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Order 4237204 is still pending. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't an issue with it or to see if it's just delayed because of sale volume.

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Raymond Lambert wrote:
This equipment load out seems really odd. Does the GM know about the wealth by level equipment chart on paper page 399 of the core rules? It says a 5th level PC.should.have approximately 10,500 gp of total gear. And why the limitations on magic items?

It's a low magic setting. Magic items are super rare and all have a backstory kind of thing.

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Rynjin wrote:

Love it. No gunpowder, but definitely will grab some alchemical throwables.

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I am getting ready to start playing in a campaign where we are 5th level with 5,000gp in starting gold with the caveat that it cannot be spent on any permanent magic items and any scrolls or potions must be less than 2,000gp. After the basics like Mwk. weapons and armor, I have about 3,000 gp left.

I am playing a Human Archer Inquisitor.

I could get a bunch of wands, potions, and scrolls but I am looking for some more unconventional ideas about what I could spend it on.


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Please cancel my adventure path subscription now that Iron Gods #6 has shipped.

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Thanks for the quick response.

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Can you tell me what's holding this order up from shipping?
It's been pending for two weeks.

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Please cancel ALL of my remaining subscriptions.

Thank you.

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Please cancel my Pathfinder comics subscription.

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Please cancel my Pathfinder Companion and Campaign Setting subscriptions.

Thank you.

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The Deathlands our Outlanders series have a lot of good post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

: On the morning of January 20, 2001 the climax of the Cold War set the post-apocalyptic stage for the series. The end game began with a pre-emptive strike on Washington. Underground nuclear bombs were detonated from within the basement of the Soviet embassy, by an elite group of Spetsnaz operatives, destroying the central command structure and political system of the United States. For an indefinite period of time a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union devastated both countries and subsequently the entire planet (but little details are known outside both countries). All manner of genetic contagions were released infecting the survivors of the firestorm with horrible illnesses. The remaining survivors lived harshly during a time of prolonged nuclear winter known as 'Sky Dark'. The geography, climate, and ecosystems of the world had changed dramatically. What was left of the United States came to be known as the Deathlands.
100 years later civilization begins again: brutal, short lived, morally confused and crazed from mutation. Between the many hot spots are small plague pits ruled by power hungry individuals who have no limits in order to establish their rule and expand their influence. These individuals are known as the Barons. Their rabble pits are known as Villes and Baronies. Civilization unknowingly resembles the Dark Ages. Trading resumes between the villes: Jack (a regional currency), Jolt (a hallucinogenic mixture of Mescaline and Heroin) and slaves are the primary forms of currency. Life is a strange mixture of ancient history and limited technology that is scrapped from the 20th century. Military technology is the most prized possession of all; success is often measured by the number of bullets he or she possesses. A man named Ryan Cawdor leads a group of companions across the deathlands. Ryan has extremely secret knowledge of the 20th century. The understanding of hidden underground complexes, known as redoubts, that contains Teleportation technology. He and this companions guard this knowledge with their lives. The technology is called MAT-TRANS.
Each novel usually begins with the companions arriving at a frequently unknown redoubt by MAT-TRANS. If the situation is impossible or hostile the companions can use the "last destination" feature of the transporter to return to the sending location. If the redoubt is unknown then the companions usually explore, looking for weapons and supplies which they rarely find. Sometimes they are lucky and find a working shower or stored food which they always utilize or take. The story picks up speed once the characters leave the redoubt and explore the surrounding countryside. Frequently the companions are captured or forced into a confrontation with the local barons. Each novel reveals a little of the characters' history, motivations and the regional location where they arrived.

: Two hundred years after a nuclear holocaust devastated the Earth, the chaos and barbarism as depicted in the Deathlands series gave way to a centralized, despotic government ruled by nine mysterious barons.
Material taken from redoubts, secret preholocaust military installations with stores of weapons and the home of the gateways, matter-transfer devices, supplied the baronial rule in what was known as the “Program of Unification.”
Rearmed from redoubt stockpiles, the barons consolidated their power and reclaimed very advanced technology created two centuries before by the so-called “Totality Concept”.
Their power bolstered by the invisible authority known only to an elite few as the Archons extended beyond the fortified city-states into what came to be called the Outlands. There, the rootstock of humanity survived, eking out an existence in hellzones and hounded by black-armored Magistrates, the enforcers of the barons’ laws.
When Cobaltville Magistrates Kane and Grant came across a piece of misplaced technology and Brigid Baptiste, an archivist began an investigation on their behalf, they found themselves branded as sedititionists, their citizenship stripped from them and they were reclassified as Outlanders.

