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CrystalSeas wrote:

It's not oversized for me.

What browser are you using?

Firefox Developer Edition on Windows. Here's a screenshot.


The Golem in the footer is 115px wide, but it's stretched out so far that it's severely pixelated.

I recommend adding a max-width of 115px to footer .logo

Viewed on Firefox Developer Edition on Windows.

Lycanthropes...in...Dragonlance. :)

I'm fairly familiar with WordPress, so if you need some help, give me a jingle.


Hi, all. My name is Trampas Whiteman. I'm helping Tony on this project.

First, I wanted to say that this project is still very much in development, so not everything has been finalized. Your input will help to make it better!

Jadeite wrote:
You mentioned using archetypes, will you also support the base classes from the APG and UM?

Sovereign Stone's magic system makes it a bit more difficult to use every class from the expanded books. We're definitely covering the core book classes. We also will include the cavalier, which thematically works for the old mounted warrior class. Beyond that, we'll see.

What suggestions do you guys have on how to include the other classes?

Also, Adamant hasn't the best reputation when it comes to the PFRPG and the Tome of Secrets was a very early supplement. A Cavalier can make a pretty good warlord, especially when you consider archetypes (they also work well as mounted warriors, but so do rangers and barbarians).

Yes, but the warlord they produced had some good reviews and it fits the thematic ground of the noble.

How about using Hero Points instead of Destiny points?

I had not had a chance to talk to Tony about this yet, but that was my thought.

I should probably let Tony tackle your other questions. What I can say is that this edition of Sovereign Stone is going to be a lot more Pathfinder-friendly. We want this version to be recognizable to old fans, and approachable to Pathfinder fans. We hope that Pathfinder fans will look to Sovereign Stone as another great setting to game in.

Inquisitor. :)

I love the idea that I can make a D&D version of Archangel.

I wouldn't want a direct translation, but I'm trying to think what a good class would be for such a character. I'm leaning towards paladin. Then again, Archangel in the comics doesn't seem very paladin-like.

When I was into 4e, I had statted venger up as a cambion.


Beckett wrote:
The DLNexus has some stuff up for PF, but a lot of it is for the beta sadly. They seemed to have shifted to 4E mostly now :(!!

I don't get around these parts much, so I just saw this.

What you have to remember about the DL Nexus is that our materials are based on fan submissions. We have had both 4e and Pathfinder submissions.

So if you want to see more Pathfinder material for Dragonlance, feel free to write some up and submit it! We will be happy to host it.

I think there is room for both 4e and PF versions of Dragonlance.

I use Pathfinder for Dragonlance, though I also use 4e for DL as well. Just depends on the game.

The main DL game I play in recently switched from 3.5 to Pathfinder, and it's been a lot of fun. Loving the changes that are made. In fact, the bloodlines for sorcerers helped me to further define one of my characters.

Good stuff!




Cosmo wrote:
The GOOD news is that our community is ridiculously AWESOME.

I don't post around these parts often, but I have to agree, that was totally awesome. I've had kind of a bad week thus far, and this news has cheered me up immensely. It's good to know that gamers look out for each other, and that people can be so generous.

Hang in there. And props to the anonymous donor.

Ravenmantle wrote:
Dragonhelm wrote:
Very nice! I'll definitely pick this one up. I wonder if Paizo's take would work in Dragonlance.
You are such a Dragonlance geek! :p

Look who's talking! ;)

Very nice! I'll definitely pick this one up. I wonder if Paizo's take would work in Dragonlance.

Now, if Paizo would only put out a psionics system complete with gem dragons...

tergiver wrote:

I think that moving to a 20-level spell system would violate the backward compatibility goal of Pathfinder - there are too many things written that use the 9-level system.

There's other stuff we can steal from Monte. ;)

Agreed. While a 20-level spell system is nifty from a design point of view, I think it adds a bit too much change. Monte's system is still out there for those who want to try it. Otherwise, I say we stick with the classic system.

I would like to see both the goblins and kobolds as PC races. If not, some nice notes on using them as PC races in a monster book would do nicely.

Thank you for your time.

Dungeonmeister wrote:
Salama and Remy, Thanks for your work!

Seconded. Or Thirded. Well, you get the idea.

Remy, I really dig the flavor of your sheet. I think the only thing I would suggest would be to make the gold lettering in the boxes a little darker. That's hard to read. But I really dig the layout and appreciate all your hard work. :)

I wanted to offer my congrats to the fine folks at Paizo for taking this route. I think it can only benefit the RPG community.

Fantastic wallpaper! I've been looking for something new.

Thank you!

Watcher wrote:
Ben S might be correct... But I do know from the Tuesday Night Pathfinder Chats that they don't wish to exclude psionics utterly and completely.

The way psionics was dealt with in Dragonlance's d20 products by Sovereign Press/Margaret Weis Productions is that psionics was just left up to the DM. SP/MWP wouldn't address it either way, and would not be putting psionic content in their books. So the DM can decide if he wants to use it or not.

Watcher wrote:

The informal idea that has been kicked around by Erik Mona at the chats is that eventually they wish to do some stuff with the other planets in Golarion's shared solar system.

