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Hi all, sorry for my silence since last week, family was hit by flu and a couple of us spent a few nights in the hospital. Happy to say everyone is feeling better. Will start posting again soon.

Hi all, sorry for my silence since last week, family was hit by flu and a couple of us spent a few nights in the hospital. Happy to say everyone is feeling better. Will start posting again soon.

Hi all, sorry for my silence since last week, family was hit by flu and a couple of us spent a few nights in the hospital. Happy to say everyone is feeling better. Will start posting again soon.

The men awaken, and all seem relieved, and exhausted, when they realize that you are not the ogrekin back for more fun. One of the men, an older one with only one eye finally introduces himself, "We cannot thank you enough for saving us. We are all that is left of the Black Arrows. I am Jakardros, and this is Vale and Kaven. I am... was... second-in-command of Fort Rannick. We were on patrol, and when we returned, we found the Fort being assaulted by a giant tribe known as the Kreegs. We tried to attack, but they were waiting for us. We lost half our force in the first wave. We tried to pull back and escape through the wild lands, but those monsters hunted us down. The Grauls - the family of ogrekin that you killed here - captured us."

OOC: Kavan has the tattoo.

Sense Motive DC 15:
Jakardros is very despondent, and certainly blames himself for the loss of the Fort. There is something else going on here, but you get the sense that Jakardos isn't to blame - despite his feelings of guilt.

Perception DC 15:
You notice that Kaven is attempting to keep the tattoo out of sight. He's trying to be subtle, but not doing a very good job of it.

Shalelu is shaken. She takes a moment, then finally speaks in a tumble. "One of those men, the older one, his name is Jakardros Sovark. He... He's my father. He abandoned me after my mother was killed. I need to... I don't know. Find out why he did that. But now - he was almost dead. And I don't even know him! Vidar, what should I do?"

Well played all around. :)

Lemnis slices open one of the eggs and releases an odor similar to stagnant water, and finds a fleshy center mass, the consistency of a rotten apple.

Whatever is growing in these egg sacks is not formed enough to even make a guess about what it might actually become.

OOC: Sorry, just not enough there to learn anything more about the egg sack. To your credit, you've gotten the key information.

OOC: Andelis, yes, that's fine.

The inside of the sack is a tangle of white sticky strands supporting five small round orbs. These orbs appear to be made from the same material, they are just more concentrated and tightly wound.

Knowledge (nature) DC 10:
These orbs remind you of spider egg sacks.

Profession (blacksmith, armorer, weaponsmith), or similar DC 12:
The strands are remarkably fibrous and tough, but weigh nearly nothing and are very pliable. With some experimentation, the strands may be used to reinforce the joints in a suit of armor.

Svetlana remains motionless.

Roger, thanks for the note.

Also some good news for everyone, defeating the Grauls was enough for you to gain a level!

The group makes its way back across the property to the barn. Taking several minutes, everyone stands quiet and attempts to discern any sound or movement coming from beyond the door, but all is silent and still. You all prepare yourselves, and the door is opened.

Inside are three unconscious human men, all hanging from their hands which are tied together with ropes that are thrown over rafters. They are currently naked, and their bodies have obviously been beaten and whipped. A pile of human-sized gear is piled on a table near the wall.

Shalelu gasps, "I'll keep a watch outside."

Shalelu tugs at your arm before leaving. She whispers, "I need to speak with you."

Perception DC 20:
You notice a familiar tattoo on one of the men. It appears to be a Sihedron Rune. You last saw one here.

OOC: The men are all hurt, but still alive. A bit of healing is enough to bring them around.

As the paralysis holding Irakelesh and G'nock fades, the combined party is more than enough to handle the lone remaining vargouille. Now that combat is finished, you have time to look around.

Dust blankets this room. The walls, once brightly painted to depict life in ancient Wati, are now faded. A smaller room or alcove takes up the northeast section of the room; it was once closed off by a wooden door that since has rotted away, leaving only its hinges in the doorframe. A strong, cloying odor of decay pervades the room.

A search of the room turns up a small darkwood chest. The chest is locked, but it is surprisingly heavy. It is roughly a foot high and deep, and two feet long.


