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The players weren't interested in talking or negociating with Urevian. One of the characters (i.e. the rogue) charged him. Urevian used his Wall of Force to cut the rogue from the rest of the group and everyone ganged up on the rogue. When the rogue was almost dead, Urevian tried to negociate again. The other characters were lucky enough bring down the wall of force, but the rogue died due to the persistent damage from the infernal wound. The rest of the group killed the barbezu and almost kill Urevian. He escaped with his dimensional door.

My question is what should I do now? I don't think trying to negociate a third time is a good idea. The characters clearly don't want to negociate, and I think it will seem like I'm trying to force them to do so.

Urevian can't quit his duty, so he's clearly somewhere in the Gauntlight. The only thing on the level that the players haven't completed, is finding / freeing Cynemi.

If you have any suggestions on how to resolve this, I'm eager to know!

My players are currently level 5, and it's been a little more than a month since the Gauntlight was activated. The players are currently healing from Velstrac poisoning. I would like the Gauntlight to summon a creature in the center of Otari.

Any suggestions on what type of monsters would be fun?

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Third session: Mister Beak claims the life of Bardam, the halfling alchemist.

A big thanks for the time saving! I like what you did with the teleportation circle.

Is there any recommandation/suggestion on how to adjust to encounters for 5 players?

Is the pie festival in one of the other Otari adventures?

I think it's a neat idea to introduce Carman earlier, and I'm going to steal Steelwind's idea.

My plan is to do a manual copy from the interative pdf, and make a tile overlay with the secret door location. I'm on Foundry, by the way.

Would I prefer a simpler solution? Of course. But it's a workaround I can live with.

I would like to flesh out the town of Otari for my players, so they can have family and friends.

Is there a compilation of Otari NPCs available somewhere?

The following link is very short on details!

The link answered my question. I'll get the pdf when they ship my book.

Thanks Hawkmoon269!

Sorry to piggy back on your issue.

I have an order that has been pending for 2 days. Is that an usual delay?

How could I forget the famous Fangberry Pie Festival?

My players have gone for 12 festivals per year. At the top of my head :

- Tax Day : Religious day for the followers of Abadar
- Archers' Day : Religious day for the followers of Erastil.
- Beer Fest : In honor of Caydan Caelian.
- Fey Day : Kind of an April's fool, where feys are invited to trick people.
- Aldori Duelling Festival.
- Choral Games : It's similar to the highland games.
- Foundation Day : To celebrate to founding of the nation.

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Any chance of eventually adding stuff from the Advanced Player Guide?

I use Nethys' magic object generator, available here : PG/general/creationsOfNethysPathfinderRandomItemGenerator

A bard is useful in a big party. With only 2 other characters, the buff won't make much of a difference.

I also suggest sorcerer. You get range, charisma and spellcasting. The Destined bloodline would fit very well in the campaign, altough fey would be a second good choice.

For other choices of bloodline, in the APG, boreal and starsoul could be interesting.

To suggest something else, I would add an aldori swords in the options. It adds a lot of role-playing options in Rostland / Mivon.

Note: I'm kind of using this thread for brainstorming. So do not hesitate to throw in your own ideas or rebute my arguments.

After rereading all 3 bestiaries, I'm leaning toward the korred to replace the boggard. It's not a perfect fit, but I think I can make this work.

I'm always using undead or constructs as monsters. This is why I'm hoping to use fey, for a change of pace and tie in the fey elements in the adventure path.

In which book is the rusalka? As for the nuckelve (sp?), I'll use them as random monster, but not as a settlement.

As for witchfires, it will make a cool encounter.

So far, with the random encounter, I will add:
1. A coven of green hags.
2. A wounded pegusa who's wings were forcibly removed by the korred. My players will react a lot with this scene.
3. A group of skunks approaching the players' camp in the morning. It's not really a big encounter, but it should liven up things.
4. Some kind of swarm of stirges.
5. An elemental mud (Bestiary 2): I've been waiting a long time to use it.
6. Lurker in the night sent by Nyrissa to steal an item of the players (to be determined later).
7. A nake nereid swimming.

About replacing the trolls, I haven't found what I was looking for. The closest that I have are the Marsh giants of Bestiary 2.

Hi everyone,

My players recently finished the Varnhold Vanishing and will start playing Blood for Blood in a few weeks (we're having a kingdom building interlude).

There's 2 part of the adventure that aren't to my liking.

1. The Boggard
I just don't get their appeal.

I've been thinking of changing them for a small village of fey who worships Nyrissa. It allows me to foreshadow a lot of things.

The main question that I have, is what kind of fey?

