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This is for all out of character discussion!

The Gameplay thread is up, and I have the first post up.

The open field to the north of Phlan is chill as the late morning fog recedes back into the Moonsea.

Recent events in that city have rocked it to its core but the people are resilient and are rebounding at an incredible rate. You’ve been tasked with securing the northern trade road and while the last few days have been quiet it appears that today will be a different story.

Off to the north, near the edge of the Quivering Forest, a tremendous howl tears through the air and is immediately followed by a scream that is cut short. You can spot movement just inside the tree line.

Once eveyone dots in, I'll get a map up.

Hong Kong.


The echoes of protests still ring through the streets...chants of "free Hong Kong"! echo through the streets.

That however, doesn't effect anyone in Mai's diner. Located on a lesser seen street as part of a small shopping district, Mai's diner looks in many ways like the stereotypical diner one might see from a Rockwell painting.

A long bar lined with stools runs the length of the of the diner, and booths line the windows across from the bar.

A neon sign illuminates the dark sky, with a simple Mai's in red and white.

Inside the diner, the booths are 3/4ths full and half the seats at the bar are taken. A young Chinese woman takes orders and delivers food like a Human machine; meanwhile, an older man fries food in the visible kitchen; both work diligently, and the customers seem to be happy.

Some of the customers, however, seem out of place among the regulars in the place.

Go ahead and dot in here and we'll get started tomorrow.

Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and drop a recruitment for another game; one that I keep hoping someone will someday pop up a recruitment for: Feng Shui. Specifically the 2nd edition (unless we have more people who have copies of the first edition of the game).

What is Feng Shui? Good question. It's a game about playing characters based on action movie archetypes (specifically Hong Kong action movie archetypes) that act as heroes, dealing with crazed sorcerers, gangsters, martial artists, and more; in short, the characters are BIG. DAMN. HEROES. (Ain't we just)

Do you have a copy I can have/peruse? Alas, I do not; I have physical copies of both editions sitting in my gaming closet in boxes, and I was reminiscing about the game recently and realized that I wanted to play it. I realize this might preclude people from joining the game, and I apologize ahead of time. I believe, however, that you can find the PDF of the rules for reasonably cheap on Drivethrurpg or the Paizo site.

What is your recruitment timetable/When does recruitment end? I'm not sure. For now, this is just an interest check. If I can get at least 4 players who have copies of the book and want to play, I will move forward with the game. If I get little to no response by this time next week, I'll close out the interest check with a negative.

Character Submission types/questions? For those of you who are familiar with the game, We will be starting in modern time and going from there. For those of you who are not familiar, each "class" is more in line with the classes of Apocalypse World: Self Contained rules (for the most part) based on action movie tropes; this means there are classes like the Maverick Cop, The Ninja, and the Old Master (and a whole lot more).

Other questions? Please feel free to ask!

Two weeks have passed since the Bloodveil incident concluded with the death of the doctor. Though you fought Rolf Lamm, he managed to escape using teleportation magic.

Once again, the city tries to get back to some sense of normalcy. Two things of note have happened recently, the first especially noticeable to anyone who spends any time in the poor areas of Korvosa: there are almost no women to be seen doing jobs. Specifically there are almost no women working as ladies of the night or waitresses in taverns; several of the seedier docks taverns have already had to close.

The second thing that people have been talking about is a proclamation by the queen that will take place in two days time.

For our heroes, the last two weeks have been a time to mourn friends and heal.

Funerals were attended, tears shed, and many ales valiantly gave their lives to the memory of those fallen.

Dawn breaks on a new day and as the Heroes gather for breakfast a thought loomed on everyone's mind; what are they going to do about the Queen, and who would they try to recruit to help them do it?

Greetings all, dot in here and I'll get the gameplay thread up and running this evening!

Greetings all!

I have recently agreed to take over a PBP of Curse of the Crimson Throne that was being run by someone else. I am making a couple of group changes, but we will need one luck individual to round out our group.

Said person will:

*Be able to post once a day during the weekday; if that is something you can't agree to, please don't apply

*Be a 9th level character

*Be able to genuinely say that your primary role in the group will either be a ranged weapon user or an arcane caster

*Be made with 25 point buy

*Have two traits, one of which must be a campaign trait

*Spend 46000 gp, and not a penny more, on any equipment that you can purchase. There are no purchase limits, but the only crafting feats available are the crafting feats that make consumables; during play, if you have the feat, you may spend downtime to create consumables as normal, but must buy all consumables at full price during character creation.

*Only use Paizo created material, so nothing third party

*Have maximum HP at first level, and then half plus one HP for each level after that

*Not use a drawback when building your character, as I do not allow them

*Select one of the following three characters to have a previous relationship with (with that player's okay): Garran, Alika, or Alistair. You don't have to be their best friend or ex lover, but you should have more of a connection then "I saw you at the bar that one time!".

*Ask Questions if you have them!

I am going to be running the recruitment for the next 10 days, or until I feel that I have enough good candidates (if it hits that point, I will make a 24 hour announcement). Once we have submissions, the existing players and I will discuss which character we feel will be a good fit for the group and I will make an announcement here as to which character was selected. I look forward to seeing what people create!

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As the title suggests, I joined a game to playtest the APG classes, and I secured the witch spot. We managed to get through one combat before the end of the playtest, so my feedback might be a bit light, but I offer it none-the-less.

To start with my overview of the class, I felt like it pretty much played like any caster; the majority of what I did in our one combat was casting offensive spells, which functioned just as if I was playing, say, a sorcerer. Note that this isn't a complaint, just an observation.

For my specific character build, I went with Lesson of Snow as my first lesson, which gave me the Primal spell list. As far as Personal Blizzard goes, I think it's a bit overpowered, considering that it has no save or attack roll required; I get that there's almost no damage to it, but being able to force concealment on all of the target's target without fail is fairly powerful. My suggestion would be to make it either an attack roll, up the damage to d6's, keep the concealment as is, and make everything difficult terrain, not just the first square.

As far as Witch-specific class feats go, I think there is a good balance with one exception: I think you could do with a couple more feats that replace your familiar, like Wortwitch. I'd recommend a feat for Imps and Pseudodragons at the very least, as those seem to be popular options.

I'm going to give feedback on the other lessons for elements, since those are the ones that I looked at the longest:

Elemental Betrayal: I think the idea is really good, but I think that for a sustained spell, it should have 5 weakness base. It keeps the math nice and simple and provides good overall value.

Ice Tomb: To be honest, this is a rather underwhelming hex. It's effectively a damaging spell that slows a target and has a chance to encase someone in ice. In my opinion, I'd rather id skipped the damage but worked more like Flesh to Stone (which is feels like it's based on).

That's pretty much what I have in terms of feedback. I hope it helps, and look forward to the finished product!

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Welcome to the new season of DELVE!

The Delve! rookie league is looking for new athletes to join all new teams!

Tryouts are being held now at your local recruiting office. Win the chance to join a team and travel the country, delving the darkest of dungeons with other trained professionals from all guilds!

Tryouts held the 30th of October! Don't miss your chance to become a brand new member of the hit sport Delve!


Welcome one and all to my recruitment for a new campaign: Delve!

Taking inspiration from The Running Man, Xcrawl, and quite a few home campaigns I have run, Delve! takes place in modern day, with a couple of key differences:

*Magic is real

*Other races are real, but alot of them live as near second-class citizens. Only the core rulebook races (and a couple of additional races) are treated as "normal", although there is a vocal minority that agitates for equal rights for so called "Demi-Humans". Most "Demi-Humans" are employed by Delve!Co, the company that runs Delve! (see below), although technically a member of any race can become a Delver, or a professional athlete in the sport.

*The most popular sport in the world is Delve!, a televised dungeon crawl. Players from a variety of guilds (read, classes) are brought together by managers to explore the dungeons of the Delve! league. It's a good bet that any settlement with at least a 10,000 people has a dungeon, which range from 8 room affairs to multi-level masterpieces of design. While not required, alot of towns have a theme to their dungeon, such as undead, underwater, cold, desert, and so on. Dungeons are rated the same way that Golf Courses are rated in the real world.

*Each of the PCs will be a recently graduated member of one or more guilds that is looking to become a professional Delver. The blurb above is from a flyer that you found in your guild that shows Delver recruitment.

*Delves are generally non-lethal affairs, although deaths DO sometimes occur. Each spellcaster will automatically have access to an item that applies the Merciful Spell feat to their damage dealing spells, and melee and ranged combatants will have access to a modified version of the merciful enchantment for their weapons that will make them do non-lethal damage. Of note is that you CAN always choose to do lethal damage, but it's pretty obvious to both the viewers and judges, and Delve!co will not protect you from legal or civil suits should you make the decision.


On to the nitty gritty:

For character creation, each character will be allowed to use the CRB +1 additional resource.

The additional resource can be any official Paizo resource. There will be almost nothing that will be disallowed from your additional resource, excluding alternate systems that force the entire campaign to use them (i.e. Performance Combat). If, however, there is an option to allow JUST the character who selected the source to benefit from that rule system (i.e. Hero Points), then that rule system is allowed.

This means that things like Background skills or Automatic Bonus Progression WILL be allowed, but only if your +1 source is Pathfinder Unchained. If you select Pathfinder unchained, however, you will only have access to the Core Rulebook for races or classes.

With all of the above being said, there are a few caveats: No Mythic rules or Artifacts will be allowed, and there are a few CRB spells that will either need modification, or banning. Currently on the Ban List for CRB spells are:



Still with me? great. Here are the pertinent character creation details.

  • Ability Scores: We will be using the Focus and Foible system to generate states (first introduced, as far as I can tell, in the Way of The Wicked AP). The rules are as follows: Pick a focus stat; that stat is an 18. Pick a foible stat: that stat is an 8. Then roll 1d10+7 four times in order. There are no rerolls or moving of ability scores. Those are your other four scores. Additionally, no stat can be below an 8 AFTER racial mods, unless somehow magically all of your 1d10 rolls are a 1.

  • HP: Max HP from 1-20.

  • Starting Level: We will be starting at level 3.

  • Starting Gold: Character wealth by level, with the caveat that Item Creation can not be used prior to the start of the campaign, and no more than half your starting wealth can be spent on a single magical item (meaning that you COULD spend almost all of your money on Masterwork Full Plate, for example).

  • Traits/Drawbacks: Will not be used unless your +1 source contains traits.

  • +1 Source: Please list your +1 source in your submission.

  • Character Backstory: feel free to write a couple of paragraphs about your time at guild training (read: university), but large character backgrounds are not required by any means.

  • Anything else: If I missed something please don't hesitate to ask!

I look forward to your submissions and a great game!

Welcome, Heroes of Light:

Tiro Turtleback:

It took a while, but you finally managed to make it to Sandpoint. The boat you were on was attacked by Pirates; you suffered bandits on the road; and you always seemed to arrive just AFTER the last inn room was taken at each coach house and pissant town you came to. It's almost like Pharasma was testing you.

Your perseverance has paid off, however, and you find yourself waiting in a line of people to get into the town: it looks like there's some sort of festival here today, and given the variety of dress here, it looks like people have come from as far away as Cheliax to attend.

Syeira Cretu:

While the Rusty Dragon is normally busy (as it's a well-known stop for both wandering adventurers and caravaneers alike), with the Swallowtail Festival (a new festival that commemorates the completion of the new church) heading into full swing today, you have been practically swamped.

While most people know you as something of a bouncer at the Dragon (as the locals call it), you handle all sorts of jobs of Ameiko, which in this case includes delivering the food to the outdoor stand that the Dragon is setting up for the festival.

The booth for the Dragon is directly across the square from the booth for The White Deer, Ameiko's direct competition in town. It looks like they have chosen to roast a Dire Boar over an open fire (Which was provided with great fanfare by Vorvashali Voon, the owner of The Feathered Serpent curio shop).

Looking around the town, you can see the pre-festival games are in full swing, with contests of all stripes, including what appears to be a foot race of some kind getting set up.

When you return after setting things up, Ameiko looks at you and says "Okay, you've done enough. Go have a good time." before pressing a half-dozen silver into your hand with a smile. Looking at the other employees, it's clear she's given everyone else the day off with a similar handshake and smile.

Conor the Wanderer:

Your trip to Sandpoint from Magnimar, where your purse was stolen...twice...has been pretty uneventful. You took travelling with a caravan in exchange for a bit of song and storytelling, as well as being willing to offer a hand where needed.

The only exciting thing that happened to your group was one of the Halfling cooks fell off the top of a wagon after he drank too much wine and broke his arm.

That's not to say that you didn't see signs of battle, however: during your caravan's only day near the river, you saw a boat being attacked in the distance, and several times you saw the unmistakable signs of battle on the road, but nothing accosted you. It's likely that whoever was accosted managed to drive off the bandits, allowing your caravan to slip past while they were still licking their wounds.

