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Your right I will spend 200 dollars for a small holding for storage, no inconvenience there I suppose. Reputation is just fine and will work even better when feuds can be declared and even more PvP will be had. As far as pick pocketing goes it would be awesome to have another form of activity that impacts reputation.

Act now and get a free hat.

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So my question is why make an agreement as the EBA but not have everyone in said alliance agree to the terms? If Phaeros did not agree to the specific terms of the policy then fine all the power to them. Phaeros did however get to enjoy the benefits of the agreement which was no banditry and no tower capping. The treaty did not affirm their borders and claim to the hexes though and there was a mutual understanding that you could and would be killed if spotted pveing or gathering in our/their perceived territory. Phaeros finds some xelians pveing in "their" territory drives them out and takes a KB tower thinking that it might intimidate them enough to change their actions. Xelias being confused about Phaeros breaking the treaty attempts to seek clarification with the EBA about the seizure of the tower while at the same time mobilizing troops to retake the tower. It is revealed that Phaeros was not a signatory of the treaty which is fine and we stop applying the treaty that we had in place with the EBA in regards to Phaeros because apparently they did not agree to it. Thus we begin a campaign around phaeros and advise the rest of the EBA that did agree to the terms of the treaty to steer clear of the area. The rest of the EBA then decides to break the agreement we had in place because we are "Killing citizens in EBA territory." And here we are.

So to sum up apparently there was no agreement with phaeros, it is realized that there is no such agreement and Xelias does not apply the agreement to Phaeros. The rest of the EBA breaks their agreement saying that xelias broke their agreement.

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Gaskon I don't know what you can't understand about the story here. People gathered in EBA territory, phaeros drives them off their land. Should have ended there. Phaeros decides to take an Xelian tower despite having knowledge of an agreement with xelias and TEO/KP to leave towers alone in exchange for no banditry against their settlements. Xelias had no agreement with the EBA in regards to sovereignty only that if you were spotted in enemy territory you would be killed. Golgotha drives phaeros off of their tower and begins killing citizens near phaeros for their agression and advises rest of Eba to steer clear. Eba comes to aid of their ally and seizes the majority of Golgothan towers one night. Golgotha expands banditry to rest of EBA. Phaeros took the actions that they did to try and bully the whole of xelias for doing some pve/gathering in "their" teritory. When they got driven out and attacked around phaeros they called for help thus having the rest of the EBA break their agreement.

So is gathering/pveing a declaration of war? If it was I am sure the majority of the map would be at war. (Which would be cool mind you)

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DeciusBrutus wrote:

Lol. All we said was that most players were as safe as anywhere else. And based on the alts that various people had looking for you, that was pretty much true.

Please elaborate on your idea that the south is as safe as anywhere else on the map. Is there any where else on the map where more than 10 people are getting killed every day? Is there any other place where people are saying "don't go there because of bandits?" What you are saying is dishonest and factually incorrect, I have yet to hear about a bandit problem near Canis Castrum, is the south truly as safe as the west and south west? No it is a war zone and believe it or not war zones are not safe.

While I agree with a couple of your points Moria in regards to pvp not having matured, I would very much appreciate you to not insinuate that Golgothans in anyway condone the ganking and killing of new players around Marchmont. We are not murder hobos who kill anything that moves rather we try to do alot of homework on the target. Have we seen them before? Which settlement do they belong to? Have they been gathering in our territory? You wouldn't believe how many times we just let someone go because we are unsure. Yes we might kill a player a couple hexes away from Marchmont time to time but not new players. And I certainly wouldn't classify you as a "new" player either I think you deserve much more credit than that.

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This evil is on a whole different level.

You outdid yourself sir, keep up the good work

I don't believe in rehabilitation I say we just bring in the death penalty.

Nihimon wrote:
Gol Phyllain wrote:
Awww we aren't friends?

Friends with benefits maybe ;)

This is just one example.

DeciusBrutus wrote:


Otherwise, it's the same rep cost to attack, and higher rewards for winning.

Actually it is a higher reputation cost because one would have to attack more players thus resulting in further reputation loss, especially if a group was to refuse to red first (which is a viable strategy mind you). And its not like we can ignore the rest of the group once we have attacked a couple players you are not gazelles that scatter when a member of the herd is threatened.

Saiph wrote:

I'm honestly not following, what rule am I pushing the limit to?

Dont cheat.

If you find some condition, combination of actions, location, or feature that is broken or provides you an ADVANTAGE you should not have due to a bug, don't do that thing. Report it.

This farming has been happening for well over a week and people failed to report it. This in itself is unacceptable.

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TEO Cheatle wrote:

I don't think were playing victim, we are just letting you know exactly what we are doing.

Well I have heard it all now I suppose, if it takes a more than a week to let everybody know that Ustalav Knights are not working as intended and to have this news trickle in from a third party counts as "letting us know exactly what you are doing" then we must have a different definition of transparency.

The crux of this argument is not how much damage 10 people can do to one Ustalav knight every 3 seconds, it is whether or not people were aware of the problems associated with the Ustalav casters, nothing more and nothing less. If this game is to survive we need everyone to be on board constantly providing feedback so that GW can fix any bugs as they arise and not keeping them quiet for a week and then down playing the whole thing because we don't want to lose out on easy silver/recipes/mats.

And as far as playing the victim goes...

Saiph wrote:

It just so happens that your opinion is accusing others of exploiting. Others that have supported this game much longer than you and like you (hopefully) want this game to succeed. Excuse us for taking offense to that opinion which was obviously released here to make some kind of statement and perhaps tarnish reputations. Not a good look.

