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I'm going to build one tonight, and maybe use some style feats. I'm a big fan of panther/snake, so maybe I can make something interesting.

SmiloDan wrote:


BAB: +1
Good Saves: Fortitude and Reflex
Hit Dice: 1d10

Class Skills: Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge history, Knowledge local, Knowledge nobility, Linguistic, Perform, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Swim.

Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.

Swashbucklers are proficient in all simple and martial weapons, whips, light armor, and shields (but not tower shields).

1. Deeds, Grit, Signature Weapon, Weapon Finesse
2. Nimble +1
3. Deeds
4. Bonus Feat
5. Signature Weapon Training +1
6. Nimble +2
7. Deeds
8. Bonus Feat
9. Signature Weapon Training +2
10. Nimble +3
11. Deeds
12. Bonus Feat
13. Signature Weapon Training +3
14. Nimble +4
15. Deeds
16. Bonus Feat
17. Signature Weapon Training +4
18. Nimble +5
19. Deeds
20. Bonus Feat, Signature Weapon Mastery

Deeds (Ex): At 1st level, 3rd level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the swashbuckler learns to perform feats using his grit (see below). At 1st level, the swashbuckler selects 3 deeds from the 1st level category. At 3rd level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the swashbuckler selects 3 deeds from that level’s list of deeds. A swashbuckler may select a lower level deed in place of one of his new level’s deeds.

** spoiler omitted **...

This is a lot closer, mechanically, than the paizo pdf version. Much more balanced, d easier to build mechanical variety, and role play build freedom as well.

Yes, mobility is key. Some of the ninja movement abilities would be perfect, or the movement abilities from dragon style.

Perhaps a list of bonus feats like the monk, (at first and second level) with options for damage, and mobility. Or a fighting style option set like the ranger.

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I really don't want this class to be swamped with dervish dance. I really hope a dex to damage option is put in. I also really like the swashbuckler weapon group idea.

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I'm thinking finesse at first, a "swashbuckling" weapon group, some tweaks to the parry/riposte, some tweaks to panache, and a dex to damage option would be perfect.

Jessica Price wrote:
Removed a bunch of "bump" posts. Don't bump threads.

.... Wut?

I second the motion of holding him to it.

So... Should we just give up then?

Hey design team, if you answer this I'll bake you all some muffins...

I knew the delay was because of the con, I just wondered if there was a fixed number or not.

How many more FAQ's do we need? Geez...

At least it's not a 5000gp diamond....

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Someone cast "summon design team IX" and get this thing over with...

ShadowcatX wrote:
It is amazing at how often someone can say the same thing over and over without looking at any of the evidence to the contrary.


At this point I have no idea what else I can possibly say, so I am just waiting for the FAQ to prove us right. I mean, we have used simpler analogies, standing FAQ's, and even cold hard evidence from Paizo's own product, and they still want to argue the point. I am just following the thread hoping for a FAQ at this point.

I mean honestly though, if you aren't playing PFS, just rule of cool.it and move on, I'm sure any dm would work with you and make it happen. I would, if a player really wanted it. There are ways for dms and player to balance it out and keep it from being exploited.

Elemental fist is in the advanced players guide.

Or look at the description in the chart in the book, which says unarmed strike...

james maissen wrote:
jlighter wrote:
And just to clarify, you didn't answer this question. You threw something out there that filled the gap left by an answer, and demonstrates a function of it, but it didn't address the issue of the redundant wording.

Then please rephrase and expound upon the question so that I fully understand what you want in way of an answer.

As to speaking about arcane trickster's wording, I picked that way up in the thread as an example of one of the +1 spell casting. I picked it simply because it was the first core PrC to advance at each level which would not complicate things.

As to fly coming out of bloodline 7, of course, because the PC in your example doesn't cast as a sorcerer 7. So huzzah we agree!

Now the rogue3/sorcerer6 with the dragonic bloodline would, in leveling in arcane trickster gain fly as a spell known just as he would gain it as a spell known if he were to also level in sorcerer (becoming sorcerer7).


No, no he wouldn't. Think of it like this. There two hallways. One is the sorcerer hallway, and each door contains something you get if you leveled as a sorcerer.

The other is the PrC hallway. The doors there contain what you get when you level as the PrC.

Fly, a bloodline spell, is locked behind a door in the sorcerer hallway, because it is gained as a bloodline class ability.

When you level in a PrC that grants +1 spellcasting, you get to open a door that gives you spells per day, and spells known. Since fly is still locked behind that door (because it is given as a class ability, and therefore not a "spell known" until you have the key to open the door), you do not get it. The only way to get it is to do one of three things:

1. Take levels in sorcerer until you can open the door.
2. Take the Dragon Disciple PrC to gain your bloodline stuff.
3. Take Fly as a normal spell known off of the spells known table.

