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What names have been chosen for your Kingmaker campaigns, for both the Kingdom and it's cities? I'm curious whether players opted for serious realistic names, more fantasy inspired names or more comedic names?

Tiercis wrote:
What names have been chosen for your Kingmaker campaigns, for both the Kingdom and it's cities? I'm curious whether players opted for serious realistic names, more fantasy inspired names or more comedic names?

I am certain your mileage will vary depending on your group. Comedic groups will head towards the comedic, your more dramatic groups towards the former two options.

For my group, the kingdom is Chymal, the capital is Lelarin, and the other two cities are Leveton (named after the Levetons, of course), and Candlemere. (Chymal and Lelarin have special significance to my players, being a callback to the first RPG we all played together.)

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The Kingdom of Kyshahn
Named for two dead PCs Kyte and Ishahn.

Capital: Calvin's Rest
Named for the Baron's long dead brother Calvin Thunderclash.
Biggest Building: Castle Thunderclash
Named for the Baron's family.

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Nation: Kingdom of the Greenbelt
Capital City: Stagfell
Largest Building: Castle Redemption

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Great thread!

Nation: Kamedon
Named after the kames, from which the kamelands get their name.

Capital: Elkheart
Reference to Erastil. As a side note, the group plays in a RL city called Elkhart. One of the players suggested this as a joke, but he presented it in-game as a tribute to Erastil, making a case and building up to the name as a reveal. And while we were laughing, we had to admit, it made perfect sense. Especially since half of the party are devout followers.

Leadership Council: Council of the Stormlords
I do weather in my game ahead of time, and during the initial explorations, the dice had given me quite a few thunderstorms and even a couple of tornadoes at key moments. So the group is of the opinion that the Greenbelt is a Land of Storms.

My group has started the Barony of the Elk, which I thought was a good name, given their constant encounters with the big elk. However, their creaticity ran out with the selection of a city name, and they ended uop with Venis, short for Venison, their attempt at a bad joke on the kingdom name. Anyway, it stuck, and they've run with it, and the people don't know what it stands for.

My PCs firmly established their reputation as 'The Order of the Black Shield', and thus they established the Barony of the Black Shieldlands, ruled by Baron Blackshield, from his home in Blackshield Keep (the name of the castle) in Castle Blackshield (the name of the city) and planning their expansion to the city of Oleg's Fort.

Kingdom Name: Eraland (derived from Erastil, heavily worshipped in the area)

Capital City: Stag Hollow

Other Cities: Tatzleford, New Elkshire

Kingdom Mascot: Hoots, the Baby Owlbear of Unusual Size :)

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Kingdom: Heimskrin
This is a derivative from the name "Heimskringla"

From Wikipedia:

Heimskringla is the best known of the Old Norse kings' sagas. It was written in Old Norse in Iceland by the poet and historian Snorri Sturluson (1178/79–23rd sept. 1241) ca. 1230. The name Heimskringla was first used in the 17th century, derived from the first two words of one of the manuscripts (kringla heimsins - the circle of the world).
Heimskringla is a collection of tales about the Norwegian kings, beginning with the legendary Swedish dynasty of the Ynglings, followed by accounts of historical Norwegian rulers from Harald Fairhair of the 9th century up to the death of the pretender Eystein Meyla in 1177. The exact sources of his work are disputed, but included earlier kings' sagas, such as Morkinskinna, Fagrskinna and the twelfth century Norwegian synoptic histories and oral traditions, notably many skaldic poems. Snorri had himself visited Norway and Sweden. For events of mid-12th century, Snorri explicitly names the now lost work Hryggjarstykki as his source. The composition of the sagas is Snorri's.
This name of a collection of stories could represent the aspect of new rulers beginning their stories, of the exploration and foundation of a new nation.

