining much defense abilities.
(Sekhmet) - Ewah = A part of the spirit of their warrior Godess takes possession of ordinairy Ewah and they become the perfect hunting beasts, Sekhmet look more feral and are covered in blood tribal paintings of their godess.
(Katsura-Otoko) - Fossegrim = Obsessed with the moon the Katsura-Otoko only appears during the night, they are even more handsome than ordinairy Fossegrim and have greater musical powers and the moonlight heals them.
(Preta) - Gaki = While the Gaki is a serpent made from treasures and coins, the more powerful Preta resembles a dragon made from treasures and coins.
(Grotesque) - Gargoyle = Giant and more horrid Gargoyles that loose their wings but gain more muscles and strength.
(Cerberus) - Garmr = Gains two heads, much bigger and more dangerous.
(Serket) - Girtablilu = Queens among their folk the Serket gains many magical abilities and has scissors instead of hands, dressed in golden armor and cool scorpion-like golden mask.
(Erymanthian Boar) - Gloson = Bigger and badder, more tusks and spines.
(Kallikantzaros) - Goblin = Gains a magical axe and goat-like legs and a Babau-like horn on their heads, gains anti-nature abilities.
(Fear Liath) - Gray = Fear Liath look like the aliens that were cut from American Horror Story season 2, while Gray look like the original Dover Demons, Fear Liath gains more powerful psychic abilities and fear abilities, it is also covered in a mysterious purple fog.
(Tikoloshe) - Gremlin = Tikoloshe looks like Stitch from Disney but undead, black and horrifying without eyes, also gains invisibility, in its Game-Sprite the Tikoloshe is half visable and half invisible.
(Hodag) - Gulon = Gains a lot of horns and spikes and becomes green scaled instead of furry, becomes even more gluttonous.
(Pelesit) - Haakapainzi = Gains demonic face and is bigger.
(Futakuchi-Onna) - Harionago = Futakuchi gains a monstrous maw in the back of her head, this is her real face, the beautiful female face is only deception, her hair is also animated just like the Harionago.
(Bakunawa) - Ikuchi = The tar/oil is replaced by liquid shadow, the Bakunawa's living shadow will darken every lightsource it detects, blocks holy & healing magic as well.
(Alp) - Incubus = Gains wings and more powerful abilities in the dreamworld, Alp's are more handsome than Incubi.
(Vila) - Harpy = Gains different song-abilities over storms and air elements, plumage becomes indigo and black.
(Ahool) - Hsigo = Spidermonkey-bat becomes a mandrill-bat chimerae, more agressive and much stronger.
(Balaur) - Hydra = Balaur is a hydra dragon with ice abilities, dragon wings and more heads, it also has a blue color instead of green.
(Raichu) - Impundulu = Elephant size instead of horse size and more powerful weather abilities.
(Lunwaba) - Intulo = The Agame-lizardman like Intulo becomes a Chameleon-like lizardman instead with invisibility, but slower.
(Umdhlebi) - Jubokko = Umdhlebi eat flesh instead of only the blood, their leafs turn into more vile bats creatures.
(Chrysaor) - Kafre = Chrysaor has small demon wings, red skin, is more ugly and its blood spawns swarms of scorpions instead of the swarms of flies like Kafre does.
(Ramidreju) - Kamaitachi = Green in color, longer and more dangerous scythes and even faster.
(Amikiri) - Kamikiri = Amikiri is covered in old fishing nets and has four arms with more powerful scissors.
(Suiko) - Kappa = Bigger, more nasty looking and can drive normal Kappa's insane and more vile.
(Emela-Ntouka) - Karkadann = Has two horns located like a rhinoceros instead of just one, the horns are also bigger, more like a warhorse.
(Each Uisge) - Kelpie = Is less plant-like than the Kelpie and more monstrous looking.
(Curupira) - Kijimuna = Has burning hair, rides a monstrous pecari pig and has backward pointing feet, while the Kijimuna just has bright red hair standing upright and is without pecari mount.
(Ropen) - Kongamato = Same Game-Sprite but with bioluminescence added and more beautiful colors in general.
(Lusca) - Kraken = Lusca is more powerful and bright red in color.
(Fury) - Maenad = Their normal Game-Sprites are the same spare for the Maenad is blonde and the Fury is redhead, the monstrous transformation of the two lady-monsters is very different, the Fury becomes a Harpy-like creature instead of a bloated ogress like the Maenad.