2. Trolls
I stole an idea here about using Hargulka as a rival nation. As a result, the players fought endless amounts of trolls.

Instead of having a troll unit attacking Tatzlford (or whatever it is spelled) with the soldiers and barbarians, I would like to use another monster.

I was thinking of either ogres or the ogrekin template (from Bestiary 2).

Anybody has a better idea?

Thanks everyone!


You make me wish we could play every week! I have about 1 year of play done and we're only beginning the Varnhold Vanishing.

I enjoyed reading your comments and feedback on your campaign.

Did you deviate from the books in any point? Did you include any stuff from 3rd party publishers (such as Tales of Old Margreve)?

What would you do differently?

I'm amazed to have so many responses, so thank you! :D

The party is around 6th level and is made up of :
- Aldori duelist (Human / Fighter)
- Master Spy (Half-orc / Rogue)
- Ex-member of a lizard tribe (Half-elf / Summoner)
- Court Favorite (Human / Bard)
- Fallen Noble (Human / Paladin)

They have few magical options to facilitate the winter exploration. I'm not expecting to simulate any Donner-style expedition. But just a few ideas here and there are greatly appreciated.

It's more a question of flavor, to give them the feeling of hardship and come up with new situations (the hidden traps under the snow is a great idea).

Is it realistic to move around with a pavillon tent with a fire stove in the center??

It's my first time GMing a game that will include exploration in the winter. It is for the third module of the Kingmaker Adventure Path. Since I'm after some generic advice, I thought it would be best to ask here than in the Kingmaker forum.

There's already a few feet of snow on the ground. The temperature by day is around the freezing point (0 Celsius degrees) and it gets to around -10 up to -20 degress during the night. It's basically the same kind of winter that we have in Quebec (eastern Canada).

I would like to have some advice on how to handle it. What kind of equipment should the players take for overland travel? For camping during the night?

If you have any personal anecdote on such activity, feel free to post it. I might yoink it.


Could you show a png or jpeg picture of your map?

I'm on vacation and I don't have CC3 installed on my laptop. I'ld like to know what's waiting for me. :D

Thanks for the suggestions. I was aware about the thread concerning new random events. I picked a few ideas from there and build my own custom random event chart.

Back to minor events, I took a few ideas from the second thread :

- Elias Orlivanch, son of the infamous Breeg Orlivanch, and a few of his posse came back to the capital carying the body a huge creature (a tatzlwyrm). The innkeeper offered customers to take a look for a copper piece.

- The marshall took care of a pack of wolves that were active in a nearby farm.

- Newcomers from Rostland told people at the inn that they saw the ghost of hornless unicorn. They were not sure is this was a good omen or a bad omen. So they asked the Old Beldame for guidance.

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I like to add here and there a few minor events during the kingdom building phases. The purpose of these events is to give flavor to their cities and get my players to know some minor NPCs.

Here's an example of past events :
- A new merchant made his way to the capital of the barony and offers messenger services.

- The innkeeper finally decided for a name for the inn. He opted to honor the founder of the barony by naming it "The Green Dragon's Inn". (note: the players defeated a green dragon in a somewhat random encounter)

- A dwarf wizard with a goat companion took over the Caster's Tower. The neighbors complained about the goat eating their lawn.

I'm currently preparing a whole year of kingdom phase so that my players are ready for the Varnhold Vanishing, so I need a few minor events to flavor things up.

Any suggestions?

According to the rules, kingdom time is actually 1 week per month. So what happens to your character during the remaining 3 weeks is pretty much up to you.

In my campaign, we've had different things happening outside kingdom time, for example :

- Trying to convert the kobolds to the religion of Abadar.
- Explore the realm.
- Participate in the various festivals (Night of the Feys + Fangberry Pie Day are quite popular).
- Develop romance and have a family.

There's nothing stopping your character from pursuing whatever he wants.

About this being a payless job, it's pretty much a balance issue. If you could withdraw unlimited amount of BPs, you would pretty much be higher than the recommanded wealth per level.

This is the event I was hoping the most that my players would get. Instead, they got 3 Outstanding Success in a row.

If you are planning on going into the Issia / Rostland conflict, I would suggest either Lord Jamandi Aldori from Restov or an important member of the Surtova family from New Stetven.

I have to say that your homerule concerning cathedrals are astounding. It's well thought of and I'm taking it for my campaign.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi everyone,

As a mean to help a local convention, I would like to run a short 4 hours adventure as a mean to introduce people to Pathfinder RPG.