The line to get into Sandpoint was rather long, so you parted ways with the caravaneer before he asked you to sign on again for another stint: your music was much-loved by the caravaneers, and several of them offered to buy you a pint or two at the "Dragon", which was apparently a local in "run by a goddess", as one of the caravaneers put it.

You would find out yourself, if this blasted line would ever move...

Velkan Voica:

It had taken some convincing (and several potions), but you managed to get a letter of introduction from the headmaster of the Academia Metaphysik to Broderik Quink, a renowned-in-his-field expert on Thassilonian history and a general well-regarded scholar. You rode in a carriage bound for Sandpoint from Magnimar, passing several caravans along the way (after the driver spoke with the head of each caravan about the road conditions), but eventually you found yourself standing near the front of the line to get into the city.

Apparently, you arrived just as a local festival was starting...

Amycus Pope:

The first thing you notice is someone dumping a bucket of water on your head, which after a moment you realize was actually mixed with sawdust, probably from the barroom floor.

"Wakey wakey, hands off snakey." said the 5'5" barmaid who went back outside and the similarly woke up someone sleeping on the table two down from you.

It was loud outside, and the throbbing in your head probably didn't help the situation. You walked out and dunked your head in the horse trough a couple of times to clear out the cobwebs, and as you came up for air, you saw that some sort of festival was taking place. You were about to walk back into the bar, a place called The White Deer, apparently, when the owner, a slab of beef named Garridan Viskalai, politely asked you to leave. Seeing as how you didn't want to brawl with the man, you obliged.

Now you find yourself wandering through the festival, with quite a few things to do, including what appears to be a wrestling pit and an arm-wrestling contest.

Welcome all who were selected. I will have some additional information for you all this weekend, but for now, please create an Alias for your character (if you have not already done so), and please use the following template for your Race and Class Lines:

Race Line: Human Berserker 16 | Max HP: 299 | AC: 74; TAC: 66 | Saves: Fort (L): +26; Ref (M): +17; Will (T): +6 | Perception (L): +29/33 for initiative | Hero Points: 16 | Resonance: 11 (17)

Class Line: Current Damage: -1600 | Spell Points: 9 (83) | Spellcasting (E); DC: 27 | [spoiler =Spell Slots]1 (6)/ 3 (3)/ 2 (2)/ 1 (1)[/spoiler]

Once everyone here has checked in with their alt and I can see that you have your stat lines correct, I'll post the rest of the info we'll need.

Per my original plan, we'll be starting on Monday. Look forward to working with you all!

Greetings one and all,

So I have had most of my campaigns I'm running wrap up for one reason or another, and so I feel like I want to try my hand a running an AP in PBP.

Given that I'm a pretty big fan of Rise of the Runelords, it should come as no surprise that I would want to run it. and given the timing of the 2e playtest, I think this could be the start of something wonderful.

So before you start with your dotting and talking about making characters, I have a few caveats that you should be aware of:

First: I will be making some changes to the AP. Overall, the main story will follow most of the same beats, but I will be modifying things here and there to both cater to the group that ends up being selected, and to try and keep people on their toes.

Second: Everyone has to understand that this is a multi-YEAR commitment; one that I expect you to make should you be selected. While I understand that life happens, what I see far too much of in APs in the PBP format is people agreeing to play, then playing for a month or two, then dropping from the game because it's not going fast enough for them. If this feels like something you might even have the possibility to do, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY TO THIS GAME.

Third: I don't use any sort of battle map when I am running on the boards, and that would certainly continue with this game. What I will typically do is give a map of the area the battle is taking place in and then use theater of the mind for the rest.

Fourth: By apping, you agree to post at least once a day during the workweek (Monday-Friday). While I don't tend to post much on the weekends, I will still try to post at least once on the weekend, but I'm not going to hold anyone to that because the weekends are meant for doing things outside the house, not sitting around writing PBP posts.

Fifth: I have a pet peeve, and I know it's a weird one, but it's mine, so there; by apping to this post, you agree to NOT read spoilers not meant for your character. To show that you have read all of the above and agree to these stipulations, please do not dot, but instead post something interesting about your character's backstory that includes the phrase In for a penny, in for a pound. You will not be considered a complete submission with this.

I apologize about the rather draconian rules above, but I want everyone to have clear expectations, so we don't have the game die off in three months after half the players leave. I don't want to waste anyone's time, and I want players who feel the same way.

Assuming that I haven't driven you off with the above wall of text, here is the pertinent information you need to apply:

Character Creation:

To give the optional system a try (and because I enjoy rolling attributes over meticulously point-balancing my attributes), we will be using the alternate system of rolling attributes described on page 21 of the Playtest Rulebook.

HP will work the standard way in the system (HP from race plus HP from class).

Ancestry: Any ancestry except for Goblin is allowed, including half-races (like Half-Orc or Half-Elf).

Backgrounds: Any background is allowed from the list without prejudice.

Classes: Any class is allowed, with the foreknowledge that I will only be selecting one of any particular class, and I will be looking to balance the party to allow for the reasonably wide variety of threats you will face in this Adventure Path.

Roles: Please list a role with your submission to help me understand what you expect to do in the group from the following list. This will help me better balance the group, and should help everyone have a clearer idea of what will be expected of them. Note that roles don't have to be locked into a certain class (i.e. you don't have to be a paladin to be a front-liner; in fact I find it fun to play effective characters that work against type.):

Front-Liner: As a front-liner, you should be leading the charge into battle, getting into melee and doing your best to tie up enemies there so that your allies are free to do their part. Given the nature of the role, you will see a disproportionate amount of the damage the group takes come your way, so you should have means to deal with or mitigate that damage.

Healer: As a healer, you will be expected to keep your allies alive and functioning. While it's not required to be able to use healing magic, know that your primary role (but not your only role) is keeping your friends alive, and your group will be counting on you to do that.

Controller: As a controller, your job will be tying up multiple groups of enemies (although to be successful at this role, you don't necessarily have to kill them). You will be using your abilities to disable or debuff your enemies, allowing your allies to pick them off at their leisure.

Damage Dealer: As a damage dealer, it will be your job to eliminate targets as quickly as possible. Your allies will expect you to drop enemies so that they can focus on their roles.

Support: As a support, your job in the group is to make everyone else in your group: Better. Faster. Stronger. You will have the technology. Your role will not contribute much directly to the landscape of the battlefield, but your group will likely notice your contributions.

Playtest: Given that this is going to at least partially be run during the playtest timeframe, there will likely be character revisions that will happen. If a change to a class or ancestry occurs between combats, we'll go ahead and apply that change. If there is a change that occurs DURING combat, we will hold off on making the change until the combat is complete (which means that it's not entirely impossible that we won't have to change anything at all, should the rules get returned to the previous state.) Also, I will be submitting feedback on how the game to the surveys, and I would encouage you all to do the same.

Should you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

So I am going to start with playing a Druid for the playtest, and when I was reading through the class feats, I noticed that Thousand Faces let's you cast a spell I can't find in the list of spells and powers, namely Humanoid Transformation.

I am assuming that this is supposed to allow you to cast Humanoid Form, but I thought it might be worth asking in case I missed it somewhere.

Go ahead and dot in here to add this campaign to your list.

Good evening all.

First of all, thank you for joining me on what started out as a weird idea that has flourished into something resembling an actual setting.

Secondly, I want to you know that while I will have an overarching campaign, a lot of the "where are we going and what are we doing" onus is going to be on the group. My hope is that you as a group will decide what to do next and where to go, with me revising my flow chart as your actions change the course of the campaign.

My plan is to seed adventure hooks and allow your group to decide what sort of campaign you want to play in, whether it be exploration, warfare, battling the abberations of the Pit, or something else.

My other hope is that you are all willing to add in setting details if you have ideas. I want this to be a game setting that we improve together. On occasion, I might "put you on the spot" a bit and introduce an NPC that knows your character, and ask you to help define the relationship that you have with this NPC. I've found it to be a useful technique to getting players involved in the setting, and we'll see how it works here.

On Playstyle:
If you've played in one of my games before, you should know that I don't use a tactical map to run games, as I feel they slow down the pace of the game. I will do my best to provide a general map of the area so you have an idea of what is available to interact with. I will also try to provide pictures (shamelessly stolen from the internet) for important NPCs.

I'm going to make use of the campaign info tab heavily, to track things like how much various organizations and important individuals like or dislike your group, where you each fall on the alignment spectrum, and who the various nations, cities, and deities are. If you would like me to add something to either that tab, or the general top of the page, let me know and I'll be more than happy to do so.

I'm going to give you guys a day or so to finalize everything and make sure that your characters are good to go, and then we'll begin.

For now, think of a reason why your character would be in Sartorique, and why you would be willing to answer a job posting for a Intorian Senator.

Hello all.

I recently did any interest check for a setting that I have been cobbling together for a bit now and as I got enough interest, I am going to move forward with the game, which takes place in said setting.

The setting:

The world of Ethos' primary setting takes place on the continent of Calibraia, which is dominated by 3 nations and a city-state so large it is reasonably considered the 4th.

There is also a large, open-expansed area known as the Benthali Wildlands, which is populated primarily by migratory clans loosely known as the Benthali Wildrunners. I will cover that location a bit later.

The three primary nations are:

The Intorian Republic: The Intorian Republic (which is callbed both the republic and Intor) is ruled by a congress made up of representatives from each of the 20 noble houses, plus one from the city government and another from the military.

Intor takes up the long, narrow western part of the continent and controls several large islands off the coast of the mainland.

This council controls the fate of the most powerful army on the continent, which hones itself fighting raiders from the Western Sea, skirmishers from the Benthali Wildrunners, and things that crawl forth from the Pit of Kernaurg.

So powerful is this army that the Arcanirum, Sartorique, and Erogalle each have a non-aggression treaty with the Republic that ensures that they will only come to the aid of one of the other nations in a matter of security for the continent, which has only occurred once.

While there are many simple soldiers in the army, the more elite units are made up entirely of the speciality priests of Mercana, the goddess of war. Unlike the other gods, she has two specialty priests, Brawlers and Swashbucklers (which arose out of the tradition of dueling which has swept what passes for nobility from all of the nations).

The Theocracy of Erogalle: The Theocracy of Erogalle (also known as just Erogalle) is a nation of one religion, ruled by the lord-god Erogalle. Erogalle is perfect. As the god of perfection, Erogalle has commanded it to be so, and so it is.

Erogalle inhabits much of the southern part of the continent.

While all worshippers of Erogalle and expatriots of the nation claim this, only those who worship Erogalle are allowed within it's borders. Those who one would meet in the rest of the world are either children born of the nation who were exiled at adulthood, and Inquisitors, the specialty priests of Erogalle. Such priests have typically been given a specific mission in the outside world, and return to their homeland once they have completed it.

The Arcanirum Sufficoxi: The Arcanirum Sufficoxi (commonly just called the Acanirum) is a magocracy, ruled by a selected being known as the Archmage. This singular being is the only one in all of the world who is allowed to wield the most powerful levels of magic.

The Arcanirum controls a pie-shaped wedge of the continent that ends in controlling about 80% of the eastern coast, which is shares with both the Bethali Wildlands and Erogalle.

Once every 10 years, an archmage must contend to hold his title from all challengers, which are selected from the ranks of the Bards (specialty priests of Suffocoxi, the god of magic). Any who wish to challenge for the position of Archmage must take up an artifact known as the Sunarium, which grants them the same level of magic as the Archmage. After a moment to prepare, both mages then fight to the death, with death resulting in the absolute destruction of the loser's soul.

Neither the Arcanirum nor Erogalle care for the other very much, and both look at the lands and location of the Republic with hungry eyes, which are tempered by the unbared blade of Intor's army.

There are two additional places on the continent that have a much larger impact on the fate of the continent than there size would indicate.

The first is the City-State of Sartorique. This city in the center of the continent was once a nation in it's own right, before the nobility of the land was wiped out in one night known as the Night of Ashen Tears, where the city's thieve's guild rose to power by killing the city's king and all of the noble houses. When the morning sun finally shone on the city's streets through the grime of the fire, the leaders of the Thieve's guild controlled the entire nation.

In order to stave off the other nations, Sartorique (the city's new name, which was the name of the leader of the Thieve's guild) pulled it's borders back to the five mile radius around the city and then delared itself open for trade, by sending representatives to the major merchant houses of each nation and making an offer to trade in any goods, as long as the merchants were willing to abide by the city's rules and pay a reasonable tariff on such goods.

Having access to entirely new markets appealed to each nation, and so Sartorique became known across the continent as *THE* place to trade.

