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Hairy Thugee.


Figure has good "heft" and looks good on the battle mat. Great for $2.00. Only complaint is that it seems more "Quaggothy" than Bugbearish.... Not a problem though...

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Well worth it


This is a fantastic bit of Golarian paraphernalia to have around your game table!

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I concur


I agree with SKR. This is not the best plastic mini I have ever seen, but it is large and versatile. I picked mine up for $3.00. Well worth the price charged...

Not what I expected....


Alright, this is totally not what I thought I was buying. That being said, I must say I love this guide. It is short but sweet. 13 pages. The maps are crude, but of a type that any gamer will recognize from their own gaming group. The format used is that of NPC's recollections and tales. A DM could simply plop this book down on the table after characters are created(the perceived intent IMHO), or a crafty DM could break it apart and mine it for some great NPC interaction. Either way this is nice addition to the Rappan Athuk milieu.

All credit to Gary Gygax for my ability to use the word "milieu" in a sentence....

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I had a bit of a problem with my willing suspension of dis-belief while reading this book. I could not shake the feeling while reading it that it was a Scooby do episode. This was more of a personal hang-up on my part than a flaw in the writing or concept. I just kept thinking "Scooby-do meets Heart of Darkness.....never get out of the boat!" That being said, I really enjoyed the book. The characters were engaging and layered. There is a lot of Golarion color/flavor throughout the book. Other reviewers have attacked the writing style and narrative, but I have to disagree. I think the writing is pretty solid beginning to ending. I would have given a fifth star if not for seeing too many ghost pirates with fog machine cartoons in my youth.... Would love to read a sequel so I can see the main characters in a different framework.

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Kind of narrow band-width.......but for two George Washington dollars.......yeah worth the price charged.

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Good (Evil) vibe...


A very well done plastic mini. A bit on the large side for a Will-o-wisp, but that is ok because the internal detail is so good.

Editing poor.......


A fine wall calendar, but very much on the small side of the calendar universe. Not sure I ever saw the dimensions a bit of a suprise at unboxing time. Otherwise a good buy. *********Found slight editing error in the transposition of the anniversaries of the death of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson .
****OK, have to add a star deducting problem. Appearantly the editing team at Kobold Press missed a few things: July thiird is july mig mistake there however.....the end of August is a complete train wreck due to the 21st being totally omited. Not impossible to fix but I have to say I have never had to correct the days on a wall calendar before. I understand that not too many people will still be buying this years calendar, but I just have to rant a bit about this.

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Love em' but....


If you are using a standard "tan" battlemat, you might want to go with the other colors... The small yellow ones kind of disappear on the mat. Not the dramatic fire effect I was looking for....great otherwise!

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A true opus.


There are a few production problems with this book of art. The other reviewers have more than explored those. I can only say, for my part, that I absolutely love this book. What flaws it has are easily overtopped by the fact that it is a true opus of Mr. Reynolds work. To see his world-defining art compiled in one book is stunning. The real value of this book is seeing the artists work evolve(as it helped define the look of the settings we love) over time.

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Wizard etc.


Great mini. Very versatile. His wee little hands almost look like they are clinched into fists of fury. Could also be a Halfling Monk, Bard etc.

Great mini!


Impressive looking ogre. Very nice.

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OK for a buck.


Not one of the best plastic minis I have ever bought. I thought the picture portrayed a dwarf crouching down behind his shield, but appearantly he is standing. If you need a figure for a "big old portly dwarf" then this is the one for you.