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So is My Barbarian ultra Evil Because he calls Goblins weeds( They are green, multiply fast and about as useful) and his Axe weed Wacker? He has nicknamed the local Orc tribe who ride giant Boars the Bacon Boys, which must really hurt their feelings. Never mind he will not kill non combatants or those who surrender.
Or how about the Orcs who in return call Elves Rabbits( Large ears and about as Brave as Rabbits) Humans Gummers( No visible teeth when mouth is closed and they fight like a toothless old Orcs) and other good races Stunties?

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We are talking about Racism in a game where Orcs are killed on site, Goblins are all thought to be crazy psychopath, and a Demon will be robbed and killed just because?

GM Hands of Fate wrote:
never never never ever play good and evil characters in the same party. It never works out.

I disagree. Playing a chaotic evil murdering psychopath with a bunch of lawful good does not work, but playing an intelligent Lawful evil does work and can be fun.

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Try Harbor Freight, you would be amazed at what you can get there at times.

I prefer Feldherr cases here.
But for prepainted plastic I just buy storages cases in the tool section as the paint job is pretty sturdy and plastic bends.
One thing I have notices is plastic storage trays cost different in the tool section, in the Sport section(for fishing), and the craft section with those in the craft section costing the most and in the tool section the least.

As a parent I can answer this .
My kids are part Aasimar as they are Angels at time and at other time they where most certainly Tiefling as they behave like Demons.
They got this from their Mother who most the time is an Aasimar, but can turn into a Tiefling.

Kindergarten at a tough reform school .

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+1 To all saving throws if you buy the GM pizza.

Might point out most character by 10 level are going to have more gold then they can ever spend. So why keep risking life and limb when you can live in comfort for the rest of your life? Be like winning 5 million in the lottery and then deciding to go to Syria to fight ISSIS. I think the vast majority at 10th would retire and live happily ever after instead of risking death all the time.

Yes the non sociopathic spellcaster would make thing a lot better for everyone. Even the vast majority of "Evil" Wizards know Healthy peasants pay more in taxes so would use their magic to insure no plagues broke out, there where No swarms of Locust etc. This would cancel out the rare wacko Wizard that showed up.
Cities I believe would still exist, but perhaps rarer and smaller then before. As some have pointed out, villages cannot support luxury items and some specialties. You want to see a good play you are going to have to go to a city, simply as that. Or you want a well craft set of Glass cups same thing. Perhaps some cities would develop "bomb shelters" for when a Mad wizard shows up.

First thing I would like to point out Villagers through out History have always had to live with the fact that life was Dangerous and their village could be wipe out in an instant. Drought, Hurricanes, Earthquakes,locust nasty invaders, bloody civil wars , cruel overlords made a peasant life very unfun . But they some how survived. Adding a 20 level sociopath Wizard to the mix would just be one more thing to deal with.
Take the Ukraine for example, every hundred years or so a new blood thirsty invader(Huns, Goth, Vikings, Mongols etc) would show up killing and burning. The peasants would hide in the local swamps and forest till the invaders got tired then send their fairest maids bearing what meager gifts they had to the invaders, hoping to be able to farm in peace next year, and it almost always worked.
Could also point out until the last century it was legal for ANYONE in Japan to kill Etta, yet the Etta survive to this day. Why? Because most people ,except sociopath don't kill for no reason.
And your 20 level sociopath Wizard is not going to have friends and plenty of enemies, including Non Human ones. Having a dozen ancient Dragon decide you need to go is dangerous even for a 20 level Wizard.

Here a nice article on thureophorio. Might point out Most Greek Cities change their Militia from Hoplites to thureophorio by the 2nd century BC.

Might point out the Picts and early Scots used small shields and long spears in open formation, running over rocky hills etc. Only later did the Scots adopt the dense schilltron formation and later(in the 14 century) the Pike. Greek Thuroephoroi and Macabean Jews also used medium shields, long spears and Javelins and fought in loose formation

Ravingdork wrote:
Alzrius wrote:
I find it irritating that the longspear is a two-handed weapon, considering that an actual spear of that size can be wielded with one or two hands...which is the definition of a one-handed weapon.
A person can hold a longspear in one hand easily enough, but wielding it effectively, however, is an entirely different matter.

Let me se, The Spartans, the Arabs, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, Early Roman, the Norman Infantry, The Scots, the Rus, ect, all used Longspear and shield quiet effectively.

Im an Old miniatures player, Have plenty on books on ancient armies and the most common troop used almost everywhere was Longspear and shield.

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One thing I don't like is dire weapons and the Dire flail in particular . I have practice with both Nunchuks and the three section staff and can point out you do hit yourself when you use them. Put two spike pointy ball on both end of a stick with chains attached is more of a messy way to commit suicide and take your friends with you then then an effective fighting weapon.