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Necropunk Pathfinder Campaign Setting

A Science Fiction Game Where Shaolin Monks with Bone Knives Fight 11ft 2 Ton Bone Golems at the Speed of Precognitive Thought in Space.

Necropunk is a game and setting that offers a look into what it means to be human. It will be, in the strictest sense, a roleplaying game set in a fantastic future where science has become indistinguishable from magic and necromancy is the flavor of the day.

Our goal is to create an approachable, unique, science fiction setting that feels like a fantasy setting. We want someone who understands the dynamics of a fantasy game to understand the dynamics of necropunk. Because of boneskin, melee weapons have made a reappearance on the field of combat. While there are no “magic” powers, we have psychic abilities that, at least in part, function in a similar way to familiar magic-based concepts (scrying, anti-magic fields, use magic device). Space travel is designed to mimic overland travel (albeit on a larger scale) in a more medieval sense. Ship to ship combat in space is designed to mimic ship to ship combat on water. We drew direct parallels that allow a wider audience to comprehend the universe we are describing.

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Legion the Game SciFi RPG Kickstarter.

What is Legion?
Legion is a science fiction fantasy role-playing game where you take on the role of a soldier in the United Defense Force to protect the galaxy from threats. A military based game of high fantasy, Legion has a space opera setting of multiple possibilities with the discipline and drive of military focus.

The galaxy is made of worlds rife with alien creatures, star-spanning enemies, traitorous soldiers, and the re-born Shade. On these worlds, experienced soldiers are sorely needed, if only to hold back the enemy until the Legion arrives.

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Thanks, I really enjoy Pathways, and the price can't be beat.
Here's the Paizo link, the OP's link goes to DriveThruRPG
Pathways #21 link

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Youtube video

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Quatar wrote:

I'm not suggesting their over or underpowered, I really have no clue. I mean I know the very basic principle on how they work, but that's it.

One of my players said he'd like to play one, but as I have no experience with them, I'm a bit reluctant to just allow it.

But want to at least see what other people think about them before I deny it either.

I believe they are balanced, so long as you follow the cardinal rule that you can't spend more power points on a power than his manifester level. Not adhering to this is where the overpowered myth originated.

Check out this discussion on the Dreamscarred Press site for a discussion of the Psionics is Overpowered Myth:


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Umbral Reaver wrote:

Gold -> Yellow

Copper -> Orange
Silver -> Grey
Brass -> Brown
Bronze -> Teal

White -> Tin
Red -> Iron
Blue -> Cobalt
Black -> Lead
Green -> ?

Green -> Torbernite ?

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Orthos wrote:

I use Calibre for handling my Kindle, and it keeps backups in my Docs folder. Definitely recommend it to anyone using one.

Thanks for the heads up.

Love Calibre

Download Link

Wish I could use it more easily for my Paizo PDFs but since the default Titles in the Acrobat files are set to the PF#### codes, I would have to rename every file.

@Saint Caleth: I don't know anything about rooting a Kindle, but with my Nook I back everything up in Calibre and just leave it in airplane mode 99% of the time. No connection = no possibility of remote deletes.

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Old_schoola77 wrote:
I am trying to convert races and classes from Star Wars D20 to Pathfinder using the Advanced Race Guide and need help to convert a few classes to be Jedi/Sith any ideas on how to run that?

Whenever I attempt conversions, I make a list of the powers/abilities I am trying to convert then find something that either already does what the power/ability does in Pathfinder or is similar in function and just make small adjustments and change the fluff.

Example: Force Lightning is the shocking grasp spell. At higher levels, it can move up to Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, etc. There's no reason to reinvent the wheel if I can just put some chrome spinners on it and make it work.

You may also consider emulating some of the 'points' systems, like ki points for Force Powers.

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Chef's Slaad wrote:

not excatly bipolar.

What monte cook meant was that a true neutral character would act lawfull towards a chaotic character and act shelfish when near a paragon of good. The object was to 'balance out' the other's alignment. I don't think it was supposed to be too extreme, just highlight a different aspect of the True Neutral's personality when faced with extremes.

