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ulgulanoth wrote:
James now that you are pumped with Kaiju awesomeness from the Godzilla film(s), can we get an AP where the heroes have to at lower levels discover the origins of a big kaiju which they then fight by the end of the AP?

I 2nd the motion. We need to go to the kaiju island.

Here's a somewhat weird one. If a brilliant energy weapon ignores the AC provided by shield and mage armor spells, why can't you use it through a wall of force?

I understand that a wall of force does not grant a shield or armor bonus. It is just a little weird to me. Not that I would try it (more than once), but it seems to me that you could use a brilliant energy weapon through any type of material that wasn't living. ex. X-ray vision ring coupled with a brilliant energy whip should be able to attack a guy on the other side of a wooden door.

When designers talk about low, mid and high level characters are there any hard and fast rules (ex. Low =1 to 6, mid = 7 to 12, high = 13 and up)? I see the reference often, but I've never seen it quantitatively stated.

Just curious, thanks.

Weird question that I hope you can answer. If you grapple a creature with multiple limbs do they get a grapple bonus? Can they break the rules relating the use of 2 arms in a grapple? Ex. Grappling a 4 armed sahuagin, would he be able to use a greatsword while grappling?

Aberzombie wrote:
I like the way you think Aunasiel. I promise, when the zombiepocalypse finally happens, we'll eat you last.

Eat me first. Then I get to have people bacon. Mmmm, mmm, good.

When will someone make bacon wrapped bacon? Some applewood wrapped around some hickory smoked bacon.

Bacon needs to have its own section in the food pyramid.

On a serious note, one of my co-workers admitted to be a vegetarian. My only question was whether she had tasted bacon or not?

The surprising answer was "yes". I think that we should perform an baconvention.

That Guy With the Fox wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Final Fantasy X-2 (this one was my favorite)
The one fault of James Jacobs. I'm sorry.

You forgot that he does not worship at the altar of bacon.

In bacon's name we prey. Amen!

I think that pastrami is made by cross-breeding pigs and unicorns.

What could taste better than pork bacon? Unicorn bacon!!!

LazarX wrote:

In an ordinary adventure the great wyrm dragon is the ultimate bad guy encounter.

In an epic adventure he's the obligatory thug attack. :)

I have played through a couple of modules where the big bad guy was 2 rooms behind the Great Wyrm. Those always seemed a bit off to me.

In an epic/mythic campaign the 100 year old lich should not be the one behind the 1200 year old red dragon. The dragon may let him think that, but a creature that crafty and powerful shouldn't bow its head before anything less than demigod status.

Unfortunately, the way things worked out in the old Epic encounters you would be fighting 2 great wyrms for breakfast and then descend upon the aborted fetus of a god by late afternoon.

May I have a Mythic magical bowl that creates Ice Cream Sundaes 3/day.

At the very least I need a platter that makes Doritos and 2 liter containers of Mountan Dew.

BTW, if no one has told you in a while... You guys are awesome!!!

Great job on the new Companion series layout. It was beautifully done.

Now on to the questions:

A vampire has been dropped to 0 HP and has become gaseous; can he still be healed by channeled negative energy by a cleric?

Does this wake him up and kick start his fast healing or does he still need to run back to his coffin and wait for an hour?

If the vampire gets dropped to 0 HP and now lies helpless in his coffin; would an inflict spell wake him up?


James Jacobs wrote:
Aunasiel wrote:
Any chance of getting an AP centered in Geb? You guys did some great work in Carrion Crown. It would be nice to experience a true undead campaign though. Especially if it took you to 20th.
There's a much greater chance of a Geb Adventure Path than one that takes a group from 1st to 20th level.

I am happy and yet sad at the same time. We really appreciate the work you guys put into the APs.

I have just learned of the bacon explosion. Why was this hidden from us for so long? I think that it is a government conspiracy.

They should serve this at Paizocon and Gencon. We all know that you are the man. Can you make it happen?

Any chance of getting an AP centered in Geb? You guys did some great work in Carrion Crown. It would be nice to experience a true undead campaign though. Especially if it took you to 20th.

James Jacobs wrote:
Aunasiel wrote:

First let me say that I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys add to Thornkeep.

I'm a little confused by the Sipping Demon ability of the Hungry Ghost Monk. After reading it several times, it looks like the temp hit points should stack. Otherwise, I don't see how you could max out the temp hit points at your monk level. Not many creatures have a 36 Wisdom at 13th level.