Spells known, in the literally definition, is a misnomer in this case. Yes, if you have fly, you know it. However, in this case, it is simply the name of a class feature. Yes, if you gain fly through a bloodline power, you know the spell. But that's not what the class feature means. It means you have a spells known table, that tells you what you get when you gain a sorcerer level. That table is advanced by a +1 spellcasting PrC.

If it helps you, think of this: The design team recently ruled on the TWF while THF fighting thing because it was "too powerful". If they think THAT is too powerful, why on Golarion would they rule that a sorcerer would gain everything that matters in a PrC, and not have to take any more sorcerer levels.

If that were the case, you would never see any sorcerers, ever, that didn't PrC as soon as they got the chance.

I really, really, hope this helps you.

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This is like arguing with a brick. I'm done. I sincerely hope this gets answered in the faq so I won't feel like I wasted my time.

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Shadowcat is not confused, nor am I. I'm on my phone, and didn't feel like retyping your quotewhen I accidentally deleted part of it. Shadowcat is trying to get you to realize your own confusion by making you answer very simple questions that will make you see the truth of the matter. Spells known is a game mechanic, bloodline spells is a different game mechanic. Spells known is advanced, the other is not.

For reference on bloodline spells:


a sorcerer learns an additional spell, derived from her bloodline. These spells are in addition to the number of spells given...


That quote debunks your entire argument. linguistically, by RAW, the words "in addition to" means they are not counted as spells known, but as a class ability. Do you know the spells? Of course. Literally, you know them. Mechanically, they are a class ability and are not leveled by a PrC other than one that specifically says so.

Nevermind, I thought it gave you the spell as a spell like ability. I might just have to take twelve monk levels to get abundant step. I was going to take four levels of moms anyway for efreeti style and be an unarmed strike ninja.

Oh ok, I see. That will work fine for me.

Which bloodline grants ddoor? Im thinking of going that route with my ninja...

Apocalypso wrote:

Your GM may introduce some variables... but generally speaking the PC's are going to be law-breakers.

Unless your GM changes the background a bit, you will *not* be government-sponsored-lawful privateers. You will be every-critter-for-themselves-chaotic pirates.

So if you wanna be a monk (not a bad choice considering that heavy armor + deep water = bad) you're going to have to find an in-character reason to stay with the rest of your probably chaotic compatriots.

And you will need a reason to have come to the sea to begin with.

Perhaps you are chasing someone who broke the law?

Perhaps you are chasing someone who harmed your family?

Perhaps a quest from your monastery?

Perhaps you have ideas about who should be running things on the high seas, and its not the current people?

I'm the one DM'g. Just thought I'd drop by. I will be making some minor changes here and there, but yes, the PC's will be lawbreakers. I'm not changing anything plot wise, just a few tweaks to the ship combats, and some npc's. Nothing major.

I'm very interested in the monk. The OP is very good at backstories and playing in both character and alignment.

I actually just read up on leaping shot, and I think I will pursue it and deft shootist, as they both have the same prerequisites. I'll be getting a little more bang for my buck, so to speak.

Yep, and I knew that when I made him. Sacrifices must be made, and looks like AoO's against him will be a major issue at his low levels. Perhaps the best solution will be to keep him out of melee for a few more levels.

Very true, on all counts. My concern is simply the amount of feats it takes, with a build that that won't get a whole lot, especially since I need weapon finesse. I honestly dont see a way to take sword and pistol, as useful as it would be. Deft shootist looks like it may be out if reach as well.

Sword and pistol looks like a great feat, but are all the prerequisites too steep for a cleric 15 gunslinger 5? The character is for skull and shackles, and will alternate cleric and gunslinger levels until the five levels are reached. He has the trait that raises his cl for his cleric by two. He is Dex based with a rapier, and weapon finesse.

I'm going to alternate cleric and gunslinger levels until I get all three gunslinger out of the way, then its all cleric. Any opinions or experience as to how well this combo will work? Any tips, or traits/feats I missed or overlooked that are better?

I settled on a human cleric with a three level dip into gunslinger, starting at gunslinger for the first level for the benefits. This makes for excellent saves, and a better skill selection. Here it is:

Cleric 1 / Gunslinger 1
Str 10
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 13

AC 17 (chain shirt)
Fort 5
Ref 5
Will 5

Acrobatics 8
Perception 8
Profession sailor 8
Stealth 7

weapon finesse
rapid reload

Magical knack
Rich parents

I'm on my phone, so I left out the class granted stuff. I took only one domain so I could have a viper familiar, for fluff.

Yeah, I planned on using spells to increase melee ability and use a rapier

By sensible I mean any that make sense for the setting, and role play aspect. I'm trying to make a cleric that can fight from a ships rigging, and leap across ships, and some races just don't fit. Wayang or the earth elemental race, for instance.

