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When I go to this section and try to log in, it says "That email address and password combination is not valid." even though that's the same email and password I've used for the last ten years. I updated my password but the issue remains. Please help. I have new products to upload. Thank you!

They contacted me (at Alluria Publishing) and told me their copy of the file had gotten corrupted. I have uploaded a new one and let them know, and heard nothing back yet, but I am assuming the issue has been resolved. Let me know if it has not been.

Emily Kubisz

Why when I search for Viridian Veil nothing comes up for the product named Viridian Veil?

https://paizo.com/products/btq01zsc?Cerulean-Seas-Campaign-Setting-The-Viri dian-Veil

This product is very hard to find on this site.

JiCi wrote:

Ok, talk about going against the currents and swimming up the waterfalls, the aqua-xax is the race in line :)

Announcement on Facebook

We had no intention of making the aquatic xax, but then one of our design team pitched the concept and the art fell in our lap, so they popped into existence as the 13th race.

Funny you mentioned swimming up waterfalls, as the tome has a magic item that well allow such a feat, Bianchini's Ferry Token.

The aqua-xax is in final editing and we should see it soon.

Meanwhile the Aquatic Entobian and the Planars are both slowly creeping forward. I want the art for the entobian to be _just right_ so it's taking a bit longer, but it will be worth it!

http://paizo.com/products/btpy9y1c/discuss?Remarkable-Races-Submerged-Truef orms

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Sorry, life happened. But we will have something for you very very soon. Since a lot of Remarkable Races got sifted into the previous books, they wont be in Submerged. So to take their place (there are 5 of them) we are adding the rules to play trueforms and planars. Very shortly we will be releasing Remarkable Races Submerged: Trueforms...with twelve new PC races, and three new trueforms. Then we will have (in no order yet) Kvol, Nelumbu, Aquatic Entobians, Chrysopsaro, and Sisiutl are the remaining translations. Then the planars will be the last. Last the main tome will be compiled. This is the plan for 2018. Wish us luck!

PS: We need artists that can work with our budget.

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JiCi wrote:
Hmmm... one month later... and no news from the other booklets, hope everything is alright :S

We are doing well, just taking a little break from the holidays and so on. We will be ramping back up by the beginning of March.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

Freshwater adventuring? Eastern tropes? Wow, sounds good. [b]Can anyone let me know what all is actually in this?[b] I have the Waves of Thought PDF, but none of the other Cerulean Seas stuff.

@Ssalarn - yes, a print run of all the Cerulean Seas stuff would be beautiful...

Bumping for the bolded part...

Rules for Freshwater Adventuring, 9 new races (including a new aquatic humanoid type), new aquatic samurai orders, 3 class archetypes, 2 new classes, 2 new prestige classes, new materials, a slew of new weapons, armor, feats, and spells. A few new magic items. A bestiary of 25 new monsters. And a ton of great information on how to run a Far East fantasy underwater adventure.

Mahare wrote:

So. With the Elemental Weapon, the fire weapon gets the grayflame quality...any specific reason? The Ultimate Equipment guide states that it relies on channelled positive/negative energy which the class does not get. So to get any advantage with that one you're forced to multiclass or get positive/negative energy some other way. Limning might be an alternate - still somewhat fire related and not specific to a positive/negative energy channeler?

With Elemental Weapon, does it replace what bonuses are currently on the weapon or stack with them? At the end it gets a total of +6 bonuses, four for abilities and two for flat out bonus. I'm comparing this to the Paladin which also gets +6 at level 20, and they get to choose into what it goes into, so I'm going to guess it adds on as well. Seeing the "broken weapon" rule only reinforces this - so this is both more and less versatile than the paladin version.

I think for me the magic words for me might be "house rules". Easy enough to do. I'm also thinking of homebrewing a land-based western style class based on this one - kind of a world walker with purviews of tundra, desert, mountain, forest and ocean. There might be some swapping of abilities but it would work mostly the same.


The bonus stack.

As for greyflame, it does rely on either multiclassing, or getting the channel energy ability from another source, but it is a powerful ability never-the-less and it fit the theme. It also enforces the "mystical" component of the class, encouraging godaikishi's to branch out a bit in the direction of the divine. Just a small push, mind you, as its just one small ability with several other elements to choose from.

The godaikishi will eventually end up in the Clever Classes line, and get a "drylander" revamp...which honestly won't require much effort.