From there, they are thinking psionic beings might come.. with free standing portals somewhere on Golarion.

But, I'm not a Pazio employee, and I'm usre none of this is final or certain.. but that is what has been discussed with the regular fan base at the chats.

That's kinda cool. Thanks for the info.

I was wondering if we would be learning about how psionics fit into Pathfinder, or if they're not there at all. I'd love to see a Pathfinder spin.

Troy Taylor wrote:
Furry feet! Hooo-raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

*does a dance*

I'm really happy about this. The traditional halfling is back, and yet seems so new. I love this setting!

Troy Taylor wrote:
(For the record, I have furry feet, too)

TMI !!! :)

Varl wrote:
I'm running D0: Hollow's Last Hope next weekend for my players, and I agree after reading it that it is an excellently written module. One of my players is playing an illusionist/herbalist, so that aspect should be interesting to see what she can acquire in the ruins. :-)

Maybe the Illusionist/Herbalist could take the place of Laurel. Have your player have the grandmother's old notes, and you might make the player be even more central to the plot.

Just a thought. I hope you enjoy the module as much as I did. :)

Mike McArtor wrote:

Awesome Dragonhelm, glad you liked it! :)

Playing over AIM, eh? How did you like that? Sounds complicated, although I must admit I'm not much of an IM guy...

Actually, it isn't too terribly hard at all. There's some typing involved, which is probably at its worst with boxed text, but not a big deal. Pre-type the boxed text, and you're good.

The part I found hard was the maps, but I scanned them in and distributed them to the players for the duration of the adventure. We're not a big battlemat/minis sort of group and we keep the action a bit fluid.

All in all, it has been some of the best fun I've had in gaming. I'm surprised as well, but it works out nicely.

I wanted to give a huge thank you to Paizo for producing such a wonderful module. I just started running a game over AIM with some friends, and we ran through this adventure using a modified version of Castles & Crusades.

Characters were a dwarven smith, his ne'er-do-well cousin, and a blue kobold wizard. Since we can only game in short stints, it took us a few sessions, but that's okay.

The kobold player couldn't make it one night, so I gave him the blackscour. That turned to our advantage, as the player really played it out well. His character got a bit delusional, and even ate some glowmoss. It was like a Mentos commercial. Fabulous!

Between the module itself, my own ideas, and a great group of players, this has been one of the most fun modules I've run in ages. I just wanted to say thanks for producing such a wonderful module, and I look forward to more adventures in Falcon's Hollow. :)

We also talked about this some on this thread:


Hi, all. For those who don't know me, my name is Trampas Whiteman. I'm the administrator of the Dragonlance Nexus fan site (www.dlnexus.com).

My friend Ravenmantle (from the Dragonlance forums) and I are working on a new project, namely a fan site where fans can come together and share their views on the world of Pathfinder.

We call the site Pathstrider: a Pathfinder Nexus. Pathstrider will function in a similar way to the Dragonlance Nexus, though on a much smaller scale. We will work on expanding the world of Pathfinder through a nexus of unofficial fan articles.

We talked to James Jacobs to make certain it was okay to create the fan site, and he gave it the green light. So it's okay so long as we don't violate copyright. So no direct quoting from any Pathfinder/Game Mastery products.

So, got a new monster or magic item? A great prestige class? Or do you want to expand on cities such as Falcon's Hollow? This is your chance.

Our goal is to launch this site by Christmas. In order to do that, we need some articles. What I would like to see are some fan articles submitted by December 13. Get to writing, and provided the articles aren't total junk (which I doubt), we'll post your articles on the new Pathstrider site.

Please send articles to [trampas (at) dragonhelm (dot) net] with the word "Pathstrider" in the subject line. Enclose your article as an attachment, and we'll get this puppy rolling.

Above all, have fun.

Thanks, everyone!

Trampas Whiteman

Ungoded wrote:
Golarion's white dragons look significantly cooler than the standard version.

Agreed! Now to unleash my secret plot, by where I kidnap WAR and make him do Dragonlance art.

And from there, we'll have to prepare for tomorrow night.

"Why, Brain? What are we doing tomorrow night?"

"Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the Pathfinder world!"

It's Pinky, Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain.


Yeah, I thought it might be by the river, but there's also a Hollow Mountain (or some such) on an island to the west of Sandpoint. So I wasn't sure if either of those are the location or not.

Shoot me an e-mail at trampas (at) dragonhelm (dot) net and we can discuss.


SirUrza wrote:
In any case, we could speculate that the "Hollow Mountains" on the island in the western part of the Varisian Gulf are the "Falcon's Hollow Environs" seen on the Last Hope map if you really want to make the Last Hope adventure a lead into the Pathfinder adventures. :)

That works perfectly. Thank you! :)

All I have to figure out now is how to get the characters from Crown of the Kobold King to Pathfinder. Hrm...

Where is Falcon's Hollow located compared to the events of the Pathfinder modules?

Thanks in advance.

Mike McArtor wrote:
I agree. Great articles. That's why we included them. That's right, most of the feats from both of those articles made it in. I think all of the actual bloodline feats did, but some of the support feats did not.

