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Original post listed here.

I decided to give this it's own thread for reasons listed below.

As noted above, last year was not good for me- My wife fell ill, I was robbed, and things kinda just went pear shaped with respect to rent. However, thanks to the generosity of the people I shared this link with, both on these messageboards and off, the year ended a lot better than it could have. In the whirlwind of holidays and new years observances, a very old friend made a holiday donation to the gofundme that had me look at it again- and I realized that, if I am reading everything correctly(not a small if, considering the rental company's issues with moving into the 21st century and updating their payment options) that HOLY SHIT, WE ARE IN STRIKING DISTANCE OF THIS ALL BEING OVER. I can't believe it. There is still a chance that there may be something up/that the rental company could pull a fast one, but even if they do, if the gofundme is able to be ended this month, we would be in a much better position to handle any chicanery on their part- not handily, mind, but well enough. So, I am putting this in a separate thread to get the word out. If you are able to donate, I cannot thank you enough for the part you have played in helping to put this...nightmare, I think that's the only word I can really use to describe it, behind me. If you are not able to donate, then I cannot thank you enough for your time. Okay! I now return you to your regularly scheduled messageboards. Thank you again.

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5 years. 6 books. Level one to (aggregate hero deity

I have just completed the entire Kingmaker Adventure Path.

This is a great achievement not for myself but for my patient and skilled players, for all of whom this was the longest game they had ever been in. I congratulate them and look forward to the next game we enjoy together, although I will understand if they want a break.

Thank you, everyone who worked on the campaign on the Paizo side of things. The art was wonderful, and the novel aspects of the adventure including kingdom building and mass combat added an interesting twist on the game.


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Now THIS is a blog title I can get behind, chummer!

What's written on it, I wonder?

Recruitment for this game is essentially closed, however, there is a chance people may drop out/take breaks/etc. If this means that THE TEAM needs a new player, then by all means, declare interest here!

Also, if you cannot play in the game, but would like to suggest an NPC to make an appearance in the game, stand up and say so.

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Discussion thread for SPACE JESUS: MASS EFFECT FAWTL!

Okay, this will be the thread for the FAWTL MASS EFFECT Play By Post game! This is my first Play by Post game that I am running, although I have played in PBP games myself in the past. They all fell apart some time ago- I will be using what I learned there to keep this one from falling apart as well!

Who's going?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Leonard Nimoy has passed.

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Shelyn, called The Eternal Maiden by some, is the goddess of beauty, art, love and music in the Golarion pantheon. She is not, however, a goddess of eroticism, which is a portfolio held by Calistria, known to all as the Savored Sting. However, she brings into the picture the darker aspects of revenge and even pain inflicted with malicious intent, which some would say falls under the auspices of Nocticula, Our Lady in Shadow, the Demon Queen of Lust. HOWEVER, some would say that The Eryines Queen, Eiseth-whom some say is the most potent of the Whore Queens- eclipses her in power. Standing off to the side from all of these extremes is Arshea, a mysterious being who some say represents sex itself, in many ways taking us back to the start of this circle.

Let's say there is some kind of circumstance...say, a six-sided wrestling ring laced with reality-shattering magic that would allow only one profane and/or divine being to leave after the others had been rendered insensate.

Who do you think would walk away with their head held high as champion, leaving their rivals writhing on the ground in...uh...agonyyeah, agony, that's it...?

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Just getting a thread started for someone who asked about ways around scryin' and fryin' one's way through an adventure. I know most scrying attempts can be blocked by thin sheets of lead or thick piles of stone, can we get a compilation of the ways to avoid scry/fry in this thread?

Dear website people,
I'm getting a a lot of errors with the mobile site of the type 400 variety. Sometimes things get weird and I see a strangely stripped down version of the site where it's all hyperlinks and white space and A FREAKING GIGANTIC PICTURE of the golem for paizo playspace. Is there anything that can be done?

will be watching Ghostbusters tonight in his honor

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Hoi chums,

Devs/Authors- What music would work for this adventure path?

GMs- What are you going to play at your table to make Iron Gods your own?

Players- What is your character's theme song/entrance music?

Many people here know I'm named Gary, a name that resounds well in this community for some reason. Well, another Gary has done good today .

A thread for the lifeblood of tabletop gaming-the humble die.

While I use my phone to roll for me nowadays since I'm the DM and have to roll for dozens of people at once, when I'm a player, I prefer smoke colored precison dice. I would also kill for red, pink, or flame colored chessex nebula dice.

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Just had to start this thread due to it's cousin.

1- She said "yes".