Mahare wrote:

So correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the godaikishi has some oomphy elemental resistances. Immunity to spells and spell like abilities that target them of their current element at level eight. Immunity to spells and spell like abilities with an energy descriptor, period, at level 17. Full energy immunity at level 20. This is not counting the energy resistance that starts at 5 at level 2 and grows to 25 for their attuned element at level 18.

That's also not counting all their other bonuses at those levels. The capstone gives DR 10/non-neutral, immunity to aging, bleed, mind-affecting, petrify, and polymorph affects, as well as their elemental visage. That's quite the capstone.

As well, spell resistance of 10 + level at level 14, various weapon abilities, and the eventual ability to swap between all five affinities in a full round action, seems like a class I want to play but I would need to houserule to balance out a bit.

There's no armor, but an armor analogue ability. So that's not bad. I know it's not quite a wizard-powerful class, but dang, it feels broken to have just flat energy immunity. I'd understand immunity to the current element's type, because you can switch it. But not blanket immunity. Am I missing something here?

The wokou capstone is also...underwhelming. +6 Intimidate and no need to worry about "common material goods" in wokou-controlled areas. By level 20, that second bit is likely to be a negligible benefit, so...+6 Intimidate. Most core classes that get capstones get ones that inspire you to stick with the class, or at least try to. Save-or-die abilities, damage resistance, that sorta thing. +6 Intimidate is nice but just seems...eh. Kinda bland and uninteresting.

I do see it stacks with Intimidating Presence, which is nice. A total of +12 skill points. But it's still one specific skill bonus. It's oomphy for Intimidate, but not much more. I just like me my nice "feels like 20th level" capstones.

Don't get me wrong. I love the classes. I like the...

The playtesters were on the fence about the godaikishi, because at high levels it regular energy damage actually comes into play less than one might think. Originally, it shifted with the class's focus, but there was some concern that it was too weak. As this is the first "printing," we may end up adding an errata according to public consensus on the matter.

For the wokou capstone, we felt it to be the most appropriate. While it is true that it is a bit mechanically underwhelming, the RP factor more than makes up for it. The loot to be gleaned alone should be comparable to some of the better capstones out there.

Mahare wrote:

So I posted on the general Cerulean Seas thread something specific to this book (Celadon Shores was not up here at the time). To make a long story short for my main point, the capstone for the godaikishi gives, among other things, immunity to all energy types.

I might be wrong, because I'm a little rusty at this. But does that make the godaikishi fully immune to fire, cold, acid, electricity, and sonic damage in one fell swoop? I've never seen a capstone come close to doing that before.

Given the way the class works, I could see immunity to the one element they're currently associated with. You'd still be able to "shift" your immunity, which is something most other classes can't do, and it wouldn't be as blanket powerful.

So could someone please tell me...am I missing some mitigating factor? Is there a counterbalance to immunity to all energy types to help balance the class out?

The playtesters were on the fence about this one, because at high levels it regular energy damage actually comes into play less than one might think. Originally, it shifted with the class's focus, but there was some concern that it was too weak. As this is the first "printing," we may end up adding an errata according to public consensus on the matter.

Celadon Shores is Live! We should see it here at Paizo shortly.

Guang wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
I can now tell you the names, and subtypes, of the races that appear on the cover. They are the River Ningyo (merfolk), Benitsuru (kamigei, a new subtype), and Heikegani (also kamigei).
So all Japan and no China. Ah well. Kamigei would be related to the Kami of the PF bestiaries, I take it?

For uniformity, we defaulted to Japanese for naming practices in most cases, but the mythology is fairly eclectic. Since Japan has the most popularized mythology in the west (thanks to a lot to anime, kungfu flicks, Godzilla movies, and so on), they do have a bit of a larger influence.

Kamigei are a new invention, also an amalgamation of several East Asian concepts.

Crazy typo fiasco: The back cover's "Nothing is as swift and sure as a marauder." was fixed and reverted several times, and it actually carried over to a typo in the product description. We finally got that fixed, and the product description will be fixed shortly. A minor thing really, made a bit frustrating by the fact that it was caught be the author and all the editors a couple of times, fixed several times, and then the cover files kept getting switched with the older, erroneous one. Hopefully, that is over!

Happy gaming!

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Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
I'd also like to know that, OmNomNid.