Capital (Stag Lord's): Caerleon
The name Caerleon is derived from the Welsh for "fortress of the legion”

There was no Camelot mentioned in the early Arthurian account of Geoffrey of Monmouth and his translators Wace and Layamon: "Camelot" originates with the French writer of courtly romance Chrétien de Troyes. These earlier authors say that Arthur's capital was Caerleon (which Chretien also mentions), while even the later recaster of Arthurian material in English, Sir Thomas Malory, has Arthur re-crowned at "Carlion". The still-visible Roman amphitheatre at Caerleon has been associated with Arthur's 'Round-Table' element of the tales[6] and has been suggested as a possible source for the legend.
It also has the ruler's name, Leon, in it. :)

City Two (Oleg's): Porthgill (I forget the original words for this, it's a respelling of some Russian or Norse combination of words meaning Entrance to the Wild or some such)

City Three (Old Beldame's): Taingar
Derived from Tir Taingire, the land of promise, or another name for Tir Na Nog, the land of the young.

City Four: Tatzlford

The Barony of Noxia, currently ruled from New Stagton (at the Stag Lord's castle) with additional towns of Olegton (guess) and Redwood Ford (Corax's logging camp, upgraded)

The Kingdom of FoeHammer, named for King Reginald Foehammer X. (started as a half-elf as Reginald III, seven reincarnates later, he's a halfling as Reg X.)

Primary Deities (all from Forgotten Realms) - Sune, Moridan, Sylvanus.

Capitol City - Brotheltopia.

Other cities - Jimsylvania (Olegs), Marie Falls, Meganburge, Skagway (because it's hundreds of miles from all the others, but you can see Zhentil Keep from the porch), JanHold (actually Flower Falls, but only the citizens of the town call it that, everyone else calls it Janhold - it's Jan's city), oh, and Bogtown (formerly Fort Drelev, but the army of boggarts is stationed there, so..)

Remembering the official religion of the kingdom is Sune, god of dance and beauty, and brothels are required in every town - considered as shrines. (they only get the kingdom bonus of a brothel, not a shrine, but the players don't care).

Official mascot (also Xoot - in training with the 5 year old half-elf son of Reginald X).

Oh, does anyone know what an owlbear is supposed to weigh? Whatever it is, Reggie's son feeds it chicken and potatoes and moonberry pudding and the occasional kobold and it weighs at least twice what an owlbear is supposed to weigh. Tends to lay around and eat while the kid practices acrobatics off its belly, and so on. If it ever comes to combat, Xoot will get -4 to init and hit, because he's so slow and fat, but +6 to damage, because there's a lot of weight behind every blow.

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The Kingdom of Illium

Capital City is Heartland

Baron is Baron Morgant

Though I can see possible danger intrigue and rebellion on the horizon.

Kingdom Name: Leithawyn
Our group uses the Elven language from the Forgotten Realms, in which Leithawyn roughly means "Kingdom of the Free". While the Baron is human, two of the party members (the Marshal and the Magister) are forlorn elves from Restov.
Capital City: Nelduin
Literally "three waters" in Elven, the ex-Stag Lord holding sits near the mouths of the Shrike and Skunk Rivers, and sits on the bank of the Tuskwater.
Second City: Levetown
Oleg's former trading post.
Third City: Tatzlford
In our game, Roy/"Tanner" Lezbin made a venture capital deal with the kingdom; 20 BP in materiel in exchange for allowing the kingdom to annex his new town a year and change later.
Baron: Marcian Faustus (a bastard of House Lebeda).

In the Kingmaker Campaign that I am running, the Queen is a Witch and her husband (a GM NPC) a rogue/duelist.

The Kingdom is called Whitecoven.

Their capital city is Tuskhaven (built on the Stag Lord's fort).

Their other cities are:

Stag's Leap (the Temple to Erastil in the woods)
Narlwood Citadel (the old Elven castle in the southern woods)
Hook's Bluff (the former fort Drelev)

They have land cleared at Oleg's old trading post for another settlement, but they have suddenly found themselves occupied by more pressing matters (book 5).

