Needing some advice on a character.


I'm going to be playing in a Skull and Shackles game really soon and I want to play a Corsair for the flavor and the fact that I love the idea of having no Armor Check Penalty when swimming and stuff. :P
He's going to be a human (Mwagi), the name and back story of which I haven't fully figured out.

We're doing 20 point buy and I'd like some advice on my stats, where to put skill points, anything you can give me.

As to the make-up of the party, I imagine a Bard and a Ranger will likely be in the party (party of four).


A monk would do very well as well. You would have the acrobatics to jump around. The high defense without any armor.

It's not so much the ability to jump around, but the ability to jump around a bit while wearing heavy gear that interests me.

Just to clairify is this the corsair fighter or the 3rd party class?

The corsair fighter from the Pirates companion.

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