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Current Campaigns

Aveira: Nation of Mages

Krystallos: Shibbati

Long sealed away, the necropolis of Shibbati will soon be opened. A lottery is being held to determine which adventuring companies can explore which sections of the dead city. Will you find secrets? Treasures? Or just your deaths?

The Krystallos wiki

The Shibbati section

Roll20 Battle Map

Current Init Order
Skeletons: 16
Gil: 15
Lilia: 12
Dorian: 7
Seeker: 7

Legendary Planet - an Adventure beyond this World

The 'Legendary Planet' Adventure Path from Legendary Games.

Book 2, 'The Scavenged Codex' which our heroes, seeking an ancient artefact, arrive upon Rythes...

Party Health
Zoreck the Unclean: 63/63HP (nil Temp HP), 3 Hero Points
Rikkan Anardi: 47/47 HP, 3 Hero Points
Drancis Mordaron: 50/54 HP, 6NL, 3 Hero Points
Ravboom: 22/50HP, 3 Hero Points
Palomia Kasic: 48/48HP, 3 Hero Points
Relas: 42/42HP

List of technological, phantasmagorical and arcane wonders... plus some junk.

St. Albats - the Underneath

Storm of Sinners

Deathwatch campaign based on the Calixis Sector from Dark Heresy.

The Tomb of Abysthor and The Slumbering Tsar!

(5e) D&D Adventure League (inactive)

An Age of Deep Waters (inactive)

Souls: 4,403

Player's Handbook

Ludwig of Albira 52/67
Pengaal 47/66

The Armageddon Beasts (inactive)

Base Init:
[dice=Initiative Kyamba]1d20+16[/dice]
[dice=Initiative Groff]1d20+7[/dice]
[dice=Initiative Fizz]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Initiative Mortimer]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Initiative Darnak]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Initiative Donovan]1d20+13[/dice]

Base Percep:
[dice=Perception Kyamba]1d20+22[/dice]
[dice=Perception Rika]1d20+22[/dice]
[dice=Perception Groff]1d20+31[/dice]
[dice=Perception Fizz]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Perception Mortimer]1d20+22[/dice]
[dice=Perception Darnak]1d20+39[/dice]
[dice=Perception Donovan]1d20+29[/dice]

The Sard Round 2

Bloodborne - Prior of Darkbeasts (inactive)

Player's Handbook

Olbod 28/36
Sybille 27/40

Bloodborne - Prior of Darkbeasts II (inactive)

Dominic, Vileblood of Cainhurst 57/57
Morgam 51/51
Sigmund Von Strauss 48/48
Sybille 58/58

Player's Handbook

City of Ashes (inactive)

Round 4
Fire Mephit (steals the amulet)
Uurnir (scorpion style)
Magma Elementals (attack)
Lilia (magic missile)
Ronen <<<<
Ares <<<<
Priscilla <<<<

Battle Map

Campaign Map | Equipment Sheet | Campaign Journal

Curse of Strahd by hiiamtom (inactive)

The Curse of the Crimson Throne (inactive)

A group of Korvosan patriots combat forces that threaten to tear their city apart.


DM Morvius's Into the Void (inactive)

Survival Horror in the Void RPG Setting


Against the Goblins

Perception Checks:

Eddie [dice]1d20+6[/dice]
Gaurm [dice]1d20+6[/dice]
Zsar [dice]1d20+4[/dice]
Brogg [dice]1d20+2[/dice]
Eldren [dice]1d20+9[/dice]
Theo [dice]1d20+1[/dice]


Initiative Checks:

Eddie [dice]1d20+3[/dice]
Gaurm [dice]1d20+2[/dice]
Zsar [dice]1d20+1[/dice]
Brogg [dice]1d20+1[/dice]
Eldren [dice]1d20+4[/dice]
Theo [dice]1d20+2[/dice]


Pre Cataclysm Map - Little Detail

Pre Cataclysm Map - Detail

Post Cataclysm Map - For Perspective ONLY

Map of Tarsis. Imagine the crater next to the city being filled with water. That entire stretch of land is all port. In addition, the wall running out into the water is also a man made port and the wall is a combination of wall and dock. The elven ship is at the very end.

