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"Your fly sped no longer restricts the height you can fly." -Sentence 2 of Unlimited Ghost Flight.

However, nothing I can see in either Floating or the Ghost Flight feat indicate this to have been the case previously.
Floating keeps you generally tethered to the ground, whereas Ghost Flight lets you fly wholly unrestricted for 10 minutes.

I suppose it's somewhat implied in Floating, since you can high jump up to your fly speed?

However, it kinda reads like an earlier version of the Ghost archetype or maybe the Ghost Flight feat used to previously allow unlimited flight up to a height capped by your fly speed.

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The answer to this question significantly impacts how good of a spell it is.
Considering it's a third level spell, I don't think it should be equal to the spell DC.
Nothing in the spell description describes the quality or stillness of the water, so I'm unsure which of the non-level based DCs would apply.

Looking at the art in the blog post looks kinda "swiftly flowing river" to me, but I'm really grasping at straws when I'm trying to discern rules from art.

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Seems really odd when it's a huge creature, and a full size category over the regular nightmare which also has 5ft reach.
I couldn't find many instances of a huge creature having only 5ft reach. The Quetzalcoatlus has talons at 5ft, but it also has beak at 10. Both the Greater Nightmare's jaws and hoof are not given a range, so it defaults to 5ft, yeah?
Seems odd.

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Yeah. From the list of 2e APs, Extinction Curse also has the Agents of Edgewatch stuff on it.
It's weird and took me a few minutes to notice that Extinction Curse is actually on the lower half of the page, but I don't think other AP pages have 2 APs worth of stuff on them, especially when the stuff that should be up-front is on the bottom.

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When performing high jump and long jumps, the wording of the actions states that you perform a stride of at least 10 feet, then make either a vertical or horizontal Leap. Make an athletics check.
So, if you have a feat that modifies your Leap action, does that affect high or long jumps, since they have a Leap action nested inside of them?

So a feat like Raging Athlete:
"Physical obstacles can’t hold back your fury. While you are raging, you gain a climb Speed and swim Speed equal to your land Speed, the DC of High Jumps and Long Jumps decreases by 10, and your Leap distance increases by 5 feet when you jump horizontally and by 2 feet when you jump vertically."

Obviously it reduces the DC for high and long jumps. But does the last bit about Leap distances also apply to high and long jumps, since the high and long jumps still use the Leap action?

Secondly, how high can you jump with Sudden Leap? Specifically this line:
"When attempting a High Jump or Long Jump during a Sudden Leap, determine the DC using the Long Jump DCs, and increase your maximum distance to double your Speed."

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And more generally, what kinds of abilities can you mash together?

Can a stunning fist also be a perfect strike, while also being a punishing kick?

Can my stunning, punishing, perfect fistkickstrike also target the foe's flat-footed AC via the Spin Kick style strike?

Where does the madness end?

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I don't get the channel smite feat. Why would you ever use it? You spend 2 actions to smite and deal extra damage equal to your hear/harm, at the cost of using a usage of channel.
I fail to see how it's any better than just casting heal/harm then striking. Because harm doesn't have the attack trait (possibly an oversight?), it doesn't incur multiple attack penalty. So casting harm then striking deals basically the same as channel smite for the same amount of resources, without costing a feat.

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For almost anything. Insofar as I can tell, the only difference between small and medium character is how big an enemy has to be to move through their space.
Small creatures can move through a huge creature's space. Medium creatures can move through a gargantuan creature's space.

If that's the only difference, why bother? Slaughter that sacred cow.

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There are a lot of words dedicated to spell rolls, but only 5 spells and powers use this mechanic in any way.

Ancestral surge, Black tentacles, Charming words, Illusory creature, and Telekinetic maneuver.

Ancestral surge can give a bonus to OTHER spell rolls, to let's throw that one out. Charming words gives your foe a bonus to spell rolls if they crit succeed the save, so let's throw that one out, too.

That leaves 3: black tentacles, illusory creature, and telekinetic maneuver. These spells make admittedly good use of the mechanic, functioning as a sort of spell attack, but using your spellcasting stat.
However, all of these spells are on the arcane and occult lists, only. So clerics, druids, and ~1/2 of sorcerers gain proficiency in spell rolls, with literally no way to use this proficiency.

Upon first read-though I had thought spell rolls were synonymous with spell attacks, but now I believe this to not be the case, as melee spell attacks are specified to have the finesse property.

