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I'd prefer to join or start a 2e game because I want to get some experience with it.
I've got years of experience playing D&D 3.5e and PF 1e. I've run some short games, I'd prefer to be a player but I'm willing to talk it over.

I'd prefer to join or start a 2e game because I want to get some experience with it.
I've got years of experience playing D&D 3.5e and PF 1e. I've run some short games, I'd prefer to be a player but I'm willing to talk it over.

I would also love to have the Anadi as an option! Anything arachnid is something I love aesthetically and I like their new deity and other cultural stuff.

Also did I mention I love spiders? :D

Will this be going up on your YouTube after the stream is done?

Thank you very much this is thorough! So it looks like for the most part each part gets you up a level. Easy way to structure it if I decide not to worry over tracking XP.

Hello all,

I combed through the adventure and read over posts but could not find it. What levels are the PCs in this adventure supposed to be by particular points? I'm gearing up to run this as my first 2e experience and I am trying to get a good understanding of how things will be paced.

I've always thought vermin lycanthropes would be a real horror to face. Once had a dream about a vicious were-spider.

I had some of the most delicious tea at a hookah bar earlier.

All of my praise to Sara Marie!

Without having tried many beers, I'll have to say Yuengling. Seems like a fairly popular like on these forums though. :D

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The barbershop I go to was closed for unexplained reasons today... so I blame Cosmo.
Also the chief financial officer is visiting my work for a while tomorrow... I think I will also blame this on Cosmo.

I wanted to get a fair opinion before going into the conversation. He actually is expressing interest in playing Barbarian, particularly an older concept of one he didn't get to explore in another game he played. A nice strong Barbarian near is certainly not a bad thing.
I was actually in the group with that Barbarian and my Fighter was quite attached to him, lol.

Ok, so we may be letting in another person, so I'm wondering what sort of class would be effective for him to choose?
We now have a Druid (with animal companion), Witch (focused more on debuffing and such) and a Ranger (focused on ranged combat).

I think either a Cleric or Oracle would cover a lot of possible remaining bases.

It occurred to me that not only does Ranger seem to fit the bill well for this particular party but I am also intending to play an Arctic Druid in a Reign of Winter group as well. The classes are similar and I haven't played either one before. It might help to play them concurrently to get double experience. Haha.

The group is a two man group consisting of a dex build Magus and a transmutation specialist Wizard. They rolled for stats. My character will be coming in at around the start of the second book "The Skinsaw Murders."

I was considering playing a Ranger to round out the melee ability while still being a competent ranged combatant. Having the ability to use a CLW wand and get an animal companion is also nice (though maybe there is a good equivalent to that?) I am looking for any and all suggestions.

However the weaker wildshape for Arctic Druid seems a little iffy...

I like how gripplis look and I think in a more swamp-oriented setting I'd be more tempted to play one.
An interesting catch on the Gnome resistance Hoplophobia. The stat modifiers don't fit too well for me though. In a three man group moreso I want to make my Druid pretty effective (though not overly optimized of course).

I am looking into playing the Arctic Druid archetype, especially for the ability at level four that gives me constant endure elements for cold climates. If not that archetype then I would like to go Human with the Heart of the Snows alternate trait for a similar effect.

I also like the World Walker archetype, since I could get some nice bonuses from having Cold as a favored terrain. Menhir Savant might help too since the constant creature detection would help, especially since I expect fey, outsiders and ethereal beings will be fought. The other abilities are cool too.

I like the idea of playing a Druid, since I could add some nice flavor from a cold-based archetype and a cold-based animal companion. I've also never played either class, so it'd be a nice exercise for me.

We're likely to have a three person party, one person is likely to play a Witch who debuffs and can do a bit of healing. The other person seems to want to play a Ranger who is more focused on archery. We will be rolling for stats (and won't have any particularly low ones likely to compensate for a three person party).

What sort of build would you suggest could fill in some other needed roles like battlefield control, close combat, and the like? Should I advise one of the others to try different classes so this isn't as much of a stretch?

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Congratulations on your victory Stephen! I voted for you btw, I loved the betrayal, the scary mansion, the glory of retired adventures, all of it.

And that makes $30.00 more for the project. :P

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I have to say that this monster is probably my favorite. I find that oozes have a very good potential for creativity like this here.

I agree with the low DC Strength check nitpick. That's about it though. I'd hate to fight this bugger (though I'd love to set it loose). :P

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All of the ones I voted for made it to the top 16. Marvelous. Really loved the alchemists and monks, and seeing the gunslinger making it is interesting indeed! Congrats on being so ballsy, it worked out for you. Can't wait to see the monsters.

All this advice definitely looks very helpful. Sea Reaver Barbarian seems perfect for the campaign, and it's good I have a player who likes Barbarians so maybe he'll play one. :P

I will definitely look over the Isles of the Shackles for some more guidance. I also was going to get rid of the Rum Ration like my GM did for us while we played. Might also get rid of the Bloody Hour, getting whipped good or being in the sweatbox seems good enough. Maybe I can multiply the whippings, who knows?

