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I do thank you all for the input, but I did post this in the "rules question" part of the forum and not advice for a reason. I'm looking for a more rules oriented answer.

I, personally, think a natural born werewolf that contracts a different form of lycanthropy could be quite a mystery for players to solve, in the right context and story. I just was wondering if there's anything concrete that would prevent this from being possible.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
No because Lycanthropy is a template and you cannot apply the same template twice.

Is there a page for this rule, cause I could have sworn you could have multiple half-dragon templates?

Can a lycanthrope (natural or afflicted) contract another form of lycanthropy?

If so:

Can a natural lycanthrope be infected with the same type of lycanthropy, making them effectively afflicted but with better stats?

If I have a character thats an afflicted lycanthrope, let's say wolf, and I contract another type of lycanthropy, let's say shark, what happens during a full moon? Do I become a wolfshark?

Like the title says, can I?

Do I use my classes recovery actions to do so? If not, can I for the other benefits it provides?

Blue Eyed Devil wrote:
Am I blind, or am I just missing how much gold value Baron Okerra commits to rebuilding Stachys if made helpful? I've searched the module and can find nothing. I'm planning now to simply set it at 5,000 gp (halfway between the "taxes" returned by Bartelby and Voinum's vineyard assistance.

You are correct. There is no mention of a GP value for his supply offer. 5,000 gp sounds like a decent compromise.

Blue Eyed Devil wrote:
Ed Girallon Poe wrote:
How is Dame Crabbe winning the Trucco matches on the fourth round? She's a level 4 aristocrat who (I assume) took weapon focus hammers for the Trucco bonus. To consistently win on turn 4 she would have to hit a DC 20 dexterity check with her Dexterity(unspecified)+3 bonus for 3 out of the 4 rounds. That's statistically unlikely unless she has a dexterity of 30-something.
The matches (Trucco, Joust, Hunt) all have default winners written in to play up the NPC's natures and cement them as characters. This requires a little hand waving, sure, but nothing is stopping your PCs from taking gold in these events - except the hunt, where apparently capturing two commoners is more impressive than slaying the Iron Lash of Meratt.

I'm just wondering what kind of monster PC a character would have to build to to beat Dame Crabbe in one match, let alone all 5. The only way a PC can beat her is by succeeding on 4 consecutive DC 20 dexterity checks (presuming they go before her in the round, otherwise they can't beat her at all). The maximum dexterity a PC can have at this level is 23 (25 if they're somehow the goblin at the garden party). If they're proficient and focused in light hammers they get a +9 to the check which gives them a 50 / 50 shot of getting 2 points that round, which ultimately means a 7.5% chance of beating Dame Crabbe in any given match.

How is Dame Crabbe winning the Trucco matches on the fourth round? She's a level 4 aristocrat who (I assume) took weapon focus hammers for the Trucco bonus. To consistently win on turn 4 she would have to hit a DC 20 dexterity check with her Dexterity(unspecified)+3 bonus for 3 out of the 4 rounds. That's statistically unlikely unless she has a dexterity of 30-something.

Would anyone see a problem allowing this as a base familiar in regards to familiar archetypes? A giant tome mauler gishvit sounds hilarious but a sage gishvit sounds perfect.

Was working on a campaign and was building a ghost fighter with both corrupting and draining touch. Didn't want to waste weapon training on a weapon (I'd have to give him a ghost touch one, which would put his wealth much higher than I'd like).

If there isn't any exact rules, I'm leaning toward one of the groups that unarmed strikes fall into, but I don't know which one. Any suggestions?

One more thing; should I add the bonus to weapon damage on corrupting touch (obviously to powerful to add to draining touch)?

LordKailas wrote:
My interpretation would be that you get the bonus so long as a pack member attacked the enemy since the last time you attacked.

So then, round by round? That seems like a tracking nightmare.

The ability in question: wrote:

At 4th level, the pack leader learns advanced techniques for fighting as a group. As a standard action, the pack leader can add up to his Wisdom modifier in creatures into his pack, which functions like the collective of a tactician with a class level equal to half of the pack leader’s ranger level (round down), but the pack can only have a maximum number of creatures equal to the pack leader’s Wisdom modifier. The pack leader does not count against this limit.

When members of the pack are attacking the same creature, they gain a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against that creature.

This ability replaces hunter’s bond.

Bolded for question.

How does this work? Do we have to ready actions to attack at the same time? Do we have to be threatening the same creature or merely be able to make attacks at the same creature? does one of the pack have to have made an attack before the bonus can be used? Do they have to hit? Does the 'I count as my own ally' rule apply? How long does the pack get the bonus? If I made a potshot at a recurring villain that one time, does the pack continue to get the bonus versus him until we kill him?

Nevermind, called the service number.

I need to cancel order #4609252. I purchased the wrong item. Thank you.

