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I’m preparing this scenario for tonight (danish time, in approx 5 hours). Great scenario! Really looking forward to it :)

I’m thinking about the last encounter right now - on the low tier - where should Corner of Spheres start out? He has blindsense so has sensed the PCs coming from 120 feet away - so shouldn’t he Airwalk about 30-60 feet straight up and wait there?

Rules question: The Yangethe has the grab special ability (with it’s tentacles) with a +18 on CMB - shouldn’t this be 19, adjusting for Weapon Focus? And if it does not take a -20 to its grapple check, it goes into full on grapple, which takes a standard action - but then it cannot use its feeding tentacles, as they too require a standard action - correct? ...because then I don’t think it will ever get to use those feeding tentacles a lot...

Is it just me or is the search function on the forums much worse than it was before the site makeover? It normally turns out a lot of excellent posts when I use it - now I’ve tried searching several times in different ways for a few subjects and it lists a huge amount of unrelevant posts.

Ok - I forgot about the hand-out. That explains it :)

I’m prepping this now and have some questions... The title of this thread is pretty broad, so I’ll post them in this thread instead of starting a new, hope that’s ok.

On page 5 (Getting started) the scenario is introduced to the PC’s, and the reason for their trip to Frostbreach. But I don’t really see how the info they are given actually merits them being there. Why are they there? What’s in it for the Society? As a GM I know more is at stake, but the PC’s aren’t told that.

Anyone played it where this came up? How did you handle it?

Thank you for the thoughts River. The pricing could very well be wrong :)

Is everyone else (who has played a swashbuckler) simply content (or even happy?) about the Derring-do ability? No one else feels it could use a boost?

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I think the Swashbuckler's Derring-do ability is quite underwhelming, and something I very rarely use, as panache is so valuable and I'd much rather use it to survive dangerous attacks.

But! Maybe we could hcange that? For example by introducing new magical items, that trigger off the Derring-do ability?

If any of you have suggestions to make the ability more worthwhile - or suggestions for magical items of you own, feel free to post them here :)

These are my suggestions for magical items (they are not fully fledged out, as I don't really know the rules for magic item creation - they may very well be priced wrongly as well):

Swashbuckler’s Amazing Hat
Price 2,000 gp; Slot head; CL ?; Weight 0,5 lbs.; Aura ?

This hat is large and gaudy with a wide brim.
Whenever the wearer uses the Derring-Do special ability, any dice rolled as a result of the ability, gains a +2 bonus.
Special: The user is able to fasten a “Circlet of Persuasion” to the hat, and both items will function at once. The gaudiness of the hat does overshadow the circlet somewhat, resulting in the circlet only conferring a +2 bonus.

Swashbuckler’s Brooch of Social Dares
Price 3,000 gp; Slot none; CL ?; Weight 0 lbs.; Aura ?

This brooch is made of gold and formed as a stylish man or woman holding a glass.
Whenever the wearer uses the Derring-Do special ability, he or she may add the d6 roll to one of the following skills instead: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (any), Perform or Sleight of Hand.

Swashbuckler’s Bombastic Breeches
Price 4,000 gp; Slot none; CL ?; Weight 1 lbs.; Aura ?

These are some flashy breeches indeed!
Whenever the wearer uses the Derring-Do special ability, any roll of the dice of a 1 or 2, results in the wearer regaining 1 panache point. A maximum of 1 panache can be regained this way, per use of the ability. Additionally the wearer gains a +10 feet movement untyped bonus for the same round that he or she uses Derring-Do.

Swashbuckler’s Charming Daring and Life-Saving Cufflinks
Price 4,000 gp; Slot none; CL ?; Weight 0 lbs.; Aura ?

These cufflinks are made of silver and can take any form the wearer wants them to.
Whenever the wearer uses Charmed Life, as part of a Reflex saving throw, he or she can spend 1 panache point to activate the Derring-Do special ability, adding the result of the roll to his or her Reflex saving throw in addition to the bonus from Charmed Life.

Swashbuckler’s Amazing Boots
Price 4,000 gp; Slot feet; CL ?; Weight 2 lbs.; Aura ?

These boots are tall and good looking.
The wearer can, as part of a move action, activate the Derring-Do special ability, and gain an increase to his or her movement speed equaling the result of the Derring-Do roll x 5 feet. While using the boots this way the wearer also gains the use of the Mobility Feat, but with a bonus to AC equal to the Derring-Do roll.

Generic Villain wrote:
WalterGM wrote:

Final note, you can't pick Aroden cause he's dead, and you have to get your god-magic from a living god. Sorry :(

That only applies to clerics, and even then is a soft rule. Nothing rules-wise about paladins having to worship any god at all in fact - only some fluff text.

