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Star Voter Season 9

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This is GONZO. In the best way! I loved it.

Star Voter Season 9

Fiendish Zen,

You are welcome! Thank you for the imaginative item.

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Also, I don't know if they have been covered already ( And this may not even be the right place for this...) but I wanted to give a shout out to a few items that I loved and who didn't make the Top 32 +,

I may have the names wrong, since I didn't keep a file:

The Roiling Cuirass
The Fey Bind Lantern*
The Nine Lives Cloak
Troll hide Shield (Yuck! But I loved the creativity!)
Axe of the Roaring Crowd
Clockwork Arrow
Swashbuckler's Moustache Wax (Loved this! Way outside the box!)*
Vudrani Fighting Rope
Windcaller's Edge
Trident of the Kraken Lord

*i saw my own item 8 times. I voted for these two over my own.

I loved these items and I wanted to let the designers know, that even though they may be disappointed, someone loved them. I can't wait to integrate them into my campaign.

Star Voter Season 9

Thanks for the thoughts on my Murder Candle! I knew it was flawed and an SIAC. But I wanted to challenge myself by breaking a "rule".

Thank you all for your time!

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I'm interested to see where I went wrong. Thanks everyone.

Murder Candle
Aura moderate abjuration; CL 5th
Slot nonet; Price 2,500 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.

A Murder Candle looks like any ordinary candle. During the dipping process, as each layer of wax is added, runes are carefully carved into the wax. Only the last ten layers are rune free to disguise the candle's purpose.

When the Murder Candle is lit the countdown begins. Once the Murder Candle burns down to a height designated by the creator, it will trigger explosive runes.

Additionally, if the person who lit the Murder Candle blows it out, explosive runes is triggered. If anyone other than the individual who lit the Murder Candle blows it out, the spell is not triggered.

During creation, the crafter will place the strand of hair at a set point in the candle. This strand of hair is the point at which the spell will be triggered.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, [i]explosive runes[/], (special) strand of hair; Cost 1,000 gp

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I had only one of these on my personal list. And out of 36, I only ever saw about 6 of them. 30 were completely new to me when they were announced. I saw some of their names on the list but had no idea what they were.

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This is one of many great items who's name I saw on the unofficial list but never actually got to vote for. But I definitely would have given it an up Vote!

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I loved this item. Great creepy vibe.

Star Voter Season 9


You are awesome. Thank you.


Star Voter Season 9

Windows 10 keeps telling me that the Sample grid Paizo provided is damaged/corrupted/whatever. Is there another way to get the sample grid?

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I will respect the No Feedback Unless Requested rule. (Wasn't really aware of it) But I only had plans to mention the Items that I loved anyway. Especially if those Items didn't make the Top 32. I'd like the owners to some people really liked their concept.

Star Voter Season 9

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This the farthest I've made it too!

Good luck everyone! I look forward to being able to talk about the Items I loved without DQing people.

Star Voter Season 9

Yeah. That's what I worry about.

I mean, sure, what are my chances that I'll need that stuff. But I like to be prepared.

Star Voter Season 9

I have a really, really strong stomach. But there is an item out there that made me gag. And, given its competition, i had to up vote it.

Star Voter Season 9

Finally! A cloak I like!

Star Voter Season 9

Maybe it's a mark that I am not Superstar material but I don't understand the technical aspect/ requirements for Round 2. And I'm starting to get nervous because my item is still in and I've seen it 8 times today. I mean, that might mean nothing, but I guess I should prepare.

I have a map concept drawn up. But is there someone fluent in Luddite that could explain the technical stuff to a geezer like me?

Star Voter Season 9

I know that certain words and phrases are considered fodder for snark (filigree, 'prized by...', 'it's true nature/purpose is revealed', etc.). I get that. And those things can be annoying and/or "entertaining".

But I'm finding myself getting frustrated reading descriptions wherein the designers are obviously consulting the thesaurus and leaping through numerous hoops in order to avoid those words/phrases, even when, though possibly trite, they would be serviceable and accurate.

Star Voter Season 9

First: Concept, imagination----> MOJO. Mojo is harder to train than rules, etc.

Second: Would I allow it at the table?

