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Just curiosity, as I have already preordered the core rulebook and the bestiary from my FLGS.

Will Paizo be providing PDF copies of the CRB as well when you purchase a hard copy? Or is that for subs only?


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After a two-year hiatus from 5e during which I ran a long Pathfinder campaign (set in the Dragon Empires, yeah!), I ran three sessions of 5e for Free RPG Day on Saturday at my FLGS (shout out to Brooklyn Strategist!). I was dismayed to learn that Smite can be used against any creature regardless of alignment (something that really annoyed me about 5e, I had repressed, and then was re-really annoyed with yesterday).

First thing yesterday morning I cracked open my Playtest rulebook and was relieved/pleased to see the word evil in the descriptor for the Paladin smite feat.

My question: Will Paizo be retaining Smite vs EVIL? Or is it going to be genericized like 5e? Please tell me it's the former! :)

Thanks in advance!

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After a two-year hiatus from 5e during which I ran a long Pathfinder campaign, I ran three sessions of 5e for Free RPG Day yesterday at my FLGS (shout out to Brooklyn Strategist!). I was dismayed to learn that Smite can be used against any creature regardless of alignment (something that really annoyed me about 5e, I had repressed, and then was re-really annoyed with yesterday).

First thing this morning I cracked open my Playtest rulebook and was relieved/pleased to see the word evil in the descriptor for the Paladin smite feat.

My question: Will Paizo be retaining Smite vs EVIL? Or is it going to be genericized like 5e? Please tell me it's the former! :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

According to the CrB, if you have more than 6 players, the APL goes up by one.
I am running a group of 8 players, level 12 (96 total levels).

According to the CrB, an Average encounter would be CR 13. This seems rather low to me; should I be looking at the APL as higher than 13 due to the large group?

I have only run high level Pathfinder once before and it was the end of a campaign final boss fight. Since then I have been playing 5e which has very abstract CR values. So, going back to Pathfinder I want to push the party but not cause a TPK.

Would a single CR 16 creature cause a TPK?

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi all,

Within Ultimate Campaign, there is a gold piece conversion if you are not using the Kingdom Building rules. For my upcoming campaign, I will have mass combat, but no Kingdom Building.

Do you know if anyone has compiled a conversion for the mass combat/army options to their gp equivalents?

Hi there!

I am going to be running a high level home-brew Pathfinder campaign set in the Dragon Empires (starting at level 12) and am thinking that I may want to introduce secret goals for each character or groups of characters (I think I will have 6-7 players for this campaign), and am wondering how any fellow GMs out there would introduce them to the players? Ideally I would like the players to have reasons to need to keep them secret and perhaps even be at cross-purposes to the secret or known goals to others in the party.

Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello good people in Paizo land!

It has been quite a while since I've been on these message boards ... since 5e launched, in fact. I have been running a long campaign since then in 5e and it is near to wrapping up. (By near, I mean late October - late November),

For my next campaign, I would like to run a high level Asian/Oriental adventure using Pathfinder. Prior to 5e, I had been running Pathfinder since its launch and have most every hardcover book Paizo released up to that point.

My question is, have I missed anything critical that I need to add to my library before I start prepping for this new campaign? For core books I have: Core Rules, Ultimate Campaign/Combat/Equipment/Magic, Gamemastery Guide, Advanced Players Guide, Bestiary 1-3. I also have the Dragon Empires Gazetteer. As the new campaign will be focusing heavily on dragons and dragon riding, I will be getting the new dragon book when it comes out as well.

I just downloaded any updated pdf's so at least I have one version that's current.

If I have missed anything that you feel should be added, I would like to know. Ultimate Intrigue. perhaps?

I would like to run a 1930s pulp rpg campaign -- in movie terms, think Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Phantom, and The Mummy.

What would be the best (rules-light, preferred) game system for running it?

My first thought is Call of Cthulu, but I do not know if there is anything else out there that would work better.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

My second class for OD&D, LL, or S&W just hit!


or, http://www.koboldpress.com/k/front-page16203.php#.UckEBtgbDvh

Please check it out and leave a comment!

Just got word from KQ, a class I designed for Labyrinth Lord/Swords & Wizardy (the Chemist) will be on Kobold Quarterly's blog tomorrow! Please check it out and be sure to comment.


According to the description, a wizard can create a shortspear which 'hurls itself' at an enemy. (UM, page 88)

My question is: Is this attack subject to the same rules as a non-magical ranged attack?