CWheezy wrote:
I think graveknights are actually better than lich overall. You get a ton of feats, are just as hard to kill and get a ton of sweet powers and stat boosts

Stat wise the Grave Knight is better.. But they come with an addiction to battle and bloodshed. The Lich can plot and lay low when needed and is a better thinking villain.

Problem with becoming a Worm that walk is although What comes alive has your memories but your essence is split into many different worms so you are not you in a sense.
A Lich is idea for those who don't want to be bothered after they become undead. A Vampire require blood to drink and a Grave Knight seeks out battle and bloodshed, but a Lich can spend centuries reading ancient tomes in a hidden cave complex.

One of my favorite fight was a final battle against a master Rogue.. He and his followers ambushed us in the City Market( City watched had been bribed to be elsewhere). Hundreds of civilians and we had no way of knowing who was who until they attacked. And attacks of mass destruction where not an option unless we wanted to kill innocent people.

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1) Buy a copy of "Becoming a Lich for Dummies".
2) Ordering your copy of "Becoming a lich for Dummies" from Amazon.com istead of supporting your local bookstore is in itself unspeakable Evil enough to become a Lich.

DM_Blake wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Degoon Squad wrote:
If engaged no you cannot get a free pivot.
So I can spend an action to prevent the rogue from stabbing me in the back for the rest of the combat?

If it's an action to pivot, does that mean a rogue behind me (without flanking) can full attack and get sneak attack on every attack because I can't see him for his entire full attack?

"Ow! That really hurt. Damn, I wish I could turn around and see who did that... Ow! It hurt again! I really wish I could turn around and... Ow! Again! I'm dyin' here! That one was really deep. I wish I could... Ow! Not again! Who keeps doing this??? I wish... Ow! Gurgle..."

That's like being paralyzed for 6 seconds.

As I said you can pivot if you know the rogue is there. And after the first backstab I think we would all agree that you know the rogue is there. Pivot is a free action.

Metal Sonic wrote:
Degoon Squad wrote:

I tend to uses hordes of low level mobs that come at the party in waves. Hitting a party with 3 waves of 20 hobgoblins each, who know better then to bunch up so one fireball does not take out more then 3,Followed by six ogres and an Ogre Magi and finally the Hobgoblin elite requires different strategy then fighting a single large mob.

And after 3 hours, the full casters are empty of spells and the fighter is very dead in the ground. Cool story, bro. :p

Not really. fighters are very good in these mob action if they have good armor, decent hit points and any DR.A fighter might go through the first wave and take only one or two hits if lucky. But caster do tend to run out of spells. Don't your melee types want to be like Legolas and Gimili at Gondar saying I got 21 no I got 22,.

Running a huge horde of a hundred goblin or Orc Mooks( Mooks are one hit point wonders, do 1d6 and no BAB and no brains).)make my player feel like heroes

TriOmegaZero wrote:
So you're saying that once you know where the rogue is, you just have to choose him as your pivot target and they can never get a backstab in?

If unengaged and you know where the rogue is yes. If engaged no you cannot get a free pivot. And if the rogue start the turn out of your line of site no free pivot unless you make a perception check.

Jiggy wrote:
Degoon Squad wrote:
First a Fighter should not need to spend feats and have to have a magic bow to hit a monster.

"Should" and "do" are two different things.

They are a full BAB class. And running flying Monster whose BAB so high that a fighter cannot hope to hit it with a Bow is the same as running a flying monster with so much magic resistance that he will bounce all spells and make Arcane classes useless.

Where are you getting the idea that simply being full BAB is enough and monsters with higher AC than that are some sort of deviation from the expected norm?

Open your Bestiary. Check out the guidelines for monster AC, and you'll discover that their AC scales up by more than 1 point per level. Since BAB only goes up by 1/level, that means that one of two things is the case:
1) The fighter is meant to get less and less likely to hit his targets as he levels up; or
2) The game's default assumption is that even the full BAB classes will be accruing additional bonuses as they level up, outside of BAB itself.

I think you know that #1 is ridiculous, so that leaves #2. So if the fighters in your games only need their BAB in order to hit their targets, then your games are the exception, not the expectation.

That the way the game is designed to be played.
I'm quickly becoming convinced that you do not at all know how "the game is designed to be played".

Do you have a need to insult everone who disagrees with you?

And this may be a big shock but there is no right or wrong way to play a role playing game. If the players are having fun, its the right way.

Slamy Mcbiteo wrote:

I think you need to extend the number of encounters between 8 hour rests. Sure if you take a single combat situation then magic is crazy powerful. But take the group give them 9 encounters that they have to deal with and I think the martial would come out ahead...slow and steady vs fast and flashy. Spell casters have the hard limit "number of spells a day" and fighter does not.

