100 reasons to leave town

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472: To advance my world conquest.
473: Unfortunatly, my garnisons are falling. Better flee to my other base while the defenders still slow down them... better revenge than death.
474: I have to demonstrate my dominion on my lands.

475: Apparently, last night, you married a Kuthite, and according to your pain, you even consumated it.
476: Did you not see those exoticaly dressed humans and their blue golem, discussing in a bizarre language (fortunatly, I had this tranlation charm avaible) how this town would be a perfect battle field for the next "Adventure Path"? This certainly cannot be a good omen.

477. 99 problems...

478. there always was one problem with (insert town name here), all the dam vampires

479. you only had enough cash for a cheap common room at the inn. This morning your bunkmate got a tad too chummy, kept muttering "brainnnsssss"

480. an old man hands you a book, tells you 3 magic words, then tells you to ride out of town to an abandoned necropolis to complete a ceremony. All you know is that once you're done with this silliness you get to go back to your OWN time...

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481. Your name is O'Leary and there was this little fire...

482. your a bard... who only sings songs from Abba...badly.

483) You are a fey, bad people cut most of the trees in the forest, including the one with your house in/on it.

484) a Dragon burned the whole city/forest/ect...

485) You "pregged" your pet dragon, her parent told you to find a better place to raise these "things".

486. Gumball Rally time.

487. The necropolis is, as its name implies, out of town.

488. You've gotten engaged to your childhood friend but his/her father expects a ridiculous dowry before you are to be married. He lets "slip" a story about a fantastic treasure in a tower a few days away. You ready your gear and venture to the tower, unaware that your soon-to-be father-in-law is after more than money.

489.) Your two girlfriends just found out about each other.

490.) The local Divination Mage has just created a new spell: Detect Paternity.

490B.) He also learned the ritual Marriage, and wants to try it out.

491) EVERYONE is leaving! The old guy that's trying to recruit a band of adventurers in the tavern has just said that the Temple of Ultimate Evil is located just 3 miles out of town!

*By the way, this actually happened in one of our campaigns!*

492. to escape gamer tropes

493. because nothing ever happens in town

494. because EVERYTHING happens in town

495. it was inevitable, when you consider the town's nickname is the "City of Doors" and is ruled by the Maiden of Pain

496. to become a real boy

497. so you never have to grow up

498. 'cause some giant just told you you were a wizard

499. to learn to harness your mutant powers

500. 'cause Ultimate Campaign is coming out, as the last 4 plainly illustrate, so you've got a heck of a lot more in store for you than some piddly one-shot here in town

501. Gentrification.

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502. Lots of would be sages screaming at each other about where monks came from if there is no Asia in this world. Put them all in this town, build a gateless wall around them, and leave them behind. :P

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503. Piracy is sooooooo much cooler than being a big fish in a small pond. Time to become a big fish in the ocean!

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504. You're a goblin, and the raid is over.

505. Your goblin is in the stables and there's all these horses, dogs, combustible materials ...

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506. You live in Swamp Castle, and given what happened to the last three castles, you figured you should leave...quickly.

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507. An old wizard informs you he has perfected time travel, insists you go with him so you can take your mother on a creepy mother/son date before making her fall in love with your dad by getting him to stand up the the fighter, who happens to hate manure.

508. Aliens.

508b. If Aliens aren't enough reasong to leave town ... you should swear off the bottle. Seriously.

509. Because the man walking into the town guard headquarters looked like he was carrying the new wanted posters.

510. The only place in town to get a drink just installed Karaoke.

511. The moon is falling and you only have three days to stop the masked madman behind it's descent.

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512: If it keeps on raining the levee's going to break...

...And the mayor pissed off a cabal of level 7 druids.

513: Because some guy is a masked vigilante and this is "His town"

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514a: To protect the world from devastation.
514b: To unite all people within our nation.
514c: To denounce the evils of truth and love.
514d: To extend our reach to the stars above.