Am I reading more into this than was intended?

(again... when you ask questions about things not from the core rules, I appreciate having you indicate where those rules are from—saves me the time of hunting them down...)

In the case of the Sipping Demon power, the temporary hit points you gain do stack—it doesn't implicitly say so in the text (although it should), but it implies it by listing a "maximum temporary hp value" that, at 13th level, would be impossible to attain if these temp hp did not stack.

Thank you for the quick reply. I will remember to include a reference in the future. Sorry for the added trouble.

First let me say that I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys add to Thornkeep.

I'm a little confused by the Sipping Demon ability of the Hungry Ghost Monk. After reading it several times, it looks like the temp hit points should stack. Otherwise, I don't see how you could max out the temp hit points at your monk level. Not many creatures have a 36 Wisdom at 13th level.

Am I reading more into this than was intended?

You have to define your character in order to get really great advice.
What is your Role?

  • Will you be the primary caster?
  • Do you want to play as a front line melee or do you want more of a support role?

Item Creation

  • Who is taking item creation feats?
  • Do you have a wizard in the party?
  • If no, will anyone beat your spellcraft?
  • Have you considered taking the Craft Wondrous Items feat?


  • What level will you be when the campaign is over?
  • Have you thought about using stealth? (The only difference between a class skill and a non class skill is 3 points)
  • Have you looked at the Dimensional Savant feats?
  • Have you looked at the Close Range Magus Arcana?

Just think about what you want to do and I'm sure someone will pipe in and help you accomplish it.

Also, I try not to take feats that can be mimicked by low level magical items. Agile is a +1 weapon ability that allows you to use dex for damage instead of strength. The prerequisite is that you have Weapon Finesse and a weapon that the feat can be used with. So, the rapier is perfect. The ability comes from the Pathfinder Field guide and can be located in the Pathfinder SRD.

You are always a font of useful information. Here are a few questions for you.

1. Does a dagger with the Ghost Touch enhancement lose its abilities if thrown? If not, why can't I put Ghost Touch on a bow or arrow?

2. Will there ever be a spear Magus?

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A barbarian/ranger multiclass would still be able to pick locks and find traps.

You don't have to be a rogue to pick a lock or disable device. They are only skills now. You need the Trapfinding to be able to disarm magical traps. There are several archetypes that grant the ability if needed. One of which takes away your ranger spells and allows you make traps. Which if I remember correctly, Conan has done before.

After reading again, I believe that you are correct.

Thank You.

I believe in bribes. We should all bombard the Paizo staff with gifts of cookies and ham at Paizocon and Gencon.

Give us our Mythic Adventures book.


I originally thought the same until I reread the section in the Core that covers staves.

From Page 491:
"Staves use the wielder’s ability score and relevant feats to set the DC for saves against their spells. Unlike with other sorts of magic items, the wielder can use his caster level when activating the power of a staff if it’s higher than the caster level of the staff."

I may be over analyzing it, but it looks like it changes Save DCs and bumps up caster level to the wielder's level if above CL of the staff.

Does the Spell Penetration feat affect spells cast from a staff?

It looks like the answer is no. I just wanted to get the communities answer.

Any chance that the current and future electronic books will be converted to an E-reader format? Trying to read the Core Rulebook on my Nook is interesting.

Looking at the Scrollmaster archetype it seems pretty clear to me that Spell Penetration and similar abilities (ex. Elven Magic) will have no effect when using a scroll. Does everyone else see it the same way?

This is probably going to be a point of contention for my group at some point.

Just a few quick questions.

1. Are you looking forward to Gencon?
2. Are you going to be running any of the Paizo Pathfinder events (adventures)?
2a. If not, what kind of bribe would it take for you to do so?
2b. If you are, do you feel comfortable letting us know which ones?

Why does my GM feel the need to destroy everything I build that isn't attached to me?

When I built a house, he had the house raided and destroyed. I was out adventuring. None of my followers stayed in the house to protect it for some reason. I guess they all went to the hair salon. He also kidnapped my character's girlfriend to use as a sacrifice to the son of Bane.

I built a different keep. What do you know? As soon as I left, he stuck it in the elemental plane of fire. I guess I don't have to worry about those cold winter nights.

