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So I played a PFS session a week or so ago and feel inclined to share a bit of the story. I will be avoiding all spoilers if possible

We were playing Perils of the Pirate Pact, and a certain encounter was played using the wrong stats/wrong rules just overall not RAW at all, it took forever and we didn't finish in the time slot, we didn't get Prestige and I burnt through a ton of charges on my CLW wand. Here is the thing though, all of this is unimportant...IT DIDN'T MATTER TO ME.

What sticks out in this session, what I will remember, is that I had a ton of stinking fun playing this session, I was laughing at my own and other players jokes almost constantly, Everyone had moments where they felt like the most important guy, everyone had moments when they knew they weren't...I will most likely talk to the GM about the RAW issues to make sure it isn't an issue in future sessions, but i will for certain be informing them that it was some of the most fun I've ever had with PF and is the best time I've had out of 5 PFS sessions.

In the end, I had fun...what else matters?

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What else indeed :)

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