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I love just about everything in the recent Blood of the Coven, but I am curious just what was the intended 8th level power for the Hag bloodrager bloodline on page 27?

I was wondering/hoping it might be something like the green hag's 'touch of weakness' power.

If the developer or someone else with an answer can respond here I'd appreciate it

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I got this one this morning, and all I can say for now is that if you were even slightly dissatisfied with the 'official' Shifter class, you want this. You may want it even if you love the official Shifter. It is AMAZING.

Much fuller review to come later!

I would like to know what are considered to be the best Paizo books for expanding on the Kineticist class. I have the Player's Companion and Campaign Setting book for Occult Adventures, but I remember there were some complaints about how the Void and Wood elements were presented. Were they ever re-done at all?

Thanks for any help.

Seeing as how Halloween will soon be upon us, and I've been going through some of my collection of horror films, I was wondering if anyone here had any personal favorite movies for the holiday?

Not a complete list and in no particular order:

1) The original Halloween: One of the first slashers, and it does a far better job of building suspense than many of its sequels. I'd go so far as to call it the last of the classic horror films rather than the first of the new, given the near-supernatural nature of the Shape. Really, everything about this movie seems perfect for a horror film.

2) The Bad Seed: No blood, no onscreen violence, it's all done very quietly and subtly, but man does this movie ever scare the crap out of you. Okay the ending is goofy as all get out; but did you want little Rhoda Penmark to get away free as a bird? And speaking of Rhoda, brr. Her actress did an amazing job of making her seem utterly normal one moment, and then a total monster the next, while keeping her a believable kid.

3) Son of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, House of Frankenstein, Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein, really all the Universal classics: I loved these as kids and I still do. For people of a certain age these were our introductions to cinematic horror, typically on something like 'Shock Theater with Dr. Shock' or the like. Thing is people tend to forget just how inventive these films were with their formula. Heck, the monsters won sometimes! We also tend to forget just how serious the first few films were,, like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man, which is an amazing film given it's 70-minute running time.

4) Nosferatu, A Symphony Of Horror: Dracula's first time on the big screen and still a classic. Orlock isn't a seductive or even darkly magnificent vampire, he's a human rodent, the spirit of plague incarnate. This film set the standard for vampire movies for decades afterwards for a reason.

5) Plan 9 From Outer Space: What's Halloween without this wonderful, awful film? Say what you will but this movie entertains people, if not in the way Ed Wood intended. Yes it's poorly shot. Yes the SFX look like they were done on a budget of ten cents. Yes there's poor old Bela Lugosi's last appearance. Even with all that Ed loved making movies and you can see that in this film.

6) The Legend of Boggy Creek: Another low-budget shocker from the drive-in circuit, and astoundingly well done considering the limits imposed by a near nonexistent budget. The last third to quarter of the film is especially chilling, when we see the monster terrorizing the families in their isolated house. I've been assured by old-school fans that the best way to watch this one is on a warm night, the top down on your convertible, and your car parked back against a swamp or wooded area with no idea what's going on behind you.

Any other suggestions for good scary flicks for Halloween?

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I've been reading a lot about the Big Easy of late, and of my favorite stretch of Avistan, the River Kingdoms. And I noticed that Gralton seems in some ways to be an awful lot like 18th-early 19th century New Orleans. Was this intentional?

I admit there are some big differences, like Gralton not being a major river port (or is it?) and a lack of voodoo, but the idea of a swampy city that is home to a lot of scheming exiled French I mean Galtan aristocrats and their filibuster mercenary sidekicks looking for loot, as well as a general lawless feel, carries a strong NO vibe to me.

I personally like to think there's some rougarou living in the nearby swamps as well as the Avistani version of the Cajuns, but that's just me.

Does anyone else see Gralton as being even slightly New Orleans inspired, and if not, would they say there's any city in the setting that is?

The man behind classics such as 'Poltergeist', 'Lifeforce', and the original 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' died just a day or so ago.

We're losing a lot of folks from 70's and 80's movies of late, aren't we? Mister Hooper, Romero, Haruo Nakajima, Carrie Fisher. And Adam West, though his heyday was more the 60's.

I also feel odd to remember that when I was growing up, TCM was "the" Unspeakable Gorefest among films. Yet when I finally saw it, it wasn't that gory. It worked to scare you, rather than just hurling a bucket full of pig intestines and blood at the camera and calling it a day.

Never thought I'd see the day when Texas Chainsaw Massacre could honestly be called tame.

What it says above. What would be a good 20-pt build for a Halfling legendary swashbuckler (as from the PDF of the same name from Legendary Games), who has the Mouser archetype and the Vagabond build?

