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Vai Sunwake wrote:

::Alright, I think we're ready.::

Vai looked over at Fieri's plate to make sure. "You're ready?"

"Yep, all finished," Fieri said cheerfully.

The two girls headed out and met up with Ephebe in front of the doors. Ephebe looked a bit better, and even had some color back.

"Okay," Fieri said. "I want to look for some new stage outfits, Ephebe needs some looser clothes...you know ones made for normal people," she teased. "And Vai needs more of a wardrobe, and some fencing gear. That is a lot of shopping to do ladies...I think we should take the skimmer into town. We'll need it to carry all that stuff back."

Vai Emkar wrote:
I think Vai will probably wait for a while then unconsciously start doing it. Too lazy right now to make a new alias xD

Tell me about it. I've been avoiding making a new alias for a while now.

Phaezeriel wrote:

Phaezeriel will come close to Vai. His primary mind will cast Minor Creation to produce a robe appropriately sized for Vai, and he will wrap it around her shoulders.

His secondary mind will manifest empathic transfer, transferring 9d10 HP of damage from Vai to himself.

"Or that works too....so, would you like the healing potion now?" Fieri asked handing the vial to Phaeze.

"I brought some healing potions," Fieri said, pulling one out of her bag.

Fieri stepped away from the others a bit and unleashes a fire burst emanating from her body and ten feet around her.

Should catch two or three of the mooks. Ref DC 18 for half.

Fire damage: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 5, 6) = 15

"Oh, is that what those are? I got mixed up. I thought those were the sonic bombs. Oops."

"Whatever it is I'm going with you," she said, looking determined.

"Okay," she says, handing Ephebe a paper bag, "breathe into this so you don't faint too."

She steadied Ephebe as she led her over to a chair."Let's just get you sitting down now."

"Keeping an eye out I can do...."

"This would be those....things? the ones you used before? When we were still trying to stop...the Event. Cause I'm really not sure that's a good idea, Phebe...."

Krays wrote:
"Umm. It's at times like these I realize I have a limited skillset. Is there anything I can assist with, even if it's running interference?"

"I'm in the same boat...although I'm not so sure it's a limited skill set so much as the natural consequence of not being raised in a family of super crafting geniuses," Fieri said wryly.

Fieri was barely aware of her surroundings given how much energy she was expending keeping Jiminy connected to his body, but she suddenly felt the comforting warmth of fire and she felt refreshed and energized. She didn't think it was enough fire to cause her Jiminy any actual harm, but just to be on the safe side she sent the extra energy to him while he was helping the others getting rid of the energy.

Ta'Su is suddenly being bombarded with small fire marbles that explode on impact.

Reflex save DC 20 for half.

Fire damage: 16d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 1, 6, 2, 1, 6, 3, 4, 1, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 4) = 49

"Not to bust up the party here, but it's a bad idea to turn your back on other potential threats."

Taron Sunwake wrote:
Jiminy, Prankster of the Future wrote:
"B%@$+%%+," Jiminy snaps. "Taron can leave anytime he wants. If he really believed that he was doing the right thing he would have told us about it himself so we could help him."
::A prisoner how gets to vacation is still a prisoner.:: Taron's mental voice whispers to his siblings. He seems very far away. ::I might have been able to leave, but even my key could unlock the chain this place has on me.::

"Yes, poor pitiful Taron who has a family that loves him and a mate that loves him and a place to belong....such a sob story. Get over yourself. You expect your siblings to have noticed how miserable you were here, but you seem pretty damn oblivious to how much you've hurt them. Or the rest of us for that matter. But that's okay, because the great and powerful Taron is frakking omnipotent and doesn't need to consult with others before taking actions that effect the lives of a whole world's worth of people. You'll never heal this break, not completely. So I hope it was worth it....We trusted you. Too bad you didn't return the favor."

Fieri walks along the row of statues.

"So...why the statues? I get that they're representations, but I don't understand what they're supposed to accomplish."

Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
Room wrote:
Ephebe wrote:
Ephebe gave her a quick hug. "Hey, if it makes you feel even a little better I'll let you dress me up in whatever crazy outfits you feel like."
I like where this is going. *perv stare*
Thank goodness I wasn't the only to notice how very strange that sounded. And they're schoolgirls too!

But...she wears the same size clothes as me...it's like having my own personal mannequin. ^.^

"Not really. It's not helping right now.....is this the right time to ask you to let me use you as a dress up doll?" Fieri asked in a lame attempt at humor.

Kamenwati wrote:
Fieri del Sol wrote:
Kamenwati wrote:
I'd prefer Lillith to Apolla, actually. She wasn't as b*t@hy.
Ouch. It's not good when your mom comes out unfavorably in a comparison with a demon queen. :(

High Priestess of Pazuzu. If she was a demon queen I wouldn't have escaped.

And seriously, b*t@hy mom or insane mom who thinks what she's doing is for your own good?

