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Yarr, welcome to my recruitment for PFS2 1-01 The Absalom Initiation for Gameday VII.

I'll be accepting up to 6 Pathfinders of my choice by Monday the 26th. Gameplay will start the evening of Monday September 2nd (end of Labor Day weekend)

Posting expectation is a bit faster than 1 post most days. You'll need a character sheet I can see as well as header information with things like AC etc.

To Apply: Post here with a link or very brief description of the character you'd like to bring most. Also please let me know if you've played/GMed/read etc this before.

As a note I tend to care much more about the player than the character when recruiting, so no need to worry about overlapping with other characters, and you'll have at least a week from the end of recruitment until needing your character sheet filled out.

This will be my 6th running of PFS2 1-01 but my first time running P2e as a pbp.

As always please let me know if you have any questions, and looking forward to running this.

Hallo Pirate GM! I'm the first on what will likely be a busy recruitment page!

I'd like to bring Orla Pfeffenpfoller for consideration, a former house-servant (slave) to an Absalom Chelish house. Orla is a twilight halfling devotee of Desna.

A - Twilight Halfling
B - Freed Slave of Absalom (from the Lost Omens Guide)
C - Cleric

Freed Slave of Absalom:

As a recently freed slave in Absalom, you belong to a new, closeknit
social class at the heart of the city’s most important trades.
Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or
Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost.
You’re trained in the Society skill and the Absalom Lore skill.
You gain the Streetwise skill feat.

If my background isn't available, then she will be an Emissary.

Thanks for consideration! I've not played or read this adventure yet.

Yarr, don't have access to Lost Omens Guide yet but I can't imagine that background being disallowed assuming that book has made it to Character Option by then.

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Pirate Rob - Would you consider someone who has never done a Play-by-Post before?


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Hey Rob! I'd be down to play, if you have space. :)

I ran 1-01, so I am familiar with the scenario, but I have not played it. I'm not sure yet which character I would bring - I've got a few I am tinkering with - but it would likely either be a Gnome Sorcerer (with a bat familiar) or a Half-orc Fighter, both level 1.

Also, hi, I miss you. :3

Yarr, plenty of space at the moment I saw ya'll were running some PFS2 and was trying to figure out some excuse to make the 3+hr drive down to Fresno to come hang out.

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Haha, no worries! One of these days we'll need to actually get together and play again in person. :)

Anyway, I am down. The only possible hangup I may have is that I will be on vacation from Aug 31 - Sept 6, so those first few days after the game begins, I may be a little slow (I should be able to still check in though.) But I don't see any barriers after that period.

I'd sign up for the game. I believe this one is replayable, right? I haven't played 1-01 yet but will have by the time this game starts, so this will be my second time playing PFS2.

I have played a lot of PbP but am currently not signed up for a single game. This would be the only one I'm playing. I also tend to check multiple times a day.

I have a Gnome Fighter built in case I don't have time to build something else, but am most likely going to build another character. Really want to build a Wizard or Sorcerer.

(Small note: Dragon Con is August 29th-September 2nd and I will be attending. Looks like the start date is September 2nd so that works out quite well for me)

1-01 is indeed replayable. I'm away at a con that weekend too thus the later start date.

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This is Sloth. Ignore my previous character options - I'll be playing Locke Highwind, human rogue instead. :)

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Hello! If there's a still a seat available, I'd like to bring Losseyel. She's a wizard from the frozen north with a sharp mind and a sharper sword. All her character info is on her Paizo page.

I haven't played or run this game before, in fact it'll be my very first chance to play 2e. I haven't played the playtest either.

So I've never played Pathfinder Society. I do have a number though.. and I think I have a legal build (I do have to put it up on the website still though). I'm still working my way through a guide someone linked me a bit ago though. (still trying to figure out the uncommon detail)

I have played some post by post before, one for Pathfinder and 2 for final fantasy d20. Though only one of those lasted more than 3 months before people vanished on us.

But are you open to someone new learning PFS?
I wanted to try it on something entry level. and as near as I can tell... this is about as entry level as it gets.

I don't know what Game Day 7 means though.

If you're open to a complete newby. I'd be inclined to play the Alchemist (bomber archetype). Likely built to help allies or debuff enemies kind of. (bombs, aid action sorta thing).

Yarr, no experience is required. PFS is a great way to try something out.

Game Day 7 means several things.

1: I left off the last I as it should say game day 8.

2: pbp game days are where we get together and run a bunch of pbps and feel awesome. More info on pbp Game Day VIII

That said, due to delays in getting scenarios to GMs the Gameday is delayed until the 9th, however since I have the scenario we're going to get started on the 2nd as originally planned and just not be a gameday game.

If that's at all an issue for anybody please let me know and I can try and help find you a Gameday Game.

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I don't mind waiting until the 9th, personally. Like I said, I'm on vacation until the 6th, so that works much better for me. Plus, it sounds like the special boons are only for those that start on the 9th?

Thanks for the explaination. I read some things up on that link.

I can't quite tell. So this is Society game (which would be my first. I do have a number though. But need to finish doing the character).

Do I need to use their sign up sheet, on that link's player's area's link? Or is just signing up here functionally the same? I read up a bit but still a tad lost on the gameday relation thing.

I'm fine with the 9th myself. I just wanted to find a P2E game to try out, haven't had any luck so far. So thought to try PbP and PFS.

So if you'll have me, I'd like to try!

Absalom Inititve is one of those 4-6 hour games right? (which of course is differnt in PBP just trying to gain a sense of time amount)

This is a society game. This game was always in "other recruitment" meaning the recruitment is not necessarily first come first serve (in fact it's done here by my whimn)

In a face to face game Absalom Initiation would generally take around 4-5 hours. Our expected time here is likely about 5 weeks. Though you can take your character's exp/gold etc and go play further PFS scenarios online or IRL etc.

Sloth: As for waiting for the game day there are unfortunately no special 2e event boons. *If* it counts as a premier event you'd get 6 Achievement Points instead of 4 for playing which at some time in the future you could buy boons with.

Unfortunately I have some events in early October that I'm hoping to finish before and pushing back the start until the 9th jeopardizes that. As mentioned if anybody would rather not play because of not being an official Gameday game I'm happy to help find you a slot in a game starting later.

I'm happy to have you Zwordsman and of course I'm taking my favorite Sloth. I'll sort through the rest of recruitment later tonight after the toddler goes to bed and open up discussion etc.

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No worries! I'm still in. I just may be slow for a few days at the start. But I wouldn't miss it!


We've got

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GM Andrew

Come on over and join us in discussion.


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