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Dear everyone,

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am more known for the things I hate than anything else. It has lead many to believe that there is nothing more to me than my vast, vast stores of Haterade(tm) and maybe a few captured clones running around the place. This is untrue, however- I have so much love to give! Therefore, I have decided to make this thread. Every day between now and the 21st(whichi s my birthday, I originally planned to post this yesterday but I had work), I will post a short soliloquy about something I love!

Day 1- Wine

Despite being a consumer and purveyor of Haterade(tm), I do enjoy the occasional *ahem* adult beverage. While I do enjoy wine in both the red and white variety, my personal favorite is something I made myself years ago while living with my roomies. Here is the recipe...

1941(Like the video game!)

1 part soy milk(vanilla or unflavored)
1 part seltzer
1/4 to 1/2 part Jack Daniels(stuff can be strong and throw off the flavor)
A goodly amount of caramel syrup(as much as you like, be careful not to oversweeten)
Mix with a hand blender and you're done!

Next up: Women

Day 2(to catch up)- Women

While I do indeed love women, this thread isn't about my sexual preferences and proclivities. Instead, I will talk about my love for women in gaming. As some of you may already know, I do my best to keep at least one all-female gaming group going, and I am currently preparing for yet another game this Sunday. I feel it is very important to increase the amount of women in gaming, and make the ones already there feel comfortable- many female gamers I have met have stated they feel more comfortable gaming with at least one more woman around the table. The game I have going now is a Darklight Sisterhood game, both all-female and a non-good game to boot. I do hope Paizo puts out a non-good adventure path sometime soon, but that's another story. I do love seeing a wider variety of faces around the game table- not just in race, but in sex as well.

Next up: Song

Anyone have a PS3 they're not using? Because I want to play this. Bad.

This story really makes me laugh. I hope he gets to keep it.

Freehold DM's KINGMAKER Campaign Journal!!!

This thread will be used to put jot down happenings during the game, quotes, character deaths, what have you. I'm not sure how into this my players will be(not all have Paizo.com accounts), but I'm hoping they'll join in! For any who happen to be watching/reading along, keep in mind that there will also be a lot of chatter(hopefully) about the house rules I'm using, which are being tested out during this adventure but are primarily for use in my own campaign setting, Freehold! The Saga of Wune, which is a 3.5 homebrew. Some may question to validity of testing out 3.5 house rules in a Kingmaker/Pathfinder game, but I've been chomping at the bit to run Kingmaker for a while now, and I figure why the hell not?

We should start playing tonight and the first posts will probably show up around tomorrow morning sometime(unless someone says something REALLY funny).

I was going to put this in another thread, but I think this deserves it's own topic. To sum up my situation...

Sunday was the Darklight Sisterhood game and it was a frustrating one- PC paranoia regarding the item they are supposed to be transporting back to Cheliax has reached an all time high, as they refuse to leave it, yet complain about carrying it with them wherever they go. Apparently they feel someone is going to steal it from right under their noses the instant someone isn't sleeping on it(it's a table). At one point in the evening one of the PCs finally caught on that they had given their pursuers the slip, and was ready to move on with the adventure, but the path they had chosen was rather spartan(in the middle of the desert), so there really wasn't much of anythign to do. By that time in the evening, we were all full of food, and all of the gamers save one had some type of injury or malady so everyone was cranky, and we ended the game for the evening. I would understand if there were assassins following them at every turn, but the party has done an EXCELLENT job giving the Pathfinder society a whole as a laugh, and even got to enjoy some hospitality at the hands of someone who worked for them who, for a minute there, thought they actually WERE Pathfinders(and could have even hookwinked away one or more artifacts from him if they kept up the ruse, they were rolling well when it came to social events). But no, the table is somehow attracting eyes everywhere, holding them back in combat(it really isn't, they've SLAUGHTERED[quite cruelly, I might add...evil party] the one group of people who came looking for them and have defeated every monster they met by chance), and a pain to carry around(the party sorceress uses floating disk to carry it about, and the party cleric, a halfling, sits on it to enjoy the free ride). For god's sake it's JUST A TABLE! No, they can't shrink it(it's a depowered artifact, so it's resistant to shrink item) and the bag of holding they have isn't made for carrying furniture, but there's no need to panic over it- it's an inanimate object and not going to run away, nor is anyone going to steal it- it's a table and you'd need a couple of people to carry it!!!!

So, does anyone have any ideas on what to do? AM I being unreasonable or is this just rampant metagaming(two players feel I'll have someone steal it from them the instant they turn their back, like when Homer had a huge sugar pile in the backyard on the Simpsons)?