As is, the spell roll mechanic seems like a big waste of book space. Maybe the final release will have more spells that use this mechanic. Or maybe I misunderstood these rolls entirely. I'd actually love it if that were the case.

edit: Spell rolls are also used when trying to decide if you can cast a spell while stupified.
3 poisons, 2 bombs, stunning fist, 5 spells, and 2 monster abilities can make a PC stupified, though one of those requires forming a bond with a succubus first.

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I'm running an adventure wherein the PCs chose to get themselves stuck in a teleport trap.
I expect them to be stuck in there for some time.
I was thinking of putting a permanent symbol in there with them, probably pain, weakness, or sleep.

Since they're permanent, as long as they remain in the area they'll have to repeat their fort saves every 10 minutes per caster level, right?
In reading through Symbol and Permanency spell descriptions, I didn't see any "Once a creature saves they're immune for 24 hours" or any similar language.

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It's cool that Paizo is modernizing the forums, but there are still quite a few things that are bothersome about the new website.

First, an inconsistency with getting to the forums. On some pages, you click "Forums" to get to the forum pages. This is fine.
However, on the main page the header is different and forums are sub-categorized under "Community".

Second, while on the messageboards, some of the top buttons don't appear to be functioning properly. The "Pathfinder" button loads a page with a "Pathfinder" button that doesn't take you to a new web page; it just reloads the one you're currently on. That new page DOES change the sub-header buttons, but the actual page itself looks really bad just saying "Pathfinder" and not linking to anywhere.
Mostly the same is true when clicking the "Community" button while on the forums.

On some pages clicking "Paizo Blog" brings up the listing of recent blog posts. On others, it brings up a dropdown menu with "2018" that if clicked on brings you to a page with nothing on it but the navigation links that led to that page.

The website would be a lot more navigable if the page headers were more consistent. Like, if every page had the same set of basic launch-links that the homepage has. Or better yet, if the homepage had the same complete header that the forums pages have.

Last, and probably most pedantic, the drop-down menus on the homepage for Starfinder and Organized Play look bad compared to the others.
Pathfinder, Store, and Community each have a lot more links than Starfinder or Organized play, so they fill up the entire box.

Starfinder and Organized play do not, and they links start on the right-hand side of the box with a lot of empty space in the left and center. Both would look a lot cleaner if there were more links, or at least if the links started on the left. It's awkward for a country that reads left to right to have the words on the right and empty space to the left.

Just a few things I noticed that I believe could make the website easier to use and nicer to look at. Thanks for your time.

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With all the hubbub with Pathfinder 2.0, I've been looking at the unchained action economy, since it sounds real similar.
I've two questions about attacking:

1.) When using TWF, you can make two attacks on your first attack action, with the regular TWF penalties. Do subsequent attack actions on that turn take the TWF penalties?
Nothing says that you do, but that's how TWF works with the regular action economy. If you do not take the penalty on all attacks, that's a nice little kinda buff for TWF users.

2.) How does rapid shot work with unchained action economy?
I'm inclined to make it work like TWF, so a -2 penalty to shoot twice with the first attack action. Subsequent attacks do or don't take the -2 penalty depending in the answer to #1.

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The only one in a major book is the Gate Archon who is a badass.

Plus, so many more monsters get cool, at-will abilities that they could spam out. One of problems with monsters is that they have strong attacks and strong SLAs, but can rarely do both. A Gate Archon can full attack and bestow curse every round.

So this is my call for more outsiders with conductive weapons!

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Hideaway Limb wrote:
Retrieving an item from a hideaway limb is a move action instead of a standard action

However, drawing a weapon or manipulating an item (which covers getting a weapon out when it isn't readily available for use) are both move actions. So it's never a standard action to retrieve an item, so that line in hideaway limb is just wrong.


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In Pathfinder, two-weapon fighting lets you draw a second weapon with the same kind of action as drawing one. At lot of the draw of characters with more than 2 arms is being able to hold more stuff than normal, but if every single thing you want to draw takes a move action (or a swift action with quickdraw) that significantly cuts down on the power of multiple limbs.
In my opinion, extra limbs are over costed.

EDIT: I'm aware of quickdraw limbs. If possible, I'd rather not have false limbs. Not everyone wants to be a cyborg.

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So Kalo are aquatic. Does this mean that on most planets they will have to have their environmental protection from their armor on at all times? Or is there some kind of less extreme option?
On a mixed race ship do they have like giant water tanks to chill in, or are they just always in some kind of armor?
Are Kalo ships full of water?
Does the Kalo blindsight function normally above the water with their armor on?

