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Inspired by Carrion Crown I made and posted to the database a martial version of the whip. Now, if a ranger is going to make this his signature weapon, what combat style works best for him?

I am thinking of writing up something for a campaign I am thinking of running and I am not sure which feat this will go under. The idea is to enchant an Explorer's Outfit with a few spells for a guild of rangers and other classes specialized in retrieving things for other people. Two of the spells I know I want to put into clothes are Mage Armor and Endure Elements, the first so that it protects like a suit of armor but not so constrictive the second so that no matter where the wearer goes the environment is going to be less of a factor and thus the chances of survival are greater. My question is would this fall under Craft Magic Arms and Armor or Craft Wondrous Item?

Under what skill would you slot Juggling?

One of the 9 Perform skills (and if so which one)? Or make a new perform skill specifically dealing with juggling?

A feature of Acrobatics?

Sleight of Hand?

Make a Profession (Juggler) skill?

Would it be too much of a stretch for the APG feat Point Blank Mastery as taken as a Ranger bonus feat for archery to apply to thrown daggers? I have this idea in my head for a circus troupe and a furry fantasy world and using the background option from Tome of Secrets to build a ranger who is at turns a canine clown and a knife thrower. Not necessarily at the same time but there are other factors for that as well.

Something weird I've been contemplating for a bit now for an NPC modeled after Johann Conrad Dipple, whose life and times may have inspired Victor Frankenstein whom I shouldn't have to explain.

Prerequisite: Infusion discovery
Benefit: You may now prepare a serum to inject into a corpse making such spells Animate Dead and the like to be "cast" by an alchemist. Other infusions and metmagic feats may apply as per GM's discretion.

OK, there's some Lovecraft inspiration here too but it has potential does it not?

For use in a Sunken Empires campaign in an all furry world I am looking to build a wondrous item but I'm not sure how I can make the target I want to hit. Here is what I have in mind:

Shark Collar

This leather collar looks weather beaten and old with images of sharks tooled into the leather. When worn on land, it is a decorative neck adornment the kind that might be favored by pirates and ex-slaves. When its wearer is submerged however it conveys to the ability to breathe water and the ability to wield weapons as easily or almost so as if they were still above the waves instead of below them.

I know I want the spells Water Breathing and Freedom of Movement imbued with this item and I want to make it so it can sit in a minor hoard or be purchased in magic shops in the same section as a handy haversack. Basically I want GMs to feel like they can hand these out to even 1st Level adventurers and not feel like they just let the players get something game breaking.

Does making a PC race large automatically incur a +1 Level Adjustment penalty? I'm re thinking some things for certain races including using ideas of the Goliath from Races of stone as a model. But if the race is 8'-9' tall on average would that mean that they are significantly more powerful than other races? Among other things I'm thinking of making a race based on the amphicyons which are in one of the monster manuals as bear hounds, and something like is big. That and maybe rethink the one bear race and if I haven't done so already make something for elephants, hippo and rhinos as anthro races. In some ways, yes, I am thinking of a kind of Pathfinder version of the Giff, but bundled with other pachyderm types so I avoid any legal issues...

I'm going to give this idea in two ways. First at a kind of Adventure Path that could be done inspired at least in part on the latest module: Carrion Hill. Another is an idea I have gotten slightly based on that idea.

The Adventure Path is more the set up for the campaign. Essentially the one follows the other. At it's core is a war.

A cabal of liches are having an argument with a syndicate of vampires over how to shepherd the living to their advantage. The liches want to make zombies out of the living to use as slaves. The vampires want scores of the living to feed on and play their little games.

Both sides have armies of assorted undead and other things at their disposal and the PCs are going to have to stop all this foolishness before something nasty happens and everybody loses. Lots of ideas as to exactly what goes down if these two groups aren't neutralized because the living loses if either group of undead wins.

One scenario that plays out if the above scenario is allowed to play out if unchecked is that some of the more intelligent of the corporeal undead turn on their masters and create a kind of zombie apocalypse. Think a kind of amalgamation of Ravenloft and Dark Sun. For every cleric and paladin that has the divine power to turn or otherwise do nasty things to zombies, ghouls and the like there is at least a thousand zombie types ready to overwhelm. The living are few, the dead are few and the dead hunger for the living. Yeah, magic helps but the last vestiges of the living are still constantly on the brink of extinction.