The next room, continuing around from the left...

Most of the contents of this room have fallen apart or otherwise been reduced to dust from the dry desert air. A foul, cloying smell fills the room.

A quick search of the room finds an ancient lacquered board and a bag of colored stones beneath the debris of what was apparently a set of shelves. This discovery appears to be some kind of game, but none of you are familiar with it, though somebody in town might recognize it.


You are obviously fine if you want to heal up, check inventory,
etc. Let me know if you want to do anything different. After these two rooms, you have three more to go.

The egg sack is deceptively light, and though it takes two people to cut it down, one is enough to carry it.

What are you planning to do with it?

Oleg is a different story. He is very weak, and seems to be on the verge of death. You do manage to rouse him a few times, but it's clear that he really isn't very coherent. Several times, you think he is on the verge of "waking up" but every time, his eyes just glaze over and he falls back to sleep.

Killing Svetlana or not?

The group turns toward the caster and begins moving in her direction. The sorceress is a massively obese ogrekin who sits atop a bed covered in human skins and hair. She cackles madly as her hands continue moving as if preparing to cast another spell.

Camillo's arrow buries itself deep into her shoulder, eliciting a snarl from her as she tears it out. She is not so lucky, however, as Kithian charges through the destroyed house and sends her head flying to slam into the far wall with a sickening thud.

Several moments of silence follow as you look around and listen for any more signs of life. You maintain your guard, but it seems you are the only living creatures remaining in the house. The Graul family has been destroyed.

Congratulations, that was handled very nicely, with some excellent teamwork! You still need to explore the area, but you are no longer in combat. Just let me know what you want to do, and how if applicable, and we'll resolve what happens.

Yes, you would assume it was a fireball, just straight though, not meta-feats. And yes, apologies for the poor word choice on my part - the scream came from her. She's angry, screaming, and flinging destructive magic around her house.

Lurking and enjoying the RP. Really like how the characters all have such developed personalities so early in the game. Very exciting to watch you all interacting with each other!

Okay, you can have him arrive this round. Hole in the side of the house where Kithian made his own door, or the front door where Camillo entered are the easiest ways to get inside from where you are.

Aliva Kulthane wrote:

Aliva swings her morning star at the closest creature.

[dice=Morning Star]1d20+3;1d8+2

any knowledge checks?

Sorry, it was in the first post when the door was opened - Knowledge planes DC 13.

Giving one more day then I'll move forward.

Upon hearing Isen's words, the group scatters as most dive for cover. Andelis manages to get an attack on Isen, while Lemnis throws his cloak over the man's head.

None, however, are prepared for Karlak's decision action - he leaps forward, impales Isen with his claws, brings the man's head in front of his face, then opens his mouth preternaturally wide and clamps down with a sickening crunch. Isen's head shatters and all manner of gruesome material explodes outward.

In each of your heads, a brief moment of intense pain is followed by a tiny voice that you only "hear" in your mind. The voice screams, "NO!" before being cut off. In that scream, you also felt both dread and despair at the prospect of dying...

The swelling of Isen's throat has ceased. The skin slowly deflates, but it has been stretched very thin, almost enough to see through. .

Wow, that was a great intervention. I'll not spoil anything as you still have Svetlana to deal with, and Oleg, but man, what a nice move by Karlak. So nothing bad happens, Isen, and the parasite inside him, are dead. Svetlana is still unconscious.

The final ogrekin screams as Kithian's falchion bites deep into the monster's chest. Blood sprays up in a grisly fountain as the ogrekin falls backward clutching feebly at the massive wound.

From behind Camillo, a massive explosion rocks the house and several walls disappear as magical fire incinerates them.

Between the ruined walls, an enormous female ogrekin sits on some kind of bed. From her size, it appears as if she is immobile. Despite her limited mobility, she is clearly angry as froth and spit fly from her mouth as she hurls curses and insults as you.

She is forty feet away from the doorway, and the path is considered rough terrain due to the debris, falling patches of roof, etc.