I made this clip for a friend today, as he wanted to hear my Mesa Tremoverb doing 'metal'. I did not play any of this, just reamped the guitar DI tracks and did a mini-mix. Unfortunately, the backing track did not allow me to go in and really get things sounding tight, but I think I captured the tone of the Mesa pretty well.

Signal chain:

Interface > Mogami 1/4" to XLR > Radial PRO RMP re-amp > Lava Clear Connect > Mesa Tremoverb > Randall iso cab w/V30 > Blue Cranberry mic cable feeding back into the interface; no external mic preamps this time, just the crappy interface pre.

I tracked each guitar with 2 passes, one using a Sennheiser e609 and then with a Cascade Fat Head II

Once ITB, I did some minimal EQ to get them bedded into the mix, added a bit of tape saturation and a Waves One Knob brick wall strapped to the output.

The closest thing to swamps that I am aware of is the River Kingdoms. Is there any place in particular where black dragons are to be found?

I started sketching out a progressive rock song (for the real prog nerds, it's a Neo-Prog song)a few months ago, and didn't really have time to sit down and start stitching it together until recently.

These are the riffs collected so far, and in no particular order or number of repetitions.

As there are a few progressive rock fans here, I thought you might enjoy listening to it.

It can be streamed for downloaded at a higher resolution here.

If you are reading/listening to this and are a musician in the NY area, feel free to drop me a line, as I would like to get this fleshed out and recorded for release.

Thanks for listening!

I am statting out a few dragons for my current homebrew campaign and cannot see where the starting AC is for a dragon in their base stats; in Bestiary 1, it clearly states their Natural Armour bonus, but not the base AC, that I can see.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi all,

Quick question about adding environmental hazards to an encounter:

Do the hazards add to the CR of the encounter, or are they treated as separate, mini-CR's within the overall encounter?

After giving the Mythic Adventures Playtest a good read-through, I cannot help but think that Mythic tiers may just be the thing for very small gaming groups (2-3 PC's) without having to resort to a host of allied NPC's, GM-PC's or gestalt characters.

In fact, it quite fits the idea of a mythic story, as most actual myths usually involve a single person's adventures.


Fellow Paizonians, I need your help in crafting my current campaign.

The party is very warrior-centric, which is fine, and I am typically throwing higher-than-normal CR encounters at them. However, I would like to run this campaign all the way to level 20.

Anyway, the background: one of my players (using the Titan Mauler archetype) has in his background a family-relic weapon called Bloodreaver, which has been lost to his family but is rumoured to bring greatness to his line.

I am thinking about letting the sword be found, but is in the possession of a Terrasque (we are setting the campaign in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings).

Now, for the setup, I am thinking of this: the party is currently en route to Tien Xia to help out one of the party members (a samurai). Somewhere along the line, the existence of Bloodreaver is confirmed, as is its location, but obviously the party will be too low-level to handle a Terrasque until End Game.

My idea: Have the party fight 4 Imperial Dragons and amongst the hoard of each one of these will be a single Orb of Dragonkind. They can then set on a quest to Dominate 4 dragons and use them in their battle against the Terrasque.

My biggest worry is that the dragon hoards will give the party too much money at once and will unbalance the game.

So, my questions:

1. Given an APL of 20, plus a couple of Dominated dragons, can the party even have a shot at fighting a Terrasque? Remember, they are a warrior-oriented party and will probably NOT have a level-appropriate caster.

2. Does this type of quest sound even remotely exciting? I know that each battle will be VERY epic and am planning on making custom terrain for each of the dragon fights (Imperial as well as Chromatic, and Terrasque).

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Sorry, I know I saw something under the PFS section that had all of the legal races, classes, etc, but now I cannot find it for the life of me.

Can someone either point me to that page, or tell me if the Nagaji race is legal for PFS?

I am thinking of playing a Nagaji Samurai.


Hi there,

I made my first PFS character not so long ago and played First Steps Part 1. Loved it, had a great time. Played Part 2 this week, and my character was killed dead fairly early in the mod.

My question is: can I play Part 3? Or do I have to pick up in a new scenario with my new character? Also, my new character will have a "-2" after my PFS number, correct, as it's my second character?