Council of Thieves has been nice. I'm interested in seeing where the next one goes but I also have a suggestion for a future path. How much trouble would it be to have an adventure path that is sea based and the final battle if you will takes place in an underwater city? I'm thinking something on the order where the kraken are acting up driving the sahuagin to increase their raids but the ultimate reason for all this trouble are some major aboleth power brokers living in an undersea city that is at least partially domed for air breathing victims. If it can be done, borrow heavily from Stormwrack for monsters and rules. Or am I allowing my recent discovery of Marine Boy episodes to play on mind a bit much?

I've been looking over a lot of options for this including adapting pieces of IK. OK, HEAVILY borrowing from IK for my vision of a world using Pathfinder rules for play but with a Steampunk feel. Think bits of Eberron, SJ and IK in a world where the standard races do not exist but anthropomorphic animals do exist and occupy the same niches as humans, elves. etc. I'm also thinking of converting some aspects of Dragon Mech as well. My big question is thus: Has there been discussion or products that have come out for specifically the Pathfinder RPG system dealing with mechs? And by mechs I mean both the oversized robots which would fall under construct rules and vehicles, i.e. walking tanks.

I find it hard to believe that in a city as large as this there aren't more folks interested in Pathfinder. I'm will to GM or be a player in something set in Golarion or just using the Pathfinder rules. As a player I prefer antro animal rangers and as a GM I will offer the same race options for players. I am also planning on running games where the campaign has no standard races but humanoid and humanized animals have taken their place.

I am thinking of starting up something of a new adventure path of my own locally but I'm having trouble thinking of who to make the big bad end boss. I'm thinking Wilderness oriented campaign in a kind of Frozen North type world. I am looking for some bits of advice from the boards.

1) One of the main books I am adapting to this is Frostburn which was one of my favorite environment books from 3rd Ed. How would you adapt the Frost Mage prestige class and especially specialization in cold spells as presented in Frostburn to Pathfinder RPG?

2) Major monsters, I am anticipating the new bestiary coming out but I'm still wondering what sort of major nasty I can make as the one behind everything. A part of me is thinking on revisiting Rise of the Runelords with another one waking up but this time instead of such a focus on stone giants I will be using a lot of frost giants. Were any of the Runelords associated with a frozen territory?

How do I change the credit card used for this to the one I just used to pay for the proceeding book(s) for the next AP? I mainly want the monsters and sidebars as I have little to no intention of actually running the AP as written. Mainly since I have a general problem with drow.

The first AP centered on Giants

The second AP centered around the nifty new tarokka deck and an artifact that corrupted those unfortunate enough to find it. Kind of the depths of human cruelty in a way.

The third AP is centering around drow.

The fourth AP looks to be centered around genies and extraplanar fun.

Can we get an AP centered around Aberrations and Lovecraftian horror at some point? Granted the two choicest OGL monsters are under lock and key for this but bits and pieces of previous APs touched on the wonderfully mad world of Lovecraft, is it too much to ask that we get a full AP regarding this?

Today is Wednesday August 13, 2008 and Order #923268 which was supposed to contain the new Essentials Item Card Set has not arrived. According to what I have seen in My Account the item was shipped June 20, 2008. I would like to know why I have yet to receive my purchase.

I have this idea for a campaign fermenting in my head. Dark Fantasy inspired by the tales of H.P.Lovecraft and those of the Cthulhu mythos using what is admissible for publication in the OGL and 3rd Party materials. I know Mind Flayers are out but are Aboleths? Also what other books might folks suggest?

Just curious because I sometimes give my rangers access to this skill. Mainly bounty hunter and sailor types who would know about knots as part of their profession or is that where it went?

As someone who plays rangers to the exclusion of most other classes there is already one cause for alarm that I can see in the Alpha Release. Mainly in that the Track feat has been eliminated. Now it does make sense to shove the effects of tracking into Survival but what, if anything does a 1st level ranger get to replace that lost ability? Does he get a bonus to tracking? The ability to track has always been the one thing a ranger is supposed to be able to do better than anyone else.

Next is combat styles, personally I prefer the archery style to the melee style but I still end up wanting my rangers to have this ability. Mainly because I give my rangers a quarterstaff and a pair of light slashing weapons as back up weapons to the bow. With the elimination of Improved Precise Shot this means the last feat has changed. What is going on with this? I really want to know.

Finally we come to the subject of magic. I should hope with the fact the Ranger gets access to Spellcraft as a skill that his spell casting ability, small as it may be, has been retained. This is one of the reasons I like the class. He doesn't get much in the way of spell casting but he does get enough to justify his needing the spellcraft skill and most of his spells were designed to help out with the niche he has in a given campaign world. I partially hope he gets better access to healing spells but I see him as a rescuer among other things and spells like that will help him save lives out in the wilderness.

But this is part of my vision of what a ranger is.

