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Afternoon, everyone! After my group finishes Rise of the Runelords, we’re gonna go forward into Shattered Star. I have an idea for a Half-Orc Goliath Druid focused on turning into a giant and wrecking foes. I’ve heard the adventure is pretty brutal, so would this be a good fit for it?

Evening everyone! A friend is going to start GM’ing RotR soon, and I was wondering about a character idea. I’ve always wanted to try a Redeemer Paladin, and want to know is this a good adventure to try it out in? I’ve never run through the whole thing, so are there opportunities to change the enemies minds and eventually alignments?

He bearly made it to the hospital.

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Some kind of Paladin/Babarian combo that gets a form of "holy rage". It would be a dream come true.

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Orc actor. He plays the alter ego of a genius halfling cursed with anger issues in a troupe of traveling stage performers.

Hey guys! So a friend of mine wants to build a character who's basically Asura from Asura's Wrath, if you've played it. If not, he gets angry and punches people with 6 arms. I suggested synthesist summoner, but if anyone else has an idea, I'd love to hear it.

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XLordxErebusX wrote:

Imagine the scenario.

Your crew comes across a derelict ship in orbit of a gas giant. You're historian on board recognizes the ship's registration number from some esoteric research, revealing it to be from the era lost to everyone's memories. Your captain orders you all aboard to find out more information.

This reminds of the movie Event Horizon. That was creepy. I'd love to put my players through that lol.

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Malwing wrote:
What did you come up with if I may ask?

Gosh, the documents are somewhere on one of my hard drives, not counting the many notebooks of hard copy notes we've made that are spread between our individual apartments.

We mostly used the Armor as DR rules, along with some we made for energy shields with recovery over time mechanics, new weapons that included laser rifles (This was before Iron Gods), lightsabers, laser gatlings, sonic screwdrivers, etc. Also classes we made, like Legionnaire (full BAB that got special abilities with chosen weapons and could combine 2 together), Lumenumbra(Rogue-like class that manipulated light & shadow), Engineer (Technomancer), a slew of others I can't remember, but we had I think 8 or 9. New races we made, one of which was a race of Groots. And new monsters we made for different planets we explored.

It's around 3 years of off-and-on work we've put into it, along with a couple test campaigns we did. Right now we're running Hell's Vengeance, so all this is on the back burner, but that'll surely change when I show this to everyone.

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My friends & I have homebrewed something like this over the last couple of years, but it's likely not going to hold a candle to what Paizo put out.

But this might work out as we can integrate the classes & races we already made into this without a problem.

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This is going to be SO AWESOME! My friends & I have been homebrewing something like this for a couple of years now, but we're not game designers lol. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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My group has "Pulling a Garth." , which comes from one of my previous characters, Garth Rogar, human ranger.

Garth was a very unsuccessful ladies' man. In 17 levels he only seduced 1 woman, and every time an attractive female forced us to make a save, Garth failed, which the group agreed was because he was too busy flirting.

So now whenever we have to make a save when fighting an attractive female it's "Don't pull a Garth,' or "Spirit of Garth Rogar, don't haunt me."

Dear Lord... do alignment requirements still count if it's a secondary class? If not then my only character from now on is Paladin+Barbarian. Maybe switch it up and do primary Barb and Paladin secondary. I mean, Celestial Bloodrager has been fun, but not quite what I was going for.

Agree with chaoseffect on this one. Those 3 times you use it, it's pretty cool, but it won't be your go-to spell at any time.

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The funniest character I had was a 15 year old human wizard, Teleportation subschool. His familiar was a piglet, and they we're both complete cowards. He would spend the first half of a fight buffing the party and using Knowledge to list their foes weaknesses, and the second half teleporting around for a place to hide. That's not a reference, he was just fun.

My current character is a Skinwalker Brawler(Wild Child) with a wolf companion. He and the party's kitsune ninja are from the same hometown.

To keep the thread a little on track: my girlfriend will never play a class unless she can have a companion. Whether it be a witch's familiar or a druid's AC, she always wants an animal adventuring with her. Most of the time they're cats, but she also likes birds. She statted out 3 different Hunters the day I picked up the ACG. And a wild child brawler based on Kiba from Naruto (which I'm currently playing lol).

The majority of my characters are Paladins. I've played fighters, barbarians, alchemists, a couple of wizards, and I'm having fun playing a brawler now, but most were paladins. I make it a point to never play the same paladin twice though. One of them was an earthbreaker-wielding Half-Orc Knight in Sour Armor, while another was an upbeat, sarcastic Half-Elf archer who used feats to get a wolf companion. On three occasions, I've had my paladins fall on purpose because I thought their story would be better for it. This way neither I nor my friends get bored. I have fun playing other classes and character concepts, but Paladin is just my favorite.