(Geryon) - Makhai = Has a third upper body ontop of their single lower body, turning it's battle dance even more effective and deadly, great increase in size.
(Lukwata) - Mamlambo = Lukwata is a brain-eating Dunkleosteus instead of a Goliath Tigerfish like it's smaller cousin.
(Sarangay) - Minotaur = Gains horns and hooves made from purple crystal and abilities over crystal and earth, while minotaurs only have one weak iron axe the Sarangay has two crystal axes.
(Ogopogo) - Mokele-Mbembe = Ogopogo is much more colorful, having all colors of the rainbow on their bodies, also more spines and bigger teeth, both resemble different evil Nessie species of Plesiosaurs.
(Planctae) - Nargun = Nargun is a single stone creature, the Planctae are always twins.
(Camazotz) - Olitrau = Is much bigger and has much better abilities over sound and sonic attacks.
(Kasha) - Ovinnik = Cat becomes tiger and more fiery, better fire abilities and more monstrous appearance.
(Shadhavar) - Phooka = Becomes a black unicorn and gains a silver horn, also gains sonic-based attacks and spells, loses ability to hover.
(Dybbuk) - Poltergeist = Instead of a cloud of possessed furniture the Dybbuk is a cloud of possessed weapons and small creatures, the almost invisible spirit of a child inside the cloud of animated furniture becomes a more visable spirit of a monstrous adult in the Dybbuk Game-Sprite.
(Kalanoro) - Pukwudgie = Other abilities and colors, voodoo abilities are much better and spikes on back are larger.
(Dunter) - Redcap = 100% same Game-Sprite, but much, much more powerful and dangerous.
(Alastor) - Revenant = The revenant is a possessed sword while the Alastor is a huge scimitar possessed by the spirit of a titan.
(Lorelei) - Rusalka = The Lorelei looks more alive, more beautiful and has much stronger song-curses, green fish scales become indigo scales.
(Paiyuk) - Sianach = Elk becomes a moose, Paiyuk gains abilities over water and has blue fiery light coming for its eyes instead of green.
(Loup Garou) - SkinWalker = Is a full werewolf instead of a human wearing wolfskin, gains the size of an Ogre, also known as the Werewolf Lords.
(Vrykolakas) - Strigoi = The animal shapeshifting vampires turn into half werewolf and half vampire, getting even closer to their animalistic natures than before, they gain diseased bites and claws in the process and can turn into more powerful sick-looking animals.
(Lilim) - Succubus = Different weapons and pink becomes purple, more powerful charming abilities, Lilim are the favorite daughters of Lilith.
(Dokkalfar) - Svaltarfar = Different weapon, more powerful abilities and more stealthy, wear cool masks.
(Terra-Cotta Chariot) - Terra-cotta Warriors = Three clay warriors become an entire war chariot.
(Toyol) - Tiyanak = Tiyanak is a little baby demon, while the Toyol is a embryo inside a glass-tank with powerful psychic abilities much like Pickled Punk.
(Antaeus) - Troll = More earth-spells and more earth/soil than flesh making its regeneration abilities better than those of the normal Troll which has more flesh than earth/soil, Antaeus is also much bigger.
(Nachtkrapp) - Valravn = Single big raven becomes an entire flock of raven that share one mind and who form a giant raven together.
(Campe) - Vouivre = Wyvern parts are replaced by dragon parts, human torso on end of the tail becomes giantess torso.
(Aleya) - Will o Wisp = Same but with different colors, blue becomes green, more powerful spells and luring abilities.
(Brobinyak) - Yeitso = Brobinyak gains dragon wings and becomes more of a dragonman than a dinosaurman.
(Tsurara-Onna) - Yuki-Onna = While Yuki is more about snow the more powerful Tsurara is more about sharp ice.
(Aspidochelone) - Zaratan = Different landscape on shell with more sharp rocks instead of plants.
(Gorynych) - Zmey = All three different heads of the Gorynych are covered in different gems and jewelry, one wears sapphire and copper, one emeralds and gold and one rubies and silver, Zmey doesn't wear any gem decorations, Zmey only has fire breath, the Gorynych has one fire breath, one lightning breath and one poisonous breath.
(Eurynomos) - Zombie = Black zombie covered in tar and feathers, faster and more intelligent.

