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As the title suggests, I joined a game to playtest the APG classes, and I secured the witch spot. We managed to get through one combat before the end of the playtest, so my feedback might be a bit light, but I offer it none-the-less.

To start with my overview of the class, I felt like it pretty much played like any caster; the majority of what I did in our one combat was casting offensive spells, which functioned just as if I was playing, say, a sorcerer. Note that this isn't a complaint, just an observation.

For my specific character build, I went with Lesson of Snow as my first lesson, which gave me the Primal spell list. As far as Personal Blizzard goes, I think it's a bit overpowered, considering that it has no save or attack roll required; I get that there's almost no damage to it, but being able to force concealment on all of the target's target without fail is fairly powerful. My suggestion would be to make it either an attack roll, up the damage to d6's, keep the concealment as is, and make everything difficult terrain, not just the first square.

As far as Witch-specific class feats go, I think there is a good balance with one exception: I think you could do with a couple more feats that replace your familiar, like Wortwitch. I'd recommend a feat for Imps and Pseudodragons at the very least, as those seem to be popular options.

I'm going to give feedback on the other lessons for elements, since those are the ones that I looked at the longest:

Elemental Betrayal: I think the idea is really good, but I think that for a sustained spell, it should have 5 weakness base. It keeps the math nice and simple and provides good overall value.

Ice Tomb: To be honest, this is a rather underwhelming hex. It's effectively a damaging spell that slows a target and has a chance to encase someone in ice. In my opinion, I'd rather id skipped the damage but worked more like Flesh to Stone (which is feels like it's based on).

That's pretty much what I have in terms of feedback. I hope it helps, and look forward to the finished product!

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