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Less than 20 hours left, and even more Free stuff and Urban/Sea Terrain Tiles
Last Blogpost

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Less than 48 hours left, to get some of the best terrain there is for RPGs and Wargames, in reduced prices.

Pedion is a Terrain System; a way for wargamers, role-players, and modelling hobbyists to recreate any battlefield* they wish to play on, without sacrificing aesthetics or requiring much room for storage.

We funded in the first 55 hours, and now we keep unlocking Stretch Goals!
There are even some Early Bird deals for RPG board sets, and Gaming Clubs left! Kickstarter Page

The principle of Pedion is that the board will consist of a number of terrain “tiles”, that is, square pieces each depicting specific terrain features: open plains, roads, rivers, forests, hills, crops etc. The tiles are 30x30cm and only 1cm thick (1’x1’x0.4”) and they connect to each other without any restriction on orientation. They are pre-painted with realistic features while still practical for miniature movement and combat. By combining the tiles, the players can form multiple layouts, covering most table sizes. The tiles are very lightweight, durable and take minimal space.
*ped·i·on, noun \ˈpedēən, from Ancient Greek πεδίον (“plain, field, flat surface”), πεδίον μάχης = battlefield

You can find out more about Pedion at

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Nihimon wrote:
Darth_Panic wrote:

Thank you!

please, please, please add some high quality screenshots! (btw does the game support 1920x1080?)
Also, in addition to all streams, any gameplay video (through FRAPs) would be awesome for us who are asleep during streaming hours :) (time-difference you see...)

Yes, it runs on 1920 x 1080 and looks stunningly beautiful on "Fantastic" settings, although I was only getting about 25 fps on my 650 (with nothing else but TeamSpeak running). I was getting 60 fps easy when running on default "Fastest" settings, and still thought it looked great. I'll probably play around with the settings a little bit before I start tonight's session.

I think my streams will be archived from now on. I will also be looking into recording local copies and posting edited versions of those on YouTube. I will also be including game audio and commentary from now on.

Thank you Nihimon, once again I am in your dept :)

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Thank you!
please, please, please add some high quality screenshots! (btw does the game support 1920x1080?)
Also, in addition to all streams, any gameplay video (through FRAPs) would be awesome for us who are asleep during streaming hours :) (time-difference you see...)

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Tyncale wrote:
Summersnow wrote:
I'm noticing some ideas popping up that are little more then thinly disguised attempts to bring the same ganking and griefing techniques used in EVE into PFO and I'm really not liking it.
I do not see that at all. I am seeing a lot of dreaming up there though. :)

Dear Tyncale, I get that you think all people are actually voting for an ideal mmo which has nothing to do with this game. However, I want to point out that some of this "dreams" may actually interest the developers and they may consider them for implementation, even sometime in the future.

You may think that you have a very clear picture of what this game is shaping to be - but other may have different "dreams", do not agree with your "version" of priorities, do not participate in this forums, and now they found a tool to express them.

We must not forget that we (I for sure) have literally invested hundreds of dollars in this game, so if the developers throw us a "bone" and let us describe how our ideal version of the game would be, then by all means, I'll jump to the chance.
However, on one issue you are absolutely right: the devs should offer some input/comments on the various ideas, to let people know what is feasible and what not, and if voting down a great idea simply means the voter wants to see it later, or never - because this is NOT clear.

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Cirolle wrote:
Summersnow wrote:
I'm noticing some ideas popping up that are little more then thinly disguised attempts to bring the same ganking and griefing techniques used in EVE into PFO and I'm reallly not liking it.
I am interested in which ideas you are referring to.

yes please, do clarify

(I've mentioned EVE in two of proposals so if there is any misunderstanding I would love to short it out - for the record I HATE ganking/griefing)

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Hello all!

For all Greek speaking people getting ready for Pathfinder Online EE, we have created an online Community "Pathfinder Online Greece" to share news, organize, get together, and find places in Greek Settlements!
For the time being it's nothing more than a facebook page, but we have hi hopes (and 60+ Likes :) )

Σας περιμένουμε στην παρέα!

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Update from the Principal Gods:

In order to create a more viable and better prepared Settlement, the Principal Gods merged their Settlement claim with the Phoenix Brotherhood, and the Torchbearers.

As luck (or fate?)would have it, we represent three Companies active in three different Time zones (US, Oceanic, EU) so our Settlement could be active during all 24 hours!

Meet you there:

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Just a bump to the thread, to let any Greek-speaking players that Principal Gods are participating in the Land Rush!!!

We are 6 already, but anyone is welcome to the Parea!

check us out at and fill the application there
check our guild page at

Principal Gods PFO Officer

Σας περιμένουμε!

