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So PRE-ORDER is expected in July, so we can likely expect this in our hands in... what, September?

GM Sedoriku wrote:

So when can we expect the funeral service for your overworked refresh button?

When I get the PDF

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Now to keep refreshing until the buy button appears for the PDF

Leahcim wrote:
Could we get a PDF option for this product? I currently GM Starfinder on Roll20 and I could easily turn a PDF into a usable deck in that application.

Same, need a PDF version because my players are all over the country

Tryn wrote:

I wouldn't have a problem with this. Right now sniper rifles are a joke, most longarms are better.

The only benefit of a sniper rifle is its range, but combat in SF normally don't take place over hundreds of feet.
Also the damage of a sniper rifle is ridiculous, a level 13 sniper does 4 to 40 damage (av. 24).
A level 13 NSC has 190 to 225 hp, so you need around ~ 8 shots to kill it with a sniper rifle. That didn't sound very "sniper" to me.

With trick attack this level 13 sniper would do 12 to 94 damage, still no one shot, but definitly a little more intressting.

Another idea would be to grant the sniper rifle a general damage bonus, if the player use one round to aim.


Basic shot = one shot/round, normal damage
Aimed shot = one shot every two rounds, damage x 2.5 (or so)

This would also transport the fantasy of a sniper without making it overpowered.

Yeah, Snipers are kinda just "Why though?" Weapons, which is frustrating because it takes up 1/3 of the Operative's proficiencies. Even more so when you figure Mechanics, Soldiers, and even Technomancers can be better snipers. Mechanics with Overcharge and an energy sniper can add 4d6 or even 7d6 damage, or you can add the Energetic Fusion to a kinetic sniper to make it use batteries and still add a respectable amount of damage to a sniper rifle. Soldiers can just reduce their penalties to negligible values and add a good bit of damage with sniper multishots. And Technomancers can just become The Bulletwitch and snipe with 14d20 Disintegrates or just massive AoE fireballs with Spellshot. And meanwhile Operatives are over here like "I can turn off their flashlight, or make them a little slower for a bit!" It's kinda BS

I just wish Paizo could use Paypal. My bank freaks the hell out when Paizo is involved for some reason, so I can't actually buy anything.

I mean, Half Elves and Half Orcs feel neutered at this point to where they're just pointy-eared or green-skinned humans. At least at the start of the Playtest, Half Elves were faster than humans, but they got that taken away.

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pad300 wrote:
That's probably a good thing, in the original, the 1/2 ancestries were clearly a step stronger than the rest of the race options (IMO).

And now they're just humans. Even in 1e, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs had things to set them apart. Half-Orcs could speak Orc, were intimidating, and could take a beating and could actually see in the DARK all from the get-go. Now, they're just green-skinned humans with Low-Light Vision. Half-Elves could speak elven and got quite a few utility/skill buffs. Now, they're pointy-eared humans with Low-Light Vision. Sure, nerf them a TOUCH, but not into the ground. And I'd rather see them buff the all races than nerf them.

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Ventnor wrote:
Deranged Stabby-Man wrote:
oholoko wrote:
Yes and no, they became a heritage instead of a feat so no tax, but yes +2 hp and the rest is gone. And instead they get a low light vision. And it is possible for a half elf to get elf step if he is a barbarian or a monk.
But if I wanted to be a Half-Elf Fighter or Rogue, I'm boned? FeelsBadMan
Half-elves can also take Elven ancestry feats, including the one that bumps your walking speed up.

Nimble only increases your Speed by 5. Same as Fleet. 35 max. Still can't get the feat as a Half-Elf if you're not a monk.

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oholoko wrote:
Yes and no, they became a heritage instead of a feat so no tax, but yes +2 hp and the rest is gone. And instead they get a low light vision. And it is possible for a half elf to get elf step if he is a barbarian or a monk.