***Enemies that would make great Big Bosses and Sub-Bosses***

- Abaddon (Befriended or same as Horseman of Famine)
- Achelous (Shapeshifting Terror, minion and son of Cetus)
- Ahriman
- Amarok (Also known as Fenrir)
- Anansi (King of all Spiders)
- Arzhenk (Lord of the Minotaurs)
- Atosis (Shaman of the Intulo)
- Baba Yaga (Most powerful Hag of all)
- Balor (King of the Cyclops and Fomorians)
- Beelzebub (Lord of all Vermin and Right Hand of the Horseman of Pestilence)
- Behemoth (Oliphaunt)
- Bloody Mary (Special Fetch, Mirror Queen)
- Boitata (Lord of Fire creatures)
- Cetus (Queen of Sea Creatures)
- Circe (Polymorph-terror battle)
- Echidna (Summons random monsters in battle)
- Fafnir (Lord of Greed)
- Goliath (First Boss, weak arrogant giant)
- Graeae
- Grendel
- Horseman of Death
- Horseman of Famine
- Horseman of Pestilence
- Horseman of War
- Humbaba (Lord of Earth creatures)
- Jersey Devil
- Jormungandr (Lord of all the Sea Serpents)
- Juggernaut (Created by the Horseman of War)
- King Lycos (King of the Skinwalkers and other Lycanthropes)
- Krampus
- Lady Midday (Corrupted by the Horseman of Famine)
- Lambton Worm
- Leanan Sidhe
- Legion (The Right-Hand minion of the Horseman of Death)
- Leviathan (Looks like Moby Dick)
- Lilith (Succubus and Incubus Queen)
- Lord of the Apocalypse (End Boss Fish)
- Ly Erg (Bandit leader of the Goat Raiders, deformed alien red hand, all Goat Raiders paint one hand red with blood)
- Malphas (Right hand of the Horseman of Famine)
- Medusa (Queen of the Gorgons)
- Nosferatu (Lord of all Vampires)
- Pazuzu (Lord of Storm creatures)
- Talos (Giant Automaton, Mastermold behavior, creates normal Automatons inside his own body like a living factory)
- Tiamat (Queen of all Dragons)
- Typhon
- Tzitzimitl
- Wild Hunt (King Erlking on Phooka with upgraded Barghests and Baykok following him while surrounded by living terror mist called Brollachan)
- Yeti
- Ymir (King of the Jotunn)
- Ziz

***Gentle Creatures: Summonables, Pets, Gods, Task-Givers & Playable Races***

Amazon (Playable)
Arkan Sonney
Astomi (Playable)
Baldanders (Playable)
Bean Nighe
Bishop Fish
Blue Tiger
Cat Sidhe
Ceryneian Hind
Changeling (Playable)
Dhampir (Playable)
Fir Bolg (Playable)
Flesh Golem (Playable)
Gnome (Playable)
Guardian Angel
Homunculus (Create your own unique Homunculus)
Kitsune (Playable)
Land Wight
Nephilim (Playable)
Rainbow Serpent
Reptilian (Playable)
Saumen Kar
Selkie (Playable)
Swan Maiden
Sylph (Playable)
Tengu (Playable)
Undine (Playable)
Vanara (Playable)
Wulver (Playable)

***Close Cases***
Maybe i'll add them in the future. For now they have too much in common with already added creatures.

Cliff Ogre
Mboi Tui
Questing Beast

Not much chance but still possible to use in weapon, armor or maybe item names.
Others like the Unicorn, Vampire and Nymph turn into group of creatures and aren't creatures on their own.
Still others are used in other models like the freaky excorsist-like movement of the Onryo is given to the Rokurokubi and the slith-mouth of Kuchisake-Onna is found on Harionago instead.

Apocalypse Locusts

Black Shuck
Boo Hag

Calydonian Boar
Cheshire Cat
Colo Colo
Cretan Bull
Cwn Annwn

Davy Jones
Dragon Turtle


Fallen Angel
Far Darrig

Grim Reaper

Hoop Snake
Huginn & Muninn

Ice Worm
Indus Worm

Jack Frost
Jack o Lantern
Jiang Shi
Jubjub Bird

Kasai Rex

La Sayona

Mami Wata
Mares of Diomedes
Moss People

Nandi Bear




Raw Head
Robin Goodfellow

Sliver Cat
Snow Queen




White Lady

Yallery Brown


I copy-pasted it so ignore all the texts behind the creatures.

Resident evil is also full of creepy crawlers! And of course The Thing!

Which people believe such tales anyway? Crying American women who sit in the audience of the Oprah show? Drop Bears arent more silly than a cockatrice when done right

The movie was called Split Second

The beating-heart rat creature from a 1993 horror movie i forgot the name from... ill search later. Rutger hauet plays in it.

Black Oil would have been in Bestiary 4 but got cut for some reason? The artist made the picture anyway and I love it!

Hope to see it in bestiary 5!

@Wannabe Demon: Atosis - a medeoulin who is a reptilian humanoid, forces people to find a stick so that he can cook them with it, was blinded by Moosbas

Atosis Info

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Lord Snow wrote:
Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this one. The stat blocks I think are really pointless, but maybe some of the feats and archtypes could be nice. Overall I'm kinda glad there's no bestiary 5 but also am not enthusiastic about this replacement.

I hate you forever for this statement! :-p

Atosis is another Lizardman creature, a shaman lizardman creature is always cool!

I only know about Mary Shaw from Dead Silence, but hat would be a construct or humanoid undead :-p

Don't forget the blob and the clown It! (but i'm sure you didn't)

Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight has some cool monsters, you should check them out.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Morbius X wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
This. This is wonderful idea. How do you fight the inevitable monster bloat?
Um, there is no such thing as "monster bloat" in any RPG.

