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Well Legendary Games has a wonderful selection of Mythic Rule add on and Solutions I think did offer as the title said some solutions to mythic. I've had the steamrolling happen before so I know the pain.

Wow that looks pretty awesome :o I need to dig up my npc folder and post a few.

I have a player playing a Sergal whose whole reason to be against the league is that they're psionic and the league ripped them open countless times to learn her odd anatomy until a attempt to crack her head open created a psionic burst unlocking their potential.

Aliens in IG's isnt that bad if done right, so far the few players I have had who went the route of aliens turn out pretty well especially since there is a refuge of aliens in Numeria ran by a witchwyrd and a lashunta.

I have two of the products from Metal Gods line, the Cyborg and the Treasury of the Machine and they have gotten use at my table.

Will we see any support for Paizo's Iron Gods? I've wanted to add more mythic monsters and your products are superb!

woohoo! Count me in! XD I wonder if they'll use mythic rules for Titans and Gods.

Woohoo! Much excited :D especially since he is working with the DSP folks, they do GREAT work.

Interesting Owo they honestly had been debating a witch or shaman simply for the hexes and both those routes come with a familiar. I may point them towards conjuration sphere then and possibly one of the other classes.They wanted a spirit focused theme anyways, opinions?

What does sphere casters do with familiars? I was under the impression the familiar could not channel the effect of spheres. I ask because one player in my gaming group may try and run with a caster with a familiar. Personally I suggested archetyping it but I wanted to ask before saying yes or no, does a shere caster familiar have any benefits?

I'll have to pick this up, but I have a question. Does this mean the metallic and chromatic dragons dont exist in Neo Exodus? And if they do how big is their population compared to the two new catagories?

Howdy folks I was curious because this brought up in my discussion about the IG game I plan on trying to run and finish come hell or high waters. One player wishes to play one of the psychic magic classes, unsure which yet. While this is a 'oh cool your unique' I want to sprinkle some occult stuff through the adventure since they will be high and dry if they want to anything tied to their class. The Occultist I just plan on littering wreckages with trinkets, etc. to give hints to the Androffans culture that hold latent energy, etc.

Suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

I'm curious on your take on a psionic technomancer owo

Also what resources/labs are available? I had a player salvage a robots parts to cut the cost.

I have a copy of Technology Guide but was worried the stuff from Chaositech would be to powerful vs. core content.

Howdy folks. after recent digging around I found a few character from my 3.5 days I would love to bring up to date to pathfinder. Was wondering if any suggestions how? Like how to update tech, feats, spells, etc.

Honestly I planned on using both the occult adventures and DSP material for Athas, simply explaining the occult magic is more of the arcane version of psionics. I can see the medium as a shamanistic class, calling on fragments of entities/vestiges of lore and binding them and the occultist as someone who uses items as vessels for their arcane energies. Spiritualist is the vessel for a echo of the past, possibly even a Tribe of One. I can even see the mesmerist being a sorcerers kings best lacky, using their mind probing abilities to really turn the crowds.

Also DSP is producing a supplement that can blend both systems! Theyre so nice :3

Also I think the Akashic Mysteries from DSP are a pretty awesome addition to Athas, I did it with incarnum in 3.5

We had one session last night and they reached the point clearing out the gremlin infestation. Party consist of:

Human Male Gunslinger(Robot Slayer)- He hates robots and is some what obsessed with pistols. Also insist he keep all the Silverdisk found thinking they have some sort of value.

Half-Elf Female Swashbuckler-Pretty good with a rapier and more often then not countered many of the hits aimed at her.

Human Alchemist-BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS, he really loves his bombs and his mutagen. So far he has been blinded and had to me watched after as his sight returned.Also he almost drank the numerian fluids.

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Post on Predator e-Dark-Tapestry-Pathfinder-Class-(-amp-race)&highlight=xenomorph
post on the Xenomorph if interested

Someone over at the GitP forum has made the Yuat'Ja and the Xenomorph as a race/class and a group of monsters.

How many pages is this pdf?

I've allowed harvesting integrated weapons/cybertechs in the past so may allow it in Iron Gods if my one of my players decides to build a 'cyber doc' character. The suggestions above will definitely help.

The Santiago player guide covers some pretty decent conversions of core pathfinder into science fiction as well. Also includes archetypes and a class or two if I remember that fit scifi. It has a guide to make aliens and converting core races over as well as notes about magic becoming tech,etc.

True, I've used the CC as the source for many clockwork wonders including clockwork hounds, ages, etc. Also think one npc's from a PFS module was a android from the CC? I dont play PFS but I'v had a friend mention it since I was planning to run Iron Gods.