Sweetness. I wish it was the entire thing, but having all the actual bloodline feats is good.

Plus this book has Good Hits and Bad Misses. I'm in heaven already. :)

Scott Carter wrote:
Wow! My Sorcerous Bloodline Feats made it in! You guys just made my week.

Are these just the first article on them, or is it both of the bloodline feat articles combined?

Good articles, by the way. :)

Erik Mona wrote:

"Good Hits, Bad Misses" is in the book.

A formal preview is forthcoming.


Oh, hell yeah! I've used that chart so many times in the past, it isn't funny.

One time in a game, I asked a player what he was doing, and he says, "I kill the DM." He rolls a natural 20. I had him roll percentile on Good Hits, Bad Misses. He rolls double-zero. Beheaded, immediate death.

We figured that since the DM was killed, the universe imploded. ;)

Good Hits and Bad Misses. 'Nuff said.

Mike McArtor wrote:

Me too!

Actually, until the release of Eberron (with its own take on airships) I had thought of querying an airship article (yes, even we editors have to go through the query/proposal/delivery process). Now, while I'd still like to see that article done, I'm not sure who should do it or how much it should tie together the airships of Mystara with those of Eberron.

Anyway, you're not alone Trampas. :)


You could do an article in general on airships, and show how they can be used in Eberron, Mystara, Spelljammer, or one's home campaign. Heck, just having new airships is good. I really liked Bastion Press' airships book, and there's some great ideas in there, such as ship templates and various alternatives to the spelljamming helm.

Also, what about campaign classic crossovers?

For example, Spelljammer can potentially touch any other setting out there. Well, how about some details on the crystal sphere that Eberron is in? Would that be called Eberronspace?

Likewise, an article on the Realms and traveling from Faerun to Zakhara to Maztica to Kara-Tur. "A Tour Around the Realms", so to speak.

And what I think would be especially helpful to some DMs is an article on taking elements from various campaign settings and putting them together in one's homebrew campaign setting. You see gamers do this all the time, so some tips on how to make it successful would be great.

Just some thoughts.


"Oh, and in April, try to do something funnny but don't make a complete ass of yourself."

Erik, if I might make a suggestion, I'd love to see the return of Bard on the Run.

"Starting next year, we'll be kicking off a new tradition, by bringing back the popular Campaign Classics theme. The issue will highlight the campaign settings of the past."

Hoorah! I loved that issue of Dragon.

"Pick One:
A) Cover every dead campaign setting.
B) Cover a few in more detail and with more visual resources (maps, images, etc.)

Would you be interested in a magazine that basically gave the "gist" of all of the settings as a grand tour, with some basic information on how to pull off certain tricks of the setting (defiler/preservers, red steel, gens, etc.)?"

It would be good to have a little something for each setting, or at least more than just one, yet it would also be good to give more in-depth focus on one. If there's any way that you can meet a halfway point, I think you'd have something for everyone.

"How "continuity heavy" do readers really want the articles to be?"

I think continuity is going to be a HUGE issue. For example, while the Dark Sun article in Dragon recently was fairly good, it didn't sit well with many people to see elements that just didn't belong in a Dark Sun campaign. Paladins, for example, were a bad addition as their magic didn't work like that of other divine casters.

"I really want to come up with a way to showcases the elements that made each setting special, rather than just a collection of articles that go: so here's how to play a halfling in this setting. Or "here's the stats for one monster from this one corner of this setting you've never heard of.""


"I suspect that Dark Sun is an absolute necessity for an issue like this."

Definitely. Perhaps delve into some of the supplemental materials, or have an article on the heroes of the Prism Pentad series.

"I sort of feel like Ravenloft and Dragonlance already get publishing support, and that maybe those pages would be better spent on a more hopeless cause."

Maybe so, but what about Taladas?

"Mystara seems a must, what with Mike McArtor in the office."

I'd like to request an article on airships.

"Kara Tur is very interesting, but why not just do something sweet with Kara Tur in an Oriental Adventures-themed issue?"

Agreed. An entire issue showcasing Kara-Tur, as well as some more "generic" OA elements, would be sweet.

"Spelljammer probably deserves a more faithful modern version. Polyhedron was always more experimental, but Dragon is Dragon, and a certain amount of decorum is expected of the office."

Beyond certain infamous editorials around that time, I think the big mistake with the Polyhedron Spelljammer setup is that it ignored much of what made Spelljammer unique and special.

What I would propose, then, would be two different articles. The first being a Races of Spelljammer article. The second being an in-depth look into ships and space travel. I'd like to see 3e stats on more of the classic ships, including the Spelljammer itself.

"Maztica and especially The Horde deserve some love. Call me crazy, but I would love to go National Geographic on the lands of the Tuigan. That's rich territory for both Forgotten Realms fans and for readers interested in trying something different or filling in the borders of their own campaign world."

Present it both ways, then. Showcase it as a part of the Realms, and then as territories to be added to one's home campaign.

"Al-Qadim remains very popular with the readers."

Love to see this, and perhaps some notes on Arabian Adventures in general.

Also, how about a 3e update of the Tale of the Comet boxed set?

Maybe revisit some classic modules as well.

Trampas Whiteman