But if I wanted to be a Half-Elf Fighter or Rogue, I'm boned? FeelsBadMan

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So with 1.4, half elves and half orcs lost a bit of stuff, unless I'm massively misinterpreting.
Half Orcs lost their ability to get a +2 to their HP, their ability to gain Orcish language, and their training to intimidation.
Half Elves lost their +5 Move Speed, their ability to gain Elvish language, and their ability to get training to Diplomacy. (This also means that it's impossible for a Half Elf to get the Elf Step feat, since it requires 40 foot, and Half Elves now cap at 35, with 25 base.)

Thebazilly wrote:
Very excited to see some errata coming out already! The stealth changes are especially appreciated, it makes much more sense this way.

Can you link the errata?

I just want a digital version.

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So does that mean Half-Orcs and Half-Elves will be getting most of the benefits of humans? I'm all for that. Half-Elf was *alright* but Half-Orc was kinda just a crappier, slightly scary human that could see in the dark. Both could do with a bit of a lift.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Deranged Stabby-Man wrote:

So, is the weapon Potency different from the Weapon Tier? Does a Legendary +5 Longsword grant +8?

They're different but don't stack. So you could have a +1 Legendary sword, which'd have +3 to hit, or a +5 Legendary sword which'd have +5 to hit.

And I assume the same applies to damage? The +5 Legendary Longsword only has 6d8 damage?

So, is the weapon Potency different from the Weapon Tier? Does a Legendary +5 Longsword grant +8?

I've never liked Archetypes to be honest. Too many of them, particularly for the Rogue (See Roof Runner), feel like they should have been either selectible feats/ talents, or simply built into the base class from the get-go.

So Exactly HOW HARD can a Barbarian hit in a Raging Power Attack with an Enchanted Great Axe? How many d12s are getting dumped onto a poor idiot's head?

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Deranged Stabby-Man wrote:
Lol, that legendary stealth ability. You literally need to wear a bell on you at all times to keep from giving your party mates heart attacks.
Or you can double down and also take Scare to Death from legendary Intimidate, and literally give them heart attacks.

It's just funny because it harkens back to a question I asked back in PF1e "How stealthy do I need to be to just passively make folks jump out of their skins when I come up next to them?"

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Lol, that legendary stealth ability. You literally need to wear a bell on you at all times to keep from giving your party mates heart attacks.

So when't that next blog?

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As a Rogue, I am almost afraid of the influx of power I'll be getting. Almost. With a Proficiency/Attack Bonus rivaling a Martial, a crap ton of mobility, and a lot of ways to just make things horrible for opponents, Rogues can finally start being the terrors we always knew they were supposed to be.

Okay so where's the next blog?

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I'm always torn on the Martials vs Caster debate. I want to be able to do stuff and shine, but I also think it's a pretty nice feeling to call in a magic airstrike from the party's wizard. "See that thing over there? Make it go away as destructively as possible."

As a Wizard's Proficiency goes up to Legendary, do their cantrips and spells get enhanced? Like Legendary Magic of the Wizard nets them +3 to their DCs and Spell Attacks, and adds 3 more dice to their Cantrips?

What' a focus and how do I drain it?

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As long as the NPC versions of character classes aren't grossly insulting to the PCs, we're good.

Hrodwulf wrote:
111phantom wrote:
What's the line between Commiting Murder (the highest restricted tenant) and smiting evil foes?

Phantom I think the distinction (or at least how I was distinct them at my table) would be intent and context.

Killing an Evil Warlord in his sleep so that he can't burn a village of farmers to the ground in the morning would be Murder.

Killing that same Evil Warlord in the fields outside the village as you do battle with his forces to protect the farmers and their village would not.

But that's just how I would read it.

I think killing the evil warlord in his sleep is the point where the Paladin gives a wink to the Rogue and looks the other way.

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And Yeah, Paladins shouldn't gain Legendary Armor INSTEAD OF The Fighter. If it was the case where Fighter gained Legendary Weapons AND Armor, I'd be fine with it, but this just feels weird.

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Divine Grace is a Reaction instead of a Constant +Charisma to Saves? That's... hmm... not sure I like that.