I was figuring a build like:

STR:10 DEX:17 CON:14 INT:13 WIS:8 CHA:16

However, for feats -- the character gets Weapon Finesse free from swashbuckler, and Improved Dirty Trick free from the Vagabond persona and can take any feat that lists both Combat Expertise and Improved Dirty Trick.

But after that would it be better to go the Dodge-Mobility-Spring Attack route or to go with some of the racial feast from the ARG like Cautious Fighter (+2 Dodge when using fighting defensively or total defense) and Risky Striker (-1 to AC for +2 damage versus any opponent two or more size categories larger; extra +2 damage when BAB hits +4 and every 4 more afterwards)?

Just for those who don't already know, the Vagabond improves your flanking bonus and Mouser permits you to flank by yourself if you get in under the bigger opponent's feet/in their space. And when a Vagabond flanks they can inflict twice the usual precise strike damage.

Advice will be appreciated.

I recently got the Legacy of the First World book and am delighted with much of it, especially the shapeshifter sorcerer and bloodrager bloodlines.

I am thinking of creating a sorcerer with that bloodline, but I have a question: what would be some good feats for a spellcaster specializing in transmutation magic? I have some idea for the basics -- Spell Focus, Tenacious Transmutation, Spell Specialization (+2 caster level on all level-variable effects is great, and it stacks with metamagic feats), Extend Spell, etc., but what else?

Help would be appreciated.

Welp, got my copy. Glad it's finally out!

I may have to get this one for the information on Cyth-V'sug,, one of my favorite creepy demon lords.

And what "other famous blighted lands of the Inner Sea"?

I was reading about the gongorinan qlippoth in Bestiary 6 where it says that they can transform their victims into aberrations, animals, magical beasts, and vermin. I just had a few questions about it.

Just how high a CR can it make its transformed victims? I assume they can't make them a higher CR than themselves, but it doesn't say anything about it in the description.

Also, is it possible for it to turn people into animals with the mutant template? I ask that simply because animals feel like an odd choice for that list above. I suppose normal animals just don't feel as 'qlippothic' as aberrations or vermin.

Thanks for any help.

In the hopes I am not just causing trouble or a narc by doing this --

Right on this page, about five or six pictures down, I can see a rather familiar piece of artwork. Am I mistaken, or are they using art of one of the monsters from that Katapesh-set AP? Is that okay for random people to do online, or not?

Really, has any of the 3rd party publishers done anything with those rules from Ultimate Campaign? I've been looking at them again, and they have the potential to be rather fun.

But I would like to see if anyone has done things like give us ways to use the rules with, say, such normally kingdom-level terrain improvements as mines and sawmills and quarries. How much capital would you get from any of those? Things like that.

And if they haven't been touched yet, would anyone else want to see something be done with them?

Has anyone else read any of them? I've seen collections of the first six issues at my local bookstore, and they seem split pretty evenly between good and bad:

THE FLINTSTONES: Done as 'subversive social commentary' (ugh). Fred and Barney are shell-shocked war vets, Bedrock is racist against Neanderthals, and everyone's a lowlife. At the same time they keep the 'sapient animals as technology' from the original cartoon. Maybe it's just me, but lighthearted wacky stuff like that doesn't work well when you're trying to do SERIOUS. IMPORTANT. MESSAGE. STUFF.

WACKY RACELAND: Wacky Races meets Mad Max as the racers drive for the last place on Earth where a human could thrive if they win. The others will be left to die in this dark Mad Max–inspired hell. I could go on at vast length about how the various characters have been turned into utter swine, but really? Dick Dastardly is still a backstabbing, cheating, whiny, murderous creep who abandoned his wife and son to die (but he carries their rotting skulls around out of remorse), and he's the most moral of the characters. Literally everyone is a scumbag, the characterization is paper-thin, and in the end the whole race turns out to be meaningless. This lasted six issues and good riddance.

SCOOBY APOCALYPSE: The Scooby gang versus real monsters created when Velma, who's a mad scientist here, unleashes a nanotech plague that destroys human civilization by turning 90% of the population into monsters. It's far better than it sounds, with some of the best comic book characters I've seen in a while. And compared to Wacky Raceland, you can laugh every once in a while.

FUTURE QUEST: If only they were all like this. All of the classic Hanna-Barbera superheroes (Herculoids, Birdman, Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, the Impossibles, Frankenstein Jr., etc.) team up to fight a universe-eating monster, the F.E.A.R. organization, and Dr. Zin. Mature in all the good ways, and it remembers these characters are supposed to be heroes.

Like I asked -- anyone read any of these titles?

