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I used to be relevant.

Your point is moot and I only did it to spite the Kenyans that moved in.

I have something important to say. I’ll tell you as soon as Dick tells me what it is.

CourtFool wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
You are right it is confusing. It is the whole 60 minutes to the 1 minute thing...it is sooo outdated we need Time 2nd edition. Sure we need to get rid of all our old clocks and items with timers...as there is no backwards compatible...but think of what that would do for the economy.

Metric FTW!

Of course given America's abhorance for change, not likely.

But counting by tens is hard.

I took the short bus to skool.

Damm Democrat.

Schism wrote:

Wht ist mbcl?

This is 'merica, you best be puttin vowels in yer words or thars gonna be trouble.

Arazni wrote:
Who let the imbeciles in?

I waz lonely.

Can I have a supersized #5 combo with an orange drink.

The devil is building a ladder to heaven out of the souls of the dammed.

Dick Cheney wrote:
dmchucky69 wrote:
(along with hackers, identity-thieves, Wall Street Executives and Dick Cheney).
*sheds a single tear*

Hey Dick whose tear did you use?

Cool uniforms can I have one.

No brains = no fear.

The secret service won't let me have any, they thing I might choke on one.

There’re here to contaminate our precious bodily fluids so make sure you stock up on bottled water and duct tape.

*shows up to the party dressed like Clevon Little.*

Yo, where all the white women at!

Dick Cheney wrote:
I once shot a guy and made him apologize to me. Beat that.

I got pacifists to support invading 2 countries.

You did kinda help.

I broke the law once but my daddy covered it up.

Sarah Palin wrote:
I'm a maverick.

I'm a cowboy, can I break you in.

Elder Elemental Eye wrote:

How do you define politics?

Does utter universal annihilation count as a platform?

That's the Republican platform get your own.

Dick Cheney wrote:
Hillary wrote:
Pat Buchanan wrote:
Hillary wrote:
I think I'll play some football today.
With those giant cankles of yours you would be great on the offensive line. However, I always imagined you as a head coach, manipulating things from the sidelines.
No way. I like the feeling of making grown men cry too much to sit on the sidelines.
Why did we never wind up together, Hill?

Protect me dick, she scares me.

And then a step to the right.

I never lied, all my speaches were fact-checked by Dick and Rummy.

Spank me, Spank me oh yaaahhh SPANK ME!!!!!!

Sir, it's not that type of fourm.

Never mind.

Condi did.

Demi-Lich H. Ross Perot wrote:
Dub'Ya wrote:
Don't forget to remove the runes of stupidity from my chair while you're at it.

{examines arcane streaks on chair, then winces in disgust} Umm, Dubya, those brown marks aren't Runes of Anything, except maybe ruins of a poor chair after you'd been scared sh*tless. Were you pulling a Ron Burgundy and going pantless during security briefings with Darth Cheney?

Dick was the one who wore the pants at the white house.

Dick Cheney wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Magic Circle vs Evil might be a problem.
Ha! They are no match for my abilities. Last I heard they were still struggling to remove the Unhallow spell in that office.

Don't forget to remove the runes of stupidity from my chair while you're at it.

I did for 8 years on public TV.

*Blows own trumpet*

Dick Cheney wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
Well I suppose I should just count myself lucky he's such a bad shot. He should animate Charlton Heston to take to the range and give him a few lessons.

My aim is just fine, damn it!

*shoots Dub'ya in the face*


Dick shooting me In the face was entirly my fault and I pray that this unfortunate event has not left Dick any emotional scars. To help dick get over the trama the US goverment should find a small weak nation he can invade.

Shadowborn wrote:
Dick Cheney wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:

Cheney doesn't hunt anything that isn't released on cue from a cage anyway...

I'll show you, dragonboy!

*shoots Taig in the face*

Oops, I missed.

The next one is for you, Shadowborn!

You won't bypass my DR unless that buckshot is magical, old man. Plus, I'm an umbral dragon in case you haven't noticed. I don't think your ticker can handle that many negative levels.

Dick had himself lichafied after his 4th heart attack, negitive levels just make him stronger.

Joe Lieberman wrote:
Demi-Lich H. Ross Perot wrote:

Looks like someone else is taking a page from the Palin Playbook: Senator Mel Martinez (R, FL) is resigning early. Quitter!

Maybe he's looking to run with Palin in 2012? I'm only half joking.