Camillo, it was from "behind" you. Sorry, not much more to add - that said, you kind of lost a turn, so if you want an extra one, go ahead and take it.

Vidar, just curious, where are you during this battle?

Hi all, hope everyone had good holidays. Whole clan has been sick over here, so definitely hope that wasn't the case for anybody else.

Posting tonight, and working to get back into consistent pattern this week.

Hi all, hope everyone had good holidays. Whole clan has been sick over here, so definitely hope that wasn't the case for anybody else.

Posting tonight, and working to get back into consistent pattern this week.

Hi all, hope everyone had good holidays. Whole clan has been sick over here, so definitely hope that wasn't the case for anybody else.

Posting tonight, and working to get back into consistent pattern this week.

Isen opens his mouth to speak, but only a raspy cough issues forth. He coughs again and flecks of blood spray out. He looks at Karlak in confusion and fear, and his eyes roll back and flutter. His body tenses, then relaxes entirely limp.

Head still limp, Isen's voice comes out in a hollow whisper, "He is still with me. The man, Isen. In his mind. Only now does he comprehend what has befallen him. Only now do I get to savor his terror. We promise cooperation, and we do try, but it never lasts. We have traveled to so many worlds and times, and we have enslaved so many. But you bipeds are by far the most savory. Your cranial structure is so delicious, so enticing. Your emotional ranges and subtle means of communing. Your very being calls to us. But now, it is time. We cannot be caught, cannot be understood. You who have learned of me, must now die."

Isen's throat begins rapidly expanding.

Everyone gets an action, let me know what you want to do. Please also roll a reflex save.

The ogrekin on the ground screams as Kithian's attack crushes his chest. Only a moment passes before the ogrekin stops breathing.

The remaining ogrekin attempts to hit Sayniek again, but completely misses her.

A loud crash echoes throughout the house, and a horrible scream cuts through the noise and din of battle. The scream is shrill and coarse, a sound of both misery and anger.

GM Screen:
1d20 ⇒ 11

Isen gulps then begins speaking, "I work for Oleg and Svetlana long time. One day, Svetlana said she had special gift for me. Was small little black worm thing. Said these were delicacy in Brevoy, wanted me to eat it. I do so, and learn that worms not for eating but for making me stronger and better than other human."

"Oleg did not like worms, said would have to take them away. Svetlana got angry and paralyzed him. Put him in room so he could learn better. She said not give him worm though, anger not good for them. Also say Oleg got sick, so no talking or visiting."

"I do not know where worms come from, or where Svetlana found it. Maybe in Brevoy?"

"I do not go in Oleg's room. Svetlana said he very sick and must rest now."

"I do not know if there are more worms. Svetlana only said the one I got was special."

Perception DC 20:
As he speaks, you notice that Isen's throat has started to turn bright red from his chin to his collarbone.

Apologies for the lengthy delay. Work got crazy last week and just now getting back to normal.

Did you want to open the door, try to peek inside, etc?

Sure, not a problem. I'll try to make sure scene settings are better explained as well.

Kithian slams the ogrekin again who doubles over in pain and screams as the massive blow drives him to his knees. He rises again on unsteady feet, it's clear that he will not last much longer.

From behind the creatures, the familiar voice of Camillo calls out arcane words of power, and a sheen of grease coats the floor under the ogrekin. The uninjured ogrekin retains his footing, but the injured one falls in a mess of tangled limbs prone.

The ogrekin who fell attempts to stand again provoking AoOs, but fails to do so and tumbles back to the ground.

The ogrekin who remains standing swings at Sayniek, obviously trying to get her out of the way, but his spear bounces off her armor, barely leaving a scratch.

GM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 19
1d20 ⇒ 10
1d20 ⇒ 10
1d20 ⇒ 13

Isen's eyes flutter open, they they go wide in fear and shock as Karlak threatens him. He struggles feebly, until he sees "Svetlana" on the ground. His form goes completely limp as he stares at her.

He makes something akin to a swallowing sound, and his tentacles retract back into his mouth. After a moment, he speaks in a trembling voice, "Yes, I'll answer, I'll obey. Please don't harm the mistress, anything but that. Whatever you want to know, I'll speak, but promise you won't harm her!"