I don't think that is true for Pathfinder Society; - apparently worshippers of deities have to have a deity to gain spells in PFS.

Thank you everyone :)

I've decided to go with Kurgess as he fits the character quite well.

The character hasn't really renounced his old ways - more like viewed them in a new light. So the redemption focus doesn't really fit him.

Kurgess strongly believes that competition is healthy, as long as all the participants are playing by the same rules. He detests cheating, seeing it as a sign of moral defect. He encourages mortals to challenge themselves and push beyond their comfort zones, hoping to inspire greatness and the setting of even higher goals. The Strong Man also teaches how not to be a sore loser, as well as how to be a graceful winner." From;

This is quite wonderfull and I can easily make my character quite the douchebag by adhering to these words, while still being all paladin-y about it. Wonderful :)

Hi everyone!

My swashbuckler recently became a paladin. He's struggling with "being a good guy". His personality profile is as follows: cowardly, arrogant, judgmental, know-it-all, racist/ speciest/ hater of poor people, conservative. He's a former soldier and officer and he is a taldan noble, but the seventh son of a large family, so no inheritance for him - that's why he became a pathfinder, which he views as kind of a gentleman's club. He was CN, and now he's LG.

He recently had a near-death encounter and discovered the value of friendship, teamwork and the belief in a higher power. So now he turned to the way of the paladin and tries to amend his ways.

I initially settled on Aroden as his god, but maybe some other god would fit such a character as his, better?

Any ideas? :)

Thank you both :)

Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:

A little more on the xacarba's location and abilities:

The circles on the map both ended up somewhere between huge and gargantuan in size, and I didn't catch that in my final review. The xacarba's intended location after he switches places with the golem at the outset of their fight is every square that has at least part of the circle labeled M in it. That way, with his 15 foot reach, he does not threaten the entrance or the back wall where the PCs need to place the disks.

Hi all! I'm running this in a few hours time. For a 4 man group. I've read this thread and the thread on the product (with Iammars very thorough breakdown of the encounter).

After thinking about this a lot and re-reading Linda's statement above, I'm thinking that for that to be true, the Xacarba must be squeezing to fit in the doorway (if it only has 15 fooet reach, and the back row is unreachable by it). That should give the creature a further -4 to AC and to hit (and CMB) making it a little easier to deal with. I know it's not exactly written like that, but it seems like a fair interpretation of the rules.

What do you guys think?

Stylish riposte is really good! Thank you :)


Any advice on other feats? Fun combos of feats/ skills/ class abilities?

Or magical items?

Or dipping another class for some reason? :)

Thank you BretI, at least one of my co-players is Silver Crusade. I might continue being Sovereign Court, but the RP of switching faction could be fun :)

And don't worry, when I say "annoying" I mean it in a "the character is annoying - the players are having fun"-kinda way.

And to the rules part:
I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to switch out the plume. People do it with Pearl's of Power all the time, and I know of no rule prohibiting this kind of action.

Yes, completely legal. It's pretty much hand waved - the idea is that X amount of time can happen between scenarios. So anything major (or minor) can happen outside play.

The only reason I'm doing it this way, is because it's fun to roleplay. I could just ignore it altogether and one day be a paladin.

And advice/ ideas for the build?

Hello to you all - been a while since I've posted anything here :)

I have a 4th level inspired blade swashbuckler, who levels up to level 5 after tomorrow's game. After that, I intend to make him into a paladin. I think the build is pretty solid - and really shines from lvl 7 and up.

This is for PFS play. And I know his Will save is ATROCIOUS. Paladin will help with that :)

Inspired Blade Swashbuckler / Oathbound Paladin of Vengeance
Starting stats: Str 13, Dex 18 (+2 race), Con 13, Int 13, Wis 7, Cha 14

Inspired Blade Swashbuckler 5

Str 13
Dex 20 (+2 from belt)
Con 13
Int 14 (+1 at lvl 4)
Wis 7
Cha 14

Fort 3 = 1 + 1 + 1
Ref 10 = 4 + 5 + 1
Wil 0 = 1 - 2 + 1

1st Power Attack
Weapon Focus (Rapier) (Class Bonus)
[“Inspired Finesse” (Class Feature)]
Fencing Grace
3rd Combat Reflexes
4th Weapon Specialization (Rapier) (Class Bonus)
5th Extra Panache (+2) (Panache: 6)

Magical Items:
Plume of Panache x2
Rapier +1
Mithral Breastplate
Cloak of Resistance +1
Belt of Dexterity +2

