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A very useful list of properties


The layout and design is great; the font is very legible and just the right size. Once again, another Rite product without a typo in sight!

This supplement is short and does exactly what it says on the tin: provides a dozen armour and shield magical properties. Well, a baker's dozen, as it also has a spell at the end, Pilot Shell. Though it looks like the spell was put in there expressly for the Pilots property, I can see how it may come in handy if the party will be up against golems.

Each of the properties are pretty utilitarian, giving a nice edge to the wearer without upsetting game balance. I like the Anathema property quite a lot. The Ironborn fighters that I've setup as interim boss encounters in my campaign are proving to be really tough on the party, so I plan on throwing something at them with this property to give 'em a slight edge. Well, at least they will think it gives them an edge! ;)

The Damage-Absorbing property reminds me a bit of a house rule that I've used since time out of mind which I call Shields Will Be Shattered. Basically, I let any player with a shield designate any one melee or force hit to be absorbed by the shield. The player takes no damage for that attack, but the shield is destroyed in the process.

I like the Tactical property a lot, too. It reminds me of the Dodge Bonus alternate rule in Green Ronin's Advanced Gamemaster's Manual, which I actually wanted to incorporate into my current campaign but totally forgot about and will try in my next one.

Overall, all of the properties are interesting/neat, though I would say they are best suited for a character of at least 7th level or they will unbalance fighting quite a bit.

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