A little modern metal reamping I did today

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I made this clip for a friend today, as he wanted to hear my Mesa Tremoverb doing 'metal'. I did not play any of this, just reamped the guitar DI tracks and did a mini-mix. Unfortunately, the backing track did not allow me to go in and really get things sounding tight, but I think I captured the tone of the Mesa pretty well.

Signal chain:

Interface > Mogami 1/4" to XLR > Radial PRO RMP re-amp > Lava Clear Connect > Mesa Tremoverb > Randall iso cab w/V30 > Blue Cranberry mic cable feeding back into the interface; no external mic preamps this time, just the crappy interface pre.

I tracked each guitar with 2 passes, one using a Sennheiser e609 and then with a Cascade Fat Head II

Once ITB, I did some minimal EQ to get them bedded into the mix, added a bit of tape saturation and a Waves One Knob brick wall strapped to the output.

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