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http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateMagic/ultimateMagicFeats.html#ri cochet-splash-weapon

If I missed my initial attack against a Large creature, and the misdirection roll points it back to the same Large creature but in a different square, would you allow the feat to activate?

Immolation Cloak Details:

An immolation cloak grants its wearer resist fire 20. As a swift action, the wearer can command the cloak to burst into flame, providing the benefits of a fire shield (warm flames only).

The wearer can dismiss the flames as a free action. The cloak can be used for a maximum of 10 rounds per day, which don't have to be consecutive.

By expending one use of mythic power, the cloak's wearer can recharge its immolation abilities. In addition, the wearer can expend one use of mythic power to detonate in a fiery explosion, dealing 1d8 points of fire damage per character level in a 30-foot-radius spread. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + the wearer's mythic tier + the wearer's Charisma modifier) halves this damage. Though apparently destroyed in the explosion, the wearer reforms just prior to the start of his next turn in the space he exploded in (or the nearest open space if that space is unavailable).

Last bolded part is the bit I'm interested in. Does this mean you can (for 1 mythic power use) disappear from the game, becoming untargetable for a round and potentially deal some pretty good damage too?

Yes it is a Mythic item, and yes it does cost 65,000 to buy, (though you'd most likely be crafting the item as a DM who gives out Mythic Magic Items should seriously reconsider the idea) but it seems a little too good as you can use it for some really good escape tactics as it can't be countered by Dimensional Anchor effects.

As the topic. Illusory Wall specifically states that you cannot see through it even when you save the spell. Does the spell True Seeing or the ability Truesight allow you to see what's on the other side?

For the first 2 points, don't they also apply to the Broom and Carpet? Well, maybe not the carpet for ride checks. I'll concede on your 3rd point though.

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Price: 17,000g
Fly Speed: 40/30ft, +4 Fly check
Carry: 200/400lb
Use: 9 hours/day, non-continuous use possible
Note: Can be called back to user if within 900ft away. Can be commanded to fly somewhere by itself.

Price: 30,000g
As per Broom of Flying, but can Boost to 60/40ft for minutes per day, or Turbo Boost to 120/80ft for 1 round plus chance of broken condition.

Price: 20,000g
Fly Speed: 40/30ft, +5 Fly check
Carry: 200/400lb
Use: Unlimited

Price: 16,000g
Fly Speed: 100ft, +14 Fly check
Carry: User + 140lb
Use: Once/day for 24 hours

In nearly every way, the Helm of the Valkyrie is the better option for flying, especially for out-of-combat flight. The Helm can carry more(unless the rider weighs less than 60lb), fly faster, fly better, and fly for longer, all at a cheaper price.

The only downside to it is that it takes a Head slot instead of being slotless, which could matter if you are using items like the Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier or Cap of the Free Thinker. Plus if your mount dies (a little hard since it has 100HP) or you are squeezing through somewhere the mount can't follow, you can't re-summon it for the day.

Is there anything that I've missed or has this become the preferred item of travelling without Teleport/Wind Walk?

How does the Distraction class feature from the Burglar archetype work with Hide in Plain Sight ability? The class feature specifically states that it can only be used when the creature cannot see the rogue, but I'm not sure whether or not HiPS is considered seen or not.

The HiPS that I'm taking is from Eldritch Heritage(Shadow Bloodline), and it does state "even while being observed".

For reference:


At 8th level, whenever a burglar is detected while using Stealth, she can immediately attempt a Bluff skill check opposed by the Sense Motive skill of the creature that spotted her. If this check succeeds, the target assumes that the noise was something innocent and disregards the detection. This only functions if the creature cannot see the rogue. This ability can only be used once during a given Stealth attempt. If the same creature detects the rogue’s presence again, the ability has no effect.
This ability replaces improved uncanny dodge.

Shadow Well:
At 9th level, you can use the Stealth skill even while being observed and without cover or concealment, as long as you are within 10 feet of a shadow other than your own. In addition, when within an area of darkness or dim light, as a standard action you may choose to switch places with a willing ally within 60 feet, who must also be in darkness or dim light. At 13th level, you can instead switch the positions of two willing allies, each of whom must be within 60 feet of you. Unless otherwise noted, this travel is identical to dimension door. You may use the ability to switch places once per day at 9th level, plus one additional time per day at 17th level and 20th level.