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Spoilered for sizing.

This spell floods the area of effect with dangerous radiation. The strength of the radiation you create depends on your caster level, as detailed below. The central irradiated area is always a 10-foot-radius spread that expands normally per the rules for radiation areas of effect. Creatures within the area are exposed to the radiation only once; the radiation does not linger in the area. The saving throw to resist the radiation effects is set by the spell rather than the standard save DC for radiation.

Caster Level Radiation Level
6th or lower Low
7th–9th Medium
10th–16th High
17th or higher Severe

This spell has a duration of instantaneous.
The DC is set by the caster, not the level of radiation.
Stronger levels of radiation do not advance along the constitution poison track faster than weaker levels. Because of this, the actual effect of the spell will always be the same, if the save is failed. Which is:

Constitution Track:
Weakened: The victim takes a –2 penalty to Fortitude saves, Constitution checks, and Constitution-based DCs. Every time the victim attempts a Fortitude save against the poison—whether he succeeds or fails—he loses Hit Points as per on initial exposure.

If they save, they take ~8 damage. If they fail, they also take a -2 on fort saves, con checks, and con-based DCs.
Higher radiation levels by caster level really only make the spell bigger, so the size can be summarized as:
Cl 6 or less 10 ft.
Cl 7-9 20 ft.
Cl 10-16 30 ft.
Cl 17+ 40 ft.

I suppose if you can hit a group of bad guys 4 times, you can knock them all unconscious?

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Sooooo, if you're wearing heavy armor does this feat do nothing at all?

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Maneuver (Helm Phase)
You move you starship up to its speed. You can also attempt a Piloting check (DC=15 + 2 x your starship's tier)to reduce you starship's distance between turns by 1 (to a minimum of 0).

Now, what happens if you fail this check? Do you just get to make your movement and turns as normal? If so, why would you ever NOT do this?

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How would a witch mess with someone?
I'm running the RoW AP and the PCs are known to some of the witches, but the witches don't know their current location. I was very surprised to find that nightmare is not on the witch spell list. So, how do the witches mess with the good guys?

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Is there any mechanical reason for a character suffering a disease to stop doing their normal daily routine and stay sick in bed? It's the stereotype, for sure. Bed rest cures all ailments.
However, as long as they're ill, they can't naturally heal any of the ability score damage they took from the disease. After they made the requisite number of saves, full days of bed rest will help in the healing of ability score damage, but only after they made the saves.

Being sequestered will lower the chance that someone else catches the disease, for sure. But it doesn't appear to help the person actually affected, at all.

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I'm looking to play a raging character with really high saves.
Bit of backstory, the campaign world was dead magic for ~1000 years and is only recently reentering the world. My character is a dwarf whose familial ties have adapted to the dead magic better than most. I was this to be reflected with multiple magic-resisting things, but primarily saves.

I was thinking a bloodrager with the primalist, steelblooded, and untouchable rager archetypes. The latter is both flavor and because I ended up dumping charisma to below the point where he'd ever be able to cast spells.

Destined bloodline with fate's favored for the level 4 ability.
Dwarf, with glory of old trait and steel soul feat at first level, and power attack at 3rd level.

The game is starting at 3rd level, so not having power attack at level 1 is moot.

If the game gets to level 8, I intend to trade out the bloodrage power for the superstitious and witch hunter rage powers.

My concern with this build, though, is that my quest for not being stuck with spells just makes me a kind of worse barbarian.
A barbarian would certainly have more offensive abilities, but couldn't duplicate the 4th leve destined bloodline power. [he could buy a luck stone at some point, but we haven't established how available magic items are going to be].

What do you think? Is my quest for high saves and spell resistance overly gimping my character?

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I have a friend and a player in the game I'm DMing. My friend is not very bright. My friend frequently forgets how his class functions.
In a previous game, he played a ranger. He never once cast a spell. His animal companion was never present. I asked if he wanted to change his hunter's bond, but he said that he liked having a t-rex, even if it was as present as most player's familiars.
Now he is playing a magus. For the most part, he gets spellstrike. Spell combat is something else entirely. He almost always forgets to use his arcane pool points. I don't hold much hope for him remembering spell recall.

tl;dr: My friend has a hard time with choices and remembering to use class features. He does not want to be a fighter. What class would be easy to play and be effective, but "cool" enough to keep him happy?
And I do want him to be happy, but the rest of the party is less enthused about his less effectiveness.

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Most incorporeal undead have a damage type listed in their stat block. Shadows deal strength damage, wraiths deal negative energy, and ghosts deal damage via localized supernatural aging.