The city has gone through growing pains several times, resulting in it's other nickname, the city of rings (as when viewed from above, the city appears to be made up of concentric rings).

The other location that has an impact on the continent is the Pit of Kernaurg. This miles-wide hole in the planet is the birthplace of every twisted abomination that stalks the land. If left unchecked, within a few years the continent would be overrun by the abominations that issue forth from the Pit almost continually. Fortunately, there are two forces that regularly battle with these creatures, holding them at bay to allow the rest of the world to live easy: the army of the Intorian Republic (which is located to the south of the pit, along the western coast of the continent), and the Shifters, the speciality priests of Gakaroki, the god of nature. The entire purpose for these men and women is to battle abominations and grow stronger, all in a bid to eventually enter the pit and find a way to close it for good.

Character creation:

Okay, so enough about the setting. Here is the character creation info you will need:

Ability Scores: We will be using a modified version of Focus and Foible system here: you start with one 18 and one 8, and then roll your choice of either 1d10+8 or 3d6+4 for your other four attributes.

HP: Max HP at each level, including first.

Level: We will be starting at level 3, meaning that everyone except Shifters will be starting with 1000 gp to spend on purchases.

Traits: Traits will not be used. Instead, each character should choose a story feat that fits with their background and begin play with this feat. This is in addition to any feats a character might start with.

Classes: This is one of the two places where this campaign setting differs greatly from the normal Pathfinder setting. You must select one of the classes outlined in the campaign document listed above. Note that these classes can use any archetypes that don't violate their specific tenets.

Races: This is the other place where the campaign differs from standard Pathfinder. All PCs start as members of the Human race, but they don't get any benefits from their race. Instead, they select one of the three nations, Sartorique, or the Benthali Wildrunners to determine their starting racial benefits. Note that any class may come from any nation, but if you are any class other than Inquisitor and you select the Theocracy of Erogalle as your homeland, this means that you were exiled from the nation and now make your way in the world on your own.

Other Campaign rules:

“Elephant in the room”/Feat Taxes rules are in play.

Each class gains proficiency in the weapon group of their deity.

This campaign with not allow PC crafting of non-consumable magic items, and only specialty priests of Lithe may create consumable items (either magical or mundane).

We will be Using the “Consolidated Skill List” option from Pathfinder Unchained (we will not be using Background skills). Just as with weapon proficiencies, each specialty priest gains the favored skill of their deity. See each class entry above for the list of class skills and Skill points each class gets.

Alignment: spells and effects based on alignment do not exist in the setting. While we will still be using the alignment system, we will be using it as a gauge of how others view your actions, not your moral beliefs. Additionally, while you would likely have different alignments with different cultures and individuals, we will be using your alignment as a sort of “average” of how the world in general views your actions.
At character creation, you should select the alignment that best fits your current reputation. This means that your character can indeed start with an evil alignment, but that just means that most people, should they recognize you, will go out of their way to avoid you, since your reputation is one of murder and malice.

Other than Prestige Classes, there will be no multi-classing (including Variant Multi-classing). Additionally, the only base class options available to PCs are the ones listed in this document. While the other classes do indeed exist, they are not available to PCs.

Character options are limited to Paizo material. While I am open to most things that Paizo makes, below is a list of the character options that are not allowed. This is in addition to any mentioned elsewhere in the document:

*Pagent of the Peacock Masterpiece

Player Expectations:

I have a couple of caveats that I apply to all forum games that I run. They are as follows:

I will not be using a Battlemat, as I truly believe that they slow down play in this format.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when players read spoiler information not meant for them. This can take away from the game and potentially give information meant for one person to those who shouldn't have it. under no circumstances should you read spoilers that do not pertain to you.

Also, It's one of my biggest pet peeves. No, seriously.

To show that you read and have agreed to these two tenets, in order for your application to be considered complete, you should include the word RED all in caps somewhere in your application.

So this setting is a work in progress, and as such is a bit rough around the edges. I will be updating the campaign document both during the recruitment and the tenure of the campaign. I will make mention any time I update it so, that everyone is aware of changes that have been made.

I am going to be putting a link to the campaign document at the top of the page, so feel free to take a look at it and ask any questions you might have. Also, if you spot any inconsistencies or places where the rules could be clearer, please let me know.

Right now, I am tentatively planning to close the recruitment on 7/7
(whenever I get to post on that day), or when I have at least 20 completed submissions (although I will count any completed submissions during that same day into the mix, so as to not screw over people who didn't expect such a rush - not that I expect such a rush, mind you).

Hello all,
So I finally managed to consolidate down some of my ideas for a campaign world and get them written out. For the most part, we will be using the Pathfinder system. The only real changes are to the classes that are allowed, some of which have significant changes.

While the setting is not completely fleshed out yet, it should (hopefully) have enough story hooks or give you at least a basic idea of what the various locales are like.

In elevator pitch format, the campaign has eight gods, each of which have a specific class as specialty priests. There are four nations (plus a barbarian tribal area that is largely considered a 5th nation, though it has no centralized government), which take the place of race in this system (as the only PC race that exists is Human).

I have a link for the setting document (located up top) that I will update during the interest check/recruitment. For now, I'm merely looking at seeing if there is enough interest in this setting to warrant an actual recruitment.

Please feel free to ask questions and chime in if you are interested!


The city at the center of the world, Luthadel is the place where there is always something happening; where fortunes are made or lost on the (sometimes literal) roll of the dice; and where more than one group plots, plans, and schemes.

This is the story of one such group.

The Hanging Blade tavern is one of the most raucous and busy taverns in the river district, known for it's strong drinks that will wash down the ash, roaring fire at the hearth, and policy of absolutely no weapons. The crew of servers and bartenders see to the former, while the pair of massive Skaa bouncers that people often joke are half Koloss takes care of the latter.

It is in one of these back rooms that our story begins. A young crew has come together to plan their first serious job geared towards their greater goal: To improve the lives of the Skaa.

While spies and ne'er-do-wells might listen in at the door or window of any of these back rooms, it is this one they know well to stay away from, given the fate of the last person who spied on the room or it's occupants.

The group is meeting to discuss one of two possible missions that might strike a blow for Skaa rights: There is a Nobleman of house Venture who is well known for his rather kind policies on the treatment of Skaa. He treats them well, offers relatively good working conditions, and doesn't abuse them.

This noble, Arthus Venture, is currently under fighting a political and financial war on several fronts with several different nobles, including a couple from his own house.

Aiding him would likely mean aiding the Skaa cause.

The other mission is a bit...trickier. Venril Urbain doesn't beat his Skaa or overwork them, but it is said that he has a long standing tradition that any Skaa woman who comes of age under his watch must submit herself for his "inspection" and wife training.

This month-long ordeal has lead to the death of more than one Skaa young woman.

Seeking vengeance against this lordling would help the Skaa cause as well.

Feel free to introduce and describe your characters and discuss which mission you feel that your group would be more suited for.

Welcome one and all!

Feel free to start discussing things, and just a heads up, but I will be putting things into the campaign info tab, just so even if you aren't super familiar with the setting, you'll still have a good primer: and if you are, it doesn't hurt to have something to double check.

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Greetings all,
It is I, your humble GM. Per my agreement with a mysterious entity who shall be forever (or until they post in this thread) nameless, I have agreed to run a game of the Mistborn RPG, by Crafty Games.

There are a few caveats that I will mention up front:

*The first is that I haven't read the books. Yes, yes, I know

Fortunately, the PDF is pretty well put together in terms of setting and history, and so I have at least some idea of what the setting is like.

*Secondly, unlike a normal recruitment, this one will be a bit weird:

Since character creation is a group activity, those selected will be building their characters as a cohesive group.

That's not to say that you can't have an idea of what you want your character to be, just note that your end character might be a bit different than you initially imagined it.

This means that I will be taking the first 4-5 respondents who are willing to deal with all of my caveats. You must also post "I have read and understand all the Caveats, and I am willing to abide by them." somewhere in your dot post.

*You will need to have your own copy of the book, which you can pick up from Crafty's site for about 15 bucks.

*I will not be using a Battlemat, for a couple of reasons: one, I truly believe that they slow down play, and two, this system doesn't really require it.

*Finally, under no circumstances should you read spoilers that do not pertain to you. This is a campaign setting that revolves around secrets, which have a really power to enact change.

Also, It's one of my biggest pet peeves. No, seriously.

I will select the first 4-5 people who have a complete application to this game, or the first lesser group of people should less apply. Note that I already have one person with an accepted submission, so that will give us a group of 5-6 people (ideally).

If I haven't turned you away with my big list of stuff, feel free to apply to join us!

Hello all.

So I am getting an itch to play one of my favorite RPGS of all time: Feng Shui (more specifically, the 2nd edition of the RPG, which I haven't played yet).

I'm sure that there is at least on enterprising GM out there who has an RPG that he wants to play that he can't find a group for, or just really likes.

Here is what I propose to said GM: I would be willing to run a campaign in the RPG of your choice* if you would be willing to run a campaign of Feng Shui 2 for me.

I fully expect that this would not be a solo game (unless you really wanted yours to be, for some reason) but that we would each do recruitments for our perspective games and then go from there.

If this appeals to you, please let me know and we can talk about what game you want to run and so on.

*: I have problems running anything white wolf, and so will pass on running that.

Welcome all =D

So I have a few things that I want to cover, so bear with me:

First off, for your character sheet format, please use the following to stat out your characters:

Character Format:

AC 24 (10 base +4 Dex +5 Dodge +2 Insight +3 Shield)
Init +4

Saves: Any specific modifiers go here (note what save and the bonus, so Bravery +4)

Speed 30'

Normal - +22/17/12 to hit; 1d8+17 damage; 17-20/x2 crit
Power Attack - +20/15/10 to hit; 1d8+21 damage

Skills: Acrobatics r10 +26, Climb r5 +11 (the r stands for ranks)

Feats: Power Attack, Extra Mental Focus (Occult Adventures)

Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Fate's Favored (Faith; Ultimate Campaign)

Class Features:
Barbarian: Rage (27 rounds/day), Improved Uncanny Dodge
Horizon Walker (Advanced Player's Guide): Favored Terrain (Plains +2, Urban +6, Mountain +4)

[ spoiler=Sorcerer Spells]
Save DC: 17+Spell Level (+2 for Enchantment)
Spells/Day: -/7/6/6/3

Memorized Spells:
0: Light, Prestidigitation, Spark (Advanced Player's Guide)
1: Magic Missile, Liberating Command, Mind Thrust I (Occult Adventures)
[ /spoiler]

[ spoiler=Cleric Spells]
Save DC: 17+Spell Level

Memorized Spells: *=Domain Spell
0: Light, Guidance, Detect Magic
1: *Shield of Faith [ ], Cure Light Wounds [ ], Liberating Command [ ]
[ /spoiler]

Equipment: Masterwork Thieve's Tools, Alchemist Fire x5

Permanent Magical Items: +2 Adamantine Greatsword, +2 headband of Aerial Agility (Charisma; Ultimate Equipment), +1 Brawling (Ultimate Equipment) Mithral Breastplate

Consumables: Potion of Cure Light Wounds (CL 5) x5, Wand of Lesser Restoration (CL 5; 25 Charges), Scroll of Expeditious Excavation (CL 9; Advanced Player's Guide)

5,000 gp of diamond dust sorted into 10 gp small sacks
100 gp Amethyst x5
500 GP in coins
100 SP in coins
10 CP in coins
500 GP of trade goods (Mostly Cloth; 40 lbs).

Encumberance: 195 lbs. (Light Load)

This is for my sanity, as we'll be going fast and furious once we get to the mountain itself.

For the Taglines, Go ahead and use the following:

Alignment: LG Human Barbarian 7/Horizon Walker 3

Race: Max HP: 170 (220 Raging) | AC: 25 (23 Raging); Touch: 17 (15 Raging); Flat-Footed: 19 (17 Raging; Uncanny Dodge) | CMB: +67; CMD: 90 | Saves: Fort: +22; Ref: +17; Will: +8 | Initiative: +4 | Perception +19 (Darkvision 160'; Low-Light Vision; See in Magical Darkness) | Sense Motive: +19 (+6 vs. Elves)

Class: [ spoiler=Current Spell Effects]Mage Armor (Amelia); Haste (Mihail); Extended Heroism (CL 7 Potion) [/spoiler] Only track spell effects here with durations in 10 minutes minutes per level or longer.

Languages: Please put your list of languages here.