Attacks To hit Dmg Crit
Rapier +13 1d6+15 15-20/ x2
Rapier w PA +11 1d6+19 -

AC: 21 (Armor: +4; Shield +1; Dex +5; Nimble +1)

Inspired Blade Swashbuckler 5 / Oathbound Paladin of Vengeance 1

Magical Items:
Mithral Breastplate +1
Buckler +1
Headband of Charisma +2 (Panache: 7)
Swordmaster’s Flair (Blue Scarf)

Attacks To hit Dmg Crit
Rapier +14/ +9 1d6+15 15-20/ x2
Rapier w PA +12/ +7 1d6+19 -
Rapier w Smite +17 / +12 1d6+16 -
Rapier w PA and Smite +15 / +10 1d6+20 -

AC: 23 (Armor: +5; Shield +2; Dex +5; Nimble +1)
AC w Smite: 26

Inspired Blade Swashbuckler 5 / Oathbound Paladin of Vengeance 2

Fort 10 = 4 + 1 + 2 + 3
Ref 14 = 4 + 5 + 2 + 3
Wil 7 = 4 - 2 + 2 + 3

7th Extra Lay on Hands (Lay on Hands per day: 6)

Magical Items:
Cloak of Resistance +2

AC: 23 (Armor: +5; Shield +2; Dex +5; Nimble +1)
AC w Smite: 26

If I have the money and fame to get the "Answering" enchantment at this level, I will - or it'll be next level. This will give me a huge boost when parrying.
Opp. Parry & Riposte:
Normal: +19
/w PA: +16
/w Smite: +22
/w PA & Smite: +19

At lvl 9 I'll be getting Critical Focus as feat. I don't know about lvl 11 - but that's not so important right now.

My thinking is that he'll miss out on a bit of damage on regular mooks by going paladin, but he'll be so more effective against bosses. And his saves will get a huge boost - which will start to REALLY matter in PFS now.

Any advice for me? :)

Right now he's CN and a cowardly, arrogant, know-it-all, stuck up aristocrat - the seventh son of a lord. With 6 brothers, there would be no inheritance left for him, so he joined the Pathfinder Society on his father's orders. He mostly thinks of it as a Gentleman's Club and a club for Hunters and Explorers - the other pathfinders he mostly sees as servants, porters and hired guards. In the next 4 game days he'll get steadily more annoying (although he is already questioning his place in life and the value of his comrades) and I'll then engineer him to have some sort of epiphany and a massive change of heart - and some sort of vision from a god (hopefully it'll present itself organically as part of a scenario or the actions of my fellow players) - and then he'll change alignment to LG and change his ways - somewhat - he'll still be immensely annoying, now with the added bonus of being a god's chosen LG paladin, with all the knowledge of him being spiritually better than everyone else. That way he can deplore his own past and how mean he was to people, while still being completely ignorant of how annoying and holier-than-thou he now is. And his father, his 6 brothers, and probalby most of Taldan royalty, will hate him for it. That reminds me - what are the rules if I want to switch from f.ex. Sovereign Court to Silver Crusade?

I'm looking foward to both the multiclassing and the roleplaying :)

Thank you for the answers :)

Arise! I necromance this thread back to life!

...has this question ever been resolved? It seems so looking at the FAQ answer in the top, but I can't seem to find a straight answer?

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I kinda spread it to the scandinavian and international (larp) forums in my network as well. I would be surprised if you don't see some sort of influx of funding from there, the larp community is quite big on aiding and helping with humanitarian projects.

I hope you reach your goal soon :)

Awesome. I'm spreading this message to relevant danish forums :)

Happy holidays!

I like it. But - you're not under any geas, as far as I know. The restrictions on attacking / acting against other characters is an off-game restriction, and has no diegetic meaning within the game world. This does pose a problem in some situations, but can be explained away / hand waived in most circumstances, I think.

Seconded! :D

...and now i'm gonna go buy that scenario, simply to support this trend!

That is quite quite awesome!

B. A. Robards-Debardot wrote:
[...] what about other classes that can get rogue talents (Slayers, Investigators, Archaeologist Bards, etc), do they continue using Core Rogue Talents exclusively or can they choose a new Unchained Rogue Talent?

I would really like an answer to this as well :)

I second Blackbot!

Chess Pwn, could you elaborate on that build? It sounds interesting :)

Any advice for me? :)

[Edit]: This is for PFS!

Hi all!

I'm looking for some feat/ build advice for my "viking" :)

My character is an aasimar (angelkin) Trapper Freebooter Ranger 1 / Archaeologist Bard 3.

