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The Golem in the footer is 115px wide, but it's stretched out so far that it's severely pixelated.

I recommend adding a max-width of 115px to footer .logo

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I was wondering if we would be learning about how psionics fit into Pathfinder, or if they're not there at all. I'd love to see a Pathfinder spin.

I wanted to give a huge thank you to Paizo for producing such a wonderful module. I just started running a game over AIM with some friends, and we ran through this adventure using a modified version of Castles & Crusades.

Characters were a dwarven smith, his ne'er-do-well cousin, and a blue kobold wizard. Since we can only game in short stints, it took us a few sessions, but that's okay.

The kobold player couldn't make it one night, so I gave him the blackscour. That turned to our advantage, as the player really played it out well. His character got a bit delusional, and even ate some glowmoss. It was like a Mentos commercial. Fabulous!

Between the module itself, my own ideas, and a great group of players, this has been one of the most fun modules I've run in ages. I just wanted to say thanks for producing such a wonderful module, and I look forward to more adventures in Falcon's Hollow. :)

We also talked about this some on this thread:


Where is Falcon's Hollow located compared to the events of the Pathfinder modules?

Thanks in advance.