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CBDunkerson wrote:
Lists updated with latest guilds

Excellent! Thank you!!!

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A great update, love the mechanics, and how tabletop concepts are translated into the roles/classes. Keep up the good work!

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Well, the does redirect to, which is totally dedicated to PFO.

That said, I must agree to n1ghty:
though I understand the bigger priorities right now, I small redesign of, in a way to
a) point towards game news (the Blog) from the first page, and
b) a direct link to these forums
would immensely help new players, and does not require much time nor effort...

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Eldurian Darkrender wrote:
Anyone else notice how the end clip seemed to be a first person view of the player getting knocked down? Hint at a viable first person perspective?

hehe, actually I had exactly the same thought! Too many TESO videos I guess... However, first-person in a pvp game - that would be slaughter.

Anyway, may I remind to all that it would be nice to "Like" the video to YouTube? Let's show our support!

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Harad Navar wrote:
My map seems to match theirs fairly well, except my hex grid seems to have a half-hex northward shift. My experience in a past life has me know that different projection datums can cause a pronounced northerly positional shift.

Actually, it depends on the Projections (fore and after).

You think they actually used a Datum projection? I would think that the map was created in 2D from the beginning, with no datum involved.
Perhaps the swift has more to do with scaling the "original" map to fit a fixed hex pattern?
Anyway, Harad you have my (our) outmost gratitude for making these!

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Great, great, great work!
Loved the video, loved the music as well!
Dev blogs are fine, but a video of work in progress really does wonders to us waiting fans :)
Not only did I like the artwork, but I felt a little better that I saw the game progressing and developing - and there is still 1 year to go!
Did I mention how happy you made me today? *stupid grin*
Thank you Mike, and all the team at GW

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Harad any changed to your maps according to the ones in the video? And should we petition the team for the digital elevation model? ;)

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my congratulations for the work, and the spatial analysis involved
(I am a surveying engineer, cartographer and gis user, and your work Harad really feeds the map geek in me :) )
Extremely useful!

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arghhh can't wait for the video, the presentation and all the paizocon goodies! *blushes with envy for those lucky enough to experience the Con and the game...*

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I cannot attend - darn! It will be about 4:00 am in Greece, so I will most probably be sound asleep!
A pity, 'cause it sounded as a good chance to hear you guys (and gals) talk pfo.
Have fun, and let us know of any juicy details!

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Ryan Dancey wrote:

Hi everyone - lots of comments to make. Bear with me!

Implementing all of the Core Rulebook...

wow - THANK YOU Ryan, it's extraordinary to actually be HEARD when commenting on a developing game, and to be ANSWERED ... awesome

Regarding my concerns about monetization, I understand your point, and I'm sure you'll make your best to make them money well spent

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Bringslite wrote:


What is really cool is that we have so much time before EE to fret over it...

hehe you are right :)

and please don't get me wrong - I'm THRILLED with the whole process and the neuterism of the community (us) actively helping shape this game as it grows.
I'm just a bit worried that people may drop out after the first months because of the reasons I've mentioned (Not me - I've already pre-paid 14 months after I read the blog :) )

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Dergard wrote:

I understand why people are upset they can not play their preferred class from the start of EE.

Yet i feel the urge to point out the transparency and honesty of Goblinworks in their dealings with the community.

For example, "the guys with the star wars mmo" would just tell their customers [insert feature here] will be implemented at [insert time here]. By the time the deadline expires, they not even react to complaints of their customers.

This is the way they handle things in "this star wars mmo". I am so sick of being lied to, i appreciate the honesty of Goblinworks.

Instead of focusing on the cons, i propose focusing on the pros: you will be able to play from the start, work with the devs, shape the game.

In general I agree, and I have the outmost appreciation for Goblinworks so far!

But let's not forget they had declared a 9 month EE and now it is doubled. Also, it is still a paid beta, so I guess people can ask for extra features while paying to help "the seed to grow"

Yep, I know I can "keep" my paid time to start closer to Open Enrollment, but I am really looking forward for this game -as I guess is the case for all of us here :) (not to mention the time "lost" in character development)
But still, 18 months of paid beta with few game features is a long time to ask for a normal subscription in my opinion

Goblin Squad Member

It's good to know the master plan behind the development, and our thanks to Ryan for sharing so many details!

That said, I cannot say that I was thrilled with this blog. It seems we will get to "few" things with the start EE and (worse) we will wait a long time till we get more.

If I am not mistaken, EE will require of us to pay subscription. Some of us may already have 2 or 4 (or more) months free due to our pledge... but 18 months???
I recall that during the last Kickstarter, the EE was expected to last about 9 months - now this period is doubled...