Made the exact build before, and it's a simple but effective healer that always has something to do. I wouldn't take any other archetypes than those two, as all the others are kinda lacking.

As for the fluff of concept, my character was a LN worshipper of Zon-Kuthon. He was an avid believer that without suffering exquisite agony you could never feel the greatest pleasures of their relief. His goal was to help others see that without Zon-Kuthon, they would never know pleasure and happiness having nothing to compare them with. His greatest joys were having the wounded and sick describe the difference they felt before and after he healed them.

Thank you very much!

Can an Eidolon still take Final Embrace after the Errata?

I've tried to email several times about this issue and every time it tells me (several hours later) the message could not be received, so i'll try it here.

If at all possible, i would like to remove the second copy of both the Starfinder Core Rulebook and Incident at Absalom Station from order #4373148. I would also like to remove all the items from my sidecart as i would rather subscribe now instead of waiting for there delivery. thank you.

So do you have any examples of how it's broken cause I've gone through most of the spells this interacts with and it doesn't seem out of line. In fact it seems quite niche from my point of view as most transmutations never even see play due to items overshadowing them or there simply being better spells. The only transmutation I regularly see at my table is haste, which barely interacts with this ability (the speed boost would increase to 45ft, but would still be limited to twice base land speed).

I've been playing around with race design for a little while and I need some observational assistance. Here's what I'm starting with:

Receptive Transformer: Due to their inconsistent and dynamic form, [CREATURE] are quite responsive to magic that alters the body. Whenever a [CREATURE] is the target of a beneficial transmutation spell or effect, they may increase all static numeric effects of the transmutation by 50%. For instance, a bull's strength cast on the [CREATURE] would provide a +6 enhancement bonus, instead of the standard +4; or a [CREATURE] with expeditious retreat cast on them could increase their land speed by 45ft., instead of 30ft. This bonus only applies to the [CREATURE] regardless of if there are other recipients to the transmutation effect.

1) Are there any holes? (spell's that might be too powerful or have weird interactions)

2)Could it be clarified better/written differently?

3) How many Racial Points should this cost? (I was thinking 5 or 6, but I'm not good at eyeballing these things.)

Celestial Plate

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Summoner / Bard. Who needs a group when you are your own party!

Heroforge lets you make custom minis for those special or hard to find characters, though they can be expensive.

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Mummy's Mask: Start As Brendan Fraser in "The Mummy", end as Jeff Goldblum in "Independence Day".

A burrow of Moloids.

A _______ of reptilian presidential candidates.

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How would this (if at all) interact with Dreamscarred Press's Path of War revamp of the maneuver system?

A message of whisperers.

A _______ of Tattermen.

AwesomelyEpic wrote:

I would have a build centered around this concept. Halved speed for Fast Crawl still leaves me with over 500 ft per round, and I get excellent defensive bonuses.

And if I get enough monk/brawler levels, I can get Pummeling Charge. Then, I can charge-crawl from very long distances and still get to make a lot of attacks.

This is hilarious! Sonic the Hedgehog spin dash attacks.

Purplefixer wrote:

1a: Yes; No.

According to James Jacobs. (From the Ask James Jacobs thread)
2) Yes; assuming it's human shaped, in all the human shape slots. If it's not human shaped, then all the slots that it has that makes sense. It can't carry things with it into solid rock when it earth glides. If it wants to bring its gear with it into the ground, it has to burrow normally without earth glide.

...And thats why I take James Jacobs opinion on rules with a grain of salt. If this were true, than my Oread monk with Oread Earth Glider would have to strip naked and leave his weapon behind (Zen Archer) just to use his feats.


You have a character who has a base land speed of over 1000 ft/rnd. What do you do with him? What feats do you take? Class levels?

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A shrunken party dungeon.

All the threats are normal stuff, just big. They could be fighting a regular house cat, but depending on how small they are you could use stats for a big cat, dire tiger, or something else (like owl-bear; just to mix it up). Judicious use of the giant template. The final challenge could be a "normal commoner" speced as a giant or titan.


Simeon wrote:

An undulation of neothelids

A ________ of siyokoy.

A Paaralan of siyokoy.

A _________ of puzzle dungeons.

Starry Grace lets you add dex to damage instead of str with a starknife. That should help shore up any melee/ranged attack disparities.

Andrew Mullen wrote:
There's the Aegis focus power for an Occultist's Abjuration implement, but that ain't exactly universally accessible.

That's good, but I'm hoping to find something that doesn't require such dedication (that's a lot of occultist levels...). Thanks, though.

My bad... I did indeed mean Magic Vestment. The problem I'm having is I have a character who can make temporary masterwork armor, but can't enchant it and has no spell casting. As a last resort, I could stock up on scrolls of the aforementioned spell, but I'd prefer something ... else. I was thinking something akin to armor crystals from 3.5 but with an enhancement bonus. I just wondered if they already existed.

