About to join a group playing this.

Rise of the Runelords

The group is a two man group consisting of a dex build Magus and a transmutation specialist Wizard. They rolled for stats. My character will be coming in at around the start of the second book "The Skinsaw Murders."

I was considering playing a Ranger to round out the melee ability while still being a competent ranged combatant. Having the ability to use a CLW wand and get an animal companion is also nice (though maybe there is a good equivalent to that?) I am looking for any and all suggestions.

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A ranger would fit pretty well, since there are things in the AP that the GM could use to tie you to the campaign. The player's guide gives some good suggestions for favored enemies and terrains, and animal companions are cool, especially if you get a firepelt cougar or something, since they are native to Varisia.

Use all you points in giant slaying - Not best in book two, but worth it later on. Animal companion gets your boon against chosen foe, so id good for that for sure. Go two weapon fighting to use your bonus againt giants to the fullest and protect the weaker party members. And you should get mobility since most giants have reach. If you can stomach playing a dwarf, do so for defensive training. You will be a killing machine through much of the adventure.

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If your character is connected to the Black Arrows from the Turtleback Ferry region, that would make perfect sense... without spoilering too much, you can ask your GM about that.

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Remember, not all fights can be won easily, and if you are not adequately prepared, some are just not winnable. Be willing to retreat from time to time to adjust tactics as needed.

as to the PC, yeah, that's a pretty good choice with the other two PCs. You will definitely add to the offensive capability of the group, will give a ranged support option and will be able to provide healing. Certainly a good selection.

Ranger or inquisitor. There's more to healing than CLW (though that's vital enough) and inquisitor should cover that rather better without giving up too much ranger stuff. And if your inquisitor dresses in green and carries a bow, he can call himself a ranger if he wants. I think you can get an animal companion via Animal Archive if you're desperate.

It occurred to me that not only does Ranger seem to fit the bill well for this particular party but I am also intending to play an Arctic Druid in a Reign of Winter group as well. The classes are similar and I haven't played either one before. It might help to play them concurrently to get double experience. Haha.

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