After looking at the Simple Fighter Fix thread, I thought that maybe this could also apply for the Rogue "fix".

Now I do understand that there are multitudes of Rogue Fixes out there that do a better job, (one that I like is Kelazans Rogue Fix) I was more interested in making a quick fix that can be applied relatively quickly, mainly for those short session games where you might not remember all the new rules and abilities of your character.

QUICK FIX IDEA: At every odd-level (levels you gain an extra Sneak Attack dice) you gain an extra feat. Any feat, not just combat feat.

The idea is that there are many feats out there already that attempts to fix the rogue, like the Shadow Strike feat. Or things that you'd believe a rogue should already be able to do, like Quick Draw or Improved Steal. This quick fix allows the rogue to get the flavourful feats along with the necessary "feat tax" like Weapon Finesse or Precise Shot.

Of course, there would be many ways to break this solution, including multiclassing shenanigans, but hopefully for a short campaign of 3-5 level ups, the PCs would play fair and this won't hurt too much :)

Now my question is what kind of absolute monster can you make with this fix? I am planning on running said short campaign around the LV8-LV12 so our groups DM can take a well deserved break, but I'd like to know what crazy combo min-max characters I could possibly expect from this.

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If anything, I'd fix Combat Manoeuvres that you only provoke an AoO if you failed the check. The Improved XXX feats can stay the same and all would be well.

Well, at least we know Paizo has looked at this thread right?

Btw, FAQ'd #327

Human, gain Racial Heritage(Elf). Then gain Arcane Talent. You'll get a scaling Caster Level with the LV0 cantrip, and you can get Arcane Strike.

EDIT: Sorry for the necro post.

If it's a straight Fighter using guns you'll be a little weaker than a Musket Master or Pistolero because you don't have access to Dead Shot, but otherwise you'll be stronger than a straight Gunslinger because you can easily gain access to the feat Deft Shootist Deed, and also get Weapon Specialisation plus Weapon Training then going into Snap Shot chain. You'll lose out on adding DEX to damage, but if you do the Multi-class, you can get the best of both worlds.

@kyrt-ryder: Yeah, saw your post about Viking/Rage Powers. Just consolidating my opinions :)

There's a lot of patches your idea would need, like making feats like Rogue Talent/Deed Feats/Rage Power etc. take both feat slots instead, but all in all I do like your idea and if the right group of DM and players use this idea, I can see them all having better time.

As nearly everybody else on this thread has said, the underlying problem is the feats themselves, so without changing all that, I believe giving the fighters 2 feats per level is not that bad of an option.

So here's my take with this houserule, using the Thunderstriker archetype.

Fighter Human

STR: 16 + 2
DEX: 15
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 13
CHA: 10

Human Feat: *Exotic Weapon Proficiency(Bastard Sword)
Feat: Power Attack
Fighter Any: Racial Heritage(Elf)
Fighter Combat: Weapon Focus(Bastard Sword)

Fighter Any: Arcane Talent(Elf)
Fighter Combat: Shield Focus

LV3 (no penalty to hit when 2H weapon with buckler)
Feat: ?Iron Will
Fighter Any: Arane Strike
Fighter Combat: Furious Focus

Fighter Any: ?Lightning Reflexes
Fighter Combat: *Weapon Specialisation(Bastard Sword)

Feat: ?Improved Iron Will
Fighter Any: ?Improved Lightning Reflexes
Fighter Combat: ?Shield Specialisation(Buckler)

Fighter Any: ?Disruptive?
Fighter Combat: ?Vital Strike?

LV7 (may shield bash with buckler as light shield)
Feat: Shield Slam
Fighter Any: Improved Shield Bash
Fighter Combat: Two-Weapon Fighting

Fighter Any: *Greater Weapon Focus(Bastard Sword)
Fighter Combat: *Greater Shield Focus

Feat: ?Double Slice/Devastating Strike/Improved Critical?
Fighter Any: Greater Bull Rush
Fighter Combat: Improved Bull Rush

Fighter Any: Improved TWF
Fighter Combat: ?Devastating Strike/Double Slice/Improved Critical?