So... has anyone picked up a copy of this one yet? I was wondering if they could pass along some hints about one spell in here that (apparently) conjures both a spooky abandoned house and a gang of hobkins gremlins to torment you when you sleep in it. That one sounds different.

Just would like some advice here on how to handle the characteristics and more for a half-orc who'll be a General (from Legendary Games' Ultimate Commander) in a Kingmaker campaign.

There's going to be a 20-point build, and I was already planning on giving him the alternate racial trait War-Leader as well as the trait Promising Peacemaker, both from Inner Sea Races.

Any advice beyond that?

{i]That's right, in secret, the society engages in hunts for the most dangerous game. But with a twist: these ailurophiles use magic to transform their victims into humanoid mice while hunting them in cat masks.[/i]

Is this where Ratfolk come from?

And I like that Slayer's Guild. The description makes them sound like the Daggermark Assassin's Guild.

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Good to see some villains suited for the material from Ultimate Intrigue. And that 'gambler' down at the bottom picture, what the heck kind of gamble is he running?

"This 'ere game, we take turns hittin' each other in the head with this nail-studded club. When one fellow can't get up no more, t'other wins. Seein' as how it's my club, I'll be first at bat."

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More information here for those interested

I admit, it's pretty pricy at $100, but right now B&N is selling all the Criterion movies for 50% off. Also, you get a LOT with this -- all six of the original movies, the English-dubbed 'Shogun Assassin', a silent documentary dating to 1937 about the making of samurai swords, and quite a few interviews and documentaries.

It sounds like a good deal for the current price, and I can remember when everyone who liked manga and Japanese film was talking about this series. Hopefully it appeals to someone here.

Hi all,

With the Battle Host Occultist archetype, it says under "Panoply Bond" that "your bonded item starts as an implement for any single school of magic at 1st level, and gains access to another school of magic at 2nd, 10th, 14th, and 18th levels". What about the school of magic at Occultists normally gain at 6th level? Do they just lose that and gain nothing specific in exchange for it?

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Wait. Someone did a book covering a heroic fantasy Polynesia? Oh please, someone who has this, do tell me what it's like.

No, seriously, they're making a movie about the old Night Stalker series.

And Johnny Depp will be Kolchak.

I hope this doesn't end up another Lone Ranger and Tonto. Though I doubt Hollywood will have the same budget problems with this movie. After all, does a Kolchak the Night Stalker movie really need a $100 million dollar budget?

And am I alone in just not seeing Johnny Depp as Kolchak?

This one sounds great. Who doesn't love a good curse?

Can we get any further hints on just what some of these curses do? Do any of them transform you into a monster or the like?

Yes, this is for real. We may soon have a new contender for 'worst movie ever made' when this hits the theaters.

Hopefully it will be okay to link to it here, given that there's some slightly gory scenes:

Sky Sharks Official Trailer

And the plot:

Deep in the ice of the Antarctic, a team of geologists uncover an old Nazi laboratory, still intact, where dark experiments had occurred. Unwittingly the geologists unleash upon the world a top-secret experiment the Germans had been working on - modified sharks that are able to fly, whose riders are genetically mutated, undead super-humans. The only thing that can stop them, and possibly save the world, is a military task force called “Dead Flesh Four“ – assembled from reanimated U.S. soldiers who fell in Vietnam.

So, Nazi super-zombies on flying sharks versus what seems to be a force of American Frankenstein Monsters; what eight year old came up with this?

And this was funded by Kickstarter, too. Maybe Paizo can get a Pathfinder movie together someday. I mean, if this was made...

I was just looking at my copy of Occult Adventures and reading the mind swap and possession spells, and I noticed that they're both almost the same thing save for the fact that the original spellcaster's body isn't unconscious with mind swap.

I was wondering, just what is the best use for these two spells? If you can cast possession, why would you need mind swap or vice-versa? It seems to me that the best use for the latter would be if you wanted to bring a fellow PC along and trick an enemy.

If anyone has any further ideas on how best to use these spells, I'd vastly appreciate some advice.

In the hopes that I'm not wasting everyone's time, why are most of the Everyman Gaming products in my downloads now listed under 'Rogue Genius' rather than their original publisher?

And while asking, why did it list the 'Ultimate Charisma' PDF as being added to my downloads just today when I've had it for months?

Steadfast Personality allows you to add your Charisma bonus on will saves versus mind-affecting effects. I just want to know, what counts as a mind-affecting effect? I had the idea that any save where Will was used was basically already 'mind-affecting', but I'm pretty sure that's not what it's supposed to mean.

Advice would be appreciated.

Does anyone actually have this PDF? Be interesting to hear what its options for NPC classes are, seeing how they normally are completely forgotten about.