I will be playing in my first Pathfinder Society game this week! The concept I have for my character is to build a Final Fantasy style dragoon. I would like to build a fighter using the Polearm Master archetype and dip into either Ranger or Druid for either an animal companion, or perhaps summon, something like a drake or pseudodragon? Is this a)legal and b)possible? FYI, I am doing this purely for roleplay reasons, not mechanical.


I am thinking about starting another Labyrinth Lord/B/X/BECMI game!

Here is the flier I designed. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Did anyone else get their advance PDFs for the Shadowlands campaign setting yet?

I have started reading the Conversion Guide. After my current campaign wraps up, I really want to run a campaign set in Saemyyr.

The setting is a bit too ... how to put this nicely ... persnickety ... in some aspects. For example: whilst I love the fact that money is called different things in different regions, I will NEVER remember all of these trivial details, and the Conversion Guide puts a lot (too much) emphasis on how important these differences are. I play rpg's to get away from stuff like this in real life, not to simulate it all in-game.

I haven't come across any typos yet, which is a Plus. Layout-wise, it's very nice, though I think some creative editing would have eliminating a few clunky word-breaks.

Minor nitpicks aside, it's a very creative setting and I'm enjoying it very much.

I need help refining a rough idea I have for my current Pathfinder campaign and would welcome any thoughts!

SETUP: The party is currently level 2 and consists of
- Barbarian
- Pirate
- Samurai
- Bard

They are currently acting as Guards/Heroes for a trade caravan heading North out of Iceferry towards Turvik.

MY IDEA: I had a cool visual idea of the party seeing a full-blown pirate ship on its side outside of Turvik. As they get closer, the Pirate will recognise the ship as one he's had dealings with in the past, perhaps even having worked with some of its crew members in the past.

How did the ship get there? They were engaged in a raid against a merchant ship when something happened, and the next thing the crew knew, they were crashing outside of Turvik hundreds of miles away.

How will they get out? Well, the crew has an idea: They purchased (at great expense) a scroll of Favorable Wind (From Stormwrack) from a wandering wizard.

The plan: Being some 25-30 miles from open water, the crew has devised a plot to repair their ship and fit it with an undercarriage and wheels. If they can get the ship's wizard to copy the scroll, he can cast the spell enough times to push the ship back out to sea.

The problem? Their ship's wizard, currently the ONLY caster in Turvik, has gone into a deep depression; after shipwrecking, his spell book has gone missing and he spends all of his time either getting drunk or casting cantrips for coin to purchase drink.

This is where the PC's come in. Can they help the pirates rebuild their ship, afix the wheels, and convince the wizard to dry up and help the crew?

The population of Turvik would certainly be happy to see this merry band of cutthroats leave for good.


Any and all thoughts on how I can fine-tune this chapter would be appreciated.

Any ideas or suggestions?

As a player, would you find this fun?

I am starting a new campaign set in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and I would really like to try my hand at running mounted combats this time round. I have never run a mounted combat in 3.5e and really want to spice up the combats this time with mounts.

The party is currently Level 2 and are all warrior-types.

Am I reading the rules correctly in the following instances?

1 - The mount moves/attacks on the same initiative segment as its rider

2 - On a character's turn, they use the movement rate of their mount

3 - A character can still take an action that is during their personal movement phase before or after their mount has moved, separate from their mount's action during their joint movement phase

4 - When a character takes damage, they make a Ride check to Stay In Saddle; do they also do this when the mount takes damage?

5 - Can a range-based character's mount move and the ranged attacker still get multiple attacks, or does this fall under the ruling of movement = single ranged attack/round?

6 - Military saddle + armour for mount = Good Things

7 - Amour penalties apply to Ride checks

8 - Can an opponent on foot and without a reach or brace weapon reach someone on a mount? [Assuming: rider is Medium, opponent is Medium; mount is Large; both are on adjacent squares]

9 - Does an opponent on foot with a reach or brace weapon choose whether they are attacking the mount or rider? Or is it automatically assumed they are attacking the mount and it is a "Called Shot" to attack the rider?

10 - Can a rider reach an opponent on foot if they do not have a reach weapon? [Assuming: melee weapon, rider is Medium, opponent is Medium, mount is Large, both are on adjacent squares]


These are my immediate questions.

Thanks in advance!

The magnets link is wonky ...

Is there any mechanical reason why a Gunslinger cannot (or, more importantly, SHOULD not) become an Arcane Archer if the requirements are tweaked to swap bow proficiency with firearms?

With vehicle combat DCs starting at 20 and quickly going to 30+, they effectively squeeze out having any interesting combat setups for lower level parties.