LV11 (When using buckler to attack, gain bonus to hit/dmg = ENH on buckler)
Feat: Two Weapon Rend
Fighter Any: Greater TWF
Fighter Combat: *Shield Master

Fighter Any: ?Bashing Finish?
Fighter Combat: *Greater Weapon Specialisation(Bastard Sword)

*Core feat, minimum LV
?Don't know, just shoving feats in to fill the gap.

I went for a build that I've always wanted to try but never did because of the lack of feats. The Thunderstriker is a Sword & Board fighter that can switch hit to 2handing, with bonuses to Shield Bashing. Normally you'll need to decided which part you want to focus on, but with this houserule, you can do it all. I've even had enough feats to do a Human dip into Racial Heritage(Elf/Arcane Talent) for scaling CL so I can use Arcane Strike for more damage.

Would you call that OP or unbalanced? The fact you have enough feats to dip into General Feats like Lightning Reflexes or Eldritch Heritage stuff makes you WAY more powerful (actual power, not utility) than the normal Fighter. However, is it on par with the other martials? I really don't know. The other limits are still there, gaining TWF or Improved requires DEX investment. Certain feats still require INT 13 which I can't get in this build.

Comparison between my build to normal Martial Classes IMO:


Barbarian: They still do more damage, since most Barbarians focus on 2handing and brute forcing/sunder everything. If you want MOAR POWAR then you'd choose the Barbarian over this Fighter.

Monk: Really hard to compare since Monk builds are so over the place. If you're building a Monk for Combat Manoeuvre, the houserule Fighter will be better than the Monk now. I personally don't know of any effective Flurry of Blows/Crit Fishing builds, so I can't say.

Paladin: Smite Evil is still the best. Can cast some buffs, group healing. Compare relatively well?

Ranger: Damage output, the Ranger is higher if you fight the right enemy. Otherwise comparison will need to be done between the Ranger's out-of-combat expertise vs the Thunderstriker's may may options in-combat. As a straight combat-focused TWF Ranger, I would feel inferior to the Thunderstriker even with all the Ranger combat buffs.

Rogue: No comparison needed unfortunately, they don't overlap in terms of their roles. If anything, houserule Fighter (not my build) can put a few feats into helping the Rogue, like dipping into Dazzling Display or Improved Two Weapon Feint.

Cavalier: Cavalier has an animal companion, where the Fighter doesn't. Mounted Combat has it's own problems, so it's more whether or not the Cavalier can get it's charging lance to hit.

Gunslinger: The Gunslinger can still do more damage with the weapon, since they can add their DEX to damage. Otherwise the Fighter can surpass the Gunslinger with all them feats. Amateur Gunslinger allows for them to gain Extra Grit and then pretty much all those Grit Feats, and still have room for Weapon Specialisation and all that jazz.

Ninja: Same as it's Core Class equivalent, the Rogue.

Samurai: The Samurai has enough Class Features to keep it at the same level as a houseruled Fighter. The Challenge ability is wonderful, and you have the choice to have a mount or not with the Sword Saint archetype. Houseule Fighter doesn't overshadow the Samurai in my opinion.

Keeping in mind that this is just a QUICK FIX, it works pretty well. However as with all things in Pathfinder, there's certain situations and builds that can make this completely broken and OP.

You can have a Gunslinger X/Fighter X and dump all your extra Fighter feats into Extra Grit (+2 grit per day) to use your Deeds without worries. Viking Archetype gives you a crazy amount of Rage Powers and all the Raging feats (Furious Finish, Raging Vitality etc.) in existence.
Nearly all Human/Half-Elf Fighters should be able to get the Arcane Strike combo (whose OP-ness is debatable), and I'm sure there's fun to be had with Eldritch Heritage if you have enough CHA. Improved Eldritch Heritage(Abyssal or Orc Bloodline) for the +X STR comes to mind.

I'm currently making a Thunderstriker archetype, but it came to me that you could also make a Viking archetype and stack some Rage Power and General Barbarian feats.

Could somebody see if they can make something completely broken with this Fighter Houserule Fix and the Fighter Viking Archetype?

@Wildebob, that would kill a lot of feats/class features that revolve around AoO. Like rogues and teamwork feats and such. Not saying it's a bad idea, but requires a lot of changes across multiple classes and books.