EE, especially the first months, seems awfully like an open beta.
However, you ask from us to stay committed to the game, help develop it, play with only a faction of the mechanics and options "promised" and also pay a monthly subscription...
With so many features out, and expecting to see them after 18+ months have passed... I cannot really say if it will be enough to keep me and my guildies paying every month.

My humble request: please reconsider your business plan and your subscription requirements during "open beta" (aka EE) - because if people become disappointed during the long period of the EE and leave the game (and drop their subs), it may hamper the overall development.

Or at least try and deliver as much content and mechanics as possible in the EE (even the first month) so we can feel that we are playing and advancing the characters we want in PFO, not an beta character...

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Second KS only here

Goblin Squad Member

Wow! good to know things are on track! it really made me feel batter
(and I reallyyyy look forward seeing Jake's magic in the game!!!!)

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Actually, if you yourself or/and anyone you know and trust has already pledged, I think there is a roundabout way:
You can either increase your own pledge (eg to guild level to add 5 more crowdforger accounts, and then invitations to your friends) or select the Adventurer addon and send someone the "gift" of the Adventurer pledge.
The deadline is till the end of June (I think)

Also, while there is no ongoing donation via eg paypal (as other Kickstarter projects do), I think that Ryan has mentioned that there will be in the future another site-based donation with pledges similar to those from Kickstarter (though I guess not with that many "benefits")

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I don't know if anybody/some in this thread have played EVE and have seen its Plex system at work... But (though most people were VERY skeptical in the start) it works... and it is not pay to win (although it does give you an advantage).
This is mostly because in EVE (and I think also in PFO) no matter how much money you have, you still need the respective skills to make good use of any gear you may buy. Therefore you have to commit to the game and improve your character.

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Brilliant mechanics! I like the solution of drifting towards your core alignment - a great blog overall

However, I also have some questions regarding Settlements:
1) Can we confirm that the "active" alignment will be regarded towards the Settlement alignment?
2) How will the Settlement alignment be enforced? I mean, will NPC guards automatically attack/chase (?) non-compatible alignments or the PC settlement owners must first cast a spell to detect alignment and then take actions? (Or there will simply be a message "you cannot enter/join this Settlement" and an invisible wall?)
3) Personally, I'm not sure about this "1-step" enforcement. It will mean that there cannot be much alignment deviation among guild members if they want to establish a settlement and all-members participate :(

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A great blog entry in all, with depth and a lot of info on mechanics.

The system sounds promising, and I like it already. It is quite interesting to see how concepts from the tabletop game will enter the game (like the 6 second "turn", conditions, etc.)
IMHO, a much better and tactical approach from that seen in Neverwinter.

Now, I still have the concern that the attacks may seem a bit TOO much complicated. We will have to remember all the states, buffs and debuffs and try to act accordingly in 6 secs? And this for all of our attacks?
I guess the long time between learning skills will allow us to familiarize and become experts on our existing ones, but I hope I doesn't get too complicated.

The whole system screams for extensive beta testing, to test the parameters and all possible action/reaction instances, in order to get a balanced system (let's not forget that there will be a lot of pvp and in case of imbalance people will go for that "best build")
Therefore the Pit Fight becomes increasingly important

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Nihimon, active lore-keeper of our Community, we salute you - Thank you for the greak work!

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ZenPagan wrote:

Greetings to the Principal gods

Welcome to the community and the nation of Aeturnum would also wish to extend an invitation to join in diplomatic relations

Pax Gaming

emissary of the kingdom of Aeturnum

Thank you for the gracious welcome Lord Pagan, and it is nice to be here!

The Principal Gods are honored by the invitation of the Kingdom of Aeternum, and we will commence diplomatic relations shortly

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Nihimon wrote:
I've added your Guild to the Guild Recruitment & Helpful Links list. If you have a brief description you'd like to appear there to let people know about your guild while they're browsing that list, just PM me or post a clear request here.

Many thanks Lord Nihimon!

I'll pm you a brief text to add there, if you please.

Also, The Seventh Veil welcomes you to the community, and extends an offer of Diplomatic Outreach. (Note, this is not an offer for Alliance, just a way to open formal channels for private discussions.)

The Principal Gods hail the esteemed Seventh Veil and formally accept your gracious Offer. From this point onwards consider that a diplomatic channel has commenced with Principal Gods - and may it lead to greater things yet.

I think you may have the distinction of being the first guild committed to a non-English language presence.

Wow - I would think that there already were some German and/or French speaking guilds around! If it's true, then it is nice to be the pioneers in something :)

I don't know if our preference to Greek speaking members will actually prove a boon or handicap, but we will be active in the international community of PFO.

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Hi all!

With this we would like to offcialy announce to the forums the involvement of Principal Gods with the world of Pathfinder Online!