Third: Technical-----> Did they follow the template? Are they within a reasonable margin of error on CL and price?

Fourth: Word Count------> Can they explain their concept with an economy of words? I hate reading a description where a writer (whether RPGSS or novels) used 20 words where 5-10 would do.

Star Voter Season 9

@Jeff Lee,

Agreed! There was an item that didn't make it past the first cull but I've already written it into our weekly campaign. It broke my heart when I saw that it didn't make it through.

I can't wait until we can speak openly and tell the designer how much I loved it. I'm sure it will be small consolation to them but they should now someone loved it.

Star Voter Season 9

Thanks Clay Clouser. I'd been looking for something like in previous years (like the grid schedule). I was puzzled.

Star Voter Season 9

So, people keep talking about a Map being next. Do we have any solid reason to believe this?

Star Voter Season 9

Ok, cool. I was kinda hoping that they were picking the Top 32 as well though.

Star Voter Season 9

I just saw an item that I swear I saw last year. Like, nearly word for word. So I checked my files of items I liked and it seems like it's pretty darn close. Almost like it was resubmitted with a couple of minor word changes.

I up voted it last year. Not this year.

Star Voter Season 9

I thought the first round was picked by votes/rank only? Why is there a judge?

Not that I'm complaining! I'm kind of nervous about things being only left up to the voting...

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Formatting is only a deal breaker for me if it is particularly egregious.

My heirarchy is thus:

1) Imagination beats Formatting
2) imagination beats Mechanics
3) Mechanics beat Formatting

Formatting mistakes are an easy fix. You can teach someone who has little to no experience with these things in minutes.

Mechanics takes longer to teach than Formatting. Imagination is something else entirely.

Additionally, I noticed that I almost always ( at first it was subconscious) vote down the items with ~ 299 words. I realized that I admire the ability to write with an economy of words. More words don't usually mean more imagination.

More words usually muddy the whole thing and it's often easy to spot where the designer got carried away and the submission wasn't helped by everything the designer had to pack into the item.

Star Voter Season 9

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A literal SIAC and joke item. And it was...awesome.

Star Voter Season 9

Wow. I can't believe I finally just up voted an item that made excessive use of the word "attune". I hate that word.

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Absolutely agree with you on drawbacks, Cthulhu. In my games, they are a given and my players know nothing will be all powerful or game breaking.

I would also add that I am also a sucker for items that aren't class specific. I think it's a true test of mojo to make an item anyone can use. But that's just me.

Star Voter Season 9

I'm a sucker for quirky, underpowered simplicity.

I hate the pro-undead items as well. Almost always a down vote (almost!). I've had bad experiences with gamers that attempt to wreck campaigns with the pro-undead stuff.

Now, if it a cursed item, that's more workable but RPGSS doesn't want cursed items.

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I'm sure this has already been covered in approximate 1,500 comments and counting but I just reached my personal limit...

"This [blank] is highly prized by [insert class/archetype] who know its true value..."

Aaaaaaaah. Aaaaaah!!!!!! I'm done. I've tried to be fair and not hold it against the item, I really have. But the phrase is everywhere!


Star Voter Season 9

Huh. I always thought ven saying the name in a public forum was really bad.

Star Voter Season 9

Isn't naming the items going to get them DQ'd?!? Like back always on the thread?

Star Voter Season 9

I saw an awesome piece of armor that I would have voted for over my own item. I haven't seen it on the post cull list. :(

Here's hoping though...

I can't wait till we can speak about entries and I can openly praise the designer, whether they make it to the top 32 or not.

Star Voter Season 9

I thought this was going to be about the lag time and loading. It's so much worse this year. It's proving very difficult to vote at all for more than ten items or so. Very time consuming and frustrating.

Star Voter Season 9

It seems like an inordinate number of joke items this year. And one joke item completely discarded the template and even seemed to do so purposely...

Google Drive is awesome. I swear by it.

Mouse Guard could be fun.

But my new Go-To game is Far Away Land

Gonzo goodness with a phenomenal system. Simple, quick and easy. Could make any setting out of it.

It's like Adventure Time. Kind of. But better. And they have a youtube channel.

