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Is it out of place to start a thread here with feedback of what was good and what was a bit bumpy at PaizoCon 2018?

I'd like to get it rolling before my memory is too trashed to remember the important stuff.

Biggest thing: HUGE thanks to Jeff Alvarez for getting the hotel staff on board with food sensitivities and allergens. That was a tremendous help at the Banquet!

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Loved the addition of overnight slots.

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I loved that they allowed and encouraged the spontaneous Sunday afternoon special.

It would be nice if they could give more room in the banquet hall during the afternoons.

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I agree about the food labelling at the banquet. This was a huge help. Plus there seemed to be options for most of the more common food issues. They really did a good job.

I appreciated the effort in going 50/50 on society tables for SFS and PFS while a few tables in each slot didn't make by having the distribution this way made it possible for me to play starfinder only. With little fear of being locked out of a play slot. As a person who only played tier 3-5 content over the weekend I might have gotten a different perspective

I was also more than a little bit put out that I effectively only got 5-6 slots of play because of the way the con's scheduling worked. While PFS players effectively got 7+ thanks in no small part to TWO specials. Yes I was able to talk some people into pick up gaming but I did not feel good about being left to fend for myself maybe use some of that empty table space during the specials to host a couple of tables of starfinder ?

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