I dont know really, the founder of the school hasnt really ever been explained, he is a mystery. I guess you could say the constructs from the CC are clockworks that are possibly awakened? I always played it as a mixture of Numeria and Alkenstar influences since Red Redoubt is not far from Absalom.

I remember there was a really good resource a while back where someone converted a lot of core material to BB including races and classes. I remember I used a lot of it to introduce a new group to the game then converted it regular game.

Oh also used their Omega Box rules, beginner box gamma world!

Are there any true psionic races on CS?

EM made a archetype for all the npc classes, kinda bumps them up closer towards player characters.

Also curious about the origins of psionics of CS, can anyone explain it to me?

I'm kinda curious how alchemy is dealt with in CS since I figure it would be hard to mix and cook chemicals/ingredients under water.

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Sgt Spectre wrote:
Freedom16 wrote:
I kinda can see fluffing the Aegis class from DSP Psionics as bio armor if your open to 3rd party for players.


I am assuming that is the publisher?
how well does it work?

Its Dream Scarred Press, the makers of psionic content for pathfinder so far.

I like it and as you level up it changes with you. I've used it as weird bio-tech before just replace the appearance from crystal to chitin. Also if you want a horror check out the Aberrant archetype for the class, it doesnt form a suit instead it makes you freakish and ugly as hell when you go aberrant.

That is awesome N'wah :3

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I kinda can see fluffing the Aegis class from DSP Psionics as bio armor if your open to 3rd party for players.

I'm curious so figured I'd ask, which one the classes would possibly fit best for a 3.5 totemist? I want to convert several old characters to the new system.

I used it before they released the Technology Guide and will possibly keep using it. It has some nice stuff that the Tech. Guide didnt do, heck could explain chaositech as technology influenced by demons and the Worldwound since I think I remember the Numeria setting book mentioned a demon or two.

^What kevin said lol

So excited to see the eventual update XD also would love to see Skaerens psionic dragon class.

If I remember right the Exemplar was a class that was similar to the Dragon Shaman from 3.5 that hit playtest but never came to full release. It used auras as a mechanic, I loved it and was sad to see it not be officially released.

As for Norals and Forgeborn I think they got a decent explanation of how they fit into TD over on the DSP forum, I could be mistaken so dont quote me on it.

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Cool, though how would the various 'monstrous' humanoid races like orcs, goblinoids, giants, etc. fit in? Like would there be a specific region they would predominantly inhabit?

I suggest RGG's to Apprentice levels, I've had memorable campaigns with it. It even has a little guide about adapting classes, etc.

I recently got a pdf of Thunderscape core rulebook and love everything there. Though since the bestiary is small, I'm wondering what monsters would be suggested and where they would fit? Also curious if Mythic would be a cool addition to make greater servants of Darkfall.

Does anyone have suggestion of what I can use to help flesh out my Thunderscape game?

Can anyone with the book tell or hint me about the AI stuff?

Can anyone give me info on what the archetypes really do? I'm aware the iron priest can affect constructs now, but what else is there for the other four?

Will psionics be used and if so will they be DSP psionics or something like feats taken, etc.?

I wouldn't mind seeing more of the races and race classes converted. Also love the Faen, got to ask my DM if I can play one.

I would be interested in that TNO :3 my Akiton game often starts with Akatas.


Greetings Fellow Athasians!

I am running a PATHFINDER RPG set in the desolate wasteland campaign world of DARK SUN!

My colleagues and I both far and near, have 100% converted all DARK SUN rules and gameplay into the PATHFINDER system, and it has taken more than 2 years to do so!

I am currently running a DARK SUN campaign in Southern California (south bay), and we are in need of two additional heroes brave enough to face the horrors of Athas!

Please contact me directly if interested :)

Here is the Campaign Blog:


May I ask how you did character generation? Like what resources you allowed,etc.?

Zotpox wrote:

Do a breeds and bloodlines expansion, with a whole mess of racial traits and feats.

I personally am leaning twards a weiner dog Pally.

I agree with the above statement :3 this reminds me of my old Lupin characters from becmi and ADnD2. Looking forward to where this goes.

There were those little gargoyle like things from Dragons Demand who are from space and come to worlds for resources they cannot find on their world.

I actually love these classes and I've used them in a low magic setting. I ned a physical copy for table play so I'll have to save up some for that.

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I want bad oxo I love this kind of material especially since I'm doing Wilderlands conversions.

I also just like the Hellenic Era :D

I'm in love with the Mutant Manifesto just by reading the description. I have a game that could use it, genetic purity and all that jazz floats in most societies as well as for science fantasy games.(Gamma World I'm looking at you.)

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