Tough choice. I mean, sure the insane mom cares about you, but in all the wrong ways. At least my b*t@hy mom would admit that she wished I'd never born....so...ummm....yeah. I'll concede. Your mom was the better person. : /

Kamenwati wrote:
I'd prefer Lillith to Apolla, actually. She wasn't as b*t@hy.

Ouch. It's not good when your mom comes out unfavorably in a comparison with a demon queen. :(

Fieri nodded in acknowledgement before the sobs started. Her whole body shook as she cried. She wouldn't have been able to stand if Jiminy hadn't been holding her. She could barely breathe. She'd lived with the fear of this for so long, but it still didn't measure up to the cold reality of being told by her grandfather that he had no grandchildren.

Fieri blinked back tears.

"Grandfather," she said pleading.

"I don't know why you are yelling at me!" Fieri yelled back, suddenly losing her temper. "You should be thanking me! Now that my name is being struck from the records you and father can finally get the annulment you always wanted! And just maybe the two of you can finally stop making everyone else around you as miserable as you are!"

"I know," she said miserably. "For bonding with an outlander my name will be stricken from the records as if I never existed. You won't be my family anymore because you can't be related to someone who doesn't exist."

"Grandfather....this is James Sunwake. And he is family. He and I...are bonded-"

"No," Fieri said desperately. "This is exactly the right time. It's the only time..." The fight seemed to go out of her and her shoulders slumped. "It's my last chance to say these things because after today..." her voice broke and she put a hand to her mouth trying to stop the tears that were threatening, afraid that if she started crying she wouldn't be able to stop.

"You don't have to work so hard to get rid of me, you know," Fieri shot back. "I think I've proved how good I am at staying away so you don't have to deal with me. I know you can't stand the sight of me. I'm sorry, I can't help it that I look like my father! It's not like I had any choice about it. I've never even spoken to him before in my life, since the two of you despise each other so much that he hates the sight of me as much as you do. Is that what it is? Some kind of roundabout revenge? You can't do anything to him so you want me to have the same kind of miserable life as some twisted form of payback?!"

Fieri put her hand over her eyes and breathed slowly trying to keep calm.

"Mother, I have told you this before," she said with careful calm. "I have not agreed to this betrothal and do not consider it at all binding since I never gave my consent. And before you start harping on tradition and parents knowing best do you really want me to remind you how well that didn't work for you, my apologies grandfather for bringing this up."

"He's not my fiancé," Fieri said flatly, glaring at Embre.

Fieri stepped back and smoothed the nonexistent wrinkles from her uniform. It was a more conservative uniform than she usually wore. The skirt actually came down to just above her knees and the vest was full length so that none of her midriff was exposed.

"Okay. Okay. I can do this," she said, more trying to convince herself than anything else.

"Let's go."

Jiminy teleported them to a spot just around the corner from where her family was so they wouldn't see the unconventional travel method.

Fieri walked forward, Jiminy a step behind.

"Grandfather," she said warmly. "It's so good to see you." She stopped short of hugging him because that wouldn't be proper, but she wished she could since this was probably her last chance to do so.

"Mother," she said much more coldly. And then her eyes narrowed a bit as she saw the boy. "Embre. Why did you bring him here?"

Krays wrote:
Vai Emkar wrote:
Sometimes precautions fail! Even magical ones! Especially when there's that whole wishcraft-to-keep-the-species-alive thing that the Sunwakes got going on.
had not conidered this. Thanks Vai...

Oh, gods....this has bad implications for more than just Ephebe and Krays. o.O

I'm not ready to be a mom....

Fieri looked out the window and sighed. Normally she enjoyed sunny days. But knowing that her family would be here by morning at the latest if not sooner was spoiling it for her. She was grateful that Kam had been able to keep the storm going as long as he had. And prayed that Jiminy would wake up before they got here. She wasn't sure she could handle facing them alone.

"Stop worrying so much," Pan said, poking her in the ribs. "It doesn't help anything."

She glared at him. He was insufferable when he was right.

"Fine, whatever," she grumbled. "I'm going to go take a nap in the kiln."

Taron Sunwake wrote:
Fieri del Sol wrote:
Wow, I am totally the favorite with mom and dad -in-law. :P
Won't last long when they meet your parents and realize you've brought something far worse into the family... stuck-up in-laws.

Hush. I'm enjoying my moment. I already know it won't last. Kam and Krays are hard for them to accept up front, but I'm trouble for years to come....

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wow, I am totally the favorite with mom and dad -in-law. :P

Kamenwati wrote:
Are part of a race/classification that is an enemy of the family? No? Then you're good.

Well, they haven't met my family yet....give it time. ;)

Taron Sunwake wrote:
Tamrin - Gunslinger of Tomorrow wrote:
"It must be a doozy if you're sporting a grin like that," he notes with an arched eyebrow. "But at least that means it isn't a disastrous one again." (^-^)

That depends on how you feel about an ex-Empire dragon that has become a sniveling, death-dealing, trapmaking, dwarf-killing, gnome-eviscerating, mining glorified gecko being a part of the family.

