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Hannibal_pjv wrote:
Gom, gom is teddy bear, so item... not ally.


In the Hunter class deck, Pteranodon says “On your turn, discard this card to move. During this exploration, you may then explore your location; add 1d6 to your combat checks.”

I presume the “During this exploration” phrase is just extraneous, right? It’s a discard to move, then you may explore, and you get a d6 on combat during the explore.

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I'd say that you choose as you cast it, and it is that choice for as long as Shapechange is displayed.

I'd expect it to be worded as "At the end of each of your turns, choose 3, 7, or 10; your hand size is that number this turn." if you got to choose every time.

Yeah but it makes blessings worse to use on those checks. I think i'd rather have the skill feats and better blessings than a d4.

When you defeat the henchman, it goes back to the box, just in time to be summoned.

So is Rivani's power the way that "skill replacement powers" will be worded going forward?

"After you play" means resolve the card, then do the thing. So BoNethys would have you examine the top two, put them back in any order, explore. When you finish the exploration encounter, you shuffle.

If you have access to the digital game, you could start a scenario on heroic/legendary and use the additional modifiers in the tabletop game that the digital game randomly picks.

I think it's worded as "then" to be more clear about the fact that the newly discarded cards due to damage are also buried.

I disagree. I think the draw a card option is contingent on recharging a card.

skizzerz wrote:

Does anyone know how the app handles this location power? I know it's not totally accurate, but it could shed light into how another group of people interpreted the power.

Just loaded up Brigandoom! (on normal, so no extra modifiers) to test:

Harsk at the Prison, Lini at the Waterfront.

Encountered an Ogre on Lini's first explore.

Check starts at d4+1 (skill feat) and changes to 2d4+1 when Harsk discards Deathbane Light Crossbow +1.

So the app does not consider the location power when characters at other locations play weapons.

You have the WotR version of Balazar in both the WotR PDF and the MM PDF.

Vic Wertz wrote:

Here's what we want: If the card you're making a check against requires an [X] check, and you use a power that lets you use the skill [Y] for it, the check gets both the X and Y traits.

Also, you always determine which skill you’re using during the Determine Which Skill You’re Using action, and the rule "You may play only 1 such card or use only 1 such power to determine which skill you’re using" needs to be followed (unless something specifically overrides it Golden Rule–style). We are definitely going to need to do an override for Zelhara, but I suspect we will not do it for Varril (meaning if Varill uses his power, he can't also use a weapon).

We want all of this to be consistent for all character powers, and we recognize that this may mean rewording some of them.

Will this affect Mavaro?

I have a couple questions about how Ausetitha, Staff of Dark Flame, and Ahmotep interact.

If I use the second power of the Staff of Dark Flame, does that apply the +/- 5 of Ausetitha? The heart of that question is whether or not modifying the difficulty of a combat check counts as being played on a check.

Also, can I use the second power to reduce the difficulty of my combat check, and then play it or another weapon for the combat check? The Pathfinder Adventures digital game lets you play Wand of Ennervation and another item on a combat check, but since that's not actually made by Paizo, I didn't want to assume it was correct.

Ekkie's Guttersnipe role card has "You may evade your encounter; shuffle the evaded card into a random location, if it came from one. (◻️ Then you may examine the top card of your location.) (◻️ Then you may move.)"
Can Ekkie take "(◻️ Then you may move.)" before taking "(◻️ Then you may examine the top card of your location.)"? I know the rule about taking adjacent powers first. Does a period and a new sentence stop two power feats from being adjacent? Or does that rule only apply to obvious sequential power feats?