If you want to know more'I would start with a player's primer to the outlands, which was the PC book in the original boxed set.

This has a lot to do with the fact that if any of the gate towns get too morally or ethically aligned to the connected plane, the town will actually get sucked into the outer planes and vice-versa.

The examples given in the Player's Primer to the Outlands are
1) If Excelsior gets too good and too lawful it will get sucked into Mt.Celestia and
2) that if a paladin made a home for himself in the Abyss, eventually his domain would break off from the Abyss and appear in the Outlands since his alignment is so much different than that of the Abyss.

So, the denizens of the gate towns have to be very careful to keep the balance, which would explain the behavior you mention.

I have actually been working on a Planescape campaign for Pathfinder these past couple weeks. If I find a specific reference the the behavior of neutral characters in the Outlands, I will post the specific reference.

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The current version of Hackmaster uses this system. I liked it because it puts the burden on the player if they roll badly. Although it makes it harder to fudge attack rolls (if you find that necessary as a GM) since everything is rolled out in the open.

As the GM it made it easier for me, since I could say "Defend yourself against the monsters X number of attacks!"

My players liked it because it makes them feel like they have more control over what happens to their characters instead of just being told, "you're hit!"

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Cosmo wrote:

Your order is waiting on the paints you added to it on 9/15. These items have an estimate of shipping from our warehouse in 4 to 11 business days, which reflects the time it takes to bring the items in from distribution. The paints are on their way, however, and we should be able to get your order shipped out soon.


Thank you for the prompt response.

I presumed those pesky paints possibly perpetrated the protracted "Pending".

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I received the pre-shipping notification for this order on 09/13/2012, but have not yet received notice it has shipped.
Are there any items or issues holding it up?

Thank you.

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Please cancel order#2160210 in my sidecart for the Psionics Expanded: Advanced Psionics Guide (PFRPG) Print Edition.

I am backing the Kickstarter all-in-one book, so this will be redundant.

Thank you.

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So close to the $350,000 mark for the world book stretch goal (344k at the time of this post).
I've done my part, I hope it makes it with only 3 days left to go.

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I am curious to hear others' feedback on this. I have been wanting to do something similar for some time now, but have lacked the time or willpower to do so.

One thing I have considered is removing the spells which can allow a spellcaster to step on other class's toes.

I was thinking of making a static list of available spells with a fixed number for each school per level, say 10-20, and removing the spells that are problematic from these lists. If a character wants a spell not on the master list, he would have to research it himself. This keeps those oddball spells from being common or existing at all in my game.

I have not, however, determined what affect this would have on the various power levels or spellcasting classes. Although, this also might be a good opportunity to develop different lists for each class (e.g. Sorcerer vs. Wizard).

As for the force spells you mentioned, couldn't those easily be turned into elemental spells? Fire Missle, Ice Shield, Rock Armor (thanks Dragon Age), etc. The only difference would be that monsters with elemental resistances would be able to shrug off some of the damage, but I don't know that would be a problem at low levels.
EDIT: NINJA'D - As Weables pointed out, incorporeal is a problem.

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GrippliNinja wrote:

Recently bought the PDFs, transfered them but yet they display the DOS file name instead of the book title. So I deleted them from the Nook, changed the name to display the title then transfered them but again the title is the DOS file name. Can any one tell me how to get the title of the book to display while in the Nook?

Nook tablet 8 gb

Thanks in advance

I believe you would have to change the Title in Acrobat (which you can't do because of the protection).

I had this same problem trying to add my Paizo collection to my Calibre library.

I would love to have the Title in Acrobat match the book's title instead of the filename by default.

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Further inspiration?

Cabin in the Woods:
One of the villains in Cabin in the Woods wields a bear trap attached to a chain which he uses to latch on to his victims and reel them in.

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Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:
Fangdelicious wrote:
... I was thinking of allowing the ranger to pickup trapfinding to make up for the missing rogue for finding traps if needed.
I think one of the ranger archtypes in UC already gives that.

I'll take a look at that. We're using Core and APG only right now. I didn't want to get overwhelmed by too much source material.