Is there any scenarios published by Paizo that could fit that need/time? I can see 2 possibilities:

1. Scenarios written for Free RPG Day.
2. Pathfinder Society scenarios.

Since I'm not familiar with either of these... do people have suggestions on which scenario is the best and most fun?

Kingdom Name : Barony of the Greenbelt
Capital Name : Buckletown

Taxfest (Abadar holiday)
Archerfeast (Erastil holiday)
Oktoberfest (Caydan Caelian holiday)
Fangberry Pie Day
Winter solstice (in honor of the feys)
+1 missing

I would vote to skip the encounter entirely.. or perhaps simply have the spirit come out of the water and thank them, leaving them asking themselves why.

+1 for Tales of the Old Margreve

I bought the PDF yesterday, I can see how it can be adapted for the campaign. I already put in some influence from a Transylvania Chronicles (Vampire : Dark Ages) campaign that lasted many years, which is very similar in tone. This will help in filling the gaps between exploration and kingdom building.

I found a raw extract, but it doesn't contain the APG stuff.

Pathfinder SRD

Any idea if there's an extract for the APG magic items?



Hello again everyone,

After nursing my newborn baby during the night and watching reruns of Deadwood, I decided to make her somewhat like Calamity Jane. She has rough manners, boyish attitudes, tactless, but her heart is at the right place.

An excellent ally, but perhaps not the best choice as a queen.

This will open the door for a "let us present to you other choices of queens instead of her".

So thanks everyone!

Is there a way to have the generator not order the item by value?

I decided to adjust the horse to a war-trained equivalent. It made a difference in a few of the earlier battles (you gotta love random encounters with 4 trolls).

Hi everyone,

We will start Rivers Run Red in 2 weeks with the founding of a new nation by the players.

When running the adventure path, I decided to introduce more NPCs than usual to give them a feel that the Stolen Lands has more people living in it than the adventure suggests.

The character that will become king (or most likely to) has an in-game girlfriend. She's a soldier under Garess' command. Her personnality isn't well defined. The player was missing from the game and we decided that he got sick and stayed at Oleg's while the other characters explored the Greenbelt. We handwaved out of game that he started seeing her at that time.

A lot of people did a search for a potential queen for the new kingdom. I would like to get into that action. It seems like a great opportunity for role-playing.

I realize that it was a bad idea to handwave this. So how can I fix my mistake? Any suggestions?

Hi everyone,

My impressions of the first adventure was that it had too few NPCs. I wanted to give the feeling to the players that the Stolen Lands were populated by various people. So I introduce a few NPCs here and there.

For examples, the players captured a random bandit and he repented. He became an henchman for the players. The players also befriended one of guard under Kesten's command. I picked up the idea of introducing a tax collecter from a campaign journal (Expeditionary Band33). He wasn't that popular. :)

So when the players will choose who takes what leadership position, they have over 10 people to choose from. It's all fun and nice, but I want more opportunities for these NPCs and future one.

So I thought about adding the role of Mayor to each cities. Each city can have a maximum of 1 Mayor. What bonus can they give?

I was thinking that each Mayor could give a local boost of +2 to one of these attributes : Defense, Economy, Loyalty, Stability. Once the bonus type is choosen, it stays until a new Mayor takes over. These bonuses only apply on events related to an event that applies to their city.

What do you guys think? Is it fun enough to use and balanced enough?

New Event : Strike! (Continuous)
The workers of a building decided that they have enough with their work conditions. To resolve the issue, you can either pay 1d6 BP to improve their working conditions, or try a loyalty check to convince them to return to work. On a successful loyalty check, the workers return to work. On a failed roll, you temporarily loose the building bonuses and gain +2 unrest.

This can be applied to the following buildings : Academy, Arena, Brothel, Guildhall, Jail, Market, Noble Villa, Piers, Stable, Theater, Town hall, Waterfront.

Any ideas to what kind of bonuses could be given by a printed media such as a journal?

Thanks for the feedback... I shall apply it. :)

Does any one has any ideas for building related to barbarians/sorcerers/witches?

Hello everyone,

I would appreciate to have some feedback on a couple of buildings that I would like to house rule to my campaign.

Tree Groves : 22 points
A place of worship for druids. Halves the cost for Herbalists and Parks in the city.
Size: 1x2
Loyalty+2, Stability+1, Unrest -1

Knight Hall : 28 points
This is the main office of a Cavalier Order. Halves the cost of a stable or smith in the city.
Size: 1x2
Loyalty+2, Stability +2, Unrest -2

Monastery : 25 points
The place of worship for a group of monks.
Size: 1x2
Loyalty +2, Stability +2, Unrest -2