Has anyone else used them with a low level party?

The new vehicle rules have me all kinds of fired up! To the point where I have dreamed up a new set piece I am building for my Pathfinder campaign.

The premise: aerial glider combat!

This will be a multi-tier clear plexiglass battle mat not too different from an earlier one I had done, but instead of being freefall, this will simulate the swooping, diving, and other acts of derring do possible using the new vehicle rules.

Now, the question of what to use as a glider came up. I decided to design and build a set of gliders from scratch. My first one is ready to be cleaned up and painted.

You can see the build pics here.

I have been reading through the vehicle rules from Ultimate Combat and am getting all sorts of crazy ideas.

My problem, however, is one of scale -- literally.

With vehicles either being so large or moving so fast, they cannot be contained in a standard battle mat.

I was thinking of doing something like a 1:4 scale, where one square = 20ft. This will effectively make the map 4x larger.

If anyone has run a combat using vehicles I would love to hear how you did it!

For the new Pathfinder campaign I am working up, it begins in Osirion. I am thinking of having First Speaker Dahnakrist Phi as a major NPC.

Since part of my idea involves one of the party members being unjustly thrown into prison, I am thinking of having Phi use some kind of divination to foresee when people may do things to endanger his political agenda. He then stages events (in the case of the PC, an altercation which will lead to the PC being imprisoned) to change the future.

My question is: Is there anything in Osirioni fluff that would make this a bad idea? I have read both the Osirion book and the Osirion entry in the Inner Sea guide and Phi looks like the most likely candidate because I want the antagonist to be a high-ranking official.

I have a cool idea for a new Pathfinder campaign that starts in Osirion. I have the Osirion book, but are there any Adventure Paths or modules set in Osirion?

I am in need of some inspiration!!

Can someone please tell me what Adventure Path has the caravan rules? I am looking to integrate them into my current campaign.


I am designing an encounter for my campaign which includes a Treant with the crystal template. The party is 3 members right now, all lvl 12.

The crystal template says to apply DR 5/- unless the creature's natural DR is "better".

Now, due to the circumstance of this encounter, this Treant is a bit mad, and I am adjusting its alignment from NG to NE.

The Treant's natural DR is 10/slashing.

Now, here is my concern. Since I shifted the Treant's alignment, I am worried that the party's paladin (level 12) will be able to mop up the floor with this variant (provided she doesn't go blind or get diseased by Brilliant Pestilence first).

So, in this case, I am thinking that the 'better' DR would be 5/- not 10/slashing. But I don't want to be unfairly stacking the odds against the party.

What do you think?

So, I am the guitarist/keyboardist/riff-writer for the NYC-based proto-metal band Phantom Isle. I thought I would share our mega-epic prog rock song Mythloria with you fine folks. Hope you like!



I. Intro

The woods of Avalon are felled
Their joys no more resound
‘cross all the blind and toiling world
In chains of Reason bound
Yet beneath lone sentinels
The Dreamers gaze afar
And sow the seeds of Arcady
Reborn under the stars
Silver horns
Trumpet the Dawn
Alight on gilded shields
Ancient citadel rising high
Battle standards upon the field

I feel the wind come sweeping from groves of old
I hear elder voices whisper to me of tales untold
Mariners on lost oceans I behold
Fabled legions leading charges bold
Ne’er retreating
Blessed isles rise from otherworldly seas
Under newly imagined skies realms beyond the reach of time come to be
I see the silver light of stars that were ancient long ere Man was made
I hear the hooves of the hunt thundering in the hidden glade
Weary children of Babylon
Hearken to us now
Within you sleep unkindled fires; healing songs of leaf and bough
Come, clothe yourselves in raiment adorned
With gems of spirit and mind
Sail with us in ships of wonder across the gulfs of time

IV. (Instrumental section)

All harmonies
Are born of the one melody
Golden leaves on the silver tree
All rivers weave
Paths that lead back to the seas
All you need do is believe

I see twin moons shining above a circle of standing stones
I hear distant worlds singing out their remote, unearthly tones
Wayward travelers,
Heartily we call you home
Wander not unlighted paths despairing and alone
For here are poets lordly; the music makers forever mighty kings
And within the deathless Hall their songs we will forever sing

VII. (The Big Finale)

I was introduced to D&D by playing Basic many moons ago. As a early teen we played a hybrid of Basic/1E. I didn't follow subsequent editions and stayed with B/X until I got married/starting having children.