@kyrt-ryder, I like your idea of having more feats as a quick fix to Fighters, though is 2 feats per LV too much? Is 1 feat per LV a better option? It makes dipping into Fighter less rewarding upfront as the first 2 levels are the same pre and post fix.

I don't have the time atm to create a Fighter with your fix, when I do I'll post it up.

Would allowing Mage Armour to stack with IB6 make incorporeal creatures a little too easy to defend against?

Arachnofiend is heading in the right direction, but from what Wildebob said, it seems like he wishes the feat to be more for Rogues than Rangers/Fighters.

Maybe keep it as +1 Dodge AC, but you get 2x DEX if 1)Light or not wearing armour, and 2) Have Evasion or Uncanny Dodge?
If wearing armour, you're still bound by the MAX DEX of the armour until you get 10+ ranks in Acrobatics?

It does sound pretty overpowered, as you can pump DEX up to quite a high number, especially at the later levels.

If you start with 18 DEX, you can get 20 DEX(+5 mod) by LV8. Your feat would give them +5 Dodge AC which is way too good. Maybe something like a +1 Dodge AC, and another +1 per 5 or 6 HD/LV? At LV8 you'll have +2, and at LV15 or 16 you'll get +4 from the feat. Still pretty good, but not as broken maybe?

You've got Spell Combat and Spellstrike the wrong way, but...

Spell Combat allows you to cast a Standard Action spell and Full Attack all in one "Full Round Action". Since it is a "Full Round Action" in of itself, I believe that you cannot refund your Move Action. The refunding of your Move Action is if you do the Full Attack option, which is a type of "Full Round Action". Not 100% sure of this though, this is my personal opinion.

So yes he technically is committed to doing a Full Attack and also cast a spell, you've already paid for the Spell Combat(Full Round Action) up front and can't refund the Move Action.

You get to decide after the first swing if you want to continue as a Full Attack or stick with Standard Action single attack and do something else.

EDIT: Rules for Full Attack here

EDIT: Read your question better. Even after taking the penalty for TWF on your first attack, you don't need to follow up with your other attacks. You can decide to stick with just one attack and use your Move Action for something else.

Also, the vampire forced into gaseous form must return to it's coffin home in 2 hours for be destroyed. If you can trap it in something for that period of time it'll die.

As a first time DM, I'd recommend not allowing the Summoner class as the whole Eidolon thing does take a long time to get your head around. Same thing with the Magus.
My recommendation for doing so is less about whether these classes are balanced and more for the book keeping required to streamline combat when it happens. If the DM doesn't fully understand the rules for those classes, combat can take a long time, which detracts from the fun of the game.

There's a few broken items from the Ultimate Equipment book, so if you're using that I'd recommend banning the Bracers of Falcon's Aim.

That's all I can come up with off the top of my head. I'm sure there's a ton more out there that I've forgotten...

I second the idea for being a Paladin, as Smite Evil bypasses DR, you get Full BAB, and if you get the Bonded Weapon Class Feature instead of Bonded Mount, you're less equipment dependent as well. You get divine spellcasting which generally features good buffs.

Mercy/Channel Energy will be useful for your party, and if you get to LV13 as a straight Paladin, you can get Divine Interference which is an awesome feat (so long your DM doesn't ban that too)

The only problem I see is stat distribution, as you'll want DEX & STR for your bow, then WIS & CHA for your Paladin Class Features.

The part of Trick Shot that needs DM interpretation is whether or not you need line of sight and know the target. Say for example, a foe runs around a corner on his turn and your turn you shoot. The ability says the arrow will fire around corners so you'll hit him.

Now, next example. The foe runs around the corner and then Dimension Doors 500ft behind you. Technically he's still within your range (assuming Composite Longbow w/ max range increment 1100ft), so does your arrow fly backwards?

Next example, there are 3 people disguised as the same foe, they all run around different corners and Dimension Door away. Does your arrow pierce through the disguise (whether magical or not) and target the one you think is the right one?

Next example, there's a bad guy you're chasing and you know he's in the building/dungeon/castle etc. Can you fire your arrow to attack him without ever seen the guy? Mix it with the previous example, and what happens then?