515: There's too many snakes on this material plane.

516. Because satan claws is out there...and he's just getting stronger

517. one word: Megatron

518. wandering the streets, just before daybreak, you realized "Bob's Torches and Pitchforks" looked completely empty and out of stock

519. to get these stupid slippers removed

520. because whenever there's a fight so hungry people can eat...you'll be there. Whenever there's a goblin beatin' up a guy...you'll be there. You'll be in the way barbarians yell when they're mad an' you'll be there in the way halflings laugh when they're hungry and they know supper's ready. An' when our folks eat the stuff they raise an' live in the houses they build, why; you'll be there.

Silver Crusade

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_XI_290cfw}Reason 521. Because we want to! Because we want to![/url]

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522. A couple of guys, who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood...

523. Because Sesame Street is in another town.

lucky7 wrote:
Go to Reason 521. Because we want to! Because we want to!

Always a good reason. You can repost this in many topics.

Goth Guru wrote:
lucky7 wrote:
Go to Reason 521. Because we want to! Because we want to!
Always a good reason. You can repost this in many topics.

What...did I just...watch???

521a. Rhino Doorman. Nuff Said; get on your horse and just keep riding...

524: You are a dragon, and a gunslinger just came into town.

525: Because you replaced the King's throne with a mimic on a dare.

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526. Following a epic binge of booze and drugs not seen since the days when Cayden Cailean was mortal, you miraculously find yourself awake the next day with your life and most of your possessions intact. However, you can't remember where your equine companion is stabled. Therefore, you must find it as the most pressing thought on your mind is "Dude, where's my horse?!"

527. Your wife's brain was eaten by a glorified termite before your horrified eyes. You shall avenge yourself upon your nemesis. Revenge is a dish best served cold. It is very cold in Irrisen.

528. The Wizard lives at the end of the Yellow Brick Road.

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529: You're not really welcome in this small Irrisenie town, being a minotaur druid and all, and you've just been told by your halfling compatriot's dog (being fluent in woof) that his owner killed a guy and the party alchemist just lit the local bar on fire.

530. You are grumpy and angry, yet when a friend gives some weird one-word-test to a girl, to which she replies "Pond", you just hop out of your chair and run.

531. You are a noble slayer, one of the best in all the land and only a glorious death will please the gods enough for them to overlook your sins and permit you to enter the Heavens. That death cannot be had in this backwater hovel.

532. There is a new problem with The Glorious Endeavor: the Hermea Shake.

533. the justin bieber fan museum was just constructed, permanent housing for beliebers is next.

534. You set fire to the Justin Beiber Fan Museum and need to get out before the fans realize it's burning down.

534a. Some gorramn d*%$ set fire to the JB Fan Musuem and you have to go after him!

535. A famous gunslinger is coming to town to fight you, and all you have is a knife.

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536. Here comes the tax collector.

1. Some noble heroes just slew the tyrannical red dragon that has ruled your island for as long as your people can remember. Unfortunately as it turns out the Empress was guarding a sealed portal to the Void and one of those heroes unlocked it, sending a surge of wild void magic through the world and now something very wrong just happened your kindly village hedge wizard.
1a. You are the beautiful red great wyrm that received this miserable little island in exchange for protecting whole planet. Or you were.. because now you are in this squishy human body, something must have gone wrong with your resurrection contingency..

531a. You are clean out of nobles to slay.

538. You accidentally got your legs lopped off by some wizard waving around his brilliant energy arcane bond longsword.

539. Sodom and Gomorrah were such nice places before the ruffians moved in.

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540. You won Turin the Mad's Lottery and he's coming over to give you your prize.

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Signore di Fortuna wrote:
540. You won Turin the Mad's Lottery and he's coming over to give you your prize.

540a. And you have no idea what CR that 'prize' is ... that's part of the FUN and EXCITEMENT!! ^_______^

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