Cue mandatory 10-year gaming hiatus ... only to return during the birth of the so-called OSR and the creation of Pathfinder as its own game. Jumped into Labyrinth Lord after checking out OSRIC, S&W, C&C, and BFRP. After 2 LL campaigns, Pathfinder was released and we started playing that.

2 years later I am still enjoying Pathfinder, but I have always missed the Labyrinth Lord game I was running.

Recently I have FINALLY obtained a copy of the Rules Cyclopedia, and it has got me all fired up again to play B/X. I will probably run a dedicated B/X campaign using the RC after my Call of Cthulu campaign wraps up.

Anyone else here play B/X edition D&D?

I am now running my 3rd homebrew campaign for the Pathfinder system, my 2nd set in Golarion. As my campaigns usually involve a lot of globetrotting, I am wondering if the Adventure Locations map from the original Campaign Setting has ever been updated to include all of the modules, adventure paths, and society play modules?

I like to cherry pick Adventure Paths for certain areas depending on APL and mine them for ideas/monsters.

Any information as to where I could find either a keyed map or list by country/region in Golarion would be appreciated!!

I've started doing the 'real' work now on my next campaign. Since this setting is going to be homebrew, I thought it would be fun to make a small player's guide to the starting city as well as leak various bits of background for the actual campaign so the players will get a feel for what's in store.

This is my first draft. Please have a look and I would welcome any and all feedback, particularly on the grammar. I know next to nothing about publishing, and I did the whole thing in Photoshop, so I basically followed my gut as to what I thought would look cool/interesting.

NOTE: As I wanted this setting to be more gritty, open to the imagination and less tied to game mechanics and 'balance', and also more pulpy in the approach to magic, this campaign is going to be using B/X rules with a smidge of 1e classes for the more advanced players. (We will actually be using the Labyrinth Lord core rules and Advanced Edition Companion from Goblinoid Games)

Click here to download.

11 months since we started my campaign, the story ended last night. Surprisingly, the party still wants to do a few related adventures pursuing some of the story lines that were never completed in the campaign.

The ending battle was in a ruined temple atop a mountain pass in Varisia. They party was tasked with taking down the last 2 Lords of a secret organization dedicated to Chaos and the destruction of the Material Plane in association with a Protean.

So, atop the mountain pass, with low flying stormclouds of purple and scarlet and tempestuous winds, the battle was joined.


Lvl 11 Paladin of Erastil
Lvl 11 Fighter (Aldori Duelist)
Lvl 10 Ranger 7/Cleric 3 of Erastil
Lvl 10 Magus

1x CR 10 Protean
2x Lvl 10 Ironborn Fighters (based on the amazing Irornborn race from Rite Publishing) with Lucern hammers.

I'll have to snap some pics of the battle map, but it's loosely based on the Temple of Juno in Pompeii. 3 levels separated by stairs. Cover/obstruction from dead trees, statuary, and pillars.

Battle mechanic: warp stones The Protean has caused rifts in the Material Plane; mini-eddies of the Maelstrom have formed on the battle field. If anyone in the party touches specially marked squares (even passing through one), they roll d100 for a random result.

Random results include:
-- Full healing of HP to that character
-- Summon an ally to aid the party (Archon Hound)
-- Summon an enemy to battle (Minotaur)


Needless to say, the battle got very complex very fast and lasted into the wee hours of the morning. Despite the Paladin repeatedly having Dispel Magic cast upon his magic sword and the nasty side effects/status ailments/ability damage dealt by the Protean's warp attacks and Chaos Hammer, they ultimately prevailed and saved Golarion!

It was an exhaustive campaign that stretched from New Stetven in Brevoy back in January, down to Absolam and into Katapesh, into Qadira with adventures on the Plane of Dreams, the City of Brass, the Maelstrom, through the Inner Sea by ship and ultimately ending in Korvosa. WHEW!

I learned a LOT about Golarion, Pathfinder, and 3.5 in general.


I've already begun writing my next adventure, though it is being written for Labrynth Lord; the setting calls for the more gritty LL rules set and I will be running it in my old LL campaign setting, Aerinor.

Having reworked my lvl 10 Magus so he works correctly now, I noticed that the Metamagic arcana doesn't scale. I think this would be a cool way to keep the arcana evolving with the magus. For example, you can take Empowered Magic at 6th level but you can't select it twice. Why not have the option of being able to use it twice per day at 9th level instead of selecting another arcana?