I built a castle in the mountains of an ancient and still occupied elven city. I leave to help defend the world and an army of Epic creatures fly in and lay waste to half the city which includes my home.

Now we get to Kingmaker where I spend real time making sure that the kingdom "works". I organize and pay small armies for each of the towns and the next thing I know... I leave to participate in some neighborly games and one of my cities is completely destroyed while I am away.

As it stands now, I no longer want to be involved in building anything that doesn't fall in line with a magical item slot. At least I can try to protect those.

I feel that I have been clear that I don't enjoy it when this happens. Apparently, I have not. Even though it has become a sort of inside joke with the rest of the players. What do you feel that I need to do to let him know that I am not amused by this sort of wanton destruction when my back is turned? Do you think he is trying to send me a not so subtle message that I should stop building?

Banpai wrote:
But the be honest the Magus reminds me more about Sith and folce lightning .. funny^^

I could see that. Use of Mage Hand, Chain Lightning and Haste would probably get the desired effect there. Toss in a Charm spell and I thnk you pretty much capture it.

Whenever the Magus class is mentioned, I think of Hawke, the new lead character in Dragon Age II. He blends powerful magic with a 2 handed weapon. From the looks of it, it seems that it is part sword and part staff.


I would love to see that sort of weapon and fighting style for the Magus. There is a video on the DA2 website that shows off his style. I'm not going to turn this into a DA2 commercial though.

The ability to use your weapon as a conduit for your spells/powers.

I would also like to see a dark Magus. One who uses demonic/infernal energies that make you stronger temporarily with a cost.

Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:

Look at the verbiage on Fabricate. Example is making a bridge out of a stand of trees. Living trees, obviously, and no saving throw.

Where did you find the above vebiage? This would help to solve a conversation on elven building techniques.


My group is currently in a Kingmaker campaign. I have come up with a few ideas that I am trying to convince our GM to incorporate.

Our group is a little advanced because we started in the Council of Thieves campaign. The Pathfinder Society asked us to undertake the task of building a kingdom in the Stolen Lands.

We built 2 pathfinder Cartographer devices and mapped out a good portion of the available space. Since we were already working to clear the hexes, it only made sense.

I have devoted space in our castle to serve as a map room. All of the maps that we have made with the Cartographer have been duplicated on a wall in the room. The map room would tie into structure 1.

I am currently in discussions with my GM to allow a couple of new buildings/structures.

1. Magical Spire of divination:
The effect would be similar to the watchtower. The major difference is that this device would only be built in areas that have no cities. I also want to tie it to our castle's map room. There are 2 benefits that I want to put in place.

a. Anyone teleporting from the map room to a spire treats the spire's area as "Very Familiar".

b. Looking at the maps in the map room would give you an aerial view of the entire hex that the spire resides in. Probably a 1000' view. I don't want to be a peeping tom. I'm really just trying to see troop movements and large groups of bandits. You should be able to defeat this the same way you defeat a crystal ball.

My GM calls this my Eye of Sauron. So just to mess with him, I plan on making a Palantir so that I can get a closer look at an area around a spire.

2. Irrigation:
The effect would be the similar to adding a 2nd farm in a hex. This is really good if you want to try to keep your farm hexes close to your cities. You would need to have water nearby of course.

Have you guys thought of interesting things to do on the player side? What are they?

Are you guys just running off on a tangent?

The Arcane Trickster's 10th level ability specifically states that it affects "Targets".

Any rogue could do it with an acid arrow wand (with UMD). It is just important to note that with the 10th level ability you can do it to a group of trolls.

Another item of note is that you can stack bleed effects as long as the damage is of a different type.

The arcane trickster could kill a group of high hit point creatures fairly quickly with a low level quickened rod or the quickened spell feat. A 15 heal check isn't easy, and any time you force a divine caster to help his group, he really just lost his turn.

As an Arcane Trickster I would simply devote a little of my cash to go towards Dust of Disappearance.

You can't see me, you can't see me. ::BOOM!:: ::BOOM!::

Well the guide is very specific in the wording.

Pg 378
Surprise Spells: At 10th level, an arcane trickster can add her sneak attack damage to any spell that deals damage, if the targets are flat-footed.

What is more important, is the ability to give trolls bleed if you use a fireball. Their regeneration has been disrupted, does bleed work?