Kingdom Name : Barony of the Greenbelt
Capital Name : Buckletown

Taxfest (Abadar holiday)
Archerfeast (Erastil holiday)
Oktoberfest (Caydan Caelian holiday)
Fangberry Pie Day
Winter solstice (in honor of the feys)
+1 missing

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Capital city: D'verek (playing around with an online audio Russian translator resulted in this)
Largest Building: The Founder's Hall (the guildhall that was the first building built, in honor of the different laborer guilds)
City built at Oleg's: Levegrad (Half of Oleg's last name)
First national holiday: Currently can't remember, but it boils down to "That Day when we beat the crap out of that werewolf Day"

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Capital and only current city: Tuskmere, built at the staglord's fort.

Kingdom Size: 6

Biggest Building: Castle Tuskmere (haven't actually named it yet).

we are almost at the end of RRR. my players haven't really expanded much yet, but are working towards it.

Kingdom: Veilgate, because they are on the boundary of the first world
1st city: Olegton (yes, they randomly chose the same thing as the game designers)
Capitol: Lake Citadel (Stag Lord's Fort). They renamed the lake "Lake Citadel" and now the castle is Lake Citadel Castle. They had a celebration the day the castle was completed, and it happened to also be ~1 year from when the PCs arrived.

Kingdom: Grunwald. This is pronounced in psuedo-German, so the 'w' has a 'v' sound. I was originally a PC in the group, destined to become king (which I did), but the day we started on the kingdom building was the day I had to take over as GM, ending my say in the kingdom's growth or naming. I was originally led to believe that this would be a temporary name. However, weeks later, when I re-opened the topic to discussion the group was aghast that I would dare to think of renaming the kingdom, so Gurnwald stuck, much to my chagrin.

Ruler: Duke Demahn D'Rosien, CN Bard. He was my PC until I took over GMing and now his position is essentially ceremonial as the PCs make all the real kingdom decisions. Still has a cool name I think.

Capitol: Greenwall. Built at the location of the Stag Lord's fort. We swung for the fences on creative names as you can see. Later I had the king work with a semi-PC druid to have ivy and creepers cover the castle's exterior walls to give the name some meaning.

Other Cities: Olegstien and Tatzlford.

Official Holidays: There is a multi-week holiday period extending from the Summer Solstice to Archersfeast on the 3rd of Erastil, with the Founder's Day (the day the kingdom was officially recognized) falling on the first of the Erastil. Also, the Duke's birthday (April 5th, not sure what that is in Golarian reckoning) is a holiday. And after last week's adventure I imagine that the 1st of August will be a date celebrated later (death of two founder PC's reaches the capitol and former diplomat Akiros chooses then to stage an unsucessful coup. He turned on the Stag Lord, why not the PCs?)

Kingdom: Empyreanae [preferred pronunciation: em-pir-ee-ah-nay] derived from empyrean ["Heavenly Fire"]. Give an Blind Oracle of the Heavens 50 BP and this is what you get.

Current Ruler: Duke Bheren of the Starlit Throne. While our kingdom was small, 'Baron Bheren' was very eager to grow it, if only to leave that title behind.

Capitol: Thronehenge - Built on the now-vacated Staglord's fort.

Other Cities: Leveton's Way (was: Oleg's Trading Post), Erastinus (built around the Temple of the Stag), Sootscale Caverns (Kobolds built a tiny city in the Oaktop Silver Mine & the Chief is our "Royal Scout" [Assassin]). Next tick we're expecting to assimilate Tatzlford.

Official Holidays:One - Founder's Day on the 21st of Erastus, celebrating the founding of the Starlit Throne and Kingdom of Empyreanae.

We are at the start of the 4th module.

Kingdom: Green Marches (Greenbelt+ NarlMarches)

Current Ruler: Duke Avertov, cleric of Erastil

Capitol: Elkhome (On the site of the Staglord's fort)

Other Cities:
Olegstead (was: Oleg's Trading Post- now a trading hub)
Templeton(built around the Temple of the Stag - now a religious and educational center)
Varnhold Pass (consists of a single watchtower)
Southport (old ferry station)
? (currently working on building a city for the lizardmen)
? (currently working on building a village at the elven keep)
Kolbold Town (The Kobolds call it something in Draconic, built a tiny city in the Silver Mine. 2 districts, 1 above ground, 1 below ground)

Planned Cities:
Candlemeer Island

The Exchange

My group hasn't built up to large.