Dear everyone,

It seems that we are in the midst of a bit of a quandry on these boards- you can't throw a stone without hitting a topic on how someone should and shouldn't play a character, or things that went wrong in games because of power-mad DMs or XP-hungry players. However, I do not think this is because of any one thing anyone is doing wrong or right, just that gaming styles differ between individuals, sometimes wildly so. So, how do YOU play this game of ours?

This thread isn't necessarily for listing all of your house rules alphabetically or your skippy lists(although you can do that if you wish), just to give a brief synopsis of your dos and don'ts in a game, from either side of the DM screen.


Its a jump-off point for two titles: one regular D&D comic, and a Dark Sun comic.

I hate 4th ed with a passion, but I've been wanting a monthly dose of D&D in comic form for a while now. Here's hoping it lasts a while.

Hey, I just found a webcomic that I used to read regularly is still coming out!!!

I don't know if this is in the tradition of fantasy football or what, but I just remembered how much fun I had with this on another board I used to be a member of years and years and years ago. I don't recall the exact rules, but I think the only hard ones was no crossovers(no mixing your DC with your Marvel, or even companies that are subsidiaries of the big two), no multis(two people being on a team at the same time, as Wolverine humorously pointed out in a recent issue of the Avengers. Wolverine. On the Avengers. No. Just no.) and no homebrewed teams or characters(Sorry Eileen). There used to be a rule against obscure teams, but that one fell by the wayside when it was discovered just how many Alpha Flight/New Warriors/Defenders fans there were out there.

So let's get crackin' people!!!!

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Most recently it came to my attention that the Darklight Sisterhood was not going to be included in the Faction Guide for Pathfinder. At first I thought it was a mere oversight, and that this amazing collection of anti-heroines would be fully detailed in Faction Guide 2: Electric Boogaloo. I and a few others voiced our concerns in the thread for the Faction Guide only to discover that the Sisterhood would not be appearing in Faction Guide 2, Faction Guide 3: The Search for Spock, or even Faction Guide 4: The Quest for Peace. The Sisterhood was being dropped as an idea, as it was considered too simplistic and did not fit into the direction that Pathfinder was going in the future. They were even described as a gaggle of ditzes at one point.

As I am running a monthly(all girl, mind) Darklight Sisterhood game, this hurt. However, all those parties interested in going ahead with their ideas for the Sisterhood were given the green light to keep developing it in the boundless realm of Fanon(located just down the hall from Xanadu and across the street from Neverland). It is in this spirit that this thread came to be.

Below is a direct cut and paste of something I put together for my Darklight Sisterhood game. It considers the Sisterhood an affiliation, and since I didn't get to make more than a passing glance at the rules for affiliations, I'm sure there are things in it that are going to be off- either too weak or waaaaaay too powerful for some. So give me some feedback/critiques, etc. And by all means, post your own versions of the Sisterhood- it's in the hands of the fans now...

The Darklight Sisterhood
Alignment: Neutral, with Neutral Evil tendencies
Leader: The Grand Mere, a group of successful sisters who have retired from active adventuring. The group currently has a dozen members.
Prominent Members:
Scope: Safehouses are located all over Cheliax, and a few sympathetic Paramours can be found in wealthy cities in other countries.
Resources: Considerable due to a number of advantageous marriages both in and out of Cheliax. See affiliation scores for more information.

Affiliation Score

3 or lower: Paramour (if male) or Cousin (if female): Those lucky enough to have attracted the Sisterhoods interest are being sized up for membership, a potential tryst, or perhaps both. Men never progress past the level of Paramour, however, they are often strung along with promises of greater levels of influence, eventually being married off to a retiring Sister either as a reward for exemplary service or as a last-ditch effort to keep from losing a wealthy patron (in either case, their money is used to fund Sisterhood activities). Cousins are given a few menial tasks to determine their loyalty and utility, those who are seriously considered for membership are hazed- the current ordeal is to wear garish parodies of the latest Chelaxian fashions in day to day life- and is to obey a sister without question yet within reason, as they wish to keep future family relations cordial.

4-10: Sworn Sister: At this rank, the prospect takes an oath and officially discards her last name in a private ceremony performed by their sponsor under the observation of one or more of the Belle Mere. She is now a member of the family until death or dishonor (which always leads to death). She is given official missions of up to middling importance, and usually operates under the auspices (although rarely direct observation) of her sponsor. She receives a +2 bonus to all Perception checks, one Knowledge skill, and one other Skill that she already has ranks in. She also receives 1000 gold in “pin money” (or an item of equal value) after the ceremony.

