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Ah, a tavern worth drinking at!

Zounds! This looks like the biggest collection of gutter scum I ever seen!

Why did you have to turn up, you great lout? I was about to die heroically, or else slay in mass combat the seven greatest sword-rats in all of Lankhmar Below!

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
. And the novella in the underground city where they are hired as bodyguards.

Quarmall is all ...

Lieber was my intro to comedic fantasy. I loved the fact that the characters were amoral and greedy, such a refreshing change of pace from the world-changing stuff Tolkien et al pumped out.

What ho!

Ogiva the Nightbinder wrote:

"What I am looking for is a book and in it is a seal, a symbol used long in the past. There is a woman, a cartographer named Jyssill the Farwalker and she has something I want. The problem is that she says she doesn't have it or she's misplaced it, but I know she has it as she will not sell it to me. I want you procure it for me, then I will be able help you somewhat in your task. If you're successful in acquiring this book, then I can spare the time to learn about this house and what secrets it once held."

The two sigh and Fafhrd speaks up

If that is what we need to do, then we shall. Come friend Mouser, let us see if we can uncover this tome.

The two depart to the cartographer's shop

The two mercenaries Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser enter the dimly-lit tavern.

"Now this is investigating I can get into! Barkeep! Some Ilithmarian wine if you please! Just leave the amphora on the bar."

He scatters a dozen silver coins from several distant realms across the bar surface

Tristan the Waif wrote:

What are Faf and Grey Mouser going to do next? I need to know. I also left something for Muulsh's player too.

LOL they all is me -Monkey

Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser watch bemusedly as the goblins flee, but do not follow. They stride up to Tristan and Lk.

"Ho urchin, did those vagabond sprites do you any lasting injury?" The seven-foot tall red-haired barbarian says in a deep voice

Aye! Reminds me of when we fought those magically-enlarged ratkin from Lankhmar Below during the Rat Seige of Lankhmar! Now those were cunning opponents!

Fafrhd and his diminutive companion fight back to back, using their sword skills and acrobatic training to create a net of ringing death about them. The five goblins try to get close, but get sliced to ribbons

Nailz the Backbitter wrote:
Missing, he backflips, but leaves an opening for opponents. LK gets the feeling the large goblin warrior is toying with him.[/i]

Fafhrd is quick to take advantage of any opening. He weilds his large greatsword with a surprising grace as he weaves a net of steel around the large goblin warrior

"Ho villian! Pups and tots are best left to their own devices! Come play with your peers!"

As the two heroes go out to discover what they can about this dark elf and the necklace, they come upon the goblin/Tristan/kiba fight

"What ho, creature? Would'st thou savage yon tot? Come, test your mettle on Graywand!"

Fafhrd unsheathes his greatsword, the ring of the steel echoing like a struck bell

Kiba wrote:

*As the Grey Mouser and Fafhrd are about overwhelmed by the Defective, a mass of tribbles followed by a large wolf-like human wielding a massive earthbreaker plow into their ranks, scattering them*
"Tis' a grand fight eh friends?"

The two heroes smile and make room for the large lycanthrope

Aye and welcome stranger! They cry in unison

The barbarian grins

As you wish Lady. I guess you are not here to take me to Valhalla?

Sighs and stands up

ONCE MORE MY BROTHER! He cries to The Grey Mouser, wading back into battle.

Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser advance on the armored brute


The red-haired barbarian shouts, striking with Graywand.

lynora-Jill wrote:

We can use all the help we can get! Welcome to the war! the priestess called down from the sky.

The large fellow grins and unsheathes his sword

My sword Greywand stands at your command, my lady! I am Fafhrd, Singing Skald of Cold Corner, late of the city of Lankhmar!

A large red-haired barbarian-looking fellow ports into the clubhouse area. He is dressed in fine leather armor, and carries a greatsword on his back. He looks to top seven feet.

What ho good people! A friend of mine said there was need of heroes?