We are a Greek (only) Casual PvE/PvP (and Light RP) Guild - but First and foremost, we are a Fellowship of Friends, which like to hung out at various MMORPGs together. We have been around since 2009, and have explored various famous fantasy and sci-fi worlds: SWTOR, LotRo, GW2, WoW, EVE, Secret World, Tera - and now waiting for TESO.

Our Info:
Guild Name: Principal Gods
Leader name: Run by a 5-man Council, Darth_Panic acting as in-game representative
Guild type: Instances, Casual, PvE, PvP, Crafting, Light RP
Language specific: Greek Only
Activity level: All levels
Instancing/Raiding: once/twice a week
Time zone: +2 GMT
Age requirement: 16+
Voip: NECESSARY, we have our own Mumble Server

It seems we have the honour of being the first Greek Guild to join Pathfinder Online, since we have a Kickstarter Guild pledge we will be there in day 1. Our spots are already covered (and more) - but we can always expand to make room for more Greeks/Cypriots.

If you wish to drop a line or join us –you have to speak Greek, post here or try

Goblin Squad Member

Thank you for the info Ryan, keep up the good work!

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Andius wrote:
Darth_Panic wrote:
Mr Fulcrum's post may well mean a Game Breaker for me, and as far I'm concerned, for many people of like mentality.

Step 1: Look at which groups have the most members on the leader boards.

Step 2: Read up on their ideologies.
Step 3: Relax. You'll be fine.

If I determine Fulcrum's little group here is having a major negative impact on this game's community I will grind it to dust. That is a promise from the leader of this game's largest organization.

Before I take any such drastic actions I will see how much of this is just harmless RP. Evil organizations are important to the health of a game's community and I won't destroy one just because they talk a big game IC.

oh Trust me Mr Andius I'm a pragmatist!

I know we will be a small force, and I would greatly enjoy being part of a greater Alliance. Actually, we have already checked out the big guilds and which will be closer to our ingame philosophy.

However, as I pointed out, the game is 1,5 year AWAY and instead of forming alliances I'm rushed into them - because someone is bullying us?
I said it already: if such is the case from now on, then I won't even bother with alliances, I'll wave goodbye and take my guild with it.

Goblin Squad Member

Won't first person take the game even further away from the tabletop/pathfinder game experience?

Goblin Squad Member

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I'm new to this forum and PF(O), but hardly new to tabletop RPGs and/or MMO games.
That said, here are my thoughts.

Mr Fulcrum's post may well mean a Game Breaker for me, and as far I'm concerned, for many people of like mentality.

As Mr Southraven (edit: sorry Mr NoeWolfen!) pointed out, Mr Fulcrum may have simply roleplayed his character/guild's edict. But I do not think so.
When Role Playing in Forums, it is a customary to add an [[IC]] (in character) Tag, to let people know what you are doing. This is not the case in Mr Fulcrum's post.
(If, by any chance, I'm mistaken and Mr Fulcrum's intentions were strictly in the spirit of RP, then I urge him to clarify)

However, it is my belief that Mr Fulcrum was half-roleplaying/half-intimidating the smaller guilds, justifying future actions in-game on behalf of his Guild and guild mates.

This is, pure and simple, Bullying.
And I hate Bullying.
(and so does Harry Dresden ;) )

I represent a small guild. We are only seven at the time, because we saw the KS campaign quite late, as most of us are of the MMO crowd and not the PF crowd.
Therefore all we had time for was a grab for a guild pack + 1 more adventurer pledge. So it is quite possible that during early enrollment only a small number of my guild will be able to be in game (but more will join when participation opens)
Can you imagine what will mean entering the game, already fearing the shadow of "join us or be constantly harassed" by larger guilds?
As I said: Game-Breaker.

This is a game, not real life. Therefore: If there is a "Stronger eats Weaker" mentality 1,5 year (!!!) before the game even breaths, then I will not try to survive it. I will not try to find a good-aligned Alliance to pay them back.
I will simply leave the game along with my guildmates, and go play my tabletop campaign or/and Neverwinder.

In case you are not aware of it, many of the sandbox ideas of this game come from EVE. EVE online has not flourished so many years because a new, small corporation (Eve guilds) cannot survive for a month.

I'll be frank - from the moment I read the first post and the rest of the thread and the many "evil" comments, I have been thinking about withdrawing the guild and trying to sell the 6 posts. I'm 40 years old. I face to many "I’m stronger than you" challenges in my everyday family/work life, to stomach them in my game.

My point: All you evil, world-eating guilds, rein your horses. Or you will be left alone, fighting each other, in a game of 500 players. Your loss, not mine.

If you read this far, thank you and sorry for the long post