If you take bleed as a rogue, you could do some pretty interesting things with that Fireball, Cone of Cold or Sunburst.

My GM uses 10+Monster CR to get base creature type. That gives the general abilities of the type of creature.

If you were facing a Shadow and you made the DC, you would know that it is a shadow and the basic abilities applicable to all undead. If you beat that DC by 5 our GM would give you a noteworthy offensive or defensive ability of the shadow.

Undead>Shadow>Shadow's Ability or Shadow's Defense.

Here is an example:
Make the DC: Creature is called a Shadow.
Make the DC: Creature is undead type.
- List general things about undead that PCs might know and could be useful. (ex. Mind affecting spells don't work)
- Don't give out GM only knowledge. (ex. Hit Dice)
Beat the DC by 5: Shadows are incorporeal.
Beat the DC by 10: Shadows drain strength.
And so on...

If it is a common monster the knowledge skill entry says use 5+Monster CR.
If it is extremely uncommon the knowledge skill entry says use 15+Monster CR.

You would have to get really really high to be able to tell the Pit Fiend Lord apart from a Pit Fiend. Rolling that high could probably give you some of the history of that specific denizen of the hells.

Our GM adds a lot more verbal flavor to it. If we roll extremely high (19 or 20), he sometimes treats it like a knowledge crit. He gives out more info than normal. To be fair, it does help when you are a loremaster and have Skill focus Knowledge Underwater basket Weaving and a really high int.

The individual knowledge skills tell you what creature types are covered under which skill. I don't remember in Nature covers humanoids, but that is what we use when we run accross an unknown humanoid.

I hope this helps.

Kaisoku wrote:


There are two camps.

One that says it works like how you describe.

The other says it works like the Ranger's Camouflage.

So no, by their definition, the elf wouldn't be able to see him because the Shadowdancer is not using the concealment of dim light, they just need it to activate the ability.

You aren't going to convince anyone in this thread either way. Either you feel the words "hide without anything to hide behind" is enough to make a solid ruling on the stealth rules, or you feel it isn't.
That's the crux of this argument.

It's only interesting because he isn't in dim light to an elf. So does that mean that an elf Shadowdancer couldn't use the ability in the previous scenario because it is still normal light to him 25' from the torch? This is weird.

Theo Stern wrote:
The fact that no one from Paizo has chimed in on this just annoys me. With all of the money that we invest in this game, is it unreasonable for ambiguous rules to get clarified? Paizo really needs an "Ask the team thread" where questions can get answered/clarified. I know they are in the business to make money through product and have their resources aimed in that direction, I even want them to, so they keep putting out stuff I can use, but ignoring a frustrated player base is bad customer service. Would really be too much to ask that one person on their staff get assigned to answering questions for an hour a day or so?

I love the Paizo guys. They actually work to fix problems. They may not be in here with an official answer, but I am willing to bet that there will be one.

ProfessorCirno wrote:

Allow me to once again cut down all discourse.

Are you ten feet of dim light?

You can hide.

Until you dispute that, there is no purpose to this debate.

Stop bringing up invisibility which has nothing to do with this.

Darkvision has nothing to do with this.

Ten feet of dim light?


How does low-light vision affect this ability in areas where there are multiple lighting conditions? Normal light would be double radius.

Let's take a scenario where you use a torch. You have normal light out to 20'. The Shadowdancer is in dim light at 25' and can HiPS. If an elf were looking at the HiPS user, he is currently in normal light. Is the Shadowdancer hidden from humans and visible to elves, gnomes and horses?

Do you have a page number for that rule? We can't find anything definitive.

My group is doing a split Council of Thieves/Kingmaker campaign. We are currently 9th level, and are just starting the Kingmaker portion. Due to the mage being an item crafter we have been able to make Horseshoes of Speed.

We were shown a chart that related movement rate to exploring hexes. Since our slowest character has a 70 move, does this mean that even in the worst terrains we can finish exploring in under 8 hours? I only ask because the chart uses a little funny math to make things simple.


My group is currently having a discussion about whether encumbrance affects the enhancement bonus provided Horseshoes of Speed.

My assumption is that the enhancement bonus is added after the encumbrance rules are applied. Giving a horse a 70 move.

The other side believes that the enhancement bonus is added to base move, and should be counted before encumbrance. Giving a horse a 55 move.

I'd like to hear what you think.