Kingdom: Shieldlands (yeah, they're all ex-LG players)
Capital: Staghart (They wanted something that is associated with the Temple of the Elk, and the statue. The leader is a Paladin of Erastil so they wanted the Stag theme. Future cities will maintain this theme.)

We've been sticking with the Polish/Russian theme of the area for naming:

Kingdom is Volynia (Duchy at the moment)

Rogachev (once Oleg's - now the capital)
Tuskon (Staglord's former fort)

Eminence Grise wrote:

Oktoberfest (Caydan Caelian holiday)

You mean Lamaschanfest, right? Because there is no Oktober on Golarion... :P

Official names:

The nation is Ardea (from ardor), its Capital Nepenthast (from nepenthe, the mythical drug of forgetfulness).

Other ideas for the Capital were Stagsfall (though that was deemed insufficiently pompous for a capital).

The party's Grand Diplomat, and elven bladesinger (i.e. magus), had other ideas, but they were shot down. If he had had his (not altogether serious) way, They would sit on their throne in the city of Elfsargrate, capital of Dvarfsargei. :D

We have 4 kingdoms (3 for the PCs and 1 for the GM)

Kingdom: Valorius
Capital City: Bastion (formerly Olev's Trading Post)
Alignment: LG
Ruler:Lord General Shannor (Human 8th level Paladin of Iomedae)
Major Building: Cathedral of Purity (dedicated to the worship of all good gods)

Kingdom: Stagholme
Capital City: Not yet named (formerly Staglords fort)
Alignment: CG
Ruler: Staglord Hajik (Half-orc 8th level Sorcerer)
Major Building: Arena of Strength

Kingdom: Forestgate
Capital City: Not yet named (formerly Temple of Erastil)
Alignment: CN
Ruler: Baroness Mira (Half-elf 8th level Fighter)
Major Building: Parks

The last kingdom was put together by the GM, as a bit of fun and to be involved in the building phase.

Kingdom: Cesspit
Capital City: Necromart
Ruler: Grand Necromancer Baron Samedi (GM 8th level Halfling Bard)
Major Building: Graveyard (soon to be Casters Tower)

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We're only just starting the Kingdom build, but the nation is Voskhod, and the Capitol will be Brigand's End, at the Stag Lord's Fort site.

Barony of Stevalos (Named for Estaval Oppar, first baron of the country)
Capital: Stevalos (seat of the Phoenix Throne, located at the Stag Lord's fortress)
Future Settlements:

Hunter's Green (located at the Temple of the Elk)
Tatzlford (at the river ford where creatures of similar name were defeated)
Northgate (based around Oleg's)

We call our Kingdom 'Vadember,' a word we found by Google translator, though I can't remember the language of origin off the top of my head. It means 'savage.'

Our city names are currently in flux- we're adding some new cities and haven't decided what to call them just yet - but our GM cringes every time the, uh, working title of our capitol comes up. One of the guys called it 'Staggle Rock' as a joke one night, and let's just say that was far more memorable than whatever other serious names we were thinking about at the time. Whatever the real name of the city was supposed to be, we can't remember it now, and Staggle Rock has stuck, for better or for worse. (We've come down somewhat from our giggles and are thinking of giving the place a real name. But 'Staggle Rock' is a tough act to follow!)

We have just one other hypothetical building with a funny name. (Though I tell you what: I will be working on castle names starting now!) I've done a little bit of city planning over the last couple of weeks, so that our future cities can be more orderly than our first efforts, and I thought about what buildings or monuments each of the other PCs would want to be built in his honor. We have a Barbarian who rides a jack mule instead of a horse. I thought he might like for a pub to be named after his beloved mule, Vidunder. And thus the Half-Assed Tavern was born. :o)

Kingdom: Helýanca
These are they first two letters of the PCs surnames.

Capital: Stormhold
Since it was a stormy night when the defeated.

