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I started sketching out a progressive rock song (for the real prog nerds, it's a Neo-Prog song)a few months ago, and didn't really have time to sit down and start stitching it together until recently.

These are the riffs collected so far, and in no particular order or number of repetitions.

As there are a few progressive rock fans here, I thought you might enjoy listening to it.

It can be streamed for downloaded at a higher resolution here.

If you are reading/listening to this and are a musician in the NY area, feel free to drop me a line, as I would like to get this fleshed out and recorded for release.

Thanks for listening!

I really like the bit between 5:02 and 9:10.

Seems like it would make great background music for a movie or game though.

Though, small criticism, if any part of this is meant to be a full song, that first 5 minutes (and especially the first 45 seconds) builds way too slowly for the minimal payoff IMO. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for listening! The parts are not in any order, I just recorded them as I wrote 'em. Some may stay, go, morph, reprise, rearrange, who knows ... it's meant to be jammed and improvised on. I find writing songs this way to be very laborious.

I wanted to comment about the lack of any build up but then I saw you wrote it pretty much as segments. That's exactly how I experienced it, a bunch of segments with some good elements (but repeating the melodies for a minute or two doesn't help). Then again, one of the reasons why I think neo-prog stinks.

Looking at the segments separately, it shows great promise. You seem to have a decent grasp of making each instrument fill a niche so that they work together. If there is one thing to contribute, it would be to find some way of not repeating the riffs during segments, but make micro-build-ups. At this point, as soon as you have heard 10 seconds of a segment, you've heard the entire thing.

Now that I think of it, it sounds like it is written with a singer/lyrics in mind. I don't like that kind of songwriting anyways, but lyrics/singing would probably a good addition. If it uses a different melody.

JrK, thanks for listening and for the feedback.

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