Stat fields: Put your modified stats in these, so it would be something like

STR 25
Dex 17
Con 12
Int 4
Wis 19
Cha 16

You won't need to track HP loss, as I will do it every round when I do my summary check at the end of each round. I will also post the current initiative order, and give a descriptive summary of how the round went on both sides, as well as roll my actions at that time (I will roll everything on my side at once and you as players do not need to worry about posting initiative order, as I will take your action and apply it as necessary to make it fit as best I can, or ask you to take a different action if some one invalidates yours; for example, someone in your group killing the only group of enemies that you could charge).

If you have questions about the game or whatnot, please don't hesitate to use the discussion tab and we'll talk things out. I will not be using a battle mat, but I *WILL* post a map that shows what your group has the ability to see when combat starts and update it if I need to.

A quick primer to posting (please bear with me if you are well-versed on this, but I like to get my terms defined ahead of time to make life easier for everyone):

"This is what someone talking would look like" said Billy as he was working on a forum post for his new Play-by-Post game.

I hope this will be fun for everyone! he thought.

My name is not Billy, just so you are aware. Billy is a jerkface.

A note about spoilers: I am a pretty easy-going GM, but there is one thing that drives me crazy, and that is people reading spoilered information that is not intended for them.

Please, please, please, don't do this. It is the one thing that falls under "Two warnings and you will be asked to leave". Please don't put me in that position. I understand that mistakes are made, but if it becomes a pattern of behavior, that's where I draw the line. So again, please don't put me in that situation.

I'm not sure if the previous GM discussed this or not, but you should know that once we get into the mountain, your chances to rest will be limited, and the normal expected ideas of the 10 minute adventuring day will not apply. My goal when all is said and done is to have you down to your cantrips and single digit HP every day that you adventure in the mountain, both so that you will feel challenged, and to keep with the original themes of the source material.

Lastly, please let me know if there are any suggestions you have for how to make things run smoother. As we are going, I will put things you have learned into the Campaign Info tab, to allow you easy access to them. If there is something I missed, please remind me!

Go ahead and dot in here, then check in on the discussion thread...

Please dot in here to add this game to your gameplay.

Greetings everyone. I'll get the starship options posted here shortly, but for now, please dot in with your avatar so we can begin the discussion about building your ship.

Also, here is my plan in terms of how the scenes are going to flow:

We're going to start with a space battle, then a tactical battle, then a chase, followed by another tactical battle, before finishing up with a "Boss" style battle. When we're finished overall, I would like to get everyone's feedback on ways to improve the various subsystems that we encountered, as well as what you felt was good and bad about both your race and class.

Hello one and all.

Vrog Skyreaver here with a PBP proposal. As an open recruitment, anyone is welcome to apply, as we are all fairly new to the system. There will probably be system mistakes that I or anyone else makes. If anyone in the game notices them, then the expectation will be that you make mention of it in the discussion, so that we can all have a chance to learn.

I would like to run a bit of a one-shot game to test out the Starfinder rules at higher level. The basic gist is that you will submitting a character and we will do our best to put the system through it's paces together so that we have at least some inkling of how the game plays at higher level.

Up front, I want to let you know that this game will probably not fire off for at least a month, as I am working through a few projects that I'll want to get to a "good stopping point" before launching. Also, once we start, my posting requirements will be at least once a day Monday-Friday. I'm setting this requirement as I am going to try to push through as many of the subsystems as possible.

It will take place in the Pact Worlds, and use the common setting stuff. The elevator pitch is that you will be doing a supply run-type mission to a plant TBD. Stuff will happen along the way.

If I haven't scared you off yet, please see the spoilers below for character creation stuff, as I will want slightly different things than I have in my past games.

Character Creation:

Okay, so to begin with, When I select a table, it will have 7 characters in it: one from each race, and one from each class. That means that there will be a bit of juggling to make things work, and if I like a particular character backstory for a particular race, I may ask you if you'd be willing to change your class to a different class.

Starting Level: 10 (You will not level in this adventure).
I will be allowing all of the currently available subsystems in character creation, including item crafting and archetypes (should such a thing appeal to you). With that said, however, I would like you all to stay single-classed, as this is as much a test of the classes as any other part.

Now as far as additional requirements go, since I am trying to get a spectrum view of characters, I will ask you to give me a list of the level up options you chose when levelling your character, as well as a brief reason why. It doesn't have to be 40 pages, but I would like to have a good idea as to why you chose the things you did.

Additionally, as I like to do with every higher-level game I run, I would like you to also give me a backstory as to who you are, and how you earned your experience to get to the point in life you are now. Again, it doesn't need to be a novella, but I would like to have a good idea of who the character is. There will be some threads to tie each member of the group added to this once characters have been chosen, but don't feel that you need to try and tie in other potential PCs when you create your backstory and character.

Group Starship Creation:

As mentioned, we will be using both starship combat and starship creation. As a 10th level group, you will have 270 points to build your ship. One if it's bays should allow for cargo space, as you *will* be hauling cargo. This part, however, will take place between the group of characters that are selected.

Please don't do these things in this (or really any other) PBP:

1) If a spoiler is not meant for you, please do not read it. We are on the honor system here, so let's respect each other.

2) Please try to behave in a reasonable manner. I know this is the internet, and anonymity is king, but let's treat each other with respect and I will endeavor to do the same. I fully expect that there will be rules questions, but I think everyone would appreciate it if we could discuss them in a rational manner.

3) Finally, try to make a character that will not only be fun to play, but that will be fun for others to play with. being an angsty, dark and brooding killer can be fun, but I've found that playing a low int barbarian who is constantly asking questions because she doesn't understand what is going on is a good way to engage the rest of the group (even if they get exasperated at having to explain things multiple times, they're still getting into character!)

4) Make a character that has an actual name, and is an actual person. Don't name your character after their class or race, because that's not really something that people do in real life, and because that tends to lead to this perception that you are you job.

5) Finally, and this is a break to the spoiler title, try to have fun. This is how we're all spending our free time, so let's make it enjoyable for each other and ourselves!

Assuming that I haven't scared you off by this point, I welcome you and look forward to seeing your character design philosophy!

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Okay, so I've seen the consensus in the forums that Solarians "have to start as Soldiers".

I reject your reality and substitute my own =)

Here is my tentative build for my Solarian:

Vesk Solarian 1
Theme: Priest

STR 14
DEX 14
CON 12
Int 8
WIS 11
CHA 14

HP (SP) 13 (8)
KAC 17 EAC 15 (maybe 16 with Vesk, but I'm not sure)
Init +2
RP 2

Fort +3
Ref +2
Will +2

Speed 30'

Assault Hammer +4 to hit; 1d6+2 damage
Needler: +3 to hit; 1d4P damage
Unarmed Strike: +3 to hit; 1d3+2 damage

Skills: Athletics +6, Diplomacy +6, Mysticism +4

Feats: Weapon Focus (Advanced Melee)

Class Features: Solar Armor, Skill Adept (Life Sciences, Cultures), Stellar Mode, Stellar Revelation

Equipment: Freebooter Armor I (+2 EAC, +3 KAC, Max Dex +4;-750), Assault Hammer (-95), Needler Pistol (-105), Personal Comms (-7), 43 credits

My levelling plan for stats are as follows:

5: STR: 16; DEX: 16; CON: 14; INT: 8; WIS: 11; CHA: 16
10: STR: 18; DEX: 18; CON: 16; INT: 8; WIS: 11; CHA: 18
15: STR: 19; DEX: 18; CON: 18; INT: 10; WIS: 11; CHA: 19
20: STR: 20; DEX: 18; CON: 18; INT: 10; WIS: 13; CHA: 20

Overall, I think he will be a pretty well rounded character. I took the Needler as a ranged weapon cause it was all I could afford. I plan to take Versatile Focus as my level three feat to keep my ranged options on part with my melee ones.

Feel free to criticize away!

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The Grand Lodge, Absalom

Ambrus Valsin glanced around the room at the assembled group of pathfinders, sighed, and then began "Pathfinders, we have an unique opportunity, and a serious problem. Recently, the Society has been attempting to make inroads with the Black Sovereign, the ruler of Numeria to explore Silver Mount. To be honest, it is not going well. A group of 'advisors' calling themselves the Technic League have blocked us at every turn."

Ambrus gets up and begins pacing behind his desk, then turns toward the group and continues "Yesterday, I received word from a friend in the town of Torch that the mysterious flame that the town gets it's name from went out. Not only is this the primary source of income for the town, but that heatsource is one of the few places on Golarion where Skymetals can be smithed. As a result, the town had been sending explorers into the underground tunnels near the city to when one of their council members, Khonnir Baine, decided to enter the tunnels to root out the cause. I advised him against this, but he felt that time was of the essence and now he has disappeared. This" he gestures emphatically "gives us the opportunity to discover something about the technology that dots the landscape in Numeria, and bypass those that would oppose us. The Council has authorized a rather large payment to the group who manages to rescue him."

Ambrus again begins pacing as he continues, "Our more experienced adventurers are fairly well-known throughout Golarion, so I have made the decision to use junior agents in this endeavor, with the hope that you will all be able to just pass as adventurers. To facilitate this, I would like you to disguise yourselves as adventurers. This means that you would need to either store your wayfinders here or hide them in an extra dimensional space on your person. I don't think that they will search random adventurers, especially ones coming to help with their problems, but I don't want to take any chances. I would hate to have to negotiate for your release from the Technic League."

Stopping again, Ambrus places both hands on his desk, leans forward to look at you all, and then says "So that's the mission: Go to Numeria, rescue my friend Khonnir Baine, and find out what is causing the issue with the torch, if you can. Do you have any questions?"

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Welcome all!

Quick bit of business: please put the following information into your race field on your alt: max hp, AC/touch/FF, all 3 saves, perception bonus, sense motive bonus.

We will get started tomorrow!

Hello all,
As the title states, I am going to be running PFS PBP game for a friend to help him level up one of his characters. I am going to be running the first module of Iron Gods, using only the PFS approved encounters.

I'm not sure what his character is, but I'm sure he will chime in here and make himself known (HINT, HINT =P).

I am looking at a deadline of 5/12 to get started. As this is a PFS sanctioned game, You will have to have your character built according to the standard rules for character creation, located in the current PFS guide.

Note that this module is for characters levelled 2-4. Thank you, and looking forward to what will hopefully be a good game!

As the adventurers leave follow the Rat, you find yourselves being lead through a door that looks like a maintenance panel in the wall. You are lead through a maze of connecting hallways and offices until you get to a lobby which you know you have been in, but don't remember at all. There are a group of paramilitary guys wearing O.D. Green fatigues, over which they wear body armor. Each has an assault rifle, a high-tech looking pistol in a tactical holster on their hip, and each has a greatsword on their back.

the leader of the group, a mountain of a man, approaches the Rat. As he speaks, you recognize his voice from the loudspeaker: "Good to see you boss! we have your transport this way, but first you will need this." He hands the Rat what appears to be a wristwatch, which he dons and says "Is everything ready? I have 10 recruits from this facility. Were you able to find any information on any of the other facilities?"

"Sorry boss, they didn't keep records on the other facilities here. We're getting things together to attack their main base, but after this they'll probably be on alert."

"That's okay, Frederick. You did a fantastic job." says the Rat before turning to your group and saying "Each of you take one of these devices. They will protect you from the cold outside." As he speaks, his soldiers begin handing out the watch devices.

Assuming that you put it on, you feel that same warm feeling you feel on a cold day when you drink hot chocolate.

After seeing that everyone is wearing the devices, the Rat will say "Good, let us proceed to the transport and get somewhere safer." The Rat will take the lead and his soldiers will form up around your group, clearly in a protective posture. He leads you through the double doors and out into a raging blizzard. As he walks, he points at the group of escapees and in two different directions and the soldiers split up you up into two separate groups and hustle you to what is clearly a pair of what appear to be helicopters.

The Rat is not among those who are travelling with you.

You are led inside, and after everyone gets in and finds a seat, one of the soldiers comes around and shows each person how to use the 6 point harness, then he buckles himself in and the craft lifts off. As it does so, there is a moment if buzzing (as if a large group of bees were nearby) and then the vehicle is silent and you can hear those around you, but not the raging storm outside.

I'll have the first post up tonight.

Dot in 626.

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The prison you find yourselves in is unlike any other prison you've ever heard of or though of before. You live in an open air village, with each prisoner having their own cottage, although villa might be a more appropriate term. Each cottage has been tailored to the person who lives in it, but each person whose power or skillset doesn't involve technology has access to cable tv, dvds and movies, and the ability to create email, although you are all sure that it is heavily monitored.

Even the guard force and warden here are unlike what you imagined when you were sentenced. Professional and polite, they act more like trained negotiators than a brute police force. The warden, a retired adventurer named Jackhammer (due to his excessively powerful punches) explained that "you were here because the system had failed you, but that he was going to correct that failure" in his speech he gave you when you arrived.