Spectres deal 1d8 untyped damage with no additional desciption + energy drain.

Wyrmwraiths are much in the same boat. Their bites are untyped damage + energy drain, their claws are untyped damage + divine dispelling, and their wings and tail just do untyped damage.

I feel like for both of these monsters it should be negative energy, but it isn't called out.
Anyone able to provide clarification on the damage dealt by these monsters?

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As it says on the tin. It seems an oddly specific thing to be immune to, and in my searching I haven't seen an explanation.

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Like it says in the title. Ways I know of:
-Be an oracle
-VMC oracle
-Pact wizard archetype from horror handbook

Are there any more?

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By far the coolest thing to come out of ultimate intrigue, but it received zero support. Even UI had no options for the wrist Launcher besides "Look at this nifty weapon. Moving on."
And as far as I know, no other books have touched them. I'd love to be wrong about that.

So, title text.
Mei from Avatar comes to mind, but I think PF doesn't well support that style of character.

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This is for PFS. I'll probably full character rebuild into him at second level, since I don't have any GM credit.
Human unarmed fighter


H-Dirty fighting
1-Improved Dirty trick
1bonus-improved unarmed strike
1bonus-cloak and dagger style
2-improved trip
3-combat reflexes
4-kitsune style
5-kitsune tricks
6-greater dirty trick
7-weapon style mastery
9-kitsune vengeance
10-greater trip
11-weapon focus unarmed strike
12-cloak and dagger subterfuge

The idea of the build is to lock down foes with harsh status effects, primarily blinding and tripping, though other dirty trick options are certainly available.
As early as 2nd level the basic battle plan will be to move up to an enemy and blind them with dirty trick. Then when they go to remove it to trip them with the AoO. It doesn't directly gain me any action economy at that level, but in a lot of PFS scenarios the PCs out number the foes, so trading 1 for 1 is still good.
Really, variations on this are the entire plan. I don't know if this character is specialized enough reliably land combat maneuvers at higher levels, but I can't think of a better way to utilize cloak and dagger style. I want to make that style work, but it doesn't really come into power until you get greater dirty trick.
I was theorizing a similar build using a master of many styles monk, but that pushes back greater dirty trick even longer.

Anyone else have ideas on how to make cloak and dagger style work best and earliest?

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Johnny McNostrength swings his +1 flaming burst scimitar and hits on a 17.
He deals 1d6+1d6 damage.

Next round, Johnny gets a nat 20, with successful confirmation roll.
Does he deal 1d6+1d6+1d0 or 1d6+1d10?
I had always thought it was the latter, but rereading the ability makes me think the former.

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My party has a beef with some of Sivanah's clergy. The clerics are looking to call in some divine backup, add clerics are want to do.
So, what kinds of outsiders work for Sivanah?

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Not her Herald or anything. I know it doesn't have stats in anything, yet. But what other outsiders would serve her?

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Several questions that seems to have conflicting answers on forums, that mostly arise from the "requisite ability score" line of scroll usage:

1.) Can a level three sorcerer use a scroll of summon monster 2 without any checks, even though he can't cast 2nd level spells yet?

2.)Which mental stat must be at least 12? He casts spells with charisma, but since arcane scrolls are made by wizards, does he need a 12 int? Does this differ between PFS and regular rules?

3.) Sorcerer gives up and hands the scroll to his rogue buddy. The rogue succeeds on his UMD check of 23 to "use the scroll". But, which attribute does the rogue need to have at least a 12 in? Summon monster is on the cleric list, too, so could he use Wisdom?

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So, my party week be facing a level 20 wizard soon. Unbeknownst to the party, the wizard is usually astral projecting from his personal demiplane. When this is discovered, I imagine the party will want to go there. Question is, how?
Planeshift requires a tuned fork, which the party can't have (personal demiplane and all).
Gate doesn't mention requiring a fork, but it does say that it works like planeshift. On the other hand, couldn't the wizard just prevent the gate from opening in his personal demense? Or does a demiplane not count as a planar realm?

Probably the most obvious answer is to have the party loot the fork from a very high ranking subordinate, but that doesn't quell my desire for knowledge on the other bits.

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Relevant text: Alternatively, a cleric can make a very powerful request. Casting such a miracle costs the cleric 25,000 gp in powdered diamond because of the powerful divine energies involved. Examples of especially powerful miracles of this sort could include the following:

Swinging the tide of a battle in your favor by raising fallen allies to continue fighting.