[spoiler from Eye's of the Ten]: He's also my "protege" character from "Eyes of the Ten", giving him a +2 to one ability score.

I play him as a "viking" type of character (of Ulfen descent), who is more of a "Loki"-viking than a "Thor"-viking. He knows seidr-magic (Bard spells), and he's born under a lucky star (archaeologist, fate's favored, aasimar). He has joined the Society to travel the world, loot treasure and woo women! He's used to the great outdoors, sailing, and trading in cities. His adventuring career started with looting graves, lost temples and so on, and he's therefore picked up on trapfinding, picking locks and more (he's got lots of skills).

His stats are as follows:

Str 18
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 14

AC 16, HP 33, Saves: 5 / 7 / 3 (+2 with Archaeologist's Luck)

Most used attack: Mwk Bardiche +8 (1d10+6 damage) (+2 with Archaeologist's Luck).

His traits and feats are: Fate's Favored, Maestro of the Society / Lingering Performance, Extra Performance.

Next level is going to see a spike in damage and usefulness, as he gets Power Attack, Archaeologist's Luck goes up 1 point, and he gets Heroism (the spell), which I'm guessing will be cast on him for most battles. That means his saves goes up by +3, attack and damage does the same, except when Power Attacking, where he'll be at +10 to hit and 1d10+15 for damage.

My plan is to first thing get him a Wand of Mirror Image and let that take care of most of his physical defenses.

Later he'll get Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier, Mithral Breatsplate +1, Cloak of Resistance, Ring of Protection +1, Bardiche +1 (later adding keen), Runestones of Power and Pages of Spell Knowledge.

The character is very fun to play, with lots of versatility, and has up untill now proven quite adept in battle. Lvl 4 seems to be a bit of a low point for him, where next level seems to be a lot better again (battle-wise especially).

But where do I take him from here? I'm especially thinking feats. Next level I'm planning on getting Power Attack - but I could also take that as a Rogue Talent (Combat Trick), as I'll be getting one of those as well. I haven't really planned his feat progression from here on out... So do anyone have some ideas?

Where do you guys read about these changes to classes? Is there a playtest going on, I'm not aware of?

...and no, please don't do a 2nd edition of Pathfinder anytime soon...

I just thought of something... If skirmisher tricks can be taught to the companion - can you then "push" the companion to do skirmisher tricks it does not know?

Throw it into PFS (don't know if it's legal, though) and with unlimited downtime, you'll have UNLIMITED Aracana points!!!1!1! Yeeehar! ;)

Thank you, Damanta! I think that makes it very clear that what BigNorseWolf was saying, is the intent of the rules.

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What else indeed :)

The same thing comes up with the inquisitor - his Judgment ability only works until the end of combat. And that means it cannot be used outside of combat. If it could, the inquisitor could have constant Fast Healing on.

They both change the rage class feature - so I don't think they can be stacked.

But Coherent Rage is not legal for PFS. The feat is (as far as I know) - and makes the Mad Dog much more viable for PFS.

You write; "So if my level 5 Paladin's effective cleric level is 5 - 3 = 2", but in your own quote it clearly says; "A paladin uses her level as her effective cleric level when channeling positive energy."

So what is it that you think is wrong?

I'm ressurecting this thread (hululululu!) - as I think the issue needs errata. I've pressed FAQ on the first post, and would invite others to do the same.

Yup - it's weird. Everyone please click FAQ :)

I'm curious as well. I've clicked FAQ on the original post. I'll invite others to do the same.

This thread is awesome :)

...and here's hoping for it to be updated with tips and tricks for the new Hunter base class? :)

For a rogue the teamwork feat "Outflank" might not be too bad - you just need to pair up with someone and convince them to take it too...

Looking very much forward to updates! :)

Potion of see invisibility does not exist (range: personal).

Me neither.

Isn't there a prestige class where you can use your shield as Holy symbol?

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Something seems to be off with my pledge, and there's an error with my early enrollment. When I get it fixed, I'll join Thod's Friends :) It'll be nice to have some sort of common base to start from - and a good way to get to know other posters on these boards better.

I haven't played my Archeaologist bard yet, but I'm pretty sure he's gonna be damn versatile, efficient in combat, and a good face as well. For what it's worth (I know the OP has already made an inquisitor - another good choice).

I buy sooo many PDF's almost solely for use in PFS. They're luckily cheap as PDF's, but I still think I actually spend too much money on this :)

I was about to recommend Goodreader, but just googled it, and found out that it doesn't exist as an Android App.

There seems to be some altenative suggestions in this thread: os-goodreader.html

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