I just received Carnival of Tears in the mail which will go along with Falcon's Last Hope that I already purchased and the two I have coming, that were purchased with the help of the card I got with Pathfinder #4 Gallery of Evil and the one forest adventure. A part of me is planning on using the modules to supplement the Pathfinder adventures. Or do the two series take place on different campaign worlds?

As someone who really prefers races like the lupin I have been wracking my brains trying to think of ways of making races like those I favor in Pathfinder. Then when rereading Pathfinder #1 I found it: the Runelords themselves. The one dungeon could have been a laboratory in certain ways in imitation of Dr. Moreau(not that they would have been aping Wells mind you, but some of the procedures might have been similar). The Runelord of Wrath fusing humans and wolves together to create his/her version of a "perfect" race of servants to hunt down those that opposed his/her will. And after that the "secret" either leaked out and would have been shared with other Runelords. But among other things I plan on running this on a furry MUCK so most of the players will want this sort of thing.

I'm looking over my copy of the Player's guide again and something seems kind of off to me. Is it just me or does anyone else see the picture of the starknife and can imagine it serving as a slasher as well? Yeah, when you throw it it's going to be a piercer unless you're really well practiced with it, as in taken Weapon Focus in the weapon, but I can imagine a ranger or some other warrior keeping the sides of those fins real sharp so he can slash too. Could a Starknife inflict both piercing and slashing damage or am I reading too much into this. It's a cool weapon in any case.

Is it just me or does the klar look an awful lot like the tortise blades from Dark Sun? Also a combination came to me that has the potential of being truly interesting. Since it looks like the klar is both a weapon and a shield combined a character could take Improved Shield Bash and be able to attack with blade while retaining the AC bonus of the shield. Now add in Two Weapon Fighting to the mix and you have great defensive and offensive capability. A second or third level ranger could wear a mail shirt, weild two klars and be as well protected as a fighter wearing heavier armor.

As someone who prefers to play non-humans I am most interested in seeing what sort of alternatives Pathfinder will offer to communities other than humanity. Personally I am hoping some form of Lupin make it into the campaign as a viable option. Although if you wanted to make a kind of twist, drop the obsession with werewolves and make them related to gnolls with a similar relationship to them that most elves have with the drow in traditional or standard campaigns.

There was an article in 2nd Ed. Dragon I would like to see revamped for 3.5. I forget the name of it but it was all about throwing weapons. There was the Hurlbat, basically the blade of a halberd on a really short handle that was made for chucking at people. Larger versions of the sling, the Funda I believe was one of them. Mentions of weapons carried onto the battle field by the Romans. Failing this would someone please email details of this issue like what number it was and what was on the cover so I can effectively look for it?

In the class acts section of Dragon 336 there was a version of the ranger class I rather liked in the Mystic Ranger. I have a question and a suggestion related to this variation. First the suggestion which in some ways is a question in and of itself. I had this weird and wacky idea of making a psionic ranger with varying degrees of success. My idea for a Psycho Ranger starts with the mystic variation. Instead of spells he receives powers, using the same table and power point progression as the psychic warrior.

The second point is a pure question of what spells from the just released Spell Compendium would be appropriate to possibly add to the 0 level and 5th level lists of spells? One spell in particular I think should make the Mystic Ranger's Level 5 spell list is Wind Tunnel as it affect archery.

I have this idea running through my head that needs to be addressed. However in order to do this I need to go into the archives and retrieve a 2nd Ed. Dragon article on tiny dragons or dragonets. None of them were larger than a pseudodragon I believe and they were, if memory serves me correctly, offered as possible companions for PCs. One of these springs to mind most clearly and that is an oceanic dragonet that was suitable for the companion of an oceanic ranger or druid, sort of the draconic version of a sea gull. I want this article so I can convert the dragonets to 3.5. Any help locating this issue would be appreciated.

The saurian shifter was...interesting to say the least. What about some older "Winning Races"? Grippli I can easily see in Xen'drik or Q'Barra. Tortles might exist peacefully virtually anywhere. Lupin I can readily see in the Eldeen Reaches. Although I have something in the works to fit lupin and other furry races in Eberron and other settings.

Something I'd like to see in the pages of Dragon would be an article every now and again relating to D20 Modern and its related titles. Many, many, years ago Dragon would feature an article for Alternity every now and again. I'd like to see something similiar for D20 Modern and its satellite books. Especially if you can cram in some of those web extras that I can't get to open up for some odd reason. Case in point: VR and new aliens for D20 Future. It miffs me no end that I can't get access to these as I rather liked D20 Future and will prolly ge D20 Past when it comes out.