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I would like to make a list of monsters in pathfinder that are not from Golarion but are still from the material plane.

I can think of Akata, Lashunta, Flumph, Triaxian, Brethedan, Xanthos, Moonflower, Shobhad, Oma, Mi-Go, Colour Out of Space, Lunarma, Wolliped, Ursikka, and Stormghost.

Can anyone think of any others?

The Great Race of Yith (AKA Yithian, but Great Race sounds better)

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Star monarch

possibly zoogs

Silver Crusade

The Ilee
Outer Dragons

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My In Laws.

Chances are anything with the aberration creature type is from another planet and if not has a strong presence on other worlds.

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Star-spawn of Cthulhu

EDIT: Oh, and the Kaiju Agmazar the Star Titan

We don't have stats for the Versites...yet. But we do have stats for the rest.

So lets add.

Aballonians, Agmazar, Vesperguants, The Ilee, Shantak, Star Monarch, Outer Dragons, Neh-Thalggu, Eoxians, Witchwyrds, Yithians, Elves, Star Spawn.

Maybe Zoogs

Also Dragon Kin, Kasatha, and Elder Things

So anyone have any more alien creatures to add that have stats?

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There were those little gargoyle like things from Dragons Demand who are from space and come to worlds for resources they cannot find on their world.

Looking back at the Dragon's Demand we have Grioth and Yangethe.

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Don't forget the reskins listed in Distant Worlds! I need to go back and check that out again.

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Didn't one of the Revisited books say Purple Worms were alien?

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Ross Byers wrote:
Didn't one of the Revisited books say Purple Worms were alien?


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What are the Ilee?

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They are the... inhabitants of Apostae.

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Ah I didn't think they were statted up anywhere.

No, they haven't been statted up so I will have to take them off the list.

Yeah I think they said purple worms came on meteors, I forgot about that.

I already have listed Moonflowers.

Thank you everyone this is becoming an interesting list and there a lot more then I remembered.

Robots came from space, iirc. I think androids did as well. They're kind of a stretch to call "lifeforms". But there are stats.

Ankhegs, possibly. At least they are apparently related to the everqueen's brood.

Cerebric fungus (B3)

Also Contemplatives, Elder Things, Flying Polyps (although I don't think they've been mentioned - or alluded to, per se - in the Golarion setting), & the Old Great Old Ones Cthulhu & Hastur (Bokrug is from the Dimension of Dreams, so doesn't count).

All of the above are from Bestiary 4. There are others, but they've been mentioned already.

Carry on!

-- C.

I already said Elder Things.

Great Old Ones are very alien.

Flying Polyps are in one of APs so they have Golarion specific information though I need to reread that section.

Cerebric Fungus, yeah there from outer space.

Contemplatives, how did I forget about them.

I will count robots because why not.

Anhegs could be from outer space.

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Oooh, I forgot carnivorous blob and tzitzimitl.

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So we have...
Great Old Ones
Carnivorous Blob
Elder Things
Purple Worms
Dragon Kin
Colour from Out of Space
Cerebric Fungus
Flying Polyps
Star Monarch
Star Spawn
Outer Dragons
Agmazar the star titan

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It's not official Golarion material (fanon?), but the skindancers (Wayfinder #7, bestiary) are aliens:

Skindancer backstory notes wrote:
In Golarion's canon, their racial goddess died in a free-for-all battle against several demon and quippoth lords, a lesser deity, and Urgathoa (the sole survivor). The six or seven thousand coleoidean survivors discovered the secret of the [REDACTED] from a [REDACTED] protean lord, and slowly recovered and rebuilt over the next thousand years or so, likely either on remote shores of Castrovel or Liavara's moon, Melos. It was here that Thassilonian wizards would have found them and arranged their transport to Golarion. They suspect that during this time a few were captured by aboleths, and used (along with dopplegangers) in experiments to help create faceless stalkers and possibly the totenmaske.

It would be helpful if the list were put into alphabetical order. That makes it easier to see if a creature has already been mentioned or not.

Would it be a good idea to list a creature's source (which Bestiary, etc.) too?

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I'm not sure about Pathfinder's Zoogs, but Lovecraft's were from the Dreamlands.

So can anyone think of any more aliens then what we have listed?

Also I am starting to think that the Zoog will more then likely be from the dimension of dreams even though it doesn't have the extraplanar subtype.

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Formians are alien, but I'm not sure they've visited Golarion in canon, but they are in the Bestiaries.

I could of sworn they have said that Formians can be found on Golarion just like there enemies the Lashunta can.


Ross Byers wrote:
Formians are alien, but I'm not sure they've visited Golarion in canon, but they are in the Bestiaries.

There might be some under Katapesh.

There could be some anywhere since they seed worlds by traveling in meteors. So they don't need the planet portals like the one in Kyonin.

Mentioned but not statted:

Eoxian (Eox)
Hallan (Liavara)
Ilee (Apostae)
Kalo (Bretheda)
Khulan (Akiton)
Maraquoi (Bretheda)
Nchakian (Liavara)
Sarcesian (Diaspora)
Vercite (Verces)
Urog (Bretheda)

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Eoxians are treated as human but with a +4 Int -4 Con instead of the standard racial mod. This is before they were undead of course.

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