*whispers come from off-screen*

Kam wants you to threaten him with your Caster. Just to be fair.

Er, no one threatened to shoot me. Does that make things unfair?

Or is it only sons-in-law who are threatened with violence? ; P

"Okay, so here's the deal. Absolutely, positively, without question, no scolding. Stuff came up. Jiminy is out cold and likely to stay that way for a while. And I heard you guys totally rocked last night," she added smiling at her bandmates. "Way to go, and thanks for covering. I mean it, Dennis," she said glaring at him as he started to talk. "No scolding. I just need you to trust me that it was important and I'll fill you in on the details later. The cafeteria isn't the best spot to be discussing these things." She sat down at the table and sighed. "I'll just wait for the line to clear out a bit. I could really use some comfort food about now and it always takes forever to convince the cooks that I really can safely eat charcoal briquets and that I think they're really, really tasty."

Fi nodded, pulled with all her might, and dropped Jiminy on the floor before tossing a handful of fire marbles onto what looked like lab equipment. She would have tossed them at the Corruptor but she was afraid that she might hit Vai. This should at least be distracting. She winced as an entire workbench went up with a large boom shaking the entire cavern.

Percival Sweetwater III wrote:

(to Fieri) "Of course, my friend. Anything I can do to assist. Should...should I follow them all to wherever they're going, or are we just staying here with this one?"

Obviously a magma elemental can earth glide no problem. Just slowly.

"We should follow. They've definitely walked into trouble. We should get there as quickly as we can."

"Percy, help me with Jiminy. We need to move quickly to catch up."

Fieri starts burning the net (carefully) trying to get rid of it by burning away the parts anchoring it to the walls.

"Big bugs need squishing. With extreme prejudice," she added, looking askance at the zombielike driders.

The stairs go down and down and down. The stone is slightly crumbly and Fieri almost falls, but shifts into firebird form and uses her wings to steady her/

"Watch out for that step, it's a doozy," she said, breathing heavily as she leaned against Jiminy for balance.

"I don't think we should split up. Once we get Ephebe, we need to be able to make a hasty exit. All sneaking in would be ideal."

"But tearing apart works pretty well too."

"We're still missing a dedicated healer. Cause anyone who thinks Krays is gonna keep his cool if this turns violent is just not paying attention. He and Ephebe are pretty close."

Vai Emkar wrote:

Vai didn't understand any of the talk of patrons and champions and aspects, but everyone else seemed to be fully informed. Feeling useless, Vai's shoulders slump slightly. She wasn't gonna be of any use. Too many great people here.

The amount of money Ryleh mentions so cooly causes Vai's eyes to go wide, her mouth hanging open for a moment before she realizes how unsightly it is.

[i]Vai feels a gentle hand on her shoulder. "It's okay if you have no idea what they're talking about. At least half of this is over my head too. The important part is we call care about Phebe and about getting her back. And that's gonna take all of us from the sounds of it. You can do this," she added with a small encouraging smile.

As Fly Free finishes their second song a voice calls out.

"Hey, is this a private party or can anyone join in? Wouldn't want to let you guys have all the fun now. And we've got the perfect song. Yes, Pan, I do remember that we've only rehearsed it once and it's still rough. Come on, we've got this. And if we don't who cares? I think we're all just happy to be alive."

Getting a nod from the others, FAIN starts to play.

If that link doesn't work, it's supposed to be "The Taste of Ink" by The Used.

The music paused as they switched between songs and the silence stretched out.

"Thank you all for giving FAIN such a warm welcome for our first performance. I've made a little change to our playlist. I've been working on writing this song all week, so I hope that you like it."

There was a distinct lack of visual effects as the music started and there was something different about it, that became more apparent as Fieri started singing. This song wasn't nearly as technically perfect as the previous ones, but it had plenty of raw emotion, the kind of sound that reached out and drew the listener in.

Fieri froze for a moment like a deer in headlights and then one of her bandmates handed her some equipment to set out. She started moving again as they quickly got the stage set up for their first ever performance. They barely had things set before it was time to start. She'd arranged things with the lighting crew so the spotlights wouldn't come on right away. She tossed a handful of flame spheres into the canisters she'd set up and flames shot up, illuminating the stage as the guitar started playing, and the spotlight came on just as she started singing.

Well, I was going to link to a song, but firefox apparently hates youtube, so not so much. :/

"Oh, hey, I think that Gaelvin is up next. I really want to hear his performance...I've already learned so much and we've only had a couple of lessons. I can't wait to hear what he can do."

"Oh, no, I can't do this, I can't do this. We're not ready. We need more rehearsal. Why didn't we start with smaller performances? What were we thinking? There's no way that I can do this..."

"Jiminy! Oh, thank goodness! I was so worried...."

"Don't you ever, ever scare me like that again, you big jerk. What do you think you're doing running off like that on your own when you're already in such bad shape, huh?! Use your brain once in a while, why don't you!"

Pan and Fieri work together to drag Dennis off of Spike's back and onto the floating disk next to Jiminy, which dips considerably under his weight.

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