Each of you has mandatory psychiatric counselling, along with a large amount of optional training that you can engage in. In addition to the obligatory art therapy classes that make the rounds in most non-adventurer prisons, there are classes on basic employment skills like resume building and interviewing. There is also training available in the more traditional high school and college studies.

While there is a persistant rumor going around that there are different areas to this prison, none of you have ever seen or talked to anyone who has been to one of them. That meant that there were 25 prisoners held here, but you had only ever seen 20 of them. The cottages are arranged in an inner facing circle, with 5 central cottages that no one entered or left, and did not have any openings. Quite a bit of idol gossip went back and forth on who the people were in those cottages and what their powers were.

All of this aside, there were two things that set this apart from, say, a really nice addiction treatment facility: the uniforms and the implants.

Each of you has an implant in the base of your skull (specifically where it meets the spinal column). An octagon disk that is about the size of a quarter, you have been told that attempting to tamper with it would result in your central nervous system turning to so much pudding.

The other thing you knew of was the uniforms you were forced to wear. No one seemed to know what they were made of, but they had two distinct effects: one, they could change color or even become transparent, and two, the could change their density to allow you to either be immobilized or to take a shower in them (since you were not allowed to remove them).

The rules of the prison, which was nicknamed The Hole, were simple: treat each other with respect, violence would be met with violence, and obey all instructions given to you by the guards and warden as if they were sacrosanct. Other than that, there wasn't much that was off-limits, including sexual relationships with your fellow prisoners, as long as both sides signed a consent form ahead of time and took a 2 week class to understand the ways in which you can tell if your partner was willing or not.

Now a couple of questions for each of you, which you can answer in your spoilers: What classes or areas of study are you engaging in? What is your character planning on doing once he/she gets out? Also, I would like each of you to give me a quick summation of the person you interact with the most here: What their name is, what their power set is, and what crime they committed. I'm going to add them to my list of NPCs, but I find it helps to better invest people in the world that we are creating if they help with details like this. I promise you, we will have action sooner rather than later, but we want to get things established before we shake them up. Please stick to spoilers for right now.

Discussion is here. Please dot in with your alias for this campaign. This will let me see what spoilers I need to fix.

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Greetings all,
I am putting the finishing touches on a game that I've been building on the backburner for a while now. For now, this will just be an interest check, but if I get enough responses we will turn this into a recruitment thread (mainly because I don't want to create another thread specifically for recruitment):

The setting is modern age. In a world similar to our own, approximately 5% of the population has powers, or supernatural abilities that are outside the normal range of man. Given a population of roughly 6 billion, this means that approximately 300 million people have some sort of power. Of these, most are things like low-powered telekinesis and the abilities of that nature. This covers approximately 200 million people with powers.

Now we turn to the remaining 100 million, who have powers that can change the course of nations or determine the outcome of battles. Your characters will be such beings.

Colloquially referred to as Adventurers (because the first major heroes and villains were called that by the media of the day, and the term stuck), these often costumed individuals battle in the streets of most major population centers, and people can't get enough of it. The most well-known adventurers have sponsorships and can support lavish lifestyles. Even minor adventurers can achieve cult status and experience.

The power level of adventurers is tracked in levels, according to a metric setup up by the League of Adventurers, or LOA. Membership is mandated for all superpowered beings, and any adventurers not found to be members are usually assumed to be villains of the highest caliber.

Our protagonists will all be members of the League of Adventurers, and all of them will be of at least the 10th level.


Into this world I am looking for between 6 and 12 characters, all of which have been imprisoned in the Cube, a thought-to-be-inescapable prison designed to hold adventurers. Whether you are here because you were a hero that was framed or a villain that deserves to be here (or somewhere in between), that will remain to be seen by your backstory.

We will be using a modified version of the 5th edition ruleset of dnd, mainly because I like making superhero games using non-superhero systems. Please see the spoiler below for the changes to character creation.

What I am looking for in an application: I would like to see a character that is fully fleshed out, and not just a clone of an existing hero. You can draw inspiration from the major characters in various comic universes, but I want to see a if-not-unique, then at least novel concept to the character. As one more wrinkle, Once we start recruitment, Please do not discuss your characters here, as I would like to have your group meet each other organically. Just state your interest, and then I will pm you so that we can discuss your character's background and motivations.

Posting requirements: once a day during the week (Monday-Friday) and at least once on the weekend (although I recognize that life happens and sometimes you can't post on the weekend). I will do my best to post twice a day (including weekends).

Social Contract stuff: Initially, I will be running things in spoilers, until the group is brought together. If you can't play a game without reading all the spoilers, please do not apply (but you are more then welcome to watch!)

Why the large group?: Ideally I would like to run 2 tables of this game, with groups segmented by what we will call the catalyst for now. I will also add that there will be likelihood of PVP in this game, because the groups efforts will be at cross purposes. I am not assuming that this will for certain occur, but you should be aware that it is a very real possibility.

When will recruitment end?: Tentatively the end of the first week of December, but I would want to get a good table (or hopefully 2) worth of characters.

I have moved the character creation options to the Game Info, so please look there for character creation details.

So here's the thing (which should be obvious to those of you who are paying attention to the playtest threads): I like the vigilante. I can see myself playing one often, which I feel is the mark of a good class.

I like that the stalker is not the rogue. It might just be my feelings about the rogue class, which for the longest time was often a vehicle for the player who wanted to screw over his group to be empowered to do so. It might be that I've been playing roleplaying games long enough to remember that they used to be called thieves. I am willing to accept that it might be entirely in my head, or my own hangups (having been robbed on more than one occasion in my life has most assuredly soured me on the concept of playing someone who does it to others).

I like the idea of trying to build a class that is focused more on cinematics then on mechanics. The stalker vigilante talents definitely showcase this: They have powers that let them drag off guys, pick them off one by one, and be so scary that they hurt people.

It is with the above in mind that I present the scene below (which has been kicking around in my head since I read the first iteration of the stalker). I will tell the story, then put the mechanics in spoilers (to help keep things separate and disrupt the flow of the narrative as little as possible). To keep things simple, I will be using average dice rolls. And so, without further ado, (as the man said) Ladies, Gentlemen, and other, I present my little scene:

Dramatis Personae:


Human Vigilante 9
True Neutral (Social Persona)/Neutral Good (Vigilante Persona)

STR 10
DEX 18/20
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 10
CHA 14

HP 75
AC 23 t 17 ff 18
BAB 6 CMB +14 CMD 24
Init +5
Fort +6
Ref +11
Will +6

Speed 30'

Acrobatics +18
Bluff +17 (+21 in social persona)
Climb +12
Disguise +17 (+41 in social persona)
Intimidate +17 (+23 in vigilante persona while in my area of renown)
Knowledge (Local) +14
Perception +17
Sense Motive +12
Stealth +22
Use Magic Device +17 (+21 in social persona)

Dazzling Display, Enforcer, Fast Learner, Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike)

Class Features:
Dual Identity, Seemless Guise, Vigilante Specialization (Stalker), Startling Appearance, Social Talents (Renown, Safehouse, Social Grace [Disguise, Bluff, Use Magic Device], Quick Change, Greater Renown), Vigilante Talents (Pull into Shadows, Up Close and Personal, Twisting Fear, Hide in Plain Sight)

+2 Brawling Mithral Chain Shirt, Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists, +2 Belt of Dexterity, Boots of the Cat, Cloak of Elvenkind, +1 Ring of Protection, Dusty Rose Prism Ioun stone (in wayfinder), Wayfinder, Handstraps of Roofjumping, Circlet of Persuasion, Eyes of the Eagle, Versatile Vest, Wand of Unseen Servant, Potion of Darkvision x2, Steadfast Grapple, 150 gp

Unarmed Strike: +14/9 to hit; 1d3+7 damage; x2 critical

Mooks x6:

Skullcrusher Tribesman
Half-orc barbarian 3
CE Medium humanoid (human, orc)

Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +6

AC 15, touch 9, flat-footed 14 (+6 armor, +1 Dex, –2 rage)
hp 40 (3d12+15)
Fort +7, Ref +2, Will +3
Defensive Abilities orc ferocity, trap sense +1, uncanny dodge

Speed 30 ft.

Melee mwk greataxe +9 (1d12+7/×3)

Ranged mwk sling +5 (1d4+5)

Special Attacks rage (10 rounds/day), rage powers (intimidating glare)


During Combat The barbarian uses intimidating glare each round, attacking first, then focusing her glare upon the uninjured.

Base Statistics When not raging, the barbarian's statistics are AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16; hp 34; Fort +5, Will+1; Melee mwk greataxe +7 (1d12+4/×3); Ranged mwk sling +5 (1d4+3); Str 17, Con 14; CMB +6; Skills Climb +5, Intimidate +12, Swim +3.

Str 21, Dex 13, Con 18, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +3; CMB +8; CMD 17

Feats Intimidating Prowess, Power Attack

Skills Climb +7, Intimidate +14, Perception +6, Survival +4, Swim +5

Languages Common, Orc

SQ fast movement, orc blood, weapon familiarity

Combat Gearpotion of cure light wounds, potion of lesser restoration, potion of protection from good; Other Gear mwk chainmail, mwk greataxe, mwk sling with 10 bullets, climber's kit, 250 gp


Tony "Backbreaker" Delgato
Human monk 7
LN Medium humanoid (human)

Init +5; Senses Perception +11

AC 20, touch 16, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +1 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 monk, +3 Wis)

hp 45 (7d8+10)
Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +9; +2 vs. enchantments
Defensive Abilities evasion; Immune disease

Speed 50 ft.

Melee unarmed strike +10 (1d8+4) or mwk sai +10 (1d4+4) or unarmed strike flurry of blows +10/+10/+5 (1d8+4)

Ranged dagger +6 (1d4+4/19–20)

Special Attacks flurry of blows, stunning fist (7/day, DC 16)

Str 18, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8

Base Atk +5; CMB +11; CMD 25

Feats Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Scorpion Style, Step Up, Stunning Fist, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike)

Skills Acrobatics +10 (+25 when jumping), Climb +9, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (history) +5, Knowledge (local) +3, Knowledge (religion) +6, Perception +11, Perform (percussion) +6, Sense Motive +13, Swim +10

Languages Common

SQ fast movement, high jump, ki pool (6 points, magic), maneuver training, purity of body, slow fall 30 ft., wholeness of body

Combat Gearpotions of cure light wounds (2), potions of mage armor (2), potions of magic weapon (2); Other Gear dagger, masterwork sai, belt of giant strength +2, cloak of resistance +1, 395 gp


Boss Shan Tanaka
Half-orc sorcerer 10
CE Medium humanoid (human, orc)

Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7

AC 19, touch 12, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +1 deflection, +1 Dex, +3 natural)

hp 82 (10d6+45)

Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +7

Defensive Abilities orc ferocity; DR 10/adamantine; Resist acid 10

Speed 30 ft.

Melee mwk greataxe +8 (1d12+3/×3) or 2 claws +7 (1d6+2)

Special Attacks breath weapon (60-foot line, 10d6 acid, DC 20, 1/day), claws (2, 1d6+2, treated as magic weapons, 7 rounds/day)

Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 10th; concentration +15)

5th (4/day)—cloudkill (DC 20)

4th (6/day)—fear (DC 19), shout (DC 21), stoneskin

3rd (7/day)—fireball (DC 20), fly, rage, Daylight

2nd (7/day)—acid arrow, bull's strength, false life, resist energy, scorching ray

1st (8/day)—burning hands (DC 18), endure elements, mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement (DC 16), shield

0 (at will)—acid splash, arcane mark, bleed (DC 15), detect magic, flare (DC 17), ray of frost, read magic, resistance, touch of fatigue (DC 15)

Bloodline draconic (black)


Str 14, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 20

Base Atk +5; CMB +7; CMD 19

Feats Combat Casting, Eschew Materials, Great Fortitude, Greater Spell Focus (evocation), Improved Initiative, Quicken Spell, Spell Focus (evocation)

Skills: Fly +9, Intimidate +15, Linguistics +1, Perception +7, Spellcraft +7

Languages: Common, Draconic, Orc

SQ: bloodline arcana (acid spells deal +1 damage per die), orc blood, weapon familiarity

Combat Gear: potion of cure serious wounds, wand of acid arrow (15 charges); Other Gear masterwork greataxe, amulet of natural armor +1, cloak of resistance +1, headband of alluring charisma +2, ring of protection +1, signet ring, diamond dust (worth 500 gp), 825 gp

Quick note: I dropped her stinking cloud to get the daylight spell.

