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There's a mistake in the map of the Tree Stump Library.

According to the text:

Seven closed doors lead to other rooms.

But there are no doors on the map.

Beren Al'Torin wrote:

In an effort to make more work for myself, apparently, I decided to try using a version of the Influence subsystem to track how "friendly" the Spire Dorm group is with the PCs. My plan is

I made up "Influence Stat Blocks" for each of the NPCs -- do you think these look reasonable?

It looks quite good.

So do you use one sheet for each PC or use the players as a group?

Beren Al'Torin wrote:

That's weird.

Okay, let's try this one:

Strength of Thousands Influence Tracker

Oh, I see. The URL in the first post actually works, but the editor puts a space into it when the text wraps (so it should be "G_" not "G _")

How silly.

That works, thanks.

Beren Al'Torin wrote:

I made up "Influence Stat Blocks" for each of the NPCs -- do you think these look reasonable? _YYPlxZQ/edit?usp=sharing

Going to the link shows a file not found page. Could you repost?

<sarcasm> Just great </sarcasm>, I backed their Car Wars kickstarter and they decided afterwards not to ship anywhere in the world apart from the U.S., not even Canada or Mexico.
It doesn't matter if I want pay the very large shipping costs as they won't even let me try.

So thanks for nothing Paizo.

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7th level Champion

Died valiantly in the Moonstone Hall defending his animal companion.
Caught between a Vrock and a hard place.

How playable is this with 5 or 6 players?

In the description on p.13 it declares "All of the tightly shuttered
windows have wooden frames with filthy, mold-encrusted glass panes."

Does this mean there are wooden shutters covering each window?
If so, how could the players see the broken windows?

Or should it be "tightly shut windows"?

thewastedwalrus wrote:
Farnaby wrote:

I'm about to start this AP soon with 5 players.

Does anyone have any specific suggestions how to adapt the encounters and treasure for 5 players?

There are rules in the CRB for Different Party Sizes in terms of treasure that should have the amount of additional treasure to award. In terms of items specifically, there are usually a few extra thematic items/spells in the back of each adventure that would be good candidates to add (spells as scrolls for consumables). Beyond that, you can also pay attention to any characters that are struggling particularly and give them something to try and remedy that. These extra items can be added to any section where there's already some treasure fairly easily.

As to the encounters, there are rules for Different Party Sizes and for the adjustment values for each XP Budget. In my experience, some parties will be fine without this additional difficulty in adjusting encounters. If things are too easy with 5 players, then I'd recommend adding lackeys to boss fights and increasing the number of creatures in fights with more than a few copies of a creature. I'd strongly recommend against ever applying the elite template to creatures as a way of handling this, after trying it a few times I've found that it goes a bit too far in adjusting the difficulty and makes the players feel pretty helpless.

I've found that having say, 5 mephits instead of 4 is a pretty simple change, but that figuring out a good lackey for some bosses is trickier. Boss fights are pretty tough in PF2 usually, so I don't think my players have minded the hidden reduction in difficulty if I just didn't adjust those encounters for the extra player.

Thanks, that's a good place to start.

I'm about to start this AP soon with 5 players.
Does anyone have any specific suggestions how to adapt the encounters and treasure for 5 players?

I think it's mentioned that they are already included in the stats.

Just checked and it does say Intimidation +15 (+17 against Humanoids)

Anyone know what Elsir's cursed ring should be doing?

Considering that they get their first witch feat at level 2 and there are enough 2nd level witch feats.

So thanks for the nudge (see previous post here from yesterday) the purchase went through.

So I tried again with a second card deck and the same thing happened.
What is going on?

For 2 days I've been trying to buy a digital product and step 3 always does the same.

I press the red Place Your Order symbol and the page reloads showing me exactly the same screen albeit without the 3 steps above and below.

I've used Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I also disabled all the extensions and still the same result.

Please tell me what is wrong.

Please refund me the declined Bestiary 2 purchase.

I am getting extremely frustrated as this card works all over the place.
Paypal, Fantasy Grounds, Amazon, Gas Stations.