Shadowborn wrote:

Barony of Stevalos (Named for Estaval Oppar, first baron of the country)

Capital: Stevalos (seat of the Phoenix Throne, located at the Stag Lord's fortress)
Future Settlements:

Hunter's Green (located at the Temple of the Elk)
Tatzlford (at the river ford where creatures of similar name were defeated)
Northgate (based around Oleg's)

We did some major expansion in this session, and finally incorporated the settlement at Oleg's into the country. Apparently, the people already there preferred the name Olegton to the one we chose, so being a man of the people, the baron relented. (Besides, Oleg is our treasurer.)

We've not quite gotten there..

But I'm kinda gonna lead the charge as I'm playing the guy who is going to have the most followers.

Darche Spire is the name of the country, and capital. Eventually in the future this mutates into Dark Mire as, one of my goals is to make a swamp moat.

The Exchange

My group has just completed "Stolen Land" and was awarded the charter to go forth and build a colony.

Kingdom: Barony of Three Rivers
Capitol: No name as yet, will be at the stag lord's former location
Everything else: undecided =)

Kingdom: Salterra
Ruler: King Gustav Amaranthel
Capital: Starhold
Chief agent: Capt. Gars Illbane

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My group is filled with very serious roleplayers. Mostly. Which is why by the time we are half way through book 4, I am actually surprised the capital is named Trent Town (the 'duke' is named Trent McCormick) and Fort Drelev became Port Amboy.

Unfortunatley all our players are from; and the campaign is played in New Jersey, USA. And the naming convention that came out of it are painful to betray.

Trenton, Perth Amboy...

My second group I'm running through Kingmaker just founded their kingdom a couple weeks ago, and this is what they've got so far:

Kingdom Name: Tolemac
That's "Camelot" spelled backwards.

Capital City: Broken Stag
At the site of the Stag Lord's Fort
The inn at Broken Stag is named the Fallen Sorceress, named in honor of their first party death, a sorceress whose name no one can now remember who was ripped to shreds by trolls at 2nd level. (Recently, a troll's skull has been added to the inn's decor.)

Trade City: Oleg's Crossing
Built at the former Oleg's Trading Post.

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As this is a Kingmaker game in my Beloved Spouse's (Kobold Chorus: "We love you!") long running homebrew world, there are some happy concessions to the history of the region. The Kingmaker AP is happening in a collapsed former empire known as the Bright Empire with all heraldry showing an argent (in the heraldic sense) stag, rampant on sable. As most people in the region remember "the good old days" of the Bright Empire, and those with no direct memory have second hand knowledge, I felt it would be best to tie the current government to the former.

Thus, the national animal is the stag. The name of the nation is "The Free State of the Argent Stag" and the capital city, newly founded on the captured Stag Lord's Keep is Argentium.

Kingdom Magnamare

Largest City {b]Hartlake[/b]

There is some debate about a flag. The Royal Assassin says it should be 'two crossed fey upon a mound of dead fey'

Its LN nature does not often balance well with the chaotic outlook of many of its native species...

there is also a tatzlford and olegton and most recently Hookton, built just to the west of the Wyvernstone bridge

We named our kingdom Xylari. It has no real meaning--just something one of our players came up with and we all thought sounded cool. But anyway...

Kingdom: Xylari
Capital: Daruka. At the Temple in the Woods. Means tree in some language or other (from India, I think...)
Other Cities: Fort Oleg; Tatzlford (just recently annexed...); and Kaiyaria. The last is named for a PC killed by (heavily powered up) Howl of the North Wind the session before it was founded. At the Stag Lord's Fort. A future city will be named Aleksandria, for another PC who died before the kingdom was founded.

Rulers: Lina Greer and Catesbaei Hansonii, who have just recently attained the titles of Duchess and Duke.

I'm the GM, but the players have named the kingdom Blastia. Of course this means all of their citizens are "Blastians";P. This started as a joke since half the PCs use guns. I haven't heard what they'll name the capital yet, but I can't wait to find out.

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Right now we are still in book 2 of the 6 and used the Stag Lord Fort as the center for out settlement the DM is cutting the BP for the castle in half as we already have free stand structure use as the keep. Our Settlement Name is Fort Freeland and NG align Settlement of 3000 people plus 2 herds of Goats.