Sorry to derail the thread. This is clearly more something for Rules than Advice. If you want to talk about it more, you can go here, but it's kinda a necro though :p

Best to talk to your DM about Zen Archer before actually making one. Their LV11 Class Feature: Trick Shot is really dependant on DM interpretation. Another thing you could do is be a Cleric of Erastil and aim for the Guided Hands feat for using WIS to hit with Longbows.

My opinion is that I'll allow it, but I don't have much in terms of rules to support what counts as gut-feeling.

To me, once you've started the first BP, it's counted as being maintained for your 2nd BP. Sorry, I really don't know how to explain it :p

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Since there isn't a proper list of Fighter Archetypes that are compatible with the Gloves of Dueling, I thought I'll step up and finally start this list.

This is all as per RAW, since the FAQ ruling has decided:

1) The name of the Class Feature does not matter
2) The functional similarities of the Class Feature does not matter
3) Must reference the original Class Feature

*FAQ link here*

The real killer of Gloves of Dueling for most of the archetype is the Archer Example in the FAQ, where it specifically states that even if the ability's game mechanics work the same as original W.T, it doesn't mean it counts as the same Class Feature.

Disclaimer: As stated before, this is only by RAW. I don't really see any balance issues why you wouldn't let the Gloves work for the other archetypes with a similar Weapon Training Feature.

- Does not replace Weapon Training
Dervish of Dawn
Lore Warden
Trench Fighter
Weapon Bearer Squire

- Must Select Specific Weapon as Weapon Training
Two-Handed Fighter

- Only replaces Weapon Training 1, not 2,3 or 4

Armor Master
Free Hand Fighter
Mobile Fighter
Phalanx Soldier
Polearm Master
Savage Warrior
Shielded Fighter
Tower Shield Specialist
Two-Weapon Warrior
Airborne Ambusher
Cavern Sniper
Swarm Fighter

Buckler Duelist: Doesn't say anything about replacing Weapon Training 2,3,4
Unarmed Fighter: Weapon Training not referenced
Weapon Master: Weapon Training not referenced

The ones in question would be Unarmed Fighter as the replaced Class Feature is also called Weapon Training, but does not reference the original W.T. in any way thus making it non-compatible with the Gloves. The same can be said with Weapon Master, as it replaces Armour Training with something similar to W.T but again does not reference the original W.T. in any way.

Buckler Duelist by RAW doesn't lose Weapon Training 2,3,4 therefore allowing it to use the Gloves. Whether or not by RAI it is supposed to lose the rest of the Weapon Training is another issue altogether.

Hope that helps!

I believe the mathematical statistics were worked out that you'd potentially do more damage with a Full Attack and hope for a natural 20 for your iterative attack than the damage Vital Strike could give. However, in a proper game every bit of damage done now counts for more as you have team mates to count on.

In terms of enemies AC, it really depends whether or not your DM tries to buff them up. In my non-mathematically calculated subjective view, if you can't reasonably hit with your 2nd iterative attack (the -5 BAB one), Vital Strike is good, even better if you get Devastating Strike afterwards.

Bullseye Shot is a fun feat that could help your ranged touch attack spells as well, but if you are already feat starved it's hard to recommend.

Thanks to both avr and Under A Bleeding Sun for the advice for Dampen Presence vs Blindsight/Blindsense. For scent, I believe there was some low-level spell or alchemical item that masks your scent, though I can't remember what it was called.

Yes, the Run feat was supposed to be Endurance for HW prerequisite, my bad!

How would you guys rate this character in terms of usefulness as an actual scout? The idea is to scout way ahead of the group and be able to survive/get away if detected. Mechanic-wise it's all based on the brokeness of the Rogue Talent Terrain Mastery and how it stacks to ungodly levels. Then add in getting HiPS with Improved Eldritch Heritage(Shadow) at LV11, for the perfect Stealth machine.

When it comes to combat, he's got 6 LVs of Rogue with 3/4 BAB, then Full BAB from Horizon Walker. Damage would be low, as he'll only have max 3d6 Sneak Attack (unless you go beyond LV16 for more Rogue LV) and all other feat slots are Extra Rogue Talent.