Hoping this is the right place for this question, how many of the OA Iconics have been given backstories thus far, and where are they?

Thanks for any help.

Is it possible for an Oracle of Battle to take Maneuver Mastery more than once to cover for different maneuvers? Say, once for Trip and once for Disarm?

Hello Paizo,

For some reason I've been unable to download the PDF 'Animal Races: Clan of the Swan' from Eric Morton Presents. I bought it last week and have tried repeatedly to download it, and nothing happens.

I doubt it's my computer since I've been able to successfully download other older purchased PDFs, from both Eric Morton and other publishers.

If the problem can be fixed I'd appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

I like that picture of Mother Orc and the 7-8 kids she has there. If that is common in Orc family life, maybe now we know why the menfolk spend so much time fighting with the neighbors?

I know that I'm probably being foolish bringing this up, but -- for some reason when I purchased this on the LG site a few moments ago, I got a 98% discount on it? I don't think I'm complaining, but I'd like to know how that happened.

HI all, I've been trying to discover just which Player Companion has this magic item I just know I saw, a sort of 'Titan's Elixir' that basically lets you use Giant Form 1 on yourself. I remember seeing it in a recent Player Companion, but for the life of me I can't remember which one and I'd like to find it again.

Any help would be appreciated!

I'm talking more the Campaign Setting/Module/Player Companion Books here. I've seen references to the River Kingdoms and sometimes the Stolen Lands in the 'People of the River' Player Companion, and I've been told that there's quite a bit covering Iobaria in one of the books for the Reign of Winter AP and in, I think, the Dragons Unleashed book?

Does anyone know of any other Pathfinder books have additional details that can be used in this AP?

Seriously, for the past 2-3 days every singe time I've tried to get to it as found here:

All I find is some page asking me if this expired domain name is mine. Has something happened to the company? They had some troubles before, and I hope this problem is just temporary or simply some mistake on my part.

Thanks for any help.

This tome sounds like it would go great with a Way of the Wicked campaign.

I just recently got this one, and it's a very fine bargain for the price. Three great monsters for all levels of play for only a dollar! Anything else that needs to be said can be read in my review.

I have both books and I love them, especially Ultimate Rulership. However, I'd like to ask for some advice on how to straighten out a few questions I have concerning various feats and the rules expansions from UR.

The feat Dynasty Founder gives a bonus to your Leadership score, as does the magical item the diadem of inspiring rule. In UR if you have Leadership it adds a +1 to your bonus gained from the use of leadership role skills. If using this rule, would it be overpowered to add a further +1 for having either the Dynasty Founder feat or the diadem?

Also, with the Natural Ruler feat which adds a +2 to the bonus you get from your ability score modifier, would it be okay to have it apply the same bonus to the one you get from your leadership role skill? I'd say yes, seeing as how specialized a bonus it is.

And last (and dumb) question: the use of the Throne card from adeck of many things is mentioned several times in Quests & Campaigns. If used in a campaign with the kingdom building rules, I'm guessing that it would become either a fort is used in a blank hex, or a castle if used in a pre-existing community? For that matter I might give a +1 or so to Loyalty over the next turn just to reflect the awe the locals would feel upon learning that their ruler made an entire castle appear from thin air!

Thanks for any help.

HI all,

I've been kicking around the idea of playing an Inquisitor of the empyreal lord Damerrich, the lord of rightful executions, judiciousness, and responsibility and I was wondering what if any of the inquisitions from Ultimate Magic might work best for Damerrich's faith.

I'd assume that they'd have access to Conversion and Heresy, since every god's inquisitors seem to get them. But for the rest, how about Fervor, Imprisonment, or Truth?

If anyone else has any suggestions or helpful criticisms, I'd like to hear them.

This question has just been bugging me: I know that at one point you have the opportunity to get a winter wolf sidekick/ally. But if you wanted to make it strictly game-legal, how high a Leadership score should you have to be able to keep a winter wolf cohort?

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I just have a few quick questions about how to handle a Cavalier/Noble Scion (from Paths of Prestige) who would like to pick up the Squire feat.

1) In Knights of the Inner Sea we're told that the Squire feat (which you can get at 5th level) becomes Leadership at 7th. If I do it that way, then what happens when I get to level 2 of Noble Scion and get Leadership as a free feat? Should it be changed to picking another feat entirely, probably from the Noble Scion's 'regional expertise' list?

2) The Dilettante Studies that the Noble Scion gets at 5th and 9th level don't seem especially helpful to a cavalier beyond 'Dilettante Warrior'. Would a 'Dilettante Cavalier' option that allows for a +1 to the bonuses from either the cavalier's banner or his challenge ability be too potent?

Thanks for any help.

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