It appears that he is absolutely fooled by Gideon's disguise, and that he is 100% cooperative at the moment.

Leo, the fight actually happened outside the bunkhouse, so would it be okay if you dragged the body around the other side and away from Isen and the interrogation? It would be out of sight but keep you close enough to interact. Does that work?

You find Oleg sleeping much more peacefully when you return. He seems more "alive" than he did a few minutes ago, his breathing is normal, his color is less pale, etc.

The cocoon sac is still attached to the ceiling and appears unchanged.

GM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 5
1d20 ⇒ 16
1d20 ⇒ 3

You head up the stairs which split and turn back around the grand staircase to arrive in an open area on the second floor. There is a balcony wrapping around a twenty-foot-square opening in the floor, overlooking the inner courtyard below (where you fought the sand creature) and connecting the rooms of the second floor.

Above, a square skylight in the ceiling provides natural light to the ground floor and ventilation for the entire building.

Six different sets of doors lead off of this balcony.

Perception DC 20:
You see something moving behind one of the doors! Room B21 on the map

The cat skeletons were simply the remains of dead cats, not animated undead. But good question! :)

I have posted a map of the second floor in the shared folder.

There are two buildings near you that you have not explored. Both are empty, save for a couple of cat skeletons.

There is another building on the opposite side of the estate with double doors. When opened, they lead to a 10' staircase leading down. The group notices various hieroglyphs that show this a some kind of family burial chamber.

After that, you still have the second story of the house to explore.

Lemnis dodges away from the mucus then crouches down and shoots a ray of frost at Svetlana, hitting her in the arm.

Gideon and Szemyan are not as lucky, and both are entangled. Gideon begins hacking at the sticky mass while Szemyan throws a chakram at Svetlana, missing her by less than an inch.

Leo draws an arrow back and lets it fly, sinking it deep into her chest. With a hoarse scream, Svetlana clutches at the arrow and begins thrashing around on the ground. Her death throes subside quickly, and she goes limp.

Svetlana is bleeding out, Isen is still unconscious for another few rounds. Both Andelis and Karlak emerge from their stun before Isen regains his senses.

The mucus sticks around (sorry about the pun), but you can clean it off or cut your way out relatively quickly.

Let me know how you want to proceed.

Sorry, yes. It is mechanically like getting hit with tanglefoot bag, so DC 17 Strength check, 15 points of damage with a slashing weapon, etc.

Svetlana manages to avoid most of Lemnis' spell, but Isen takes a full hit from the magical fire.

Karlak, unfortunately, feels the strength running out of his limbs, and he finds himself barely able to stand! stunned

Gideon, still looking like Oleg, runs out of the house and charges directly at Svetlana, slamming a morningstar into her torso. Seeing "Oleg" attacking her, Svetlana turns her full attention toward him and screams in a horrifically gurgling shriek.

Leo seizes the lapse in Svetlana's attention and sinks an arrow into her shoulder.

A golden eagle swoops down from a brilliant light in the sky and tears into Svetlana, ripping a huge chunk of disgusting flesh out of her neck. Sorry, but she's actually Lawful Good! No, not really, full damage.

Szemyan rushes forward and casts a spell, causing a vivid array of colors to shoot forth from his outstretched hands. Svetlana appears to be unaffected, but Isen stiffens up, then collapses! Isen is unconscious, blind, stunned, etc

Svetlana, still shrieking in anger, widens her "mouth" and spits strands of mucus at Gideon, Lemnis, and Szemyan. Ref save DC 13 to avoid becoming entangled

GM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 11
1d20 ⇒ 9
1d20 ⇒ 15
1d20 ⇒ 10

Hi Pendrak, missed this last week. Thanks for swinging by, hope everything is going well for you!

Kithian's swing slams into the ogrekin like a load of bricks, and the huge monster staggers under the attack.

The ogrekin on the left stares at Pinocchio for a second, then turns and tries to jam his spear into his comrades thigh. The blow is ill-timed, however, and he misses. Failed the save, but failed his attack roll worse!