Outside of combat and scouting, you get 8 ranks per LV for Rogue and 6 ranks per LV for Horizon Walker, making this build a capable Skill-Monkey that can either go trap detection/disable device or the Face (with at least 15 CHA for Improved Eldritch Heritage). You can stack on Survival to get godlike numbers for food gathering/tracking in your favoured terrain too.

I chose Plane of Air for the ability to Fly for Terrain Dominance, but you could gain combat effectiveness by choosing something else for the Favoured Enemy bonus instead. Depending on your DM, you could argue that Humans are native to the Urban Terrain, getting a +14 hit/dmg against Humans.

Favoured Terrain Build:

Rogue for the first 6 levels, then Horizon Walker. DEX is 16 for +3 mod

LEVEL 1: Rogue 1, Stealth = 10 = 1(Rank) + 3(DEX) + 3(Class Skill) + 3(Skill Focus)
Skill Focus(Stealth)

LEVEL 2: Rogue 2
Rogue Talent(Terrain Mastery, Urban)

Favoured Terrain Bonus: Urban +2

LEVEL 3: Rogue 3

LEVEL 4: Rogue 4
Rogue Talent(Terrain Mastery, Underground)

Favoured Terrain Bonus: Underground +2, Urban +4

LEVEL 5: Rogue 5
Eldritch Heritage(Shadow/Umbral): Either Cloak of Shadows or Shadowstrike

LEVEL 6: Rogue 6, Stealth = 15 = 6(Rank) + 3(DEX) + 3(Class Skill) + 3(Skill Focus)
Rogue Talent(Terrain Mastery, Forest)

Favoured Terrain Bonus: Forest +2, Underground +4, Urban +6

LEVEL 7: Horizon Walker 1
HW Favoured Terrain(Mountains)
Extra Rogue Talent(Terrain Mastery, Jungle)

Favoured Terrain Bonus: Jungle +2, Mountain +4, Forest +4, Underground +6, Urban +8

LEVEL 8: Horizon Walker 2
HW Favoured Terrain(Plane of Air, Urban)
HW Terrain Mastery(Plane of Air): +1 competence hit/dmg vs flying creatures

Favoured Terrain Bonus: Plane of Air +2, Jungle +4, Mountain +6, Underground +8, Urban +12

LEVEL 9: Horizon Walker 3
Extra Rogue Talent(Terrain Mastery): Cold?
HW Terrain Dominance(Plane of Air), Fly as (Sp) 3+WIS/day, CL = Character LV

Favoured Terrain Bonus: Cold? +2, Plane of Air +4, Jungle +6, Mountain +8, Underground +10, Urban +14

LEVEL 10: Horizon Walker 4, Stealth = +23 = 10(Ranks) + 4(DEX) + 3(Class Skill) + 6(Skill Focus)
HW Favoured Terrain(Plane of Fire?, Underground)
HW Terrain Mastery(Underground), Blind-Feat bonus feat

Favoured Terrain Bonus: Plane of Fire? +2, Cold? +2, Plane of Air +4, Jungle +6, Mountain +8, Underground +12, Urban +14

LEVEL 11: Horizon Walker 5
Improved Eldritch Heritage: Shadow Well(HiPS finally!)
HW Favoured Terrain(Desert?, Underground)

Favoured Terrain Bonus: Desert? + 2, Plane of Fire? +2, Cold? +2, Plane of Air +4, Jungle +6, Mountain +8, Underground +14, Urban +14

By LV11, you should have:
Stealth: 10(Ranks) + 4(Dex) + 3(Class Skill) + 6(Skill Focus) = +23

And this is not including equipment like Shadow Armour(+5 competence Stealth), Boots of Friendly Terrain(bonus from one specific Terrain increase by 2), and Belt of DEX. I've also not listed a Race either, so going Small gives an extra +4, and if also get Reduce Person cast gains another +4. Or go Human for extra feat and get Stealthy for extra +2/+4.

If you allow Wildblood types for Eldritch Heritage, getting Umbral gives the ability to grant a bonus to Stealth in Dim/No light = 1/2 LV for equal number of rounds. So (11-2)/2 = +4 Untyped Stealth for 4 rounds @LV11.

If I was wielding a ranged weapon (bow, gun, sling etc.), can I use the Bodyguard feat? There was ruling about how you don't need to be threatening the opponent with your weapon as per normal aid another rules, but what about this?