So, if a cleric chooses this option, how does this work?
How many allies can get rezzed?
What condition are they in? Full hp? Half hp?
Negative levels?

With as non-specific as this is, for the low cost of 25000gp a cleric could get standard action true resurrections on all nearby allies?
This seems broken. Well, more broken than maybe some other uses of this spell.

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Relavant copy paste from the SRD wrote:
Unlike a normal arcane school, each elemental school requires the wizard to select his opposed element as his opposition school (Air opposes earth, fire opposes water). He does not need to select a second opposition school. He must expend two spell slots to prepare a spell from his opposed elemental school as normal.

What happens when you have a spell that appears both on your element's list of spells and on your opposed element's list of spells? Resist energy appears on the earth, air, fire, and water lists. However, since you don't choose the energy type until the time you cast the spell, it's not like you can differentiate the energy types beforehand to determine if it should use one slot or two.

I feel like it a spell appears on your element's list and your opposing element's list, it should not require two spell slots. However, I don't think that specific point is brought up anywhere, so a strict RAW would mean a wizard using the 4 classic elements would always need to spend two slots to prepare resist energy, protection from energy, several summon monster spells, dragon's breath, planar binding, and more!

If anyone knows of relevant text saying anything to the contrary, I'd love to see it ^_^

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Suppose I have a PC that is liable to fight a Vishap pretty soon. This person is a fighter, having a fairly low will save.
Fighter will probably get greater possessed.
How do fighter's friends help him out of this situation? The vishap is true neutral, so protection from evil and friends are out.
I feel like there must be a decent way to exorcise creatures that are possessing other creatures, but I'm currently failing to find one.

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In Pathfinder's Earth, that is.
According to the internets, today is 2 Erastus, 4716 on Golarion.
I think it was 1918 during Reign of Winter, which occurred in AR 4713, so it's only 1921 on Earth now?

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Do any of the full BAB classes, besides paladin, gain any mechanical benefit from having a solid charisma?
In the quintessential adventuring party, it's often portrayed that the fighter is the leader and face of the party, but this in personal experience this is hardly ever the case. Or if it is, it's the fighter's player doing the gregarious conversating, with someone else providing the actual diplomacy check.

I'd like to make a martial character who can play the party face and leader with the rolls to match, if possible.

I guess what I'm asking is if there are any archetypes, class-features, feats, or otherwise that allows a martial to get use out of a decent charisma score.
Without being a Paladin.

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I know it's a number of years old, but I still can't find the specific advice I'm looking for.
Most people recommend full casters, characters that can deal reliable fire damage, gunslingers, and druids above most other classes for this AP.
Full casters are obviously always powerful, fire damage is strong v.s. all the cold-themed foes, and I've read the 5th book, so I know why gunslingers are appropriate.
Druids has me baffled, though. Someone posted their recommendation as druids and gunslingers, but wouldn't say why because of spoilers.

As incipient GM of a RoW campaign, I'd like to know why druids are specifically recommended. Give me all the spoilers, 'cause I'm gonna read the books anyway. I just want to know the basis for providing advice to the players before character creation.

By the by, I will be giving them copies of the player's guide to peruse; I still want to know the reasoning.

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So, I like characters that are a bit different from the norm. My primary PFS character is currently a kitsune life oracle/spirit guide grabbing the life spirit so I can get TONS of channels per day. Then I take bless equipment to make those channels more proactive.

With that in mind, I'm looking to start another character after the unfortunate death of my skald.
I'm between 2 options currently:

Lore Warden fighter that goes into the prestige class Student of War.
He would specialize in sundering, using smashing style to make trips when sundering, so I don't fall behind in useful actions.
Then, while keeping my int fairly high, going into Student of War to make up the AC loss from being so MAD otherwise.

H-Skill focus Knowledge Local
1-Power attack
1-weapon focus earth breaker
2-improved sunder
2-combat expertise
3-smashing style
4-weapon specialization

and I don't know for certain what else from there.

Second thought is a mysterious stranger gunslinger. Halfling.
Levels 1-5 will be slinger
1-rapid reload
3-point blank shot
4-precise shot
5-rapid shot
Then grabbing 2 levels of juggler bard and going into TWF. The juggler will let me be considered to have a free hand while holding two guns, so as long as I'm using paper cartridges, I'll be free action reloading two guns.
11-Something else. Maybe deadly aim.