11-20: Scandalous Sister: At this rank, the sister has probably had a few successful forays into the field, publically shown up (or privately eliminated) a member of the Pathfinder Society, or is milking a would-be Paramour for the benefit of the family. She may gather a number of Cousins (either Rog 1 or Wiz 1) equal to her Charisma modifier (if positive) for hazing and private use, and can suggest missions to the Belle Mere. +2 to either Bluff or Diplomacy checks, +2 to Survival or Heal checks, and +2 to Appraise or any one Knowledge skill of their choice regardless of whether or not they possess ranks in it. They can also borrow up to 2,500 gold pieces in assets from the organization. The money must be paid back(or item[s] returned) within a month.

21-29 Sister Superior: At this rank the sister has made a name for herself within the Darklight Sisterhood. More than a few members of the Pathfinder Society have been discredited or have met with mysterious ends as a result of her machinations, and she probably has more than one serious Paramour. The number of Cousins she may call upon increases to 1d6+her Charisma modifier (if positive), she may also sponsor worthy Cousins for Sisterhood. She can also send Sworn Sisters on missions without the Belle Mere’s permission (although not necessarily their knowledge, Scandalous Sisters have the right to refuse these missions, though few do). The Sister receives a +2 inherent bonus on any Save of her choosing and can borrow any magical item up to a +2 bonus in value or up to 5,000 pieces of gold from a secret Abadaran account into which Sisters the world over deposit money grifted from their Paramours, or assets of equal value from the organization. She has up to three months to return the item, refund the money, or relinquish the assets.

30+: Belle Mere: A sister no more, at this rank the character is inducted into the secretive Belle Mere order. She has probably married one (or more!) of her Paramours, and has retired from active adventuring as the Pathfinder Society considers her a “person of interest” in the disappearance of several Pathfinders. She can assign a number of Sisters of any rank equal to her Charisma modifier +1d8 to go into the field in her stead. She can command any reasonable number of Cousins to attend her as a personal guard/escort, and can lead the ceremony that promotes them to full members of the Darklight Sisterhood. At this rank, the Belle Mere can cast charm person (DC 20) a number of times per day equal to her Charisma modifier(minimum of once per day) as a supernatural ability. While it is considered rather bad taste to use this ability against fellow Sisters, she faces no real repercussions for doing so. She also receives a +2 bonus to any one ability score, can borrow any magical item worth up to a +3 bonus indefinitely (+4 and greater must be returned within a year; though she can keep the item if she pays for it), and can withdraw up to 10,000 gold pieces from the aforementioned Abadaran account, which must be returned within half a year. She has unlimited access to any and all non-monetary assets of the Sisterhood, including clothes, land, and titles.
Executive Powers: Assassinate, Gift, Research, Shadow War

More or less exactly what the title suggests, this thread is for putting up ideas specifically for feedback from other writers, both published and not, as well as feedback from those who just enjoy seeing how the minds of others work. This really isn't for arguing game mechanics or things like that, although it may come up during the posts. Just put up an idea that you're mulling, perhaps some of the feedback will help you get past that block you've been dealing with for the past few weeks/months/uncomfortably long period of time you do not wish to quantify.

[EDIT] Had to edit the title!!!!

Just got this. For the love of god, don't let me be the only one reading this.

Good afternoon all. This thread is based off of an idea I mulled over with a friend of mine last night who also didn't make it in this year. It's an aside to the contest where others can post their non-submissions and recieve criticism and feedback whilst creating a bit of a portfolio for themselves. Who knows, maybe it'll turn a few heads.

The next stage was supposed to be one for creating a new type of monster, so we'll start there. Of course, people still competiting in RPG Superstar should NOT post here until they are *gulp* eliminated. I'm hoping everyone gets behind the spirit of this thread, and I am very much looking forward to seeing what people come up with!

I'm using these guys as villains in the monthly game I've been playing. I'm interested to see how they are done officially.

I'm sure we've all faced the occasional animated object masquerading as something else before, but I'm wondering if it's possible to pull off the poor man's golem or the unturnable skeleton. Can one make an animated object out of something other than tables, chairs, and the occasional pair of m'lady's unmentionable?

I'm praying all soldiers injured in this horrible attack pull through. Are our Texan Paizonians doing alright?

Amazing cover, but this one wins for the sheer amount of hilarous exchanges in it.

Running Gag Character:
WOW, Edward Nygma! You're my hero!

Well, you know how they say meeting your heroes is always a disappointment..

::reverently removes Riddler cane from where it hangs on the wall::

Running Gag Character:
You're going to kick my ass now, aren't you?