Unfortunately the Brawler Archetype and Gloves of Duelling doesn't mix. FAQ link here
One day I'll actually go through all the Fighter Archetypes and list out which ones can use the Gloves of Duelling.

For me it's the shovel, and when I get enough spare funds, an Adamantine Shovel. You can literally dig your way out of most situations.

For magical item, I personally love the Decanter of Endless Water. I have yet to actually use the item in any way productive, but it'll come up some time!

Actually, following up on that, how about weapons with the Double property? A simple example would be the Two-Bladed Sword, it's listed as a Two-Handed Weapon, but can be used as if fighting with two weapons.

If it works, you'll gain the benefits of the Fighter Archetype, but without the penalties of -4/-4 for non-light offhand weapon. Thoughts?

Excellent idea blackbloodtroll! I'll have to ask if my DM would allow an item from the Adventurers Armory, but since he's considering Dwarves of Golarion it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

For reference, Flambard is a weapon listed under Exotic Two Handed Weapon, that has a description of it having a bonus to sunder wood-made items though otherwise works like a Bastard Sword. Therefore it is a Two Handed Weapon that can be used in one hand if you have Exotic Weapon Proficiency.

The Bastardsword is actually listed as a Exotic One-Handed Weapon, that can be used in Two Hands if have Martial Weapon Proficiency. It's still technically a One-Handed Weapon.

Ah, I see what you mean. Well that throws my build out the window :P

Thanks for the help guys, guess it'll have to be the lance way

Two Handed Fighter Archetype
Dorn Dergar Master Feat
Dorn Dergar Weapon Listing

In the Two-Handed Fighter archetype, most of the class features refers to a "Two Handed Weapon" and not "weapon wielded in Two Hands". This makes it so that you cannot use a Longsword or Bastard Sword wielded in two hands with this archetype.

Does that therefore mean that you can use the Dwarven Dorn Dergar in both hands (Two Weapon Fighting) and still gain the bonuses from this archetype, as the Dorn Dergar is classed as a "Two Handed Weapon"? This question also applies to using Lances while Mounted, as they are also "Two Handed Weapons" that are allowed to be wielded in one-hand during specific circumstances.

@blahpers: Yup, that's question no.2!

@Nefreet: By RAW, it's that simple I guess. No +2 CMD vs Grapple. Just felt weird since all the others did. Ah well.

Thanks for the reply Humphry!
Unfortunately, the feat Improved Grapple only states that it gives the +2 CMD against grapple checks, where the rules under breaking a grapple states you make a combat manoeuvre check and not a grapple check (to break free).
The arguments that I've found on the forums say (without proof or backup) that the bonus defence given by Improved Grapple only works when an opponent tries to grapple you, but not when they are trying to break free from your grapple.

first and last bump?

My search-fu is seriously lacking as I couldn't find a definitive answer in the forums, so I'm asking here.

1: Does Greater Grapple give +2 to Grapple CMD or is it an outlier from all the other Greater-type feats?

2: Does Improved Grapple and other feats/items/class features that give "+X to Grappple CMD" increase the CMD for the opponent to break the grapple? In a sense, this question is kind of asking whether or not breaking from a grapple is considered a grapple check or a combat maneuver check?

From what I've turned up RAW-wise, Greater Grapple does not give the CMD bonus. Also breaking a grapple isn't a grapple check, nor by RAW is reversing a grapple.
Grapple Rules Link
Under "If You Are Grappled", it says you can attempt to break out of the grapple as a Standard Action by making a combat maneuver check or Escape Artist check, and if successful you can become the grappler instead.

Wamulus wrote:
Snapleaf (p.319) Should be edited to ensure it is a single use item (as I believe it was in RPG Superstar), instead of a 750gp infinite invisibility machine that the omission makes it.

With that price, should the base spell be changed to Vanish instead of Invisibility, giving the item a 5 round Invisibility instead of 5 minutes? It does seem overly powerful for such a cheap price.

Link to Gunslinger
Link to Readied Action

Startling Shot:
At 7th level, a gunslinger with least 1 grit point can spend a standard action to purposely miss a creature that she could normally hit with a firearm attack. When she does, that creature becomes flat-footed until the start of its next turn.