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Our kingdon name and capital city were hard to come by; my group has a hard time even coming up with their character's names, so when I giddily exclaim, "LET'S NAME THE KINGDOM!" they all kinda twiddle thumbs.

Lucky for us, we had an in-game in-joke to work off of: a sign left in the trapped glade announcing the reclamation of all the traps by "The Bears." It ties in extra-nice with our ruler being from that Brevic noble house with a bear as the coat of arms.

So without further ado:

Kingdom of Urseine (a combination of Ursus and the Seine river; so, basically "Bear River" in our mutated minds)
Capital City: Oso (Spanish for bear)
Other Cities: Firstgate (formerly Oleg's Trading Post; now a military garrison); Elgerhall (located around the Temple of the Elk; rural town and center of Erastil worship in Urseine), Tatzylford (recently annexed)

If one of our players has his druthers, there will also be a Stabbingtown or a Pokeville sometime.

Did I mention we all have the brain worms?

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Tiercis wrote:
What names have been chosen for your Kingmaker campaigns, for both the Kingdom and it's cities? I'm curious whether players opted for serious realistic names, more fantasy inspired names or more comedic names?

Nation: Seindor (SAY-in-dor)

Capital City: New Castle
Largest Building: so far, none... but I just recently suggested they name their castle...

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Kingdom: Grand Racklands
Capital City: Tuskhaven

Lantern Lodge

My group threw about a couple of names, but settled on:

Kingdom: Faeden (As in Fae as in Fey and Den as in Bear's Den, owning to the large number of Fey creatures we met in the area.)

Capital City: King's Keep (We settled on the Stag Lord's fort.)

Overall all seems good, we even managed to get the Kobolds to join the kingdom and their leader is our Warden. :)

Kingdom: Narlhaven
Capital: Sunburst (Keep), formerly known as Staglord Bastion
Other Cities:
Ironwill, formerly known as Oleg´s Trading Post, named after our first dead PC, Hermann " Ironwill" Proyas, Cleric of Iomedea

Havenheart, Hold of Sir Havenheart, Village near Goldmine


Firewalker Keep, formerly known as ruined Elf Keep, named after fallen NPC, Half-elven Paladin of Sarenrae

Black Rock Hill, formerly known Owlbear Cave, now base of the East- Sellen Trading Company, Spin-off-Campaign

soon to come: Steelwater/Watersteel Mine, Silverlake City (major town with cathedral/academy and
Westmark ( major town, ford East Sellen, Arena,Garrison)

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N'wah wrote:
Did I mention we all have the brain worms?

All of the PCs in my game are named Bort. I feel your pain.

Kingdom: Aquitaine - named after the historic french region, but fit well with all the water in the area
Capital: Lakeview - Located at the Staglords fort

Other cities: Olegstadt, Tazltford, Rivercross and Varnhold

Silver Crusade

Kingdom: We don't have a kingdom. We're using the Book of the River Nations rules and the person playing the King chose instead to utilize the optional name rules. Sooo.....

Mofdom: The Mofdom of Drake
Ruler: Mof Martin Drake
Capital: Serenity (named after the ship from Firefly).

We also named the two districts in the city. The noble district is Highgarden. we originally planned to build a park there, but since the Mof worships Cayden Cailean and Calistria, he spends most of the time doing his 'Worshipping', so the rest of us manage it. The park idea was scrapped for important structures, like walls and a caster's tower.

The magic district is named Hyngrot's Memory, named after my own PC Hyngrot (half-orc wizard) who perished during it's founding.

No other cities yet though.

I'm GMing this in my homebrew campaign. Bypassing the lengthy backstory, we have

Kingdom: Mournwood (a barony, by the kingdom building rules)

Capital: Tribehome (named for the gnolls who used to live there)

Locations of note: Hardscrabble Abbey (Tribehome's black market)
The Iron Harlot (a brothel and debtor's prison in one)
Bleak Mountain (caster's tower)
Smelton (industrial town)

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