Oh my goodness, yes.

::sounds of violence::

Yes, I am quite sloshed. Happy New Year everybody! ::doles out XP to SSAS people before passing out::

Has anyone picked this up yet? I would have a copy in my hands right now, but all the bookstores I went to have yet to take them out of storage and put them on the floor.

rrrraaaahhh!!! My post got eaten again!!!!

Hey everyone, it's taken me a while, but I've finally put together a homebrewed adventure for Pathfinder. I am looking for no more than 5 people (since I have one already confirmed). We will be gaming about once every 20 days (which averages out to three times every two months) a few blocks down from Compleat Strategist on 34th, close to the Lowes' Theatre. We are considering running this game on Wednesdays and will need players who are serious and consistant regarding their game attendance.

Adventure Overview:

About five years ago, the City At the Center of the World recieved it's newest curiosity- a Garundi nobleman by the name of Haloush. He slowly became a source of amusement as he cultivated a reputation for always betting on the wrong horse: each and everyone one of his business ventures failed. The silks he attempted to ship from Tian came in boxes that were poorly waterproofed. The antiques he procured from Osirion ended up being nothing more than crates of brightly colored sand. His foray into selling magical items almost got him killed as a host of irate customers bearing cursed items stormed his home demanding compensation. At the end of his rope, he was forced to sell his original estate and move into a smaller one in a shady part of town- and in sight of the Puddles, no less. However, not all of his investments have been fruitless- a few months ago he got caught up in a fad that saw the well-to-do outfitting young adventurers with quality equipment in the name of helping the less fortunate achieve their goals- and the PCs were Haloush's charity case. Now he has sent you a summons, requesting your presence at his manor to discuss an expedition to far off Alkenstar...

Character Creation:

Allowed Races: All Pathfinder Beta.

Allowed Classes: All Pathfinder Beta.

Allowed Alignments: Any save Chaotic Evil.

Starting Level: 1.

Stats Generation: Roll 4d6 7 times, each time dropping the lowest die and then dropping the lowest score overall. Arrange scores to taste. Each player will then have 1d3 bonus points to distribute amongst their stats.

Hit Points: Hit points will be determined using the "Constitution" method as described in the Pathfinder Beta book.

Other house rules will be discussed at the table.

I just finished reading the Hedge Knight 1 and 2, and all of KenzerCo's D&D comics and the Ptolus comic. I have to wonder- when is Paizo putting out a comic for Golarion?!?!?

They're back, and more like a fantasy adventuring party than ever before. This book is full of action and the one liners had me ROLLING. I strongly suggest this book- it may just get you reading marvel regularly again.

Full Name

Daniel Raino


Human (most of the time at least)


Dropout 4


Not very masculine





Special Abilities

Wasted Potential (Ex): D.Raino may at any time be reminded by another creature within 30 feet as a full round action that he is capable of anything that he is has not done within the past week, imposing a -2 morale penalty on his everything.


LG for the most part




Southern Illinois


American (Midwestern, Southern, Wisconsin), German (bad at), Latin (read/write only), Spanish (worse at), Fake British, Engrish


Alacritous Comestible Craftsman

Strength 10
Dexterity 8
Constitution 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About +2 DRaino

D.Raino has loved his rpgs since his first (wretchedly realized) attempt at the old first edition in grade school... 5th grade maybe. Over the years, and always behind the times, he has slowly and steadily followed the old hat of the DnD line, with all its glories and failings, ever gaining ground on the material's timeline.

It wasn't until the release of 4th Edition DnD that D.Raino ever got onboard at the beginning of a product line. He quickly exited. (As a side note, 4th Ed has merit, D.Raino just wasn't enjoying it). After leaving the juggernaut, D.Raino returned to the style of game that he loved, in its newest name.

His more recent gaming exploits have been primarily in Paizo's modules, but has always made time for some hand-crafted adventure. He takes a certain measure of pride in his own skills and the skills of his play group that every game played for at least two sessions has something memorable, and the games that have been played for years have scenes never to be forgotten.

His past gaming exploits, though certainly fun in their own way, he hides somewhat shamefully behind the pretense of youth's impressionability relative to their own 'cool' ideas of how games play out. Seriously, what isn't awesome/ridiculous about playing a copper dragon rogue/sorcerer?

If you're bold, ask him to email some notes on his two adventures that he's still polishing up (not suitable for all audiences; may contain vulgarity, sexually explicit material, and illicit drug use). dsfxhr (at) gmail (dot) com.

D.Raino does not normally write in the third person, like this, but for some reason it felt correct in this character sheet format.