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I don't know if this has been brought up or not... I did see one post about weird timed events and then it being fixed. Though I'm still seeing some strange timed events and a lack there of events during times.

So there are some listed as Saturday night as copied below.
Pathfinder Society Scenario #9–16: Fallen Family, Broken Name (For Levels 1–5)Sunday night, 1:00–6:00 am • Grand Ballroom

So is this 1am-6am? I'm just curious because in past years there wasn't anything in this time.

My other question/concern is there is nothing or very little listed for a time between 1pm-6/7pm on any of the days. Also I don't seem to see anything as far as panels and such listed at all.


Overnight slots are a new thing this year. And the last time I looked, only one of the lottery events had been added to the schedule, which is why you’re not seeing anything scheduled for the afternoon slots (yet).

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I implore all y’all to come say hello to me during the overnight slots. Maybe sign up for a game even.

Since I usually work overnights, I’ll probably be playing some overnights. See you there!

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The one that I thought was strange was the evening PSA.


Pathfinder Society Academy

Friday evening, 7:00–11:59 pm • Grand Ballroom
Learn to play Pathfinder using the Beginner Box and three sets of adventures interspersed with rules lessons. This is well suited for younger players.

The content is fine for younger players. I have run PSA and created scenario prep documents for it.

However, I really question if starting a session at 7PM is kid friendly.

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PaizoCon will have overnight games running this year for the first time on the schedule.

Also, there was an issue over the weekend where games that were not organized play were not visible unless you were staff. It took us a bit to realize that but those non-organized play events should be visible now.

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