Another Tarsis Map The Cathedral to Branchala is just to the northeast of the Central Plaza. It is not represented on the map but I wanted to give the group a sense for the city.

House Rules for Hero Points:

Hero Point Mechanics:

1) One permanent Hero Point may be used to avoid a final death scenario allowing a narrow cinematic escape,

2) One temporary Hero Point may be used if you are between -1 and -9 hit points to stabilize yourself to prevent further blood loss,

3) Temporary Hero Points may be expended to power Feats. These grant a lasting bonus for a one scene or one round duration depending on the feat description,

4) One temporary Hero Point grants a character a chance to supplement their d20 roll by 1d6 and add the result (whatever it was - no re-roll) to the d20 result,

Progression system:
Level 1-10 1d6,
Level 11-20 2d6,
Level 21-?? 3d6. and

5) No more than one Hero Point may be expended per round.

Optional rules mostly in the form of New Feats for Hero Points:

Arcane Surge (Prerequisites - Arcane Class) (Allows wielder to increase a spell DC by 3 for 1 round by expending a Hero Point),

Attune Item (Prerequisites - A Weapon of Legacy) (Allows wielder to expend one hero point to add +3 to attack and damage for the scene with chosen item),

Defensive Ward (Prerequisites - Dodge) (Allows wielder to expend one hero point to give yourself a +3 Luck bonus to AC for the scene),

Divine Surge (Prerequisites - Divine Class) (Allows wielder to increase a spell DC by 3 for 1 round by expending a Hero Point),

Heroic Feat (Prerequisites - None) (Any saving throw successfully made 10 points above an effects DC automatically allows the character to regain 1 used Hero Point),

Heroic Grace (Prerequisite - None) (Allows wielder to expend one hero point to add +1 to all saving throws or +3 to one saving throw for one scene),

Heroic Quickness (Prerequisites - Improved Initiative) (Allows wielder to expend one hero point to add +3 to Initiative checks),

Manifesting Surge (Prerequisites - Psionic Class) (Allows wielder to increase a powers save DC by 3 for 1 round by expending a Hero Point).

Dragonlance Pathfinder Conversion

Fate/Kings (inactive)

A Fate/K Project campaign run using the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG

F/K - Player's Handbook

GM Tyranius Black Waters Sub-tier 1-2 (inactive)

The Inheritors Mark (inactive)

Souls: 1101

Player's Handbook


Firekeeper Shandara HP 3(20)/23
Norowas HP 35(4)/35; 2 pts CON burn

Labyrinth Souls (inactive)

On a hiatus until further notice

SOULS: -91


MonHun RPG: Pre-Alpha (inactive)

Monster Hunter: Humanities Last Stand (inactive)

Monster Mashup - Table 2 (inactive)

Goatling Battle Map
Hillside Ruins
Wilderness Battle
Regional Map
Night Ambush
Giantess Fight
Scepter battle

Party XP Total:
Longirus: 17680 (6th)
Goliath: 1960 (6th)
Everyone else: 21422 (6th)

Needed for 6th level: 23000

Party Meals Remaining: 38.5
Meals used/day: 4.75
(2 medium, 1 small, 1 tiny, 1 large)
Fed through day 13

Moving Parts (inactive)


Pathfinder: An Age of Embers (inactive)

Savage Souls (inactive)

These characters are prepared to die:
Ordric, Count Ethelred
Kearan the Short
Alder Claybourne
Drystan Kressothe
Annalise of Astora

Loot Tracker
Initiative Tracker

Party XP: 6
Next Advance at: 10
Party Rank: Novice (6/20)

Toys to the Rescue (inactive)

A group of courageous Toys fight against the horrors of a nighttime Camp Arawak.

Nightlight RPG

[30k] The Isstvan III Atrocity (inactive)