Joe Lieberman wrote:
What's everyone doing for their August recess? I plan on counting my paperclip collection.
Hey Big L, look up Mel during your break. You two can drink margaritas on the porch of the Hemingway house. As a drinking game, take a shot of tequila everytime you see a cat.

Last time I went drinking with fellow senators, Elizabeth Dole drank me under the table, and I woke up 5 days later in a Bangkok brothel.

People are always doing things like that to me.

What happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok and so should you.

The Bass wrote:
Dick Cheney wrote:
Demi-Lich H. Ross Perot wrote:
Dick Cheney wrote:

I haven't seen Palin in a while...

Hey, Palin, I hope you took some office supplies on your way out.

She asked me last week for advice on how to bring her assistants and interns with her. I suggested wrapping them airtight in bubble wrap and then double-taping the cardboard boxes... in retrospect, I'm not sure she knew I was joking.

Hmm. Probably best she lies low, then.

She might want to hide in another country for a while. Like the country of Africa.

Maybe we can send her to Cuba. *Cough*

Send her to Texas, I can find a couple of uses for her.

*Scratch my trunk...oooh....just like that....aaahh...*

Callous Jack wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:

Sure brains have a "Use By" date. Just look at Joe Biden...


Or most Texans...


Hey not all Texans are brain dead, just the ones that that voted for me. Against me, I was supposed to say against me.

Joe Biden wrote:
Sometimes I feel sorry for Russia. Those poor folks never had anyone like Menudo to entertain them.

They do have hot lesbians that sound like squirrels.

Wanna see how big my trunk can get?

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara wrote:
Demi-Lich H. Ross Perot wrote:
Zombie Guy wrote:

Brains are already in short supply here, buddy. Stick around if you want, but if you stay, you'll probably starve.

Actually, Biden and Lieberman have big, juicy, succulent brains. Chat with them.

BIDEN? Come on now, even for politics this is too much of a lie.

Even bigger than "The war in Iraq has made the U.S.A. safer" line that me and Dick used?

You look just like my sister.

Che get back to washing my limo, I don't pay you less than minimum wage to stand around talking.

You tell 'em Dick. I got my rake ready, lets go brush some trim.

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara wrote:
Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
When are they gonna get a Che Guevara avvy pic here?
How many XP is a pregnant woman worth?

25% less than a man.


Dick Cheney wrote:
Eustace Q. Figg, Chairman WNC wrote:
King of Yunevrherdofus wrote:

Now please stop accusing my ally of trying to run the US into the ground and surrender to us. This thinly-veiled political argument is getting boring.

Oh the misfit elephant has much to answer for on that front as well, King Y. Don't think because I disagree with Hopey McChangeopants that Dubya gets a free ride. Your ally does have an audacity of scale that makes Dubya's efforts look like small potatoes. The deficit now has twelve zeros attached to it, and that's just the start.

Last time your party was in power, you put us on the fast train to a civil war. I somehow don't think the Whigs are in a good position to hand out criticism.

Laura wears a wig and she realy critical all the time.

My opinion is like a big stick it works best when shoved down your throat.

Joe Lieberman wrote:
Dub'Ya wrote:
Joe Lieberman wrote:
King of Yunevrherdofus wrote:

I am confused. Nobody is frigthened horribly of the prospect of a war with us...

They must be paralyzed with fear. Muahaha!
It's okay. Nobody ever pays attention to me either...
Thought I heard something, guess it was nothing...probaly just a independant.
Nobody loves me...

KITH's "Nobody Likes Me".

Joe Lieberman wrote:
King of Yunevrherdofus wrote:

I am confused. Nobody is frigthened horribly of the prospect of a war with us...

They must be paralyzed with fear. Muahaha!
It's okay. Nobody ever pays attention to me either...

Thought I heard something, guess it was nothing...probaly just a independant.

I have heavy investments with all the arms makers so war is just pure profit for me. Nothing to be scared of because I'll still be rich.


Democarcy would best be served if everyone was forced to think the same way I do.

Gark the Goblin wrote:
Demi-Lich H. Ross Perot wrote:
Dick Cheney wrote:
No hard feelings. I say that to everybody.

No problem. I don't have a heart anyway. Well maybe I do, but I can't tell which bits of dust it used to be.

Sorry about the singing. For some reason, I've being doing that intermittantly ever since I magic jar-ed some knight fellow, KaroakeHeart Sr. I believe his name was.

Or maybe it was when that Balor kidnapped me and forced me to watch Cop Rock for 173 hours straight.

If only balors kidnapped more politicians...

Balor is Dick's middle name.

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