As long as you continue to try and defend the farming of Ustalavs you will be criticized it is as simple as that. Your reputation is your own and it is reflective of your actions. So are you willing to push the limits on rules despite the implications it has on peoples opinion of you as a whole?

TEO Alexander Damocles wrote:
If you feel that large groups are an exploit, then I'm afraid you're simply wrong.

Not once did I say that large groups were in exploit reread my post, the only thing problematic with a large group is that there were tons of people there and not one person out of the group thought it peculiar that the casters were not doing damage. And now instead of agreeing and stating that Ustlavs are not working as intended and laying off the escalation people are playing the victims. Actions speak louder than words.

Congratulations you "supported" this game longer, you think that has anything to do with character? Experience maybe. Having supported this game for so much longer is it wrong to suppose that perhaps that you would have been able to see the exploitish nature of the ustalvs upon running into them let alone farming them in 20 man groups for the past week. Even upon discovering the exploitish nature of Ustlavs people are already doing a good job of killing their character by continuing to do them. The honourable thing to do would be to recognize that the ustlavs are not functioning as intended and do other escalations, not defend the Ustlavs to the bitter end. But food for thought I suppose, until this is fixed I will not be touching any Ulstav knights.

I bid 1 silver piece

Gaskon wrote:
Gol Tink wrote:
Towers don't provide it; there are too many to make it worth defending the ones you hold, much easier to just run off and grab someone elses when their window comes up.

You are choosing not to defend your towers (which is supposed to be the main source of consensual PVP right now), and then complaining that there isn't enough PVP to keep you happy?

Maybe you should try defending your towers when someone attacks them?

Alright first off the way tower capping usually plays out is one naked guy will run into a tower and afk capture the tower. Now killing that person is rather easy and is hardly even considered pvp there is no fight or resistance. When the player sees that someone killed him to defend the tower he simply walks over to another tower and begins capping that one. This not meaningful pvp this is just a chore.

KOTC WxCougar wrote:

Not sure if you are meaning my comments or just in general, but in regards to myself I am not against PvP.

Ya most of this isn't aimed against you in fact I agree with you in regards to much of the points you brought up the general thing here is that people are getting the feeling that pvp is constantly under attack (which it is). There have been many a thread that have complained about people getting killed so your initial comment (which I am too lazy to quote at this point) was vague enough to solicit a response from the people wanting to make sure pvp remains existent and meaningful. Most of these comments are really just ill will towards some of the reputation related changes coming in the next patch. Which I would encourage you to look into if you haven't yet.

"I honestly think the fix to the Thornguards will be very helpful and finding some means of showing the mini map while crafting or something that gives you a heads up could help solve that issue."

"I know this is a game where there is pvp and danger and so forth and should be as this is the River Kingdoms. I'm not expecting immunity to combat in towns either. Just something better than it is now. I hope a balance can be found for both parties."

I completely agree with you here this patch where thornguards actually do something to attackers is great and will protect people better so that they attacker wont get a free kill.

KOTC WxCougar wrote:

So rushing off to take care of something is considered lazy? In cases where one can log off, they can log off to avoid this, but there are cases (especially young children and pets) that can't be done.

My main issue is with someone trying to craft - they can't even see an attacker coming until its too late.

Give me a break are you telling me every AFKER that gets killed is running off to deal with a rl event that cant be put on hold for the 10 seconds it takes to unequip and bank your things? In my mind that is pretty minor although I can agree with the thornguard changes and the crafting, one should not be able to be killed without knowing when dealing with crafting at the trainers.

KOTC WxCougar wrote:

(You people are fast typers!)

They are upset because they lost durability to what they are wearing or lost everything in their inventory because it was looted.

The moral of the story is dont afk with stuff you don't want to break or lose. That's just laziness on the players part really what makes you think that AFKing should ever be safe?

Jakaal wrote:


So you're trying to say you can be a-holes b/c the game exists for you to be a-holes in?

Push the bounds past acceptable social behavior and then wonder why no one wants to play with you other than other a-holes that think the same.

That is why every PvP centered game are small niche pits of scum and vitriol.

PFO can work if PvPers can learn to understand PvEers can deal with PvP if it is on their terms or they are taking actions that are putting them at risk. Standing in town should not be risky. Attacking crafters or "bank zombies" is LESS interaction than the killing of mobs you claim to hate. It elicits a response b/c you're being an a-hole not from any desire to PvP. No one likes a-holes other than a-holes.

This is a player driven game first and foremost and you are entitled to your opinion however rudely you may have stated it. That said if you have a problem with what you believe to be improper social behavior correct it in game. Proper social behavior is based completely on interpretation and varies between the many groups that make up PFO. So who is right? The people that can enforce their interpretation IN GAME and not the ones who get the most favorites on the boards.

There of course common lines that shouldn't be crossed, killing in STARTER towns, harassing newbies, obscenities, spawn camping etc.. But killing an afker once to provoke a battle is not one of them.

Only time I have ever seen SENSOU commit to a fight is when they outnumbered us 2 to 1 lol. At the sign of even numbers they usually flee never to be seen again.

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So that was chasing you around killing me last night? It seems you caused all my deaths that night than and I tip my hat to you. But I sure hope no one had any problems clicking on me considering I was standing there with a longbow lol. As far as the pvp went I hope everyone had a good time, I know I did (Went from 21pks 50pks). Don't see any need for all this drama though you would think this game had perma death based upon some of these forum complaints.

Until a video from the "victims" side is posted I will assume and rightly so that they are merely incapable of clicking a mouse button on a moving target. Any further accusations should be interpreted as nothing more than accusations and equated to this.