The ogrekin on the right barely notices the attack from his friend, and attempts to stab Sayniek in the face. His aim is much better than his comrade's, but Sayniek's decision to focus on defense saves her from getting hit as the spear glances off her armor.

You are 20 feet away, in the hallway, but able to look into the room where the ogrekin are standing. You can also see everything that just happened. They are completely focused on your comrades.

GM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 10
1d20 ⇒ 4
1d8 ⇒ 4
1d20 ⇒ 9
1d20 ⇒ 16

G'nock moves quickly away from the swarm. Fort save: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

The rest of you gather around the scarabs and begin to bash away with your torches. Unfortunately, most of your attacks do not appear to have much effect on the swarm. As you watch, the swarm swerves one way, then another, then suddenly shoots forward into the courtyard. It covers the dead body of the death dog and begin devouring the carcass.

It's actually AC 18 to hit. And I was giving it a 20% chance of noticing the death dog corpse (high good for you), and I rolled a 15. The swarm does not appear to be concerned with you, and it's going to take a while (several hours, at least) for the swarm to finish with the death dog. The fight can be over if you choose to leave the swarm alone. What would you like to do?

GM Screen:

1d4 ⇒ 2
1d100 ⇒ 15
1d4 ⇒ 3

Yes to both, you can get both Svetlana and Isen without hitting anyone else. For our purposes, assume the layout of allies/enemies is in your favor for positioning and movement. I can make a map tonight if you want it. I generally only make maps for "major" fights, but I'll knock something out if you want it.

Sorry for the delay guys. Sick kid, then he got me sick, and I woke up today not knowing it was Thursday.

Used to be that recovering after holidays was due to going out and having fun. Now it's recovering from wrangling children and fighting off whatever crazy plague is hitting the kindergarten this time of year. :)

Karlak's bite misses Svetlana, but his hammer slams into the side of her head with an audible crack, causing her to stumble. Her eyes narrow as she regains focus.

The hammer stroke is closely followed by the clatter of Andelis' crossbow as it hits the ground. Andelis is stunned

Mama Cas breaks through the sounds of battle as she casts a spell of grease under the two fiends. Svetlana crouches low, maintaining her balance, but Isen is not as quick or nimble, and his legs shoot out from under him, dropping him to the ground. Svetlana saved, Isen failed, so he is prone

Isen stands back up and moves slowly through the greased area to close the distance to Mama Cas. He is out of the grease and 10' away from Mama Cas

Svetlana lashes out again with her tentacles. Now familiar with the attack, Karlak notices each tentacle ends in a jagged sucker. One misses as it hits the armor protecting his neck, while the other hits him finding a gap in the armor covering his bicep, sending searing pain up into his shoulder and down into his hand. 2 points and a Fort save please

Fort save DC 13:
Success: nothing; Failure: you are stunned for 2 rounds.

Those who have just come out of the house are able to attack this turn. Assume you are 30' away +/-

GM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 3
1d20 ⇒ 20
1d20 ⇒ 1
1d20 ⇒ 17
1d20 ⇒ 7

You open the door to see two massive ogrekin standing in front of another door across the room. Both of them are facing away from you. Neither one seems to have heard you. As you watch, both of them stab hooked spears through the door, attempting to hit whoever is on the other side.

Two spears come thrusting through the door punching large holes through the wood. The spears come straight at Kithian's chest, but both of them get caught on the door just short of impaling him. Noting the twisted hooks and barbs, it's certainly a good thing that he wasn't skewered.

Two massive ogrekin stand on the other side of the door. Both of them are hideously deformed, but each one is almost the size of a full-grown ogre. They don't speak as such, but their gutteral cries and shouts leave you little doubt of their intentions.

Your turn. The holes in the door are large enough to attack through, and for line-of-sight/effect, but any attack rolls suffer a -2 penalty.

Vidar, yes, you got them. (Sorry I missed that confirmation earlier)

DM Screen:
1d20 ⇒ 10
1d20 ⇒ 8
1d100 ⇒ 95
1d100 ⇒ 57

The group continues attacking the swarm of scarabs with torches, and the number of bugs is dwindling, but they still pose a threat!