I'm never allowed to play evil characters, because no matter what they are, they're always so damn charismatic.

So if that new fighter archetype can wield oversized weapons, as in actually use a large Greatsword... are we going to see a fix to the Titan-Mauler archetype that makes it not suck. Because it's supposed to do that already.

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I'll admit I like getting into the story of my games, so when I make a backstory, I get a little detailed. Like, about the length of the Iconics backstory. So I might be biased. Regardless, I can't stand when someone shows up to a new game with a backstory two sentences long. Or worse: Amnesia. How is your character related to this world/setting/game at all? Did you even try? It might just be me, but it grates on my nerves like nothing else.

Paladin/Cleric/Champion of Irori+ Guided Hand= Who cares about Old?

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I went to high school with a guy whose name, I kid you not, was Weston Faircloth. We told him a few times that he had an adventurer's name. So when I got into college and met a new group to play with, my first character was a human wizard: Weston Faircloth. To this day he's one of the most badass characters I've ever had.

120 year old Half Elf Paladin. He remembers when Cheliax was about the advancement of humanity and worship of Aroden, before his "death". Now he fights diabolism. Very rough concept, sound good so far?

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This. is. PERFECT!!

I already have the perfect character concept lined up! Wait... no, I was wrong. I have six. Choices, why do you plague me?

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Is that Amiri's sword breaking in the background?!? In addition to the new level of rage she's about to unleash, I'll bet she replaces it with a badass chainsword!

1)Dark Sun

I use Major Creation to bury the Guardian under a literal mountain of cheddar.

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I imagine him being 20 times as common as a lvl 1 commoner. He's so common that adventurers and nobles don't even see him.

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Greetings all! I've recently had an idea for a character, but can't seem to find a way for it to work. I wanted to base the fighting style off of Hildegarde Von Krone from SoulCalibur IV & V. For those unfimiliar, she dual wields a spear and shortsword. Now, the only way I can find to get close is to dual wield a shortsword and shortspear, but that doesn't give me the reach that makes her combat style so deadly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Greetings all! I've recently had an idea for a character, but can't seem to find a way for it to work. I wanted to base the fighting style off of Hildegarde Von Krone from SoulCalibur IV & V. For those unfimiliar, she dual wields a spear and shortsword. Now, the only way I can find to get close is to dual wield a shortsword and shortspear, but that doesn't give me the reach that makes her combat style so deadly. Does anyone have any suggestions?


If you have to get inside a guarded building, throw a rock to the left, roll a bluff. Get it high enough, and the guards might investigate. Entrance.

My favorite use of bluff: In one campaign, we were fighting giants. One took a few swings at the party rogue. The rogue points and shouts. "Does that kid on that beanstalk have a golden egg?!?" Rolled a bluff of 40. That giant hallucinated he believed it so hard.

"Brace yourself, villain. You face a Knight of Righteousness. I am the hand of <your deity>, the vengeance of the innocent, the defender of the weak! I am the Blade that Cleaves Darkness! Let show you why your kind fear the Light!" Proceed to ass kicking.

The real question is why aren't hook hands in the Close Weapon group? How am I supposed to make proper Aquaman without a hook hand and fist combo. From close weapon group?!

Male, mostly heterosexual

Most recent character: Andrenn "The Dawnblade", 34, Male CG Half-Elf Celestial Bloodrager (Tangent: Celestial Bloodrager is the paladin/barbarian hybrid I've dreamed about since 2003). He's heterosexual, but I never took the time to get deep into his sexuality. He was for Wrath of the Righteous, and now he's a lesser deity of war and evil-slaying. Really fun character.

Before him was Arik Wagner, 26, CN Human Bard. Bisexual. He was all about traveling to different towns, playing music at the taverns, and seducing whoever he thought the prettiest in the room. I always described him as looking like Brad Pitt, but prettier. One day a friend who he owed a favor to (the party fighter) made him go on a quest with the party. Eventually he settled down with a guy he met while adventuring who saved him a few times, and his whoring days were behind him.

And lastly: Gretta Bjornsdöttar. 28(23 at the game's start), LG Female Human Fighter. Exclusively homosexual. She grew up in a village to the north, but was captured and enslaved by orcs at 14. She finally escaped at 18, after she killed her captors for years of enslavement and abuse. All of them. Even the women and children. She was so angry, but afterwards she regretted her massacre, and swore to only kill to protect people from then on. She was 6'2", well muscled (think Mythic Amiri), and what I called ruggedly handsome. She loved women who were very pretty. I've never really thought about it, but likely because she spent so many years with orcs, and was taken advantage of in the later years. Deep psychological scars there. She did finally marry the party sorcerer (my then-fiancé-now-wife's character).