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Gluttony wrote:

The party can get along without an arcane caster, yes. Arcane casters become more useful in the higher levels, but by then you've got 4 divine casters (and each of them using different spell lists at that), and likely a number of magic items making up the difference.

...And hey, if someone dies you can always nudge them and suggest that maybe an arcane caster would be a good choice of character to roll up as a replacement.

I did something similar for my group, except I suggested that they would fare better with a melee fighter (t'was a full caster/archer group until then). The player took the suggestion and made a melee alchemist.

@Kydeem: I don't think skill monkey is too big a need for that group. They have one more PC than the norm for Jade Regent parties, which already makes up for it a bit, and all of the PCs are playing either 4+Int or 6+Int skill rank/level classes. Unless everyone's dumped their Int to a -2 modifier I don't picture them having a problem.

Fortunately for me, these are new-ish players, so they tend not to dump stats down lower than 8 and aren't optimizers, so they should all be around average Int or better.

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Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:

I haven't read the whole series yet. But yes. An arcane caster is always helpful but rarely necessary.

A bigger problem might be lack of a skill monkey. It depends on the build. If everyone has a decent intelligence and spread the skills around, probaly just fine. If several of those melee types dumped intelligence youmay have a severe lack of skills.

Good point.

The only build I have seen so far is the inquisitor, it's got most of the knowledge skills covered as well as sense motive and intimidate. The player opted for the extra skill point for favored class, so that will help.

I'll make sure to mention to the players that they shouldn't skimp on skills. I was thinking of allowing the ranger to pickup trapfinding to make up for the missing rogue for finding traps if needed.

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I am a new GM and am starting a Jade Regent Adventure Path this evening with 5 players, most of which have never played Pathfinder before.

The party makeup is as follows:
?? Ranger
Elf Druid
Elf Cavalier
Human Oracle
Elf Inquisitor of Sarenrae

My question is: Can the party get along without an arcane caster?
As a GM, what issues should I look out for?
Are there any encounters I should watch out for or possibly need to adjust?

I appreciate any feedback anyone has.

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I appreciate the feedback, these are very helpful. I'm at work so I'll delve more into this later.

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I'm looking for some advice about how to convert the classic Gold Box AD&D PC game Pool of Radiance to Pathfinder.
I have a copy of the original printed AD&D module called 'Ruins of Adventure'.

For those who aren't familiar with the basic story, here's a simplified version:

The PC's are recruited (and paid) to help reclaim sections of the city of Phlan which have been overrun by goblinoids, trolls, giants, and undead. The monsters are following the commands of the mysterious 'Boss'. The characters advance by reclaiming the city, political maneuvering, and finding more information about the 'Boss'.

One major aspect of the campaign is that the PC's are asked to 'clear' different districts of the city. In the PC game this is represented by clearing a set of static encounters as well as clearing 15 random encounters. There's a Slums District, a Graveyard, Mercantile District, Temple District, etc.

So, I am set on the static encounters as they are in the the module. However, the module doesn't have any suggestions about how to represent the 'clearing' part of the campaign.

Honestly, I don't think my players or I would enjoy chewing through 15 random encounters in each district, but I would like to give them the feeling of making a difference and turning back the tide of monsters.

I am looking for general advice, supplement suggestions, or references to existing adventures which have this element.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Back when Unreal Tournament was the game to play online, I tried to come up with a nonsensical name mashing two unrelated words together, thus Fangdelicious was born.

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I've got some interest in a Hackmaster game Friday nights, if anyone else would like to play.

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I checked out the 2e Revised Dark Sun book and couldn't find anything other than one of the original halfling cities was call Tyr'agi.

In the Dragon Magazine 319 Dark Sun Player's handbook, it just says they live in the Forest Ridge.

4e Campaign Setting only references a halfling town in the Forest Ridge called Ogo.

Hope this helps.

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Go, go, gadget: thread necromancy!

I find myself without a group in the Toledo, OH area right now.
I am looking to either start a new group or join an existing one.
Friday evenings are best.
Looking to play 2x a month or so.
Will play or run almost any game/system.
I have one other player interested so far, but am looking for more.
If anyone's interested, give me a shout.
email: fangdelicious [at] gmail [dot] com

More info at:
Pen & Paper Games post

North Coast Games - Toledo Chapter Meetup Group

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Kip84 wrote:
Gary Teter wrote:
Drejk wrote:
I mentioned it in another thread but for clarity and ease of searching I will repeat it here: quick reply fails to set Post As to default alias. The reply option sets Posts As correctly.
That'll be fixed later today probably.