The Siren and the Aquanaut are being developed simultaneously at the moment. I am not sure which one will be done first!

Liz Courts wrote:
Emberion wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Emberion wrote:

Yeah, it will be here at Paizo shortly. I upload them at the same time, but Paizo has a live person go in and confirm that I didn't upload naughty things I guess. :)

So, it will be here shortly!

Most of the time I'm fixing bad grammar, typos, and broken HTML in the product descriptions. :)

And it's available here. :D

Thanks Liz, you are greatly appreciated! And what can be more naughty than bad grammar? :)
Breaking the terms of the Pathfinder Compatibility License and having me pull your product. :P

That would suck, indeed.

Liz Courts wrote:
Emberion wrote:

Yeah, it will be here at Paizo shortly. I upload them at the same time, but Paizo has a live person go in and confirm that I didn't upload naughty things I guess. :)

So, it will be here shortly!

Most of the time I'm fixing bad grammar, typos, and broken HTML in the product descriptions. :)

And it's available here. :D

Thanks Liz, you are greatly appreciated! And what can be more naughty than bad grammar? :)

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Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
As far as the Anumus is concerned I believe all of the Remarkable Races should be getting aquatic variants, at least the ones that haven't already, if I recall correctly.

Yes, the plan is to have equivalents (if not conversions) of all 12 Remarkable Races. Since 3 already exist in source books (and a 4th if Viridean Veil beats the conclusion of Remarkable Races Submerged, not sure about that yet). The Mogogol, the Obitu, and the Zif(Zef) have been swimming out there a while now.

That leaves 3 (or 4) spots open for entirely new and strange aquatic races that we will cap off the series with.

We WILL see aquatic etobians (with dragonfly, water beetle, mosquito +two more) forms.

We will also see aquatic squoles made of water, and taddols with sea-elven blood.

But there is so much more surprises planned that I can't talk about yet!

Yeah, it will be here at Paizo shortly. I upload them at the same time, but Paizo has a live person go in and confirm that I didn't upload naughty things I guess. :)

So, it will be here shortly!

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The Sunken Relluk now avaialable:

The Sunken Relluk


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Endzeitgeist wrote:
I'm also still waiting for the Cerulean Seas hardcover. I've waited for Razor Coast back in the day,, but still, an update would be nice...

Currently we don't have a viable or affordable print option. When we do, then the first ones off the truck will be sent out. The printer that gave us the estimate for the print copies doubled the cost AFTER the kickstarter, so we are severely delayed for printing other than the POD option at RPGnow.com, which costs us about the same as everyone else.

We basically need a kickstarter to get the kickstarter rewards at this point...however the whole kickstarter experience was terrible even we technically won. In my lack of experience, I asked for far less than we actually needed, as I had no idea that estimates would skyrocket and a few people would suddenly act like we won the lottery and try to get as much money as they could for services that were offered much cheaper before the kickstarter.

HOWEVER, some good did come from it. Alluria was dead in the water and now we have 4 new products out and 4 new ones on the way (which was the primary focus of the Kickstarter anyway, not the print products). Inevitably, we WILL make enough to break into the print market. It is just a matter of time. Your patience is appreciated. And, as always, contributors will continue to receive their pdf versions free and have our gratitude for their contribution.


PS: Please email me at alluriapub@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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Sorry so silent for so long, I tend to get so wrapped up in these projects that I completely forget about the outside world.

Yes, Remarkable Races is getting an aquatic reboot called "Remarkable Races Submerged" and will start with the Sunken Relluk which should be released in a couple of days.

In addition, Clever Classes is getting a PFRPG reboot, starting with a conversion of the aquatic classes. The Marauder will be the pilot of that line, and we should ALSO see that finished in a couple of days.

Celadon Shores is the Oriental Adventures Cerulean Seas supplement, and it is coming along swimmingly. It will be about 50/50 freshwater and seawater, and have mechanics for the two interacting. We should see this one finished in late September or early November. Most of the art is already done, so it mostly just getting things tweaked and crunched.

We partnered up with Purple Duck games to work on the Turquoise Trident adventure path, which will be our first Cerulean Seas adventure series. The artwork is the sticking point on this book. It's written, it's play tested, but we suffered an artistic malfunction for months. Luckily, our buddies over at Purple Duck have their act together where Alluria fell short and agreed to help us out. Progress is happening, but we don't have an official ETA for this one yet. Likely before the end of the year.