I understand that in general the characters aren't totally optimized. I like working towards optimizing concepts, even if the concepts aren't optimized. But, that's what I'm working with.
Any opinions on how to do either better?
Reasons I should do one over the other?

Any other weird yet effective character builds you like me to consider?

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So I'm designing a character for an intentionally silly game. I'm going back and forth between a battle maid and a battle teacher.

Both have basically the same build, but with obviously different flavor.

Human Unchained Rogue (Snoop Archetype)

1R-Weapon Finesse
3-Extra Rogue Talent Shadows of Fear

Rogue Talent:
2- Underworld inspiration (via snoop archetype)

General idea is that the maid is nice, sweet, and subservient until someone messes with those she cares about. Then she goes mildly ballistic. She deals non-lethal so enforcer lets her get free intimidates off ('cause it's a silly anime trope for some maids to be scary)
Then shadows of fear lets her sneak attack scares foes.

Only question left for the maid in question:
What weapon? It doesn't have to be a REAL Pathfinder approved weapon.
Only reason teacher was even mentioned is that I can't think of anything more awesome than a magical ruler to discipline with.
Help with a silly blunt instrument of Maidly Doom?

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First off, I'll admit that it's cool. The whole mystic bolt thing is pretty cool.
But mechanically speaking, that doesn't feel strong enough to pick it over other casters. Maybe if you're in a ton of fights in a day, at least you'll have bolts to still use since there is no limit to them.

But a magus can keep up in damage easily, and can significantly exceed a few times a day.
A bard will out buff a warlock, and an archer bard can out damage him, too.
In fact, pretty much all the archers will do damage better than the warlock, it seems.
Mesmerist would win in debuffs.
Occultist has crazy resonant abilities.
Spiritualist and Summoner have phantoms and eidolons, respectively.
Warpriest has crazy self-buffs.
Hunters have solid buffs, a companion, and good teamwork synergy.
And the alchemist has mutagen, bombs, and self-only buffs.

Certainly there are places the warlock compares favorably. Mostly in the wizard spell-list and good ref and will saves. But cool as it is, I don't feel like mystic bolts can compare to the class features of the other 6th level casters.

I really want to like this archetype more, so I'm asking if the community can convince me. Please?

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This will be for PFS, starting at second level (Yay free retraining!)

I was originally planning on being a sensei monk with a really high wis score, contributing to combat with dirty tricks. I was either going for kitsune style to better my debuffs or crane style to off-set the monk's relatively low AC and HP.
But, as time has passed before I've been able to play again, I've started losing interest in this character.

As the stores I play at typically have a bevy of damage dealers, I'd like to fill the support role, and, if possible, in a less typical way.

Bards are fantastic. It is known. They're a little on the boring side after initial buffs have been thrown out, though.
I tried a skald once. He died at third level. And almost none of the other PCs accepted his song. A few animal companions, but very few players.

So, any suggestions for an involved support character? I'd prefer to be either a martial or 3/4 caster. TYVM in advanced, you lovely forum people, you.

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So I want to play a support monk. One who does befuddling things in combat, but doesn't actually do a lot of damage.
I'm currently thinking of a drunken sensei monk that uses dirty tricks.

I'm not 100% sold on dirty tricks, though. On the one hand, they can be pretty good, and sensei will let me focus almost entirely on Wisdom, so my stunning fist DCs will be good.
On the other hand, how do you bump up your CMB on dirty tricks?
Obviously improved dirty trick, and greater, but what else?
Flanking, sure.
Dirty fighting feat, sure.

However, trip weapons can let you use your weapon focus and enhancement bonuses to CMB.
Sunder and disarm can have the same added with ALL weapons.
It seems like nobody cares about drag, reposition, or bull rush.

Thinking on it, you can take weapon focus (grapple). Can you take weapon focus (dirty trick)?

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Suppose a character wishes to use acrobatics to safely move past an orc necromancer (CMD 16) and his brutish zombie (CMD 21). Initially, he is only threatened by the necromancer, but intends to move past the both the necromancer and the zombie on this round.

How would the GM adjudicate this situation?

Possibilities that I see:

The DC is 18. 16 from the necromancer and +2 from moving past an additional foe.

The DC is 23. 21 from the zombie and +2 from moving past an additional foe.

The DCs are 16 and 21. Since the foes don't both threaten initially, you make two checks.

Even though it's weird, I think the RAW leans towards the first, which leads into the odd situation where you could pass the check to get past both, even though it's lower than the zombie's CMD (in the 18-20 range).

Here's the D20 link to acrobatics, justin case [intentionally misspelled]:

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