Almost as if they sense G'nock lacks a way to harm them, the scarabs head in his direction dealing 1 point of damage, and a Fort save please..

The swarm looks like it has shrunk by around 30% - continue the way you're going and you will likely disperse it in ~3 rounds.

Your side is up.

GM Screen:
1d6 ⇒ 5
1d6 ⇒ 1

Fitliss, you're good. Fort save is for later. :) And yes, Irakelesh, you're correct. You are up again, sorry for the confusion.

You do not have any direct knowledge of what is hanging from the ceiling, but you do know enough to rule out some possibilities. Based on what you can see, you think it is definitely something from another plane, likely somewhere chaotic, or somewhere that has completely different fundamental rules than your own eg. The Far Realm.

You know it's not natural, magical, or something found in the dark recesses of Golarion.



As Karlak, Andelis, and Mama Cas are speaking, a horrible shriek tears through the air as two creatures leap toward them from the house.

The first vague resembles Svetlana from the nose up, and the neck down. A mass of writing tentacles twist around where her mouth should be. Her back legs are also elongated allowing her to move around on her hands and feet. She lands in front of Karlak and her tentacles lash out!

The second creature is Isen, and he resembles Svetlana except that he only has 2 tentacles, and his mouth remains more or less intact.
He lands in front of Andelis and one of his tentacles whips out and hits her shoulder causing pain to shoot down her arm and into her chest. 2 points of damage and a Fort save please

Fort save DC 13:
Success: nothing; Failure: you are stunned for 2 rounds

The people inside the house can hear the shriek. You can get through the house and outside in one round, able to attck next round.

Karlak, Andelis, and Mama Cas can act now. Assume you can take 5' step, use special abilities, etc.

DM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 4
1d20 ⇒ 16
1d20 ⇒ 19

You hear something moving around behind the doors, then the distinct sound of voices speaking in hushed tones. Unfortunately, the door is too thick to hear them clearly.

The ogrekin allow themselves to be tied up. But as Pinocchio is finishing, loud footsteps can be heard approaching from outside the doorway.

Aliva and Ai'sha both retrieve torches and light them.

Irakelesh brings his torch down amidst the bug horde and destroys a number of them. Fitliss also attacks the swarm, but only a few of the insects are hit.

G'nock glances backwards, then shoulders his bow and runs back to the death dog. "Somebody come help!

The swarm sways around before heading toward Fitliss, nearly burying him with thousands of tiny biting scarabs! 6 points of damage, and please roll a Fort save

GM Screen:

1d4 ⇒ 1
1d6 ⇒ 6

Both of the ogrekin cower back, stunned at the sight of the massive half-orc who has literally broken through the wall of their house and come into their bedroom threatening them. One begins whimpering while the other simply falls down and awkwardly tries to put his hands behind his back.

Given his movements, you all realize he may not know what his "back" actually is, or where it's located.

DM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 5
1d20 ⇒ 3

Sneaking crew:
The four of you make your way across the courtyard in relative silence. Having Karlak and Andelis talking behind you will at least provide a distraction should anyone be paying attention.

You all make your way into the house, and into Oleg's bedroom. He remains as Gideon described - in bed, pale and shaking, with little color in his face.

You also see the strange bloated "hammock" sac hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room.

If you look, there are clearly visible bruises down the side of his neck. If one of you moves the sheet, you will see the puncture wounds in his chest and the pus scabs that cover them.

Various knowledge checks would tell you that the sac appears to be organic, but none of you have ever heard or read about anything like this.

Everyone who did not sneak into the house needs to make a Perception check. If you make it, read the spoiler below.

Perception DC 13:
You see two creatures crawl over one of the walls. They are heading toward the house. They appear to be human-shaped figures walking around on all four limbs. What does your character do? Give me an action or two. They are 50 feet from the door of the bunkhouse.


As for the plans you are discussing in IC, I'm around and will be watching for some kind of consensus.

Yes, Ai'sha has acted, so everyone else can take their turn.

For our purposes - i.e. can you kill them - then they are absolutely 100% adults.

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