He can't have 2 sets of claws and hoof attacks, that would mean he has 4 arms and 2 legs. But, to add to the build, he can take the animal fury rage power to get a bite, and he can acquire a few levels of alchemist to get tentacles.

This guy would look freaky.

Paladin. Because Paladins.

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I read "Metal Club," and thought I'd get to join a society dedicated to the preservation and expansion of the Metal genre in all it's glorious forms. But this is okay too, I guess.

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Destruction(Rage subdomain): Sometimes, Evil makes you angry.
Good(Friendship subdomain): Your friends are who you fight for.
Law: "It's not the severity of the punishment that deters the crime, it's the certainty."
Strength(Ferocity subdomain): Goes along with Rage.
War(Tactics subdomain): You still need a plan.

So a LG deity of literally destroying evil and not letting it have a chance to get back up.

Well we didn't have power from 6 AM-1 PM, so the morning hours were spent in front of the fireplace with a book I've been trying to finish. After the sun came out we got to sit and watch the ice from the trees fall onto the neighbors' new Cadillac. Definitely the best part of the day. Serves them right for double parking every day.

How are you giving up alter self for an extra +2 to STR? Is that a houserule?

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1) If a paladin attacks someone unprovoked because they ping as evil on the radar, he isn't, and should not have played, a paladin. No paladin is going to walk into a bar and kill everyone for no reason.
2) Breaking his arm was excessive. Arresting him was not. Imagine if you we're a present day bouncer and a guy walked in asking for your help to kill everyone there. You'd have him escorted to jail as well. But injuring him because he's mentally unstable is a crime in itself.
3) This guy is neutral or chaotic evil. He always has been. It sounds like his presence in the party has been very disruptive to the group.

Officially Paizo looks down on it. You can, but with penalties. The Core Rulebook states that when a weapon moves to a larger size, the category goes up for a medium wielder. For example: a dagger is a light weapon, but a large dagger is a one-handed weapon for a medium creature. A longsword is one-handed, but a large longsword is a two-handed weapon for a medium creature. According to the Core Rulebook, a character cannot wield a two-handed weapon of a size category larger than they are. It makes no sense when you can have a Barbarian with a higher STR score than a frost giant, but thems the bricks.

The Titan Mauler Barbarian was supposed to be able to do this(the creator of the archetype even said so), but the devs felt it was too overpowered(but people with fancy magic can make reality itself kneel down and beg, WTF?). The largest thing you can wield is a large sized bastard sword or dwarven waraxe. It's sad, but that's just the way it is.

If you have a certain damaging class feature that requires an attack roll you can use weapon focus for it(i.e. in 3.5 there was the warlock class that and Eldritch Blast as a ranged touch attack, it could be weapon focused.)

I don't think anything bad happens to Amiri. I mean, in Kingmaker & Ultimate Campaign she's shown as a Barbarian Heroine Queen.

On page 66 of Ultimate Campaign Sajan is shown on a wanted poster for treason, so I guess that could be considered bad.

Inside a mountain that's all anti-magicked up. A tunnel with an entrance at the top of a mountain, leading all the way to the bottom of the mountain, trapped all the way through, and every inch an anti-magic zone.

A barbarian with the highest strength imaginable. And Power Attack. At 1st level, before casters get their save or die spells, nothing can stop you.

rorek55 wrote:
also, good should always defeat evil.

This. I believe this should be 1 or 2 sessions before the main campaign of reclaiming the world from darkness. Playing characters from 1-20 just to have them die without even defeating the bad guy would feel pretty lame. It's even worse if you tell them beforehand. What would be the point?

Any lvl 20 paladin with his s%#t together. They're nigh unkillable.

I've been part of a group running WotR since the beginning, and it's been awesome. My Barbarian is well on his way to becoming a lesser deity of war. My one question is: has there been any indication that the PC's mythic powers will disappear and/or fade after the last boss is defeated? It was mentioned in Mythic Adventures that it could happen when a campaign is finished, but my character is such a badass that people who follow him are granted divine magic. That can't just disappear, can it?

Recently I've had this idea for a kind of combat wizard, maybe a half orc that starts with a high intelligence and a decent strength, uses a greataxe(since they're proficient), and uses mostly polymorph spells to be good in combat. Transmutation school would allow a increasing bonus to strength as I level, and polymorph spells would allow me to be decent in melee combat.

Do you guys think a character like this would be viable and/or fun to play?

My favorite class is Paladin.

I love being the good guy, especially when I play them as a Knight in Sour Armor. It's not about following a code just for the awesome class features, it's about being a good guy because it's the right thing to do, because you really want to be one, because others need you to, and because no one else will. Even if it means sacrificing yourself and your happiness, even if you change nothing in the end, you're still LG because your conscience won't let you be anything else.

TL;DR- Flavor. Sweet, delicious flavor.

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