Is there any way , other than Magic Weapon spells, to gain an enhancement bonus to armor that can't be enchanted?

Thread Necromancy! I am curious if anything was ever found for this question. I have a character who would like to combine Ascetic Style and Vicious Stomp; being able to put a fauchard in the monk weapon group would be quite pleasing. Anything (abilities, feats, etc...) added since 2013 that might facilitate this?

Chess Pwn wrote:
If weapon master's handbook becomes PFS legal you can pick up the trait, Aldori Caution combat-trait, which increases your fighting defensively AC bonus by 1. Giving you the full 5 with crane style.

I LOVE YOU! You are a brilliant individual and a pinnacle of your species! This trait was exactly what I was looking for. With Crane Riposte, 3 ranks in acrobatics, and this beautiful trait it will be -1 attack for +5 AC or +10/- DR. Now I don't have to wield the stupid rod or take combat expertise. You (v)rock!

A Misspelling of cithulus

A __________ of Half-Giants.

How would one go about maximizing the potential for the stalwart & Improved stalwart feats? I have a character coming up who is looking to be one hell of a tank, and I'd like to get the most bang for my buck.

Is it better to use combat expertise or fight defensively (or both)?

How can we mitigate the penalties (particularly because I would like to use power attack as well)?

I'm already aware of some options, including: Aldori swordlord (archetype), Crane style tree (feats), Cautious fighter (feat), Threatening defender (trait), Rod of balance (magic item), Madu (mundane weapon). Is there anything else?

For those interested in the character, I will be messing with a bunch of Dreamscarred press stuff, playing a Half-Giant Aegis (War Hulk) // Warder (Sworn Protector, Zweihander Sentinel). Thanks in advance!

Took some finagling, but I got it. Thanks for the help! it was definitely this bug.

I'm getting all the way to the "What Will Happen When You Place Your Order" page, but when I click "place your order" it only seems to refresh the page. I checked my email and nothing has been sent. Please help!

Staff of the Master for metamagic shenanigans.

Found something interesting...

OG_slinger @ wrote:

It's like an itch I can't scratch...

They didn't know what to call it even in 1945. Stars & Stripes published a booklet called "The WAC", which covered the Women's Army Corp. in the ETO:

The WAC wrote:
Typical drama lived by Wacs took place one day in January, 1944, at 9th Bombardment Division -- just 15 minutes by Messerschmitt from Germany.

"There's an enemy flight coming out of France," calmly announced Pvt. Bassie Moseley, Houston, Tex., as she adjusted her earphones. Before her was an interceptor board, a 12-foot square table marked with German and Allied air fields. Pvt. Moseley was stationed at a Marauder headquarters where she and other Wacs helped plot the movements of all aircraft in the area.

Next, she picked up a metal strip on which she began placing magnetized discs identifying the planes winging over the Channel. With a croupier-like stick, she pushed the marker and an arrow to indicate direction of flight into the Channel section of the map. Seconds passed. Pvt. Moseley moved the red arrow closer -- closer to the coast. She nudged the red arrow to point northward, then quickly swung it back; the Germans had feinted a change of course. Now they were coming straight in.

Pfc Lola McCoy, Rensselaer, Ind., leaned forward to move her RAF markers -- RAF night fighters rising to tackle the invaders. Sirens wailed. Enemy aircraft roared overhead. The tenseness in the flight control boom was broken by a dull boom.

Pfc McCoy moved her RAF marker. "One Kraut had a fighter after him," she said. Pvt. Moseley pushed the enemy marker out over the Channel. Those in the room relaxed, laughed nervously.

"Tomorrow, you'll read in the papers that enemy raiders dropped a few bombs on the coastal area," Pvt. Moseley said.
I struck out with oral histories, as well. This interview of a WAAF calls them "long sticks, like billiard cues."

Even the BBC's collection of WWII stories doesn't name them. It does, however, tell an interesting story of how they evolved over the course of the war:

BBC WW2 People's War wrote:
We quickly got quite proficient at throwing the arrows down and pushing them in place with a long wooden pole with a flat piece of wood on the end. Some time later, much later, the bone arrows were changed to metal ones and the poles had a metal end with a magnet in it so the arrows be picked up and place instead of being pushed around.
I, for one, am terribly disappointed that the nation that invented Cockney Rhyming couldn't come up with a better name than "rake". For shame.

Other than that, there's always The Command Stick..

A Plague of Demonic Vermin.

A _______ of Calistrian Prostitutes.

A White-Wolf-LARP of Ustalavians

A __________ of thanatotic titans.

Please and Thank you!

A disputation of phistophilus devils.

A _______ of rogue sentient A.I.

A tussle of tatzlwyrms.

A ______ of Worms that Walk.

LoreKeeper wrote:
Can a pinned character be coup de grace'd?

Yes, but you need the throat slicer feat

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