So, big things on the horizon for Alluria Publishing! Stay tuned for more updates as we get them.

Special thanks to Steven O'Neal for his updates and help. You are the greatest!

Emily Kubisz
Alluria Publishing

JiCi wrote:
only the new monsters? No offense, but I just don't feel like buying a book which content is already in other previous books.

Ok, to be fair, it has 60 new monsters, and 30 new NPC writeups (1 of each PC race). The price is comparable to our other 100 page books (it has abotu 100 pages of new material), and its nearly 300 pages. And right now its on sale for 9.95 until Halloween on RPGnow.com. So, totally affordable even if you just want the new stuff.


It's up!

Beasts of the Boundless Blue

I count 275. Can anyone confirm?

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
We're really close now. GET EXCITED!
How close?
I'd say by the end of the month, but don't quote me on that.

It is finally out! Sorry it took so long guys! It was an EPIC project by Alluria standards. Right now, it is being reviewed by the Paizo Staff and should be up here shortly. For now, its available at RPGnow.com. POD version will be available there at the end of October.

Thanks to all who contributed ESPECIALLY Sam Hing, Steven O'Neal, and Jeffrey Turner. We put in a TON of hours in on this one. I know I, personally, have been working on it every day for nearly six months strait.

We hope you enjoy it!

Azure Abyss and Indigo Ice are now available in Print (POD) at RPGnow.com. Get your copy today!

Good news! Azure Abyss and the Indigo Ice revision were both accepted by the printers (for the POD program at RPGnow). My preview copies are on their way, and as soon as they get here, as long there are no glaring issues, they will be available on POD. This puts the projected POD at or around June 10th.

MMCJawa wrote:

Wow that is awesome

Anyone getting a "Squidbillies" vibe?

They are just squid imps. You can find them in Azure Abyss. The dragon-thing is a Rhythm Dragon (corebook), and the last critter is one of the new guys: The Grotto Hulk.


Thank you so much for the unexpected call out! We appreciate all the help we can get. Love to all!

Brian E. Harris wrote:
Are any of these available in print format, or will they be (POD, maybe?)?

The corebook, Indigo Ice, and Waves of Thought can be purchased POD from RPGnow.com. Azure Abyss will be available POD some time in June. Later this month, Indigo Ice will come off POD for a couple of weeks to incorporate the recent update. They take the old one down during the approval process for the new one (which makes little sense, but that's the procedure). We don't have the revenue to offer print copies anywhere else, unless Paizo sponsors a POD program as well.


Now available on paizo!

Azure Abyss

batro wrote:


when Azure Abyss will be in PoD ?

Near the beginning of June, if all goes well. The review process at the printer is slow and fickle. They've rejected entire documents because a single page has "too many colors" and don't even mention which page. They are not fun to deal with, but I think we got the process down to the point where we only get one or two rejects before it goes through. Each bounce costs us two weeks.

Well, I received a speedy reply:

"Thank you for your email. Our Webstore Specialist, Liz Courts, is currently out of the office, which has caused a slight delay on our end. Normal webstore operations will be back-up when she returns. We appreciate your patience in this matter." (Justin Riddler, Paizo Customer Service)

While there is no ETA in the email, we are confident that the delay is simply bad timing and that the file will be up when she returns...hopefully soon. My appologies, we had no warning that this would happen.

Not sure why Azure Abyss isn't up yet, they are usually very quick. They haven't emailed, so I don't think there are any issues with the file. Its very odd. I will email their support and see what the hold up is.

The-Last-Rogue wrote:
OmNomNid wrote:
So got through Azure Abyss- Love it. My only real nitpick is how the Angler just gets a bonus feat as a Capstone but it is a very, very minor complaint.

Hmm. I wrote a capstone. I suppose it got cut for space, or rules reasons, etc. When I get to it, I'll check Azure Abyss, and if there isn't a capstone, I'll post what I had here.

I agree a bonus feat isn't quite enough to encourage someone to play to level 20.

Hey guys! Head up on this. The capstone power is simply missing from the table (an oversight, sorry), but it is there. (In a future update, it will be added to the table). The capstone power is called "Master of the Field" and is detailed on page 32. Sorry for the mix up!!!

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Are there new releases up at Paizo from Alluria? I'm a little confused!?!? :)

It should be, but its not. I guess Paizo took Cinco De Mayo off, or maybe just Sunday...not sure. In any case, they should have it up tomorrow.