Absalom; The Puddles district. The moon has barely revealed itself, and already the criminal scum are trying to move their product into the city. MY CITY. As I stand on the warehouse peering down onto the tableau below, I command my invisible servants to get into position. I watch as, one by one, they begin to snuff out the distant lights, drawing the outside darkness within. The workers below chat amicably as they unload what appear to be muskets from the nation of Alkenstar, along with several barrels of what I can only assume is gunpowder. Once the outer torches are taken care of, I drop soundlessly on the floor below and begin making my way to intersect with the first of the guards, a half-orc that belongs to the skullcracker tribe. These mercenaries allow their anger to control them, in exchange for growing stronger and tougher. As the first guard rounds the corner alone, I strike, snatching him into the shadows and knocking him deftly unconscious with a single blow. Looking around, no one appears to have noticed my attack. Good. If I'm lucky, I will be able to take out the guards and then destroy the weapons. If not then I will get the satisfaction that I receive when I watch scum like this break and run screaming into the night.

Combat Round One:

Before arriving, I used several charges from my wand of unseen servant, commanding them to move into the warehouse and begin putting out torches, then to collect water in containers and wait for me to shout "NOW" before using the water to put out the torches that are being carried. I move into position and use pull into shadows to drag him in between the shelves that I am using Hide in Plain Sight to hide in. My stealth result is a 32, and the mook gets a 16, leaving him unaware of me. I move up and make my move, getting a 24 to hit, which hits, and dealing him 32 points of non lethal damage and giving me a free intimidate check. I get a 33 on my intimidate check, meaning that he is shaken for 5 rounds and i deal him 12.5 non-lethal damage from being scared witless. When combined with the 32 points from earlier is more than enough to drop him (and deal him some lethal damage; serves him right for being criminal scum!). I then gag him and tie him up and stuff him into a crate. Now I am ready to deal with the next target.

Shaking my head to clear it, I notice that there is someone calling out, most likely for the sentry that I just took care of. I finish stuffing him into a crate after binding and gagging him, and then move on mister talkative. I wait until he send the others searching through the warehouse and for him to call out again, only to cut him off midsentence with a blow to the back of his head. I leave him there for his friends to find and wait for the others to head back. It is then that I notice that there are lights in the office. I need to finish this up quickly if I am to catch the ringleaders in the act.

Combat Round Two:

I ready an action to speak the command word for my wand to summon another unseen servant and then ready another action the next round to command it to move away from me and make noise. It does so, which draws off the other four orcs. I stealth up to the smart one and ready an action to attack him in the middle of his sentence so that I can scare the other orcs. (the stealth, perception, attack, intimidate, and damage rolls are all the same, so don't need to be repeated.) I leave him there for his friends and move to my next phase.

Rushing back to their friend, they find him bruised and bleeding from the nose. I use the opportunity to make my way back outside and scale the roof using the rope I secured there earlier. Once back on the roof, I scoot back from the window and then go crashing in. All of the mooks look up at me as I land. I look each of them in the eye, then laugh and say "You fools thought to bring weapons into MY city. It's time to pay for your sins." I see the thing I love most in the world: Each of them breaks eye contact, trying to look anywhere by at me, then each, almost in unison, roar and charge at me. Punks never learn. As they begin to charge, I shout "NOW!" and the building descends into darkness. I know, however, that these thugs can see just fine in the darkness.

Combat Round Three:

I use the distraction to make my way back to the roof, and then use the surprise round to come crashing in. Getting a 15 initiative to their 11, I use a full round action to use dazzling display, giving them the shaken condition for 5 rounds and dealing them 12.5 damage, thanks to twisting fear. The barbarians then rage and charge me.

The first couple of thugs to charge me get in the way of the others, who growl and begin moving to try and attack my sides. Neither attack connects, but both leave furrows in the ground where I was standing mere moments before. I Roll under the first orc's legs, forearm lashing out as I do and catching him squarely in the genitals and pretty well determining that he won't be trying to rape any women for a while. the crunching sound is glorious. I then roll away from them and let the darkness cloak me, while the stumble around trying to find me. I also see the door upstairs open and a pair of humans begin making their way down to the floor of the warehouse. The man is clearly the woman's bodyguard, staying in front of her while scanning the room to look for me. He does not, however, appear to be able to see in the dark. The red bandana and monk's outfit that he wears clearly mark him as Tony Delgato, a man whose street name is Backbreaker, so named for his signature move. The Half-Orc moving behind him with sensuality, grace, and anger must surely be Boss Shan Tanaka, an up-and-coming member of the Kinkaid Brothers smuggling ring. I had been looking for these two for a while now, and taking them out would leave the Kinkaid's organization open for infiltration. I allowed the woman to begin talking in an authorative voice while I moved into position, Dropping another of the orcs on along the way and leaving him where he fell as a reminder to the others that I am still here, patiently waiting.

combat round four:

All of the orcs attempt to charge me, but the first three get in the way of the last one, who moves to get into position. All three charge attacks miss with an attack roll of 19 (they break even on the charge bonus to hit and the shaken penalty). On my turn, I use Up Close and Personal to tumble through the square of one closest to the shelves and succeed with a 28. I use my swift action to hit him with an unarmed strike, which drops him, and then finish my movement and hide in plain sight, getting a 32 on my stealth check. at this point, the boss and her henchman join the fray at the end of the combat round. I spend my next round moving into position, using up close and personal plus move and hide to drop another mook, leaving 2 mooks. I then move and Hide in plain sight again, getting a 32 and becoming hidden from all targets.

After shouting orders, Tanaka calls forth magical light, where she is immediately hit with water from several locations, making her sputter. It does not, however, help me, as I am now visible while next to her. Her bodyguard moves into position on me, and begins a series of punches meant to drive me back. I parry and dodge while maintaining my positioning, which is not as easy as it sounds. I roll under one of his slower punches and hit him while i go by, making my way to the shadows in an attempt to draw him into chasing me.

The moron actually follows me! I give him several moments to realize that he was mistaken before showing myself to him again, right before my foot connects with his face.

combat round 5:

Backbreaker moves up and flurries me, getting a 21/21/16 to hit, which misses with all 3 attacks. I give him the ole' up close and personal, tumbling through his square and then intimidating him with a 33 vs. his dc of 20. I hit him and deal him a solid 44.5 damage (which is .5 shy of his hp cap, btw) and the move back into the darkness and disappear with a 33 stealth. I let him move up to where he saw me go, and then I tumble through his square dropping him with a good amount of actual lethal damage.

this just leaves the sorcerer and the two mooks at this point. Also i thought it would be hilarious if the unseen servants threw water on her because they were following my last command.

Having dealt with the bodyguard, now it was time to deal with the boss lady herself. I pick off her remaining thugs, while she runs, taking that beautiful, easy-as-hell-to-track light with her. As the last Half-Orc drops, I take off after her, Bringing myself up short as she wheels on me and casts the spell that all wizards seem to know: a bead of red speeds towards me and I roll, which helps to put out the fire and keep me moving after her as she begins to start running again. It doesn't take much to catch her and leaping punch her to get her to stop moving.

combat round 6:

I spend another couple of rounds taking out the guards while she buffs, and then she runs, trying to get away. She has to slow up some when she hits some of the rather twisting streets of the docks area, and that's where she throws a fireball at me. I make the reflex save and take 17.5 damage. She then keeps moves away from me. I move up to her and then use up close and personal to tumble through her square and hit her as I go by, dealing her 44.5 damage and making her shaken for 3 rounds.

She now begins unleashing her magic on me, in the middle of the streets: two beams of fire nearly hit me but i manage to dodge at the last second. She swears and makes to start running again, but I'm on her before she can even scream. I roll under her legs and hit her again. As she's falling, I remind her that she never should have come to my town. I then drag her off to ask her some "pointed" questions about the infrastructure of the Kinkaid Brothers' organization. Should make for an interesting night.

combat round 7:

As you might have guessed by now, she misses me thanks to the shaken condition and I use up close and personal to topple her for another 44.5 damage. And that's the combat.

So I've been thinking about the vigilante, and I realized that you can make a pretty interesting character who only uses the social persona, and keeps the vigilante side in reserve for when your social persona is wanted by the guards, or has developed a particular fanatic enemy.

What would playing a social vigilante in a dungeon setting do for me? Why not just play an expert class?

Good question. What are the benefits that I would get for the most part with sticking with my social identity? Looking at the class features (broken down by specialty for ease), you would have the following:

Full bab, 6+ skills, light and medium armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple and martial weapon proficiency. Avenger is actually one of the easiest specializations to play in social mode, because they can get a bevy of feats and can operate as both the front line character and the face character. This type of character could be best represented as a mercenary, or perhaps a city guard/militiaman.

3/4ths bab, first level casting (minimum), light and medium armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple and martial weapons.

Focusing either on casting, or away from mystic bolt would leave you with the following talents: social simulacrum, tattoo chamber, bombs, educated defense, elemental battle armor, arcane striker, bond of blood, concealed casting, and signature spell. This type of character would be well represented as a "eldritch knight" or perhaps battlemage type of character (i.e. someone who casts some spells, but in armor). Alternately, you could represent yourself as an alchemist.

3/4ths bab, hidden strike, light and medium armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple and martial weapons.

Much like the avenger, the stalker does fairly well just sticking to the social persona. Hidden strike scales regardless of persona, and you could easily make a case for most of the stalker talents being "lucky rolls" or hitting distracted opponents. This type of character would be well represented as a member of the thieve's guild who is good at hit and run tactics, or a professional wilderness/military scout.

3/4ths bab, first level casting (minimum), light and medium armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple and martial weapons.

You could work most abilities from the zealot into your social persona (especially if you claimed to be a lay priest or gifted follower). Focusing on the powers of your divine source would give you a character who could claim distant relation to one of the gods, or the elder fey of the first world.

As to why you would want to do so, I would say that this character could make a good change of pace character, one who has hidden depths of power that he only draws on when things are truly desperate.

Social talents that would work well with this setup:
Social Grace: This talent is pretty good. For about half the level span, you get a free skill focus feat with a a few different skills, as long as they are mental skills. Feign innocence and subjective truth are great for dealing with magical truth detection, and safehouse gives you a great place to rest in your vigilante persona, away from prying eyes and inquisitive minds.

I am aware that several of these talents require renown.

Would this even be viable?
I certainly think it could be. You get good weapon and armor choices, and have the potential to leverage your skills to great effect. splashing casting or hidden strike gives you something a bit different to throw at your opponents, and the startling/frightening/stunning appearance can be fairly devastating if you take the time to set them up.

Thread number two of four planned to take a look at how I would build a zealot.

Spoilering build by level to keep things neat. Without further ado, I give you the Fist of God:

Level 1:

The Fist of God
Half-Orc Vigilante 1
TN (Social)/NG (Vigilante)

Str 16
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 16

HP 12
AC 17 T 10 FF 10
BAB 0 CMB +3 CMD 13
Fort +4
Ref +4
Will +4

Speed 20'

Class Features:
Dual identity, social grace (Disguise), vigilante specialization (Zealot)

Intimidate r1 +7
Diplomacy r1 +7
Disguise r1 +7 (31 in Social)
Bluff r1 +7
Knowledge (Religion) r1 +4
Stealth r1 +4/-3


Fate's Favored
Sacred Conduit

Alternate Racial Traits:
Sacred Tattoo
Shaman's Apprentice

Heavy Wood Shield

Spells/day: -/2

0: Brand, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance
1: Divine Favor, Cure Light Wounds, Tireless Pursuit

Longsword: +3 to hit; 1d8+3 damage; 19-20/x2 crit.

Pretty much the same as any divine caster, except that 6+ skills don't exactly hurt, and the bonus to reflex saves is interesting as well.

level 5:

The Fist of God
Half-Orc Vigilante 5
TN (Social)/NG (Vigilante)

Str 17
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 16

HP 48
AC 22 T 12 FF 22
BAB 3 CMB +6 CMD 18
Init 0
Fort +5
Ref +6
Will +6

Speed 20'

Class Features:
Dual identity, social grace (Disguise), vigilante specialization (Zealot), Renown (lesser), Startling Appearance, Vigilante Talents: Life Bond (4/day), Channel Energy (DC 18; 1d6; 7/day)

Intimidate r5 +11 (+15 within 5 miles of my area of renown)
Diplomacy r5 +11
Disguise r5 +11 (35 in Social)
Bluff r5 +11
Knowledge (Religion) r5 +8
Stealth r5 +8/4

Improved Channel

Fate's Favored
Sacred Conduit

Alternate Racial Traits:
Sacred Tattoo
Shaman's Apprentice

+1 Breastplate (1350 gp)
+1 Heavy Wood Shield (1157 gp)
+1 Longsword (2315 gp)
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier (5000 gp)
178 gp

Spells/day: -/2

0: Brand, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Acid Splash
1: Divine Favor, Cure Light Wounds, Tireless Pursuit, Wrath

Longsword: +6 to hit; 1d8+4 damage; 19-20/x2 crit.