Does this mean that if I ready an action to use Startling Shot on a target, the target would be Flat-Footed at the start of my next turn and therefore susceptible to Deadly Stroke/Sneak Attacks?

I guess then by RAW standards, Deadly Stroke should work, but more because of inconsistencies in the rules than anything else? A usual case of "Technically yes but up to the DM", I guess I could live with that :)

Thanks for the advice guys! The idea would be to hold charge until I can afford a Conductive weapon to give myself some options on how to apply the Corrupting Touch and use whichever one suits the situation best.

I guess the option is to go either Two-Handed Weapon for the 1.5x bonus to STR and Power Attack, or go Viking for the Fearsome/Berserker ability which would thematically fit very well.

Would you guys recommend getting the Cleave chain or the Critical chain starting at the LV14 zone? As Imbicatus said, a lot of monsters would be immune to the Shaken/Deadly Stroke combo later on and was wondering if the Cleave feat chain would be worth getting at such a late LV?

Again, thanks for the input guys!

Thanks for the input Alistus! I thought the general consensus was the opposite, but matters not in this situation as the important bit is the Infernal bloodline power and Pit-Touched is just icing on the cake. Good to know for other threads though :)

So this build first came from the idea of combining Eldritch Heritage(Infernal/Pit-Touched) with the Deadly Stroke feat.

Feat Order:
Human Bonus Feat: Skill Focus(Diplomacy)
LV01: Intimidating Prowess / Weapon Focus
LV02: Power Attack
LV03: Eldritch Heritage
LV04: Weapon Specialisation
LV05: Dazzling Display
LV06: Shatter Defenses
LV07: Skill Focus(Intimidate)
LV08: Greater Weapon Focus
LV09: Martial Versatility(Weapon Focus)
LV10: Martial Versatility(Weapon Specialisation) Retrain @ LV16 for Martial Mastery
LV11: Deadly Stroke
LV12: Greater Weapon Specialisation
LV13: Improved Eldritch Heritage
LV17: Greater Eldritch Heritage

Now the problem is that I'm not getting any inspiration for what to do other that this! What kind of Fighter to build, what weapon to use etc. I'm not aiming to build a super optimised build or anything, I just saw two abilities that could work together well and tried making something out of it. So, what do you guys recommend?

Pretty much I chose Human for the bonus feat that I might not even need, Martial Versatility chain just cause I'm a human fighter, and Skill Focus(Intimidate) for when I run out of Corrupting Touch. I thought that maybe with my High CHA from Eldritch Heritage I could even be the Face of the party, so being Human gives me at INT 10 Intimidate/Diplomacy/Perception.

The question at hand is this, unless you have something akin to Uncanny Dodge, any creature can be caught flat-footed yes? So for example, if you roll well enough you can catch an Ooze flat-footed?

2nd part of the question is, since nothing in Deadly Stroke does it say anything about critical hit or precision damage, nothing is immune to the double damage effect from Deadly Stroke? Using the Ooze example again, even though Oozes can't be flanked or critically hit, it would still take double damage and even the 1 CON bleed as well, since it is not immune to bleed effects?

In our group we came across this spell and was discussing what would happen when this spell interacts with Disable Device., and mainly the duration of Permanent is what is giving us doubt.

link: Phantom Trap

My opinion of the spell is:

DC of the Trap is either the Spell LV DC, or a specific trap DC to imitate if you have ranks in Craft(Trap).

Situation 1- Successful Disable Device
The disabler doesn't know it's a fake, successfully bypasses the trap, and the Phantom Trap rearms itself after 10 minutes (like a permanent Symbol spell)

Situation 2- Failed Disable Device
The trap goes off, but nothing happens as per the spell description, and the Phantom Trap rearms itself after 10 minutes.

My reasoning behind this the fact that it doesn't have a permanent until discharge line like most other spells, so it is effectively permanent until dismissed or dispelled.


For the Cavalier Musketeer archetype, under their Gifted Firearm ability

"... At 11th level, he can reduce the misfire chance of his weapon by 1 (to a minimum of 1, as with the reliable firearm special ability)..."

However the reliable weapon property states a minimum of 0 instead of 1. Needs to either take out that last sentence and have the minimum of 1, or change the ability to have a minimum of 0.

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