I have ordered lots of items but now all of a sudden the credit card is declined but my account is not reporting a declined payment, instead there is a payment for the correct amount on hold on my account. I entered a different credit card but when I enter the cvv number and press continue the screen doesn't move on and I've tried this in chrome and edge browsers.

Please fix this. And instead of refunding the payment please add the product to my digital library.

This is very frustrating.

P.S. this credit card still works at gas stations, amazon, ebay, etc.

Not For Players!:
Question about the curse. Do you think that the clothes and equipment of whoever undergoes transformation survives? Or does it all get eaten by the acidic nature of this transformation?

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Yeah, I've been charged 6 times only 1 is pending.
So I'm down 6 x $14.99


I've tried ordering The Bestiary 2 several times.
I now have been charged 6 times and have one pending charge and
the PDF is still in my cart and not in my digital content.

Please refund all the erroneous charges, refuse the pending charge and put the pdf in my content.

The charges were charged as follows:

12:10 7.31.
12:10 7.31.
12:12 7.31.
12:13 7.31.
12:19 7.31.
14:28 8.1.

and just now I tried again so pending at 19.50 8.8.

Thank you for a prompt resolution.

BTW, I already tried deleting it from tha cart and adding it again.

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Fumarole wrote:
Eyeball Tsunami wrote:
having player's die of the curse could be dramatically fun and interesting for the adventure, but might get old after a while...
If your players die during your games you're doing something horribly wrong.

Not quite, I have a new player group that just finished Plaguestone and only 1 of them is human. He's basically recreating his champion with another race and letting his first character die in the first encounter.

Of course the others don't know this so their faces are going to be pricless. :-)

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So mea culpa. But at CL 5 I would add 2 fire damage according to the trait then.

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The goblin trait Burn it! adds a status bonus equal to half the the spell's level.
1) is this round up or down?
2) if a cantrip (produce flame) is automatically heightened does this mean at CL 3 it counts as a 3rd level spell for this trait?

Olmac wrote:
Farnaby wrote:

I couldn't find this elsewhere so my question is about the donjon.

F7 is a side entrance but the door seems to open into nothing 15-20 ft above the courtyard. Is there a map error?

The map is in error I believe. I added a catwalk that connected the door to C15.

Yes! Found it as the first sentence in the C15 description

A narrow parapet runs from the guest wing roof above the courtyard to this small side entrance to the donjon.

I couldn't find this elsewhere so my question is about the donjon.

F7 is a side entrance but the door seems to open into nothing 15-20 ft above the courtyard. Is there a map error?

Phaye wrote:
this is amazing! is the bottom flat or do you use supports?

No supports needed.

Thanks, printing them already for my game this week.

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I just whipped this up and wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy. Hero Point Token

Great collection, thanks for sharing.


am going to be running Scarwall in 2-3 months.
Does anyone have any suggestions for minis?

- Farnaby

KingOfAnything wrote:

Answered on page 13:

That PC counts as being trained in the Knowledge skill he chooses even if he doesn’t have any ranks in it.

Missed that, thanks.

What happens if a PC receives a card from the choosing (p. 5) but doesn't have the corresponding skill?

E.g. She draws "The Vision" but doesn't have any knowledge skills.

Doooh, colour me green and call me a mongrel, I completely missed that.

I'm confused by something pretty basic in the build guide.

Where does the 3rd combat bonus at level 1 come from?

1 feat for level one and 1 for being human I get but the third?

Just purchased this about 30 mins ago and after skimming it have 2 questions/bugs.

1) On the chronicle it lists equipment purchases for All Subtiers and Subtier 6-7. I take it it should be 4-5?

2) On p. 19 under SCALING ENCOUNTER B8

I don't understand why the Subtier 1-2 reduces the eidolon's hp by 8 but Subtier 4-5 reduces the hp by 20 and the AC by 2. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

EDIT: Never mind, brainfart here, I forgot that there were 2 different stats depending on Subtier.

The Level 0 Shaman spells have been omitted completely

I'm going to run The Silverhex Chronicles soon and came up with the question what if, Gods forbid, I get a party of 6 Lini's.

Can I have multiple copies of the same pregen running in the same adventure?
As this is PFS I need a link to the ruling because I've searched and couldn't find it.

Thanks - Farnaby