Okay, so I could have gone spellcasting, but I decided to delay it a bit to get channeling instead. His DC is pretty good, and only going to get better in his level 10 iteration. Right now, he's on par with a tanky cleric. His saves are not horrible.

Level 10:

The Fist of God
Half-Orc Vigilante 10
TN (Social)/NG (Vigilante)

Str 18/20
Dex 10
Con 14/16
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 16/20

HP 103
AC 28 T 13 FF 28
BAB 7 CMB +12 CMD 25
Init 0
Fort +9
Ref +10
Will +10

Speed 20'

Class Features:
Dual identity, social grace (Disguise, Bluff, Intimidate), vigilante specialization (Zealot), Renown (Greater), Startling Appearance, Loyal Aid, Many Guises, Vigilante Talents: Life Bond (4/day), Channel Energy (DC 26; 3d6; 9/day), Empower Symbol, Divine Training II, Divine Training III

Intimidate r10 +18 (22 in social; +24 within 10 miles of my area of renown)
Diplomacy r10 +18
Disguise r10 +18 (42 in social; +38 with many guises)
Bluff r10 +18 (22 in social)
Knowledge (Religion) r10 +13
Stealth r10 +13/7

Improved Channel
Selective Channel
Heavy Armor Proficiency

Fate's Favored
Sacred Conduit

Alternate Racial Traits:
Sacred Tattoo
Shaman's Apprentice

+2 Fullplate (5650 gp)
+2 Channeling Heavy Wood Shield (22,157 gp)
+1 Greyflame Longsword (8315 gp)
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier (5000 gp)
+1 Ring of Protection (2000 gp)
+1 Cloak of Resistance (1000 gp)
+2 Belt of Physical Might (Str/Con) (10,000 gp)
+4 Headband of Charisma (16,000 gp)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750 gp)
128 gp

Spells/day: -/6/5/2

0: Brand, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Acid Splash
1: Divine Favor, Cure Light Wounds, Tireless Pursuit, Wrath, Bless
2: Cure Moderate Wounds, Follow Aura, Honeyed Tongue, Align Weapon, Perceive Cues
3: Cure Serious Wounds, Hidden Speech, Heroism, Invisibility Purge

Longsword: +13/8 to hit; 1d8+6 damage; 19-20/x2 crit.

Empower symbol adds 6 to my channel DC (I wonder now if I shouldn't go with negative channeling on this build). More spells don't suck. Continues to have good, well-rounded saves, even with two of the three stats for those saves being a 10. Fullplate gives me a pretty good ac for my level.

Level 15:

The Fist of God
Half-Orc Vigilante 15
TN (Social)/NG (Vigilante)

Str 18/20
Dex 10
Con 14/16
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 17/21

HP 153 DR 3/-
AC 36 T 15 FF 36
BAB 11 CMB +16 CMD 31
Init 0
Fort +13
Ref +14
Will +14

Speed 30'

Class Features:
Dual identity, social grace (Disguise, Intimidate, Bluff, Diplomacy), vigilante specialization (Zealot), Renown (True), Frightening Appearance, Loyal Aid, Many Guises, Quick Change, Vigilante Talents: Life Bond (6/day), Channel Energy (DC 31; 6d6; 11/day), Empower Symbol, Divine Training II, Divine Training III, Revivifying Touch, Stalwart

Intimidate r15 +23 (27 in social; 31 within 15 miles of my area of renown)
Diplomacy r15 +23 (+27 in social)
Disguise r15 +23 (+47 in social; +43 with many guises)
Bluff r15 +23 (+27 in social)
Knowledge (Religion) r15 +18
Stealth r15 +18

Improved Channel
Extra Channel
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Weapon Focus (Longsword)
Selective Channel

Fate's Favored
Sacred Conduit

Alternate Racial Traits:
Sacred Tattoo
Shaman's Apprentice

+5 Adamantine Fullplate (41,500 gp)
+5 Channeling Mithral Heavy Shield (44,565 gp)
+5 Greyflame Adamantine Longsword (75,015 gp)
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier (5000 gp)
+3 Ring of Protection (18,000 gp)
+3 Cloak of Resistance (9000 gp)
+2 Belt of Physical Might (Str/Con) (10,000 gp)
+4 Headband of Charisma (16,000 gp)
Ring of Protected Life (9000 gp)
Boots of Striding and Springing (5500 gp)
6420 gp

Spells/day: -/6/5/2

0: Brand, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Acid Splash
1: Divine Favor, Cure Light Wounds, Tireless Pursuit, Wrath, Bless
2: Cure Moderate Wounds, Follow Aura, Honeyed Tongue, Align Weapon, Perceive Cues
3: Cure Serious Wounds, Hidden Speech, Heroism, Invisibility Purge

Longsword: +22/17/12 to hit; 1d8+10 damage; 19-20/x2 crit.

Pretty solid in the tanky department. Revivifying touch gives me 2 breath of lifes a day. My channeling finally gets solid (although I initially had quick channel, I decided that Antagonize was a better feat for what I was trying to do).

Level 20:

The Fist of God
Half-Orc Vigilante 20
TN (Social)/NG (Vigilante)

Str 22/28
Dex 10
Con 18/24
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 24/30

HP 283 DR 3/-
AC 39 T 18 FF 39
BAB 15 CMB +24 CMD 41
Init +2
Fort +20
Ref +19
Will +19

Speed 30'

Class Features:
Dual identity, social grace (Disguise, Intimidate, Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge: Religion), vigilante specialization (Zealot), Renown (True), Stunning Appearance, Loyal Aid, Many Guises, Quick Change, Everyman, Vengeance Strike, Vigilante Talents: Life Bond (6/day), Channel Energy (DC 39; 8d6; 15/day), Empower Symbol, Divine Training II, Divine Training III, Revivifying Touch, Stalwart, Divine Training IV, Divine Training V, Divine Training VI

Intimidate r20 +35 (39 in Social; +43 within 20 miles of my area of renown)
Diplomacy r20 +35 (39 in Social)
Disguise r20 +35 (59 in Social; 55 with many guises)
Bluff r20 +35 (39 in Social)
Knowledge (Religion) r20 +25 (29 in Social)
Stealth r20 +38/33
Untrained 2 + stat

Improved Channel
Extra Channel
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Weapon Focus (Longsword)
Quick Channel
Selective Channel
Tenacious Survivor
Deathless Initiate

Fate's Favored
Sacred Conduit

Alternate Racial Traits:
Sacred Tattoo
Shaman's Apprentice

+5 Greater Shadow Adamantine Fullplate (75,250 gp)
+5 Channeling Mithral Heavy Shield (44,565 gp)
+5 Greyflame, Holy, Adamantine Longsword (131,015 gp)
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier (5000 gp)
+5 Ring of Protection (50,000 gp)
+5 Cloak of Resistance (25,000 gp)
+6 Belt of Physical Might (Str/Con) (90,000 gp)
+6 Headband of Charisma (36,000 gp)
Ring of Protected Life (9000 gp)
Boots of Striding and Springing (5500 gp)
Vestments of War (14,000 gp)
Luckstone (20,000 gp)
+4 strength Manual (used) (110,000 gp)
+4 Con Manual (Used) (110,000 gp)
+5 Charisma Tome (Used) (137500 gp)
Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone (5000 gp)
12170 gp

Spells/day: -/7/7/6/6/6/3

0: Brand, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Acid Splash, Sift
1: Divine Favor, Cure Light Wounds, Tireless Pursuit, Wrath, Bless, Burst Bonds
2: Cure Moderate Wounds, Follow Aura, Honeyed Tongue, Align Weapon, Perceive Cues, Confess
3: Cure Serious Wounds, Hidden Speech, Heroism, Invisibility Purge, Righteous Vigor, Ward the Faithful
4: Cure Critical Wounds, Coward's Lament, Freedom of Movement, Greater Invisibility, Rebuke, Divine Power
5: Mass Cure Light Wounds, Disrupting Weapon, Resounding Blow, Righteous Might, True Seeing
6: Cleanse, Heal, Mass Cure Moderate Wounds, Harm, Blade Barrier

Longsword: +30/25/20 to hit; 1d8+14 damage; 19-20/x2 crit.

By this point, he's a pretty amazing tank. Solid AC and saves (well, except for his touch AC), Good skills, and good spellcasting mean that he's as offensive or defensive as he needs to be. I considered not taking divine training 6, but heal was too tempting a target to pass up. His channeling will almost never be resisted, and it is pretty good for spot healing.

Overall thoughts: the Zealot falls somewhere between paladin and cleric in terms of play style. He tools fairly easily into the tank role, and could play healer in any group. Empower symbol is one of his more powerful abilities (consecrate being a spell that is overlooked more often than not imo), and being able to have a permanent area of it is stellar. I imagine that a character that I would build for negative channeling would look almost identical, and would have a decent and almost unresistable ranged offense capability.

So, I wanted to give building a Stalker a go, starting at level 1 and going to 5, 10, 15, and 20. I'm going to spoiler each of the levels as character builds can get quite long, followed by my thoughts on the character at that level. So without further ado, meet The Protector:

Level 1:

The protector
Human Vigilante 1

str 10
dex 16
con 14
int 14
wis 10
cha 14

hp 11
ac 17 t13 ff 14
bab 0 cmb +3 cmd 13
init +3
fort +2
ref +5
will +3

speed 30'

acrobatics r1 +7
stealth r1 +7
climb r1 +4
perception r1 +4
sense motive r1 +4
Bluff r1 +6
Disguise r1 +6/26
knowledge: Local, History r1 +6
UMD r1 +6

Fast Learner
Weapon Finesse

Chain Shirt

Cestus: +3 to hit; 1d3+0

Class Features:
Dual Identity, Social Grace (Bluff), Vigilante Specialization (Stalker)

At level 1 he suffers the same problem that a lot of 3/4ths bab classes do: namely, bonus to hit. I went with Fast Learner because it's an awesome feat.

Level 5:

hp 43
ac 20 t13 ff 17
bab 3 cmb +6 cmd 16
init +3
fort +4
ref +8
will +5

speed 30'

acrobatics r5 +11
stealth r5 +11
climb r5 +8
perception r5 +10
sense motive r5 +8
Bluff r5 +10
Disguise r5 +10/30
knowledge: All r1 +6
UMD r5 +10

Untrained Skills: 2 + stat.

Fast Learner
Weapon Finesse
Improved Unarmed Strike

+1 Brawling Mithral Chain Shirt (5100 gp)
+1 Cloak of Resistance (1000 gp)
+1 Buckler (1,155 gp)
Handy Haversack (2,000 gp)

Unarmed: +8 to hit; 1d3+2

Class Features:
Dual Identity, Social Grace (Bluff), Vigilante Specialization (Stalker), Renown (Lesser), Startling Appearance, Vigilante Talent: Shadow's Sight, Up Close and Personal

Thoughts: I know that I am currently building subpar by going unarmed strike, but I believe the payoff will be worth it in the long run, plus it meets my vision of a punchy pulp hero.

Level 10:

The protector
Human Vigilante 10

str 10
dex 18/20
con 14/16
int 14/16
wis 10
cha 14/16

hp 103
ac 24 t 15 ff 19
bab 7 cmb +12 cmd 22
init +5
fort +9
ref +15
will +10

speed 30'

acrobatics r10 +18
stealth r10 +18
climb r10 +13
perception r10 +13
sense motive r10 +13
Bluff r10 +16
Disguise r10 +16/36
knowledge: Geography, History, Nobility r2 +7
knowledge: Planes, Arcana, Nature, Dungeoneering, Religion r3 +8
Knowledge: Engineering, Local r2 +10
UMD r10 +16

Untrained 2 + stat

Fast Learner
Weapon Finesse
Improved Unarmed Strike

+3 Brawling Mithral Chain Shirt (17100 gp)
+3 Cloak of Resistance (9000 gp)
Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists (4000 gp)
Ring of Force Shield (8500 gp)
+2 Belt of Physical Might (dex/con) (10,000 gp)
+2 Headband of Mental Prowess (int/cha) (10,000 gp)
Sleeves of Many Garments (200 gp)
+1 Ring of Protection (2000 gp)
1200 gp

Unarmed: +12/7 to hit; 1d3+7

Class Features:
Dual Identity, Social Grace (Bluff, UMD), Vigilante Specialization (Stalker), Renown (Greater), Startling Appearance, Loyal Aid, Many Guises, Vigilante Talent: Shadow's Sight, Up Close and Personal, Pull into Shadows, Perfect Vulnerability, Mighty Ambush

At this point, The Protector has really come into his own: He can snatch people around using a combination of Pull into shadows, perfect vulnerability, and mighty ambush. His social persona can activate wands, which fits with his background (he got thrown out of wizard school for having relations with a teacher). The primary problem I see with him is that he can't deal with flyers. Will have to correct that in his level 15 iteration.