So do Potency Runes stack with Weapon/Armor Quality? Are we going to want Quality Weapons or Magic weapons?

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And do these weapons and armor suits with Potency runes still require Resonance? How does that work? Are there +x items that AREN'T magical?

Charlatan wrote:

Most interesting, but at this point I'm champing at the bit just to get the whole thing in my hands. And it's only just May!

I do like the crit effects, because it makes a critical seem truly worthwhile, extra damage and a flavoursome effect. I remember rolling a crit once and rolling 1 on my d8s and sneak attack dice, for a total of 3 damage against the boss. What was critical about that?

Yeah, that always hurts. That's why I ruled that if you crit on a sneak attack, you deal max Sneak Attack damage.

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David Neilson wrote:
It sounds like some things that were feats became weapon traits, I hope there are ways to focus on a weapon and perhaps be able to get traits out of it that it does not usually have. I also hope they do not go the route of Starfinder and make it so only 'rogue' weapons will be able to be used for sneak attack, or if that is true they at least let you open it up with a feat.

Yeah, that was possibly one of the stupidest choices in Starfinder.

So how do ranged weapons work? DO we get Dex to damage finally instead of strength or intelligence of all things?

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Kassegore wrote:

The thing that worries me most is this:

“Anathema: destroy works of art or allow one to be destroyed except to save a life or in pursuit of greater art, refuse to accept surrender, strike first”.

Ambiguous anathema text. “Refuse to accept surrender” Does that mean the cleric of shelyn refuses to accept surrender from their foes? Does it mean the cleric refuses to surrender? Or (as I believe) the cleric cannot refuse to accept surrender from a foe.

I’m hoping through the playtest that we can catch all the ambiguous text, otherwise we’re looking at the next decade of table/forum arguments about interpreting a deities tenants.

I love flavor text, but Paizo, please be as clear and concise as possible for all codes, rules of behavior, etc, just to keep everyone on the same page and minimize conflicting interpretations in the player base.

The Anathema "Refuse to accept surrender" means a Cleric of Shelyn MUST accept her enemies' surrender. It also means she can never be the one to initiate combat in a situation where diplomacy is also an option.

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It's a shame you can't target enemies with Tempt Fate, so when you have a spell targeting what you know is your enemy's poor Save, you can absolutely DUMPSTER them with a forced crit fail.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
Although my BIGGEST concern is actually with the deity's favored weapon; I hope weapons are balanced enough where an Asmodean can properly smash people with her mace rather than being forced to pick up a falchion like everyone else.
The simple weapons are balanced with the simple weapons and the martial weapons are balanced with the martial weapons; I'm sure we'll eventually have a blog detailing more about weapons. Warlike clerics of a deity with a simple favored weapon have an option that flat-out buffs their weapon to be on par with a martial weapon (contrasting the choice to take martial weapon proficiency, except that you can actually use the thematic weapon that matches your deity and be awesome). Paladins, who have martial weapon proficiency anyway, get that benefit automatically with the deity's favored weapon!

Dude, I just want to know if we'll finally have Dex to Damage with Bows, crossbows, and finesse throwing weapons like daggers.

So with Artistic Flourish, you can make a weapon go from mundane to Legendary for 24 hours for the price of 4 spell points?

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Thebazilly wrote:
You get a +2 Ability score buff from your class. (Wasn't it also said that Backgrounds give Ability score bonuses, too?) Looks like ability scores are going to be a lot higher than in PF1. I really like the ability to make a competent character of a non-optimal race.

This isn't strictly true. the way they look to be doing it is that each stage of character creation has stat bumps...but those are basically all you get. For example, we know that Kyra in a demo game had Str 14, Dex 12, Wis 18, Cha 14 and probably 10s in Con and Int. That's better than 20 point-buy in PF1, but only a little.