Then clearly you never read Monster Manual 5. ;-)

I like Bestiaries too, but when Drop Bears are being considered as a viable monster entry, I think we've got some troubles.

Plus considering the number of popular PC-friendly races that are going to be spotlighted in the Monster Codex, this book makes a lot of sense for publication. It could potentially attract players who enjoy playing goblins, orcs, ratfolk (which seem pretty popular in their own way), drow, and duergar. A Bestiary only attracts GMs.

Going forward, this could be a good way to spotlight other Advanced Race Guide races without creating an Advanced Race Guide II so to speak.

What I don't understand is why Ratfolk, robots and Flumph's are probably accepted by you, but a Drop Bear would be too much?

Gorbacz wrote:
Gancanagh is going to flip out :)

Not really like I would some months ago, now I have my own project game and Diablo 3 to keep me going.

But still disappoined to see this instead of Bestiary 5, better would be this + Bestiary 5.

I really dislike all of the monsters in this book, all overused ones I never cared for (Spare for Duergar and Boggard), that is something I dislike more than this coming before Bestiary 5...

Ahhhh I hate waiting and Codexes... Monster Codex probably means Tieflings, Orcs and Goblins...

MMCJawa wrote:
The bodachs from the recent Odd Thomas movie would make a pretty awesome outsider from the ethereal or astral plane

I'd rather see the real Bodach from mythology, the old man with long beard he can animate, being a chimney bogeyman he is covered in ash and steals the breath of young sleeping children.

Adam Daigle wrote:
Gancanagh wrote:
Still no Karkadann ...
Just so you're not repeatedly disappointed, I'll let you know that the karkadann isn't showing up in Mummy's Mask. I know it's a desert creature, but it didn't fit the feel I was going for. (Osirion is Egypt, not Persia)

Ok, then I hope for Ichneumon the dragon slayer in one of the AP's its a Egyptian monster.

There is already the Zomok dragon which is kinda the plant dragon.

Fantastic! I love seeing those kids doing that! Finally something different than soccer...

I love the idea of the Wanyudo being a kyton! Good thinking!

Basan I would like to see different in patherfinder tho, more like a Terror Bird on fire.

Black Tamanous

Ok, i'm in love with that picture of the Morrigna!

OMG! That tarrasque picture is awesome!

I'm really into a new Asian AP because of all mythologies most not-done-yet monsters from real mythology come from Japanese mythology.

All those D&D creatures are under copyright protection and Paizo won't make clones of them UNLESS they are from real mythology.

A cool animated skin monster from real mythology is the El Cuero, it's also a lake monster, ray-like.

Inkanyamba and Dunkleosteus are already in pathfinder Adventure paths.

I wished a very lot for Adze, so maybe it will be in Bestiary 5.


If you are a horror-freak like me you know the movie Dead Silence!

IN this cool horror movie about dolls there is this undead creature that resembles a women that is made into a doll and which turns other creatures into dolls, steals their tongues which end up in her own very abominable and long tongue, uses their voices to lure others close.

She also can teleport into her own dolls and spawn from those dolls.

I know we aren't friends and all, but I like that Siguanaba version!

Why it always have to be spaceships? I mean, there are also portals, extreme powerful teleport spells and space dragons to travel...

Let me take a wild guess...


Talking about lists Wannabe, are you almost finished with your huge cool list of creatures for me? :-p

And yes MMCJawa hurry up with that travel, more creatures are always welcome!

Still no Karkadann and

Sunbaked Zombies?
sound a bit comical, don't know if I would like another humanoid undead.

Can't wait to see those other creatures tho, creatures based on

Ammit and Set
are always good in my book.

Kokogiak is one of them.

Does Delgeth has a picture?

Cool another myth&monstah lover on board! Seems you know a lot of it too!

It seems that Wannabee only took the monsters from the bestiaries and not from the the AP's.

Ok... This thing is AWESOME!!!

Together with the Piasa would be awesome in bestiary 5!

Those who know say the Uktena is a great snake, as large around as a tree trunk, with horns on its head, and a bright blazing crest like a diamond on its forehead, and scales glowing like sparks of fire. It has rings or spots of color along its whole length, and can not be wounded except by shooting in the seventh spot from the head, because under this spot are its heart and its life. The blazing diamond is called Ulun'suti—"Transparent"—and he who can win it may become the greatest wonder worker of the tribe. But it is worth a man's life to attempt it, for whoever is seen by the Uktena is so dazed by the bright light that he runs toward the snake instead of trying to escape. As if this were not enough, the breath of the Uktena is so pestilential, that no living creature can survive should they inhale the tiniest bit of the foul air expelled by the Uktena. Even to see the Uktena asleep is death, not to the hunter himself, but to his family.

There is also a winged version, could be cool as evil Couatl.

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