Level 15 and 20 to come...

So for our Emerald Spire group (which is, ironically enough, playing superheroes) I decided to take a break from playing Power Fist (a.k.a. Carl Lucas) to give the Vigilante a try (with my GM's okay naturally). I did a Warlock this last session, and am going to have the character shuffle around for our next session to be a stalker instead. So here is a quick rundown of my warlock build, and my thoughts from having given him a play through:

Warlock Vigilante level 9:

Stats (including Gear): Str 10, dex 22, con 14, int 14, wis 10, cha 14; hp 75, Ac 26; Talents: Concealed casting, Arcane training II, III, Mystic Bolt (Electricity); Mystic Bolt: +12 to hit, 1d6 +10 damage, x2 crit. While I was originally going to do a mostly casterless build, I wanted flight to complete my theme (loosely based off of shazam/captain marvel), so I went casting. Had I gone non-casting focused, I would have taken tattoo chamber, educated defense, and elemental battle armor instead.

Putting the story here as I am going to be veering into spoiler territory:

Our group (normally consisting of a brawler/inquisitor, brawler/investigator, and a fighter (archer archetype)) made our way back down into the emerald spire to continue clearing out the fire level, where our first combat was a pair of Magma dragons. one of the dragons had moved down to engage our group with his breath weapon, while the other was fighting our tanky investigator (based on batman) who had leapt across some lava and moved to the higher part of the cavern we found ourselves in. On my first action, I hit with both of my mystic bolts (one of which was a crit), dealing mid 40's in damage. Off to a good start. Our archer finished the dragon while we made our way across the secured rope over the lava to help batman engage the second dragon. On my next turn I cast fly on myself and moved up, grabbing our newest member (a character based on deathstroke) and on my next round delivered him into the flank on the dragon (which like most things our group made short work of). After dealing with an interesting "wall", we proceeded down to the next level. On the way down, we encountered some of our reoccurring villains, most of whom got away, but we did manage to catch one of them. We then hit the floor with the cultist of the king in yellow. First up, clockwork soldiers. Even without precise shot, I almost never missed a single shot (I believe I only missed one in that fight, and it was for the most part the theme of the evening). Dispatching the robots, we turned our attention to figuring out what was going on in this area.

Our next fight was with a pair of weird statue creatures, who had gaze attacks and SR. After watching one of my party members get stunned, I decided to close my eyes and make melee attacks with my mystic bolts. The combination of miss chance and SR meant that I was only hitting with 50% of my attacks. Even then, I managed to tank one solo....right up to the moment at which I died (since I was losing 7 points of ac, it made them really able to hit me. I did actually die, but then a quick use of first aid gloves got me back on my feet.

Our next fight was the boss room, and that's where things got...interesting. Having gathered that she was a caster and using gloves of recon. to look in and get a description on her (she was described as being wrapped in bandages), we sent in batman with silence cast on him. This ended up being crucial, as she was indeed a heavy caster. In addition to hitting her with a disrupt undead (take that mummy!) I also managed to hit her with pretty much every mystic bolt I threw at her, several with cover and firing into combat. that was pretty much where our session ended.

Assessment: Mystic bolt is rock solid. It has the potential to do more damage than kinetic blast or any of the arcanist's elemental attacks. I didn't hit anything with resistance to electricity during our stint (which would have relegated me to throwing alchemical items).

Concealed casting worked really well to prevent my allies (with the exception of batman) from knowing I was a caster.

I look forward to seeing how my stalker pans out...

It is the noise that wakes you first. fluctuating in and out like the cry of a great beast, you awake to find yourself not in the place that you went to sleep. You are laying on what appears to be a padded metal cot that is fit to your size and appears to be affixed to the wall. There is light coming from the ceiling of your room, but it is not constant. it appears to be flashing orange, red, and blue in equal measure.

As your head clears and you take stock of your situation, you realize that there are two different sounds: a wailing sound that is low and far away, and the sound of talking in a language that you do not recognize.

Please remember to post your initial posts in spoilers for now. Thanks!

Hello all,
Please sign in and if I could get you to put a url link in your class field of your avatar that links to your class, that would be awesome...I will have the first post up shortly.

Okay, as the high level game that I am currently running will be coming to a close shortly, I am currently performing an interest check for a new campaign. I'm still putting together ideas (since I have a bit of time), but I wanted to check and see if people would be interested in making characters using the following guidelines:

Attributes: focus and foible.

Race: any (although incredibly powerful races will probably take a level hit).

Level: 8

Alignment: I will be allowing some evil, but "arggh! I'm a monster!" types need not apply. You should be capable and inclined to work as a group, and if I think that your character is trying to skirt that, I will not pick you. [/rant]

Classes: You must pick a 3rd party class to app your character with (including psionics). The class you pick must be in the SRD (as I'll have to be able to look at it at work), but other than that, go nuts.

campaign background in a nutshell: Each of you is a prisoner on a ship in space. You don't know how you got here, but you are interested in returning home (obviously).

Campaign things of note: there will be no common language, so there might be some communication issues. There will be all sorts of critters floating around the ship, as whatever took you took a bunch of monsters as well. Each of you has come from a different world which has a common or trade tongue, but none of the "common" languages are the same. As part of your submission, I would like a brief synopsis of the world that you come from (to make things simple, no characters from the realms will be taken; this is my personal dislike of the setting for the most part). While I will accept submissions that use existing settings, I would prefer it if you created your own, as they will be easier to work into the story. Additionally, you must be from the prime material plane (to use the older edition vernacular). I will be using things from the technology guide, but they should not be something your character is familiar with (if you're playing a character like a tinker or machinesmith, the things in that book would be more like theory than anything that your world is currently capable of producing).

Gear: I will be assigning people gear as opposed to having them pick their own, as you will have limited access to things at the beginning. As a minor change to how the core pathfinder system works, no character will need tools to use their class features. I will expand on this more as/if I get interest/submissions.

That's about it from me. Recruitment will be open until 1 week after the end of my current high level game (I will make announcements when it becomes an issue). Assuming that I get at least 3 submissions, you can count on me running a game.

I should also add that as a I run a game, your character will most likely undergo some sort of metamorphosis (possibly changing classes, or in one extreme case in a game I ran, changing race and gender). It's not necessarily a given, but I firmly believe that actions have consequences (both good and bad), and if you stick your hand in the mutation goo, you're probably going to get mutated...

as far as posting commitment goes, I expect at least 1 post a day during the weekdays, and weekend posts are good, but not mandatory.

Grilka Longshadow (female half-orc ranger)

STR 1d8 []+1 []+2 []+3 Melee +2
DEX 1d8 []+1 []+2 []+3
CON 1d8 []+1 []+2 Fortitude +2
INT 1d6 []+1 []+2
WIS 1d8 []+1 []+2 []+3 Divine +1, Survival +2
CHA 1d6 []+1 []+2

Cards: (Favored Card Type: Weapon)
Weapon 3 []4 []5
Spell 1 []2
Armor 2 []3
Item 3 []4 []5
Ally 3 []4 []5
Blessing 3 []4 []5

Powers: (Hand Size: 5 []6) Weapons [x] Light Armor [x] Heavy Armor []
*You may discard ([]or recharge) a melee weapon when making a combat check to add the non-attribute bonus die to you combat check, as if you were not playing a weapon.

*You may ignore start ([]or end) of turn effects created by a location.

(Hand Size: 5 []6) Weapons [x] Light Armor [x] Heavy Armor []
*You may discard ([]or recharge) a melee weapon when making a combat check to add the non-attribute bonus die to you combat check, as if you were not playing a weapon.

*You may ignore start ([]or end) of turn effects created by a location.

*you may not play two-handed weapons.

[]If you succeed on a combat check, you may immediately explore again.

[]When you encounter a bane on your turn, if it is a monster, you may discard ([]or recharge) a weapon card to lower the difficulty of that bane by 1d6 []+1 []+2.

[]When you discard a weapon to play it, you may immediately draw a card.

[]You may add 2 []4 to your check to acquire a weapon.

(Hand Size: 5 []6 []7) Weapons [x] Light Armor [x] Heavy Armor []
*You may discard ([]or recharge) a melee weapon when making a combat check to add the non-attribute bonus die to you combat check, as if you were not playing a weapon.

*You may ignore start ([]or end) of turn effects created by a location.

*you may not play one-handed weapons

[]When you play allies with the animal trait, you may recharge them instead of discarding them.

[]You may recharge weapons instead of discarding them ([]or place them on top of your deck).

[]You may discard ([]or recharge) an ally with the animal trait to add 1d6 (with the magic trait) to your check to defeat a bane.

[]You gain Ranged: Dexterity +1 []+2.

While mostly designed as a two-weapon fighter, I thought putting together a version of a mounted combat character could be interesting. His horselord role has several powers related to animals, and his tempest role is completely geared towards rapid, flowing combat. As always, I welcome suggestions, questions, and comments!

As the topic implies, I'm curious what cards people use a lot of, and will be missed without them being included in the next set.

To start things off, I'm going to put swipe, mokmuran's club, and the staff of heaven and earth on my list.

Swipe is imo the best combat card in the game, mainly because of it's versatility. lowering a combat check and giving you decent dice are really nice, but adding auto acquire into the same package rockets it ahead of other combat spells, even ones that do more damage. plus, it's both divine and arcane.

Mokmuran's club is amazing: you get 1d10 base, but instead of recharging or discarding it, you get to discard another card to add another d10. all good things, but the real kicker is that it heals you when you hit things with it. Every character I've played that uses melee weapons has used it almost exclusively as a melee weapon.

Finally, The Staff of Heaven and Earth. I play it for one reason, and one reason alone: the ability to discard a spell to bypass any barrier. Imo, if you're caster, you should be using this card over masterwork tools, as it's not limited to bypassing only difficulty 14 or lower barriers.

So, that's my $.02. What do you guys think?

I'm reopening recruitment for my game, which is currently ongoing. I'm looking for 2-3 people who can post regularly during the week (at least once or twice a day), but weekends less frequently. The best way to find out what my game is about is to read the game info tab, which contains quite a bit of commonly known information. If selected, you would be joining the campaign after the current mission, which should give you some time to build a good character.

Character Creation:
20 point buy, starting level 4. You get extra skill points and other goodies for good backstory and roleplaying. 1 extra feat at 1st level. No traits whatsoever.
no psionics are allowed. third party content might be considered, but a solid backstory would be required before it would be allowed. playtest classes are a go.

As you are looking at classes, you should know the following:
the art of practicing divining magic is, while not forbidden, looked down upon as a violation of someone's freedom. likewise, bards are viewed as parasites who don't add anything useful to society.

the following are acceptable races:
half-elf (half elves are part elf and either part dwarf or part orc; traditional half-elves are put to death as abominations, in addition to the parents), orc, dwarf, goblin, kobold, hobgoblin, ogre (ogre characters would start at 3rd level), half-orc (half orcs are part orc and either part dwarf or part elf; traditional half-orcs are put to death as abominations, in addition to the parents). other races might be considered, but would be on a case-by-case basis, and would (depending on the race) most likely have a level adjustment (i.e. would start at a lower level).

Things you should know about The Convocation:

The horde, which in it's tongue (sylvan) is called The Convocation of The Wise (or simply, The Convocation), is lead by The Skyreaver, an immortal shape-changing hero of countless battles, who is known for his ability to control the weather and shape it to his will.

Made up mostly of the more "savage" races: Orcs, Ogres, Giants, and the occasional "other" thing, like dragons, the horde believes that Aeon is far too expansionist and isolationist; they take what they want from the land and ignore it's pleading. This, and the continual taking of slaves (amongst the horde, slavery is viewed as worse than murder, as the slaver is stealing the freedom and choice from their slaves) from the horde, most recently one of The Skyreaver's scions, an elf named Torauk.

after an emergency meeting with his councilers and the high priest of Auronis, The Skyreaver wisely determined that the only course was to destroy these defilers and heathens. Thus, the march to war.

Religiously, The Convocation is largely animistic/shamanistic; there has, however, been the recent introduction of the worship of Auronis, Lord of the sun and peerless warrior. Many have flocked to his doctrine of the responsibility of the strong to rule, and that the heretics of Aeon have turned their backs on the world around them, so consumed are they by their petty greed for power. The Church of Auronis is lead by a Worgen (Werebear) named Kathandrax.

While Kathandrax and The Skyreaver have not always seen eye-to-eye, in the war against Aeon they stand united.

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