All books and any sensible races are allowed, though my build is versatile human. its for skull and shackles.

And wondering, what traits, feats, and stats YOU would choose to make a swashbuckling, derring-do cleric.

Granted, I know making a DEX based cleric who can still heal and be the parties sole source of divine magic can be tough, I believe it can be done. Are there any traits that make climb and acrobatics class skills? I haven't found any...

I'll post my own build later, when I'm not on my phone.

20 point buy.

Silence fool, lest I sell you at market

Now bow in awe, as I display my literary splendor

Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for!

I have not seen one in any of the material I have, I was wondering if any of you guys know of anything.

You may have started this thread, but you failed your last stand,
for I have brought refinement, and put you down with the back of my hand.

Not even James Jacobs himself can remove me from the top,
all you amateurs truly need to stop.

This makes me happy. I love the 'basic' flip mats for their versatility. Now I won't have to keep using the same blank grey one so much! And, put me on the list also for the more terrain types!

^^ Not to be also unhelpful, but that was a pretty good save.

On topic, my uncle ran an ogre mage in 3.5 that did TWF with greatswords and he was an absolute beast. the only way our DM was able to contain his damage to a reasonable level was to constantly stuff us in tiny hallways. Your DPR may not be the best in the game ever, but it'll be a lot better than 90% of any other TWF build, I think.

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sirrah, you failed to comprehend
that your small time rhymes are at an end.

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and my proper vocabulary leaves quite the sting

525: Because you replaced the King's throne with a mimic on a dare.

This is why I prefer 20 point buy anyway. You get the same results (for the most part) as if you had rolled well, and you get to allocate them where you want. It allows the optimizer in my party to have his precious dump stats. It allows my two role players to spread their stats out and have the weaknesses and strengths they envisioned for their character, and it allows my player who ALWAYS runs a rogue or bard (or a rogue/bard) to have the stats he needs, where he needs.

Everyone is happy. It is then on me, as the DM, to come up with encounters, both social and combat, that play to the parties strengths and weaknesses, and give everyone a chance to shine.

I think this is the mindset your party needs, or I see a lot of inter-player drama with you, and that usually culminates into a bad time.

And that is not what GAMING is about, right?

Was the cleric out of spells? That would make sense as to why he was up front. I mean, you stuck the party with a BRUTAL encounter at level 1, and by your tone, you seemed to have it out for the cleric to begin with.

So in fairness to the player, what was the situation with HIM? Out of spells? New to the game? Didn't know how many spells per day he had? Didn't have any more spells that would help the combat, so he tried to help with melee?

I have to be honest, I ran a battle cleric in 3.5 with almost the EXACT same statline, and he was a beast in combat. Not because he beat things to death with a pointy piece of metal, but because his DCs were hard to beat. His spells did tons of damage. And you know what? He sucked for the first few levels because he never had enough spells.

As a DM, it is YOUR responsibility to award player ingenuity. Give him a break every now and then if he ran out of spells. Pull some punches if he is new and didn't know that a monster with three attacks could kick him senseless at level 1. If he doesn't know the system, help him. If he is building his character like this to be more awesome in a few levels, don't purposefully try to kill him.

However, there is a flip side to that. If he does know the system, and did that because he made a truly DUMB decision, then you are more than welcome to let the dice fall where they may. A character dying from a player's dumb decision is permissible. A character dying because the DM has a personal vendetta against him for being unoptimized....

Well, that calls for a new DM.

Garund might just work, as well. Thanks for the help guys!

Tiercis wrote:

This item was more fun than expected in a game I ran recently:

Boat, Folding
Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 1
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 7,200 gp; Weight 4 lbs.
A folding boat looks like a small wooden box about 12 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 6 inches deep when it is inactive. In this mode, it can be used to store items just like any other box. Yet when the proper command word is given, the box unfolds itself rapidly in the space of a single round to form a boat 10 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 2 feet in depth. A second command word causes it to unfold even further into a ship 24 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 feet deep. The folding boat cannot unfold if there isn't enough open space for it to occupy once unfolded. Any objects formerly stored in the box now rest inside the boat or ship.

In its smaller form, the boat has one pair of oars, an anchor, a mast, and a lateen sail. In its larger form, the boat has a deck, single rowing seats, five sets of oars, a rudder, an anchor, a deck cabin, and a mast with a square sail. The boat can hold 4 people comfortably, while the ship carries 15 with ease.

A third word of command causes the boat or ship to fold itself into a box once again, but only when it is unoccupied.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate, creator must have 2 ranks in the Craft (ships) skill; Cost 3,600 gp

This is probably one of my favorite items as well.

The varisian mountains would work, I suppose. Its been a while since I looked at my inner sea map and I totally forgot they were there. Whoops!

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