I have heavily modified Monte Cook's Chaositech stuff into a necro tech. I got a lot of great stuff from his Chaositech book.

Also, why limit things to the equine?

You could possibly make something similar to the Bariaurs from Planescape. Goats, especially something as sure footed as a mountain goat might make sense for a halfling.

But brainstorming, you could go with wild boars. Or sheep.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Most homebrew races are designed to be mechanically strong at something, usually pertaining to combat or spell casting. I tried to not do that.

I think that's why I like them. Great flavor. But not just oriented to give new and better bonuses. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's your thing. It just isn't my thing. I like playing new characters that are interesting, not necessarily powerful.

I LOVE the Prairie Dwarves.

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Here is a link to some crazy animals if anyone needs ideas:

22 Strange Animals

And some cool ones not mentioned:
Also there is the Coatimundi

And the Pangolin

And not to be forgotten, the Red Panda

The pangolin has been hunted, unfortunately, for the fact that it's "scales" made armored clothing. I don't how good the armor actually was, since they are basically the same material as fingernails.

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I have always had a soft spot for the Snow Leopard. I think I would make that my Animal Companion.

As for Wild Shape... Boy, that's so tough. I think I might go Polar Bear. For combat, it should suffice. But it can survive in brutally cold temperatures (important where I live) and happens to be a partially marine animal. It's like the Navy SEAL of the Wild Shape world!!!

My pardon to the real seal animal...

Check out The Brain Storm Podcast

They just had an episode about Circuses in RPGs. It was a great podcast. Overall, they have some terrific ideas. And all they do is brainstorm different cool ideas for running RPGs, and they're setting/system neutral.

Shameless bump. I was hoing to see more...

Fire Elves (formerly Blood Elves, until World of Warcrack became a "thing" and "stole" my race name)

Ability Scores: +3 Int, -3 Con

Size: Medium

Type: Fire Elves are humanoids of the elf subtype.

Base Speed: 30

Elven Immunities: Fire elves are immune to Sleep but receive only a +1 to racial saving throws against enchantments.

Feats and Skills: Keen Senses and Well Read (+1 to any three Knowledge skills)

Magical Racial traits: +3 to any caster checks to over come spell resistance.

Offense Traits: Mastermind, once per day, the Fire Elf can choose one from the following:

1)Give each party member a +2 to any Attack roll, as long as all bonuses happen in the same battle.

2)Allow all party members to increase their Movement by 10 for one round, in unison, in the same round.

3)Allow any one party member to ignore a critical strike's extra damage, but not the strike itself.

Blood Spray: when an enemy completes a critical strike on a Fire Elf, the attacker takes an automatic 2d6 in burn damage from the hot blood spray. Fire immunity does not apply for this.

Racial Senses: Fire Elves have Infravision as opposed to Low light vision.


1)Fire Elves are easier to see in the dark, due to the temperature of their blood. Any creature with Low light vision sees the Fire Elf as if the creature had Infravision itself.

2)Fire Elf anatomy and organs are highly prized by some races and spell caster as valuable spell component substitutes for some harder to find components (DM decides which components). Fire Elves are often kidnapped and sold to slavers, evil wizards and organ harvesters.

Fire Elves are mutations, not a separate race. They happen randomly, once in every 1,000 elf births. They are typically more frail and less athletic than other elves. Their I.Q. Is usually higher than other elves, lending them to a more bookish or philosophical lifestyle.

For reasons unknown to the most learned elves and wizards, fire elves blood magically burns at a temperature hot enough to scald non-fire elves.

Many Fire Elves are protected and sheltered by good communities. Lone Fire Elves tend to be secretive, taking steps to hide their 'mutation'. Some elf families consider the birth of a Fire Elf to be a blessing.

@Matrix Dragon,

That's what I said earlier in the thread. But people would rather talk theory I guess.

But K.I.S.S. Usually works for us.

If possible, I just summon another swarm of the same creatures in the same space. Let them duke it out.

Aren't there enough lawyers at the gaming table already?

But seriously, for pure flavor, I love Imbicatus' thought about the Asmodean Inquisitor. That would be so much fun to play.

Hah! You beat me to the nomad thing!

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