The skill point advice actually kind of makes sense in that... if everyone at least kind of wants to be a pirate or sailor out of the PCs... shouldn't they all have a rank in Swim or Profession (Sailor) almost by default?

I had a character planned to switch out with my original one that made nice use of the Breadth of Experience feat. That is an excellent feat for this AP since Knowledge skills and a handful of Profession skills are pretty frequently used.

Also, what kind of party make-up seemed to work rather well for a group you ran or played in?

I originally was playing the AP, but we only got to go as far as like... day 8 or so of book 1. I learned these things rather quickly about the AP: ranks in Climb and Swim are really really going to help at first.
We stopped playing due to the fact that he's a bit of a jerk and I inherited the first two books from him and started reading into the AP.

I have read some of the concerns about the AP, and I shared them. I feel that the underwater dungeons are a bit much, that the island with swarms is also pretty hardcore for the characters at their level and more.

From people with experience in this AP, what are some ways you dealt with some of the challenges to make them possible to overcome, whether or not you removed them, switched them with something else, etc?

A trip to another planet? Oh wow... I will have to check out this path just based on that. :P

It adds a +2 trait bonus to a single casting class that you choose, as long as it doesn't exceed your HD.

Does that bonus affect your familiar's statistics and abilities granted from your chosen school, or does it only affect spells per day (and spells known if you are a spontaneous caster)?

I told him Magical Knack would be a huge help to my build, so it wouldn't be a huge issue to go full Wizard. He wants me to be able to rock my concept so he's allowing it.

Oh nvm, he allowed me to have Magical Knack for the sake of the build. I can't wait for this to kick off! My first interesting build, and my first Elf!

Dang. Just found out that my GM isn't allowing traits so I won't be able to get Magical Knack... that kinda gimps me a lot if I were to go AT. I think I might just go straight Wizard in that regard, or will it still be something viable without it?

For the Witch, Evil Eye and Slumber have been banned, the GM seems to be rather fearful of the debuffing capabilities of the class. I imagine other hexes have been banned as well, like perhaps the Flight Hex.

@Azaelas: If I were to choose between playing a wizard and a sorcerer, I'd be more likely to go wizard as I like playing scholarly book worm types more. Dealing damage would definitely not be my priority, it would certainly be all about the control.

@Lumiere: the player who chose to be an orc actually very likely did chooe it for that reason specifically. I've come to find out that he is quite the power gamer. I expect some sort of confrontation with his character, I can't put my finger on it... but it seems likely.

@Tark: I can understand the reasoning for not going for Arcane Trickster. It was a build that I was incredibly curious about trying though and I feel doubtful that I'll get many chances to test out my ideas with the people around here who I can manage to get games with.

Lumiere echos my sentiments exactly about tieflings versus orcs. I initially was actually considering playing an Arcane Trickster because I had been thinking about that sort of build before I had this opportunity. The guides for the class are wonderful at explaining how I get towards the AT levels and how to play one in general.

Would there be another race that would suit AT well enough other than Elf or Tiefling? I like to play a totally different character to add a lot of diversity to the party. Then again... there already is a lot of diversity, lol.
I liked all of the build ideas though. Never played an Oracle or a Druid (although I'll have to pass on that as I don't think my GM could handle the bigger party).

So, I was playing two games a week (GMing Jade Regent and playing in Skull and Shackles). The Skull and Shackles group pretty much fell apart completely, so I've now got the option of joining a new group (one that doesn't play any published material as far as I am aware).

Their party is currently level one, and the make-up is as follows:

Tiefling Blackblade Magus (dex build)
Elf Ranger (switch hitter build)
Kitsune Bard (more of a skill monkey)
Dwarven Cleric of Sarenrae
Orc Barbarian

The GM and I both seem to think that a dedicated arcanist would benefit this group well (Wizard, Sorcerer or Witch).

On a side note, I am a bit worried about joining this group, I have played in a large group before and it made it difficult for everyone to get an edgewise in and out of combat. It's also weird having an orc in the group, I haven't really found out why that race is allowed as of yet. In any case, what class might do well here? Btw, he has banned some of the Witch hexes, so Witch is a bit of weaker option in this case.

In SaS, being versatile seems to be a lot more valuable than I would think it would be in other adventure paths so far that I have played in Wormwood Mutiny. Even with 3 SP/level, the bonuses I get from Heart of the Fields, Breadth of Experience and being an Elf kind of balance it a bit for me. It'll give me breathing room for putting points in skills like Climb, Swim, or whatever else I notice I'll need.

This build actually really does excite me, I feel that it is a lot more interesting than the Corsair Fighter to the point I almost want to go ahead and swap out the characters. I've never used a reach weapon before or played an Elf, so it will be a fun experience for me.