The current theory (which seems likely to be close to right) is:

Ancestry: +2 to two specific scores, -2 to one specific score, one floating +2 (probably two floating +2s instead for humans)
Background: +2 to one specific score, one floating +2
Class: +2 to one specific score
First Ability Up: Four floating +2s

That's allow for the stats Kyra has listed above, make sense with this Blog, and allow for some flexibility.

Which demo game was this? Where?

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Three spells per spell level, eh? I guess the better cantrips are justified as your "Magical Auto-Attack/Left Click" now, whereas your proper SPELLS are meant to be your "number key" abilities.

So... where's that next blog?

AnimatedPaper wrote:
thflame wrote:
Deranged Stabby-Man wrote:
So are we CERTAIN the the whole Material, Mental, Vital, Spiritual thing is actually a thing, or is it entirely conjecture?
I'm pretty sure it's just wild conjecture that people are running with at this point. None of the devs have said anything about it and the blog post doesn't imply that to me.

Otoh, Mark has been chatting away and hasn't stated "its mostly a flavor thing." I'd not advise reading into that, but I AM hoping that a dev, just like us in this thread, went "That's not a terrible idea..."

I assume the answer is somewhere in the middle. Different casters have different flavors attached to their powers as a baseline guide to what spells would be appropriate to their spell lists, but they didn't go to the full mile of "this spell is a mental spell, this one is vital, this one is both spiritual and material, this one is..."
But I would LOVE to be wrong, because Material/Vital/Spiritual/Mental is a lot more interesting to me than Arcane/Divine.

I concur. Plus, it would, at a glance, tell you what you needed to know about a caster.

So are we CERTAIN the the whole Material, Mental, Vital, Spiritual thing is actually a thing, or is it entirely conjecture?

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Tristram wrote:
QuidEst wrote:

*basks in the new information*

I wonder if Prestidigitation gets any heighten effects.

More effects at once/stacking the same type effect in multiple way!? You could put on quite a show if so.

I'm all for this system, it pulls everything together in nice universal bundle.

However, I do feel like Heal could be written with slightly more clarity (or an example box of two & three action castings at a higher level). We've all had those moments where we had a brain fart and forgot how math worked, it could also help newer players out.

Ooh, imagine if the more components you give to Presti, the more "Real" the trick looks. Imagine if there was a feat to make objects made by presti actually usable as tools. Suddenly an Arcane Trickster type rogue always has a magical multi-tool.

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Xenocrat wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Also, any word on what Spell Points are? They're mentioned in the blog. Are they like spell slots, or something different?

They're surely like the Psychic's Phrenic Pool and Arcanist's Arcane Reservoir.

Combat Monster wrote:
It's looking like I'll be able to make a martial who has a magic attack or two. I'm optimistic.
Your combats must be really long if you think you'll pull of a ritual on the middle of one.

Master Roshi with his Mafuba/Evil Containment Wave says it CAN be done. And if your GM happens to be a weeb who loves Dragon Ball...

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It feels like y'all grabbed the best bits of PF1e Casting and Mixed in the best of D&D 5e. I like this a LOT. I don't play casters, but being in a party with a caster that is on his game always makes you feel good, because everyone loves fire support with actual fire.

So what about higher levels of the 3-component Burst Heal? Still JUST Casting Mod, or does it get d8s too, just less than the two lesser versions?

Mark Seifter wrote:
TwilightKnight wrote:

"Additionally, the sling is now a more formidable weapon than in Pathfinder First Edition—we've both increased its damage and done away with the difference in damage die size between Small and Medium creatures."

The way this reads is a bit misleading. Is it that slings (and only slings) will have the same damage small vs medium? Or will all weapons not have the same damage. I read it as only slings are getting this treatment, but others are reading all weapons are. Can we get designer commentary please?

All weapons!

So Mark, what is the Damage of the Sling? Does it get modifier to damage? Is the Modifier Dexterity? Are ranged weapons going to use Dex so that characters that focus Dexterity don't feel like there's no incentive to go ranged?

Will we be getting a blog dedicated to our favorite halfbreeds: The Half-Elves and Half-Orcs, soon?