I think you missed your answer FangDelicious...

I like it. It will cut down the amount of time spent loading pages when playing PBP heaps. Thankyou =D

Thanks, I even went through the thread to see if anyone else had posted the same issue and I missed it. :(

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Is there some way to get this to default to my default Alias?
It's defaulting to my original Alias which I don't use anymore.

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Iron-Dice wrote:
comparing to my other subscribed feeds, it seems the "" prefix is not present. Hope that helps.

I just noticed this as well.

Here is an example of what shows up in the address bar when I click to open one of the articles from the feed.


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Kelsey MacAilbert wrote:

What are they?

I know that, this being a D&D community, I will get flamed to death for this, but I cannot stand The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I got partway through the first book, and I couldn't keep reading. I cannot abide by the writing style at all, and the characters didn't interest me. I found myself rather bored with it.

What about you guys? What highly acclaimed fantasy do you dislike?

I got as far as Tom Bombadil in Fellowship and it was over for me. I've tried multiple times to get through LotR, but I just can't do it for the same reasons you listed.

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I noticed today that the RSS feeds are coming through with which forum the threads were posted to in the title.

I just wanted to say I love this change!

It makes it much easier to navigate and decide whether I want to read a particular thread.


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Billy Mays_ wrote:
Lets start another game here. Rate the icon for the poster above you on a scale of 1-10 and also give a description why you you think that it deserves that rating.

8/10. I think the dragon looks regal and contemplative instead of murderous or savage like blue dragons are typically portrayed. Bonus point for blue being my favorite dragon/color.

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Sunderstone wrote:
For the past few days in game, random people tell me I look pale or sickly.

I had that happen after fighting some Skeevers in a cave. People randomly told me I looked sick. After I hit a temple they stopped saying it. Since there's no Status screen for you character, I don't know how to tell if you're diseased or not.

EDIT: Corrected quote

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Marc Radle wrote:

If we want to give it a try, how knowlegeable do we need to be on the game world and it's story / history? Few, if any, of us have ever played Warhammer in any incarnation ...

Take a look at the video linked in this thread

Warhammer 40k in About a Minute

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HeHateMe wrote:


1. Lack of skills, lots of gaps in skills that can be chosen.

Could you elaborate? What are some of the gaps you've encountered in the skill system?

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I've been really wanting to play/run a Dark Heresy game but my group only wants to play d20-based games. :(

So, I am also curious about how it plays.

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Combatbunny wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think melee characters had nearly as many base attacks in Ad&D as they do in Pathfinder. So to pump all their attacks to full BaB without first reducing the number of them would be going beyond the spectrum of returning to an Older rule Variant...

And as a very real side effect it would probably make high level Melee absurdly deadly. Like, in a crazy off the chart sort of way. (Since melee already does some of the best DPS in PF at the moment anyway)

I know you stated that you'd like to make a "High Powered" variant. But are you really sure you want it THAT high powered?

AD&D Characters maxed out at 5 attacks every 2 rounds at 13th lvl and you had to take weapon specialization to get it otherwise 3/2 was max.

Also, AD&D character hp progression levels off after 9th level, you only get a set# of hp based on Class.

Take a look at OSRIC if you need additional inspiration, it's essentially AD&D with some updates and tweaks.


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Tobias wrote:
Fangdelicious wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

There are antipaladin codes in this book for:

and a "generic" one for Demon Lords

Is there an antipaladin code for Zon-Kuthon published somewhere?

If not, why did he get skipped?

Antipaladins have to be Chaotic Evil, and divine casters have to be within one step of their Deity's alignment. All of the Gods that have antipaladins are either CN, NE or CE.

There are no antipaladins of Zon-Kuthon (or Asmodeus) for the same reason that there are no Paladins of Desna or Cayden Cailean. Desna and Cayden Cailean are too free and wild for the lawful nature of paladins, and Antipaladins are too unrestrained and passion driven for the lawful nature of the God of Contracts and the God of Bondage.

Duh. The within one step restriction totally slipped my mind. I was just thinking Evil God = Antipaladin.

Thanks for the reminder. :)

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