Oh, and a bit of backstory for him, he was raised near the Land of the Linnorm Kings, thus the name Bjornlod (which combines some Ulfen influence with Elven culture). He became fascinated with old Ulfen culture, and one day he would want to go out on the sea and live the life of a pirate after he felt he was ready. It makes sense for an Elf to wait for a while before finally venturing out since he's going to live for a while and having more experience before making such a venture is important.

I didn't really think of it much until just now but I figure this concept would be an interesting idea for a back-up in case the Corsair Fighter I am playing in SaS dies.

I was looking through a thread once about what feat was the best in peoples' opinions, and someone mentioned Breadth of Experience. I realized for a campaign like SaS, having a +2 bonus to all Profession checks and Knowledge checks and can use them all untrained is insane. So I made this build and was wanting some suggestions on it.

20 pt buy

Bjornlod, Elf Mobile Fighter

Str 17, Dex 14 (+2 from Elf), Con 13 (-2 from Elf), Int 10 (+2 from Elf), Wis 12, Cha 10

I swapped out the Elf racial trait Elven Magic for Woodcraft. It may not be useful for Sas all the way through but it is more helpful than Elven Magic for a Fighter. My GM mentioned I could use Adopted to get alternate racial traits so I chose Heart of the Fields since getting a bonus to something like Craft (Ships) is huge and ignoring fatigue 1/day will help too. The other trait I would get is Ship's Surgeon to get a +1 to Craft (Ships) and Heal and get Heal as a class skill. It gives more to the idea of my guy's "Breadth of Experience."

I wanted the 12 Wis to reflect his wisdom from his broad range of experiences (Breadth of Experience). I didn't want to dump Int or Cha if I could help it so that I could be at least shabby in what skills a Fighter is somewhat capable of. He will definitely use a glaive or a bardiche, though which one I am not sure of. If somewhere down the line Improved Critical or Critical Focus will be in consideration then bardiche is obviously the better option.

Tripping feats were definitely something I was looking into, as well as the Mobile Fighter archetype.

Playing a Fighter that focuses on utilizing reach weapons is something that has caught my interest recently. I was curious as to what feats would supplement my idea and whether or not the Polearm Master archetype was worth the try for it.

I figure that Dex would be like, 13 or 14 as to get more attacks of opportunity considering Combat Reflexes is an important feat in the build.

The fighter would likely wield a Glaive or Glaive-Bardiche.

The feats I took into consideration were the typical fighter feats (Power Attack, Weapons Focus, Spec, etc.), Lunge, Cleave, and others.
One feat that I found was interesting was Combat Patrol, though it has Mobility as a prerequisite which would require Dodge as well.

The corsair fighter from the Pirates companion.

It's not so much the ability to jump around, but the ability to jump around a bit while wearing heavy gear that interests me.


I'm going to be playing in a Skull and Shackles game really soon and I want to play a Corsair for the flavor and the fact that I love the idea of having no Armor Check Penalty when swimming and stuff. :P
He's going to be a human (Mwagi), the name and back story of which I haven't fully figured out.

We're doing 20 point buy and I'd like some advice on my stats, where to put skill points, anything you can give me.

As to the make-up of the party, I imagine a Bard and a Ranger will likely be in the party (party of four).

I wasn't aware that adventure paths assumed medium progression, that would make sense. Got it now, thanks Quatar.

Hi everyone, I am running 5 players through this part of the adventure currently (more specifically they are about to enter Brinewall Castle). At the current moment they all have 1969 XP and after tracking the total amount of XP they will gain from every encounter in the castle, they will all gain 5600 XP so they will have 7769 XP. The book does say that the characters should be level 4 by the end of the adventure, but I'm not sure if that seems a bit too close to level 5 before they start the next part of the adventure.


Well, the characters will be level 16 by the end of the AP. For anyone that doesn't invest a lot into Sense Motive (even moreso without having it as a class skill), forming the relationship seems highly unlikely if not impossible. I understand how it works but it seems to be a bit too hard, and even if the characters succeed it seems like they wouldn't be able to enjoy it for as long as they would like.

I noticed that the DC to notice if an NPC is interested in a relationship is equal to their romance score. That would mean that the minimum DC would be 32 for Koya. I find this to be a nearly impossible DC to make except for characters who would max out Sense Motive and have it as a class skill, and even with a high Wisdom there would still likely only be a 5-10% shot at about level 5.

Has anyone done something to make this a little bit easier for the PCs to get a romance that are really interested?


It says in the Player's Guide for it that the DC to notice if an NPC is interested in a relationship is equal to the NPC's romance score. In that case, the lowest the DC could possibly be is 32 with Kova. That seems impossibly high, even for characters that invest all of their points in Sense Motive and have it as a class skill.

For anyone that allowed PCs to form romances with the NPCs, how did you change that to make it possible, or is it fine how it is?

I pretty much feel that statement as well, which is good because my character gives us something we kind of needed (and very good for it as well). On top of that the character itself is pretty much something I desired, I can't pass up an opportunity to play a scholarly attractive half-orc. :D

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