The file was uploaded to Paizo yesterday. We are just waiting for them to approve it. Usually only takes 12 hours or so, so it will be up any moment.

Kthulhu wrote:
My copy of Indigo Ice is still screwed up.

RPGnow is not updating for some reason. I have contacted their support and hope to hear a reply very soon.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Hey folks, those of you that purchased Azure Abyss and/or Indigo Ice over at RPGNow may have noticed that recent updated versions of those documents are not working properly. I can assure you that both Emily and I are working on rectifying that. We thank you for your patience.

I think that the issues is resolved. RPGnow's watermark process goes all Jupervas on adobe files of specific versions, reducing them to a fine murk. I was hoping to reduce the version number without increasing the file size and I think I succeeded. Tell me if you still have issues.

(and thanks to Steven for helping me out with this. RPGnow can be a nightmare sometimes).

MMCJawa wrote:
any update on when we might see Azure Abyss on Paizo? I am looking forward to getting it, but would prefer to buy it here rather than Drivethru

Yep, still on for this weekend. Probably early Sunday or Saturday night.


Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
I am too. I'm really looking forward to Cobalt Coast, but a bestiary is a nice consolation.

The main reason for the change is that these setting books take a lot of R&D and this takes a lot of money and time. We keep going into the red before the book is released. So we are going to take a much slower approach to them. The next couple products will focus on one aspect rather than the entire gambit at once. These should help fund the books that take longer to playtest and develop. So when cobalt coast does come out, it will be even more awesome than those before it.

NineHostages wrote:
I love the Estrels and I think they should have their own book one day, "Practical Starfish Summoning for Beginners"

Estrels will be futher featured in the book on trueforms, which will bring all the truforms into playable status. Believe it or not, in the original incarnation of Cerulean Seas (made over 10 years ago for D&D 3.0 and never published), trueforms were part of the standard PC race lineup.

OmNomNid wrote:
Not fast enough!

We should see it here before the end of the weekend. There is some sort of format issue with the pdf that even I don't entirely understand, but I was assured it will be uploaded here before Monday. This is also when the free copies will go out, and there will likely be an update to those purchased on RPGnow as well (not that they don't work, but the file is larger than it needs to be).

My apologies for the delay.


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Disturbing things lurk in the deep sea! Azure Abyss is coming the end of this month (for real this time). We hit a few snags that had delayed the project and playtesting took much longer than expected as well. All the bumps have been ironed out, and we are in the final editing phase for most of it.
This has been a hard project, and has forced us to reconfigure our lineup. The Cobalt Coast and the Viridian Veil will be postponed, and the Bestiary Compendium will be next, followed by a few surprise products. Onward!


HangarFlying wrote:

As a point of order, black powder firearms will not function underwater. Yes, modern firearms can function underwater, but the bullets do not travel anywhere close to their range when fired out of water: about two and a half feet in the case of this handgun and about four feet for an AR-15.

Alluria's Cerulean Seas Indigo Ice supplement have rules for aquatic firearms. Instead of black powder, they use a special methane clathrate combustion system, and have bullets designed to enact supercavatation, which is necessary to enact any range with underwater. The design is loosely based on modern firearms that have been designed to work underwater (in the real world).

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Also, does anyone know if the master benefits for the aquatic familiars from the Cerulean Seas book were ever given?

Are you referring to page 55 of the main source book?

Erik Mona wrote:

What did you pay for your Colossal red?

I want to get a permanent record, here. ;)

I payed 89.99. I'd easily pay 180$ for a gargantuan green if there was no other way to get one. Heck, I thought of commissioning an artist to craft one for me, and that's an order of magnitude more than 200$. I love my collection, but that Large-size green dragon mini among the Gargantuan-sized minis, just sitting there and starting at me for 7-8 years is driving me a little batty. I took a picture of him once, enlarged it, and made a cardboard cutout, but it just wasn't the same. This will eventually lead to some sort of insanity where I do commission one myself and sell copies of it online for a mint to other people driven to near as great a madness as myself by cruel miniature game designers. (Most of this is tongue and cheek, btw! I would love to see one though! Keep up the excellent work.)

Woo Woo! And with Waves of Thought in the top ten! Grats to all that made it! It is an honor to be among such amazing talent.

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