Just a thought.

Location: an underwater shaft opens to a cave with a subterranean lake and a mysterious island fortress. The fortress is abandoned of its original inhabitants and contains the remains of an ancient, advanced (alien?) civilization. The fortress is in partial ruins aside from the walls, a temple,and a huge altar.

APL is 10.

I'm at a loss as to what would be a good encounter here. Automated sentinels guarding the temple? A tribe of Lizard Men? A series of technology-driven traps? I dunno.

It doesn't have to fit thematically into my campaign as this is a side-side-side area the party has wandered into.

Any interesting monster ideas? Please share!

Well, I ran a playtest of the Magus tonight, level 10 Human.

My 2 Cents:

While I think that the Spell Combat ability is useless/weak/broken, the rest of the class works pretty well.

The build was pretty simple: First I gave him a +2 whip, and then the Combat Expertise and Improved Trip feats. I also gave him the Maneuver Mastery arcana for Trip. Then I gave him Spell Focus (Necromancy) and Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy). I'm sure you see where this is heading. :)

To offset the armour failure penalty for the spells not on the Magus list, I gave him the Arcane Armour Training feat and Mithril breastplate. This brought his arcane failure down to 5%.

Finally, I gave the whip fire and frost enhancements with the Arcane Weapon ability. This offset the fact that the whip does no damage when tripping.

The idea of this build was to have a medium range character that could trip opponents prone to allow the heavier melee types a chance to buff, flank, etc before wading in. He could also deliver Necromantic touch spells through the whip from 15 ft away.

As a tripper, the class worked really well. As a debilitating caster, he did ... okay.

There are several holes in this build which will have to be addressed, but as a first run, it is the best gish class I've come across yet. I like having a choice of specialization with the arcana, and not being limited spell-wise, so long as you take the spell failure along with it (which wasn't difficult for me to marginalize).

With spells like Bestow Curse, Blindness/Deafen, and Vampiric Touch it made the Magus an interesting tactical player when combined with tripping and the added DC from Spell Focus.

Being able to buff with True Strike and then deliver a trip attack along with a debilitating spell made for a fun time.

I'm in the planning stages for the end-of-campaign boss fight. The party will probably be APL 12.

I would like for the main villain to be a Protean (fits my story), even if I have to scale back the Protean from Legacy of Fire from CR 10 to CR 9 to accommodate a decent body guard contingent.

My plan for the final fight is ... strange. I'm building a piece of terrain that uses a cut up Deck of Many Things for some of the floor tiles. There will also be 'warp pools' on some areas of the terrain which will transport players to smaller, sub map/mini-battles.

I suspect that my players will avoid the warp pools, so I would like creatures that can charge/bull rush them into the pools.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question.

Can someone tell me if Slam attacks from creatures are supposed to have any special side effect, or was this removed from Pathfinder?

I just discovered this picutre.

Is this a pic of the Histaqen? If so, I may be able to add some adventure into it after all ...

In keeping with the spirit of Qadira, perhaps there are other ways around this.

I mean, cheating is forbidden, but surely 'accidents' happen all the time, especially when you're spurring your horse on and accidently hit another rider ... on accident, of course. Then there's the accidental poisoned food and drink. So many accidents ...

I know there is a bit of info about the planes in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, but I may have a situation coming up where one of my players is cast into the Astral Plane.

Is there any Paizo material that's Astral-Plane-specific? Does The Great Beyond have the info I'm seeking?


My wife is playing a multiclassed cleric/ranger. She started with cleric 2/ranger 4 and has since leveled up twice to cleric 2/ranger 6. She has decided that now she wants to add another level of cleric, which would be cleric 3.

At 3rd level, the cleric's BAB increases by 1. In all of the cleric levels above level 6, each time the first attack increases, so do 2nd and 3rd attacks.

My question is: I know that her first attack will increase by 1, but does her 2nd attack increase also, or is this increase ONLY for the first attack, even though her actual level is now level 9.

Thanks in advance!

My band is playing 2 nights with Budgie this Friday/Saturday (at the Sterling), and that means I will have some time on Saturday to kick around.

Is there a good gaming store in Allentown that anyone can recommend?

If I have a selection of wands, as well as the Quick Draw feat, can I effectively draw the needed wand as a free action? I am leaning towards a 'yes' on this one for my group.


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