Extend the the game between rests, allow for more baddies on the map and make the spell casters pick and choose where and when they use their awesome power. While the fighter just keeps hitting things with his stick every round :).

I think that is the key to balance in this game, understand your party and challenge them accordingly.If you make the melee deal out the same damage as a caster then you would have to put a limit on it...maybe like a daily power [that worked so well last time :)]...lets not do that again.

I tend to uses hordes of low level mobs that come at the party in waves. Hitting a party with 3 waves of 20 hobgoblins each, who know better then to bunch up so one fireball does not take out more then 3,Followed by six ogres and an Ogre Magi and finally the Hobgoblin elite requires different strategy then fighting a single large mob.

And yes I can run that many mobs smoothly. Not that hard if you prepare.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Any time I see someone mentioning facing rules, I imagine characters running laps around each other to get backstabs. Certainly not how I imagine combat.

Our facing rules are simple. You start with a 180 degree of vision. Any enemy that start in your vision arc you are aware of(unless there a reason not to be aware of them. If such an enemy move to engage you , you can pivot freely to face them unless already engaged So no running around in circles. If some one is out of combat and out of the 180 degree frontal vision they can attempt a stealth check to sneak up on some one.

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First a Fighter should not need to spend feats and have to have a magic bow to hit a monster. They are a full BAB class. And running flying Monster whose BAB so high that a fighter cannot hope to hit it with a Bow is the same as running a flying monster with so much magic resistance that he will bounce all spells and make Arcane classes useless. And at these levels a fighter and other martial should have magic bows, or Javelins of Lighting, or Dwarf throwing hammers, Or a way to fly. That the way the game is designed to be played. Heck fighters have enough feats that its nothing to spend one just to be able to use a black powder weapons.
I might point out I like fighters, and play them often with no big problems. but before you say fighters need X, think about how is X is going to work out on a fully buffed well equipped fighter.

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Ancient Hebrew word for Witch can also be translated as Poisoner. So verse can be translated as Suffer not a Poisoner to live. Translating something from one language to other often leads to confusion.

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I hate that despite a gazillion pages of rules, there no facing in Pathfinder. We have house rules for facing and it makes the rogue class very dangerous and improves the monk quiet a bit.

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First Martial are pretty much about gear at higher levels. At 10 level and higher your fighter should have a golf bag full of weapons and have as many potions as Bevo has wine. So if that dragon is out of melee range just grab your bow of speed and your dragon slaying arrows. Problem solved.
Also best way to counter Arcane caster is is don't play intelligent bad guys as if they never heard of magic, which many GM seem to do , and have your bad guys bring their own casters or monster that have spell like abilities. I tend to run lots of Drow/cultist as villains. And if your arcane/Martial don't co operate , well my monster do and a group of Arcane/Martial working as A TEAM will defeat a more powerful group which do not co operate as a team. An Arcane running by themselves after a retreating Drow Priestess is going to have a messy death. Or if an evil Wizard cast haste on his gargoyle minion and orders him to attack the squishy types in the back rank , your fighter better be ready and able to intercept.

I play Horde Of The Things by Wargame Research Group. Rules are simple, can use any figures you want( I have an army of giant spiders that cost me about $2.00 at the 99 cent store) and games are over fairly quickly.
Rules are based on De Bellis Antiquitatis rules, at present the popular rules for ancient wargaming

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Im proud of the fact I can roll three 1"s in a roll. Yes I toss the flask of Burning oil , On the mule, that belong to the Gunslinger, which was carrying supplies of blackpowder to the garrison at the pass.

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Well if an adventurer is successful, he/she will have enough money that his/her children can work at nice safe jobs like as a wealthy merchant. If an adventurer is not successful, well its hard to have children when you are monster chow.
Might say one of the character in my current game is a half elf fey sorcerer whose Dad is a retired human Ranger and Mother is a Dryad.

We have house rules that add facing and have well over a thousand minis in our group so no pawns here.

Safari ltd has a toob of feathered Dinosaurs.

Puna'chong wrote:
Eberron had a pretty believable economic balance with all of the magic being thrown around. And adventurers were treated kind of like tourists.

Eberron is also unique in that Goblinoids engage in trade and in farming. When I saw the picture of an Orc farmer in Eberron I became hooked on that world

If economy was even slightly real all Goblinoids would go extinct in two years. They engage in no real economic activity except raiding and they tend to lose in those raids. They don't farm or herd animals in large number so how do they eat day to day? And they produce nothing to trade to those who do produce food.

I always liked Monks to shut down casters. Good saving throws so they can bounce spells .Great mobility so they can get to the caster then they toss caster face first into the dirt and dance on his/her head.

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Degoon Squad wrote:
Ventnor wrote:
If you're going to have aberrations and dinosaurs as a theme, I cannot recommend throwing in a Horrorsaurus highly enough.
My bad post above yours.

at my local dollar store I picked up a number of skeleton dinosaurs awhile back. Why use a gnome skeleton for your undead when you can use a T Rex.

Ventnor wrote:
If you're going to have aberrations and dinosaurs as a theme, I cannot recommend throwing in a Horrorsaurus highly enough.

My bad post above yours.

I have a number of bags of 99 cent plastic creepy crawlies,Insects, spiders lizards snakes frogs and rat to name a few, I picked up at the Dollar store I use in my games. I also found some skeleton dinosaurs I use( Don't worry its one one skeleton you are fighting. Ok its a skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.)
at several Party supply stores(Party plus etc) I have found other animal figure of Cobras bears, hippos and rhinos for as little as 25 cents each. And if don't think 8 hippos are a big deal, well go take on 8 of them.
I picked up a set of plastic dinosaurs from Toys R Us close enough on scale to use
I use both the Animal Planet tubes and the Safari Limited toobs. I can field a pack of wolves or a pride of lions and other wild animals. Just remember the tubes have no set scale so some figures might be of little use. Although I plan on sticking some antler and a gnome figure on a rabbit from a Animal planet tube so I can have a Jackelope riding gnome cavalier. Of course I will then have to find some one willing to let it into their game :=)
Finally Safari Ltd( Maker of toobs) Has a nice line of Dragons, including a few that can be used as Hydras

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Gisher wrote:
Eltacolibre wrote:
Dinosaurs + templates = your players mind blown. Priceless.

Cool idea. Dinosaurs from the lower planes with the Fiendish Template sounds fun. I could see Devils/Demons/Daemons bringing them to the material plane in preparation for an attack on the surface.

Or maybe the dino's on that world always were Fiendish and these are the last remnants. Maybe millions of years earlier the evil dino's on the surface were wiped out by an Angelic army rather than an asteroid.

Well If I remember right they where large size but not overly strong for their size( Heroes could beat them down easy in hand to hand combat) They where said to be very intelligent and had telepathy but where also deaf. And like most pulp bad guys lacked common sense.

So I would say +2 int and con and Minus 2 wisdom to start. On ground they are easy to hit so say +2 to hit while landed on ground and unable to fly if carrying anything but a light load. If you have Dreamscar complete Psionic hand book favorite class is any Psionic class. That's off the top of my head.
For their Sathor servant class just use Orcs as they are dumb ,strong and mean.

Nice but the elephants are a little small at one inch. looking for a larger elephant.

Well a nifty little twist would be ad Mahars from Edgar Rice Burroughs Pellucider series. For those who never read Edgar Rice Burrough novels, Mahars are intelligent, civilized some what Psionic large Pteranodon that eat people. Of course in Pathfinder I would make them fully psionic

IM at present looking for an inexpensive way to aquire animals herds of Bison Impala,, a few elephants and a troop of baboons.
Im aware of Safari toobs and Animal planet tubes( And Safari LTD Alligator alive toob has enough Gators to make a James Bond villain happy and filled my needs for crocodiles) and have a number of each, but don't want to buy 5 tubes for just one figure per tube.

If you don't mind a large figure( One about two inch high) The Safari ltdEgyptian toob has a nice figure

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This has never been a problem in our game because we use Nurture over Nature and Goblin and other can be raised not to be psycho.
To me Goblinoids are like Danish Vikings. The Danish Viking where evil as people come, as they Murdered, raped, enslaved and pillage people had never harmed them and in some cases never even knew who they where, just because they where stronger and meaner.But where the Danes evil by nature? No today Denmark is a peaceful friendly country.

Goat familiar = Fresh milk
Frog Familiar Can keep insect off caster at night

During the Spanish Civil War and The Finns during the War with the Soviet Union used Slings to throw Grenades farther then one could by hand.
Now if there was only a feat to allow Alchemist to use a sling to toss their bombs

Thanks for the links. Wargames foundry and Crocodile games figures will work fine.
Im not aware of Strelets makeing 25/28 mm figuess. If Strelets or Caesar did make figues in the 25/28 range Iwould buy them. I use Caesar 1/72 scale orcs as goblinsas they are the right size for that..If Strelets ever made their Merry Old England set in 28 mm Iwould buy it in a minute. 6

Im Starting a new game based on Rome where magic works. I can use regular Roman , Amazons, and Gaul figures for most melee type characters, but Im looking for Roman , Greek and Egyptian civilian figures for spell casters.

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