Malevolence GM question


In the description on p.13 it declares "All of the tightly shuttered
windows have wooden frames with filthy, mold-encrusted glass panes."

Does this mean there are wooden shutters covering each window?
If so, how could the players see the broken windows?

Or should it be "tightly shut windows"?

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I personally am going to go with a mix depending on the state of the windows. Any window not stated as broken requires an Athletics check to open without breaking it.

B10, B13 windows are broken. No shutters.

B14 is cracked and missing a few panes of glass. Broken shutters/missing shutters.

D5 has two windows to the east missing panes of glass. Mostly broken shutters.

A6 states that you can see a figure in the windows of C12. Two windows missing shutters.

The inside cover maps only shows one X, though you can see some windows appear broken. C5 and C7 appear this way though the room descriptions do not state this.

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