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With a costume like that, I'd call you service industry labor.

Heath Ledger, again.

While you losers pose, I am winning.

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I ate hot dogs at 7-11 because I had less than 5 dollars on me. The clerk wounldn't even let me eat his brain.

The next poster will reveal a shocking secret and why it was kept a secret.

Don't work a Vegas cab on a Tuesday morning.

The next poster will give us better driving instructions.

I'm hungry for braaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnins!



A new line of employment maybe...

Goooooooooooooooooooooo zombies!

But..., but..., there's not enough food in Hawaii unless you like pineapples and sugar cane. I mean expecting a zombie to turn vegetarian then sail back to the mainland is insulting to say the least.

Anyhow I was hoping for someplace scenic like London or Paris, maybe a side step into the North Africa and the Middle East before Brad Pitt screws it up the his next sequel.

Will they recycle plotlines like zombie movies do zombie-extras?


Lucky7 is banned for not providing enough fair money for cab and meter.

Drejk wrote:
Drejk wrote:

Meh. Again I got a mail from company saying that they don't have position available that would fit my expectations and abilities.

I wonder if they deemed it for the right project this time or the application still got stuck at the wrong project.

Meh. According to insider information I got I fared poorly at the phone interview at English part.

Maybe I should just apply to Zombie's horde?

Good idea! Especially in hard economic times.

...and more brains.

I always say a turned-off brain is a brain that is ready to be eaten.

Snaps out of it

What was that!

lucky7 wrote:
But as a lich, I no longer have brains. Therefore, *channels Command Undead* I AM YOUR MASTER NOW!!!


I just hope the latest batch is fresh...



Gnaws on the brains of management and starves

Aberzombie, do the brains taste any different in Texas than the rest of the U.S.

I'm Hungry.

Looks like mutants, acts like Space Zombies.., Mrgh...

Dining on brains at the Silver Seven Casino.


snaps off fishstick and eats it

I need Mayonnaise.

Working at Toys R US this week. I look forward to eating young tender brains shopping for toys.

and their parents too.

Blind Squirrel wrote:
I can't find my nuts!

Use your hands.

:::Wears a sign saying: WILL